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September 18, 2013

Congrats Andy For Being The First Gay Houseguest To Win Big Brother 15!

Um... while he did piss me off with his unnecessarily vile game moves and backstabbing, I mean that IS a valid way to play the game. He won fair and square. And killed Gina with his final HOH debate and speeches. That moment alone I knew he won over the jury, especially if any of them were wavering. Andy deserved this win. Just like when Maggie won her season, she was the most deserving. When Drew won against Cowboy, he was the most deserving. No matter how close the votes or landslide the votes came in... the jury seems to always award the correct winner.

I'm still happy Ian won last year and Rachel won the year before. This year I clearly stopped watching closely and could give a shit who won. Once Amanda and Elissa were evicted I was DUNNNN with this season.

I am watching the backyard interviews. I'll write up some insights. David wants nothing to do with Aaryn and basically called her a "bitch" before he left the game while also talking about how she started to get under his skin before he was evicted.

Nick talked about crying twice in the house before the live feeds started and how he had crying moments with Gina. Nick thinks it didn't make the live feeds but it did. Gina talked about her bulimia issues and Nick cried with her about it. He did say he promised her a "date" at some stupid Monster Truck show and he already got the tickets but so far no discussion of the "kiss" she was hoping for at the finale.

Katilin talked and she loves Elissa now. She also was not happy that Andy won and wanted Gina to win the game. She says if she was in the jury she would have voted for Gina. Jeremy was also interviewed but fuck him, who gives a shit what he says. Well, I will say he did mention he would love to go on Survivor to play and he and Katilin are not a couple but they are seeing each other and he would be "bummed" if she was dating another guy.

Howard is now getting interviewed by Big Jeff of Jeff and Jordan. He did say he just filmed something with the Bold and the Beautiful. Howard has to leave in the morning to Canada for some project but does mention he will "hang" with Candice because tomorrow is her 30th birthday.

Jessie is next. She gave a good dish about the Jury house. Elissa and Amanda got into it again at the jury house but it didn't air. DAMN IT! She says she didn't click with anyone in the house at the beginning, a partner to play the game with. Jessie laughs that her tag for the whole season was "unemployed". LOL! She says she will move to Los Angeles to hopefully get more time on TV. Okay. She also doesn't regret going after Amanda because that's what America wanted her to do.

Candice is next. She does reveal that she loves to keep calling Howard "Howie" because he told her he hates it and doesn't like it yet she keeps on doing it just because. Maybe not her exact words but anyway you put it up the girl is STUBBORN and gets on men's nerves and she won't back down. She says Aaryn is not a "racist" but "ignorant" and how Aaryn saw the movie "The Help" with Candice in the jury house. Candice says Aaryn was "speechless" and even asked "did that really happen?" regarding the film's racial moments. BITCH REALLY? She says that when Gina brought Candice's mom into the insults that she was more than happy that Andy won. Candice still hates Gina and I don't blame her.

ELISSA! She's every "honored and flattered" that America gave her America's Favorite Player. So technically Elissa came in 3rd for the season. She says she will put the money towards her "wellness center". Oh Elissa. she says she will stay in contact with Candice and Helen and even ANDY because she got along with them "really well". Girl if you only knew how much Andy hated you. Still clueless as ever Elissa. She then goes on to LIE saying she enjoyed "every minute of Big Brother". LIAR! Still love you Elissa.

Judd is now next. GOOD GAWD he's a mess. Fuck whatever he had to say. Can't stand that asshole. It was fucking great watching him get evicted twice this year. LOL! Double Loser!

McCrae is now up. He calls his and Amanda's gameplay this season "good cop, bad cop". He says Amanda called him the "Jordan" of their relationship. LOL! They are still together and he mentions he "might" visit Florida for Amanda this Winter. He says he's going back to delivering... LOL! Oh McCrae. Now he's "begging" America to get the chance to come back and play again... hint All Stars. Either he and Amanda are coming back next summer for All Stars or Amanda is coming back with Elissa. No one else this season deserves the chance to come back. NO ONE! I fear though that Amanda and McCrae will both come back as a couple for next summer's All Stars 2 and then the Reilly sisters will come back together and play as a duo.

I hope that's not the twist for next summer's All Stars... duos.

Helen's turn! Helen's talking a mile a minute. Jeff tried to joke with her about how good of a game she played and she took him seriously and didn't get that he was playfully mocking her. Helen believes she has "great taste" in picking players to play Big Brother. Andy won the game and Elissa won America's Favorite Houseguest. Those were her 2 main alliance members.

UH OH. Aaryn is up. She says after the Big Brother experience it is "shocking". She was also shocked by Julie Chen's interview. She regrets the "Texas" comment and says she's sorry Texas. She says she was the youngest in the house and says she grew "100 percent" from this experience. She says she owns up to what she said and will watch what she says from now on. She also says she will be back for another season if they ask her to. She also tied for the most HOH wins with Janelle.

Amanda is now getting grilled. Jeff basically calling Amanda a "bully" and she accepts it. Now she says about the things she has said in the house, she claims they were taken out of context and that, at least to her, people can say things bad but it has to do with the "intent" behind the sayings. UM. OKAY. Jeff then says that her season was "ehhh" and she says she heard it was really bad. She also says she wants to come back immediately to play the game.

Spencer is talking now. He says he doesn't have "hate" in his heart and he used poor judgment and acted like an immature something... I'm drifting off listening to him. LIAR. He says he wasn't surprised that Andy didn't take him and how he saw Andy and Gina as being "very close". He just basically connect the dots of him never wanting to nominate or go after Gina. Spencer admits that the house never wanted to go after Andy. He broke a record for being nominated the most of any houseguest in a single season, nine times. Jeff admits, as I did, that Spencer was going to get 2nd place no matter who won the final HOH but was shocked to see Andy evict Spencer.

FINALLY Whack Job Gina Marie is next. She says she used Nick for "moral support" throughout the game. GAWD she sucks at this interview, repeating what she said at the final 2 speeches. Feeds keep freezing. CBS sucks at this live shit. Jeff gets Gina to admit that getting out Amanda was the biggest move of the entire season. She thanks him for that. She then jokes that us watching have jobs to get to in the morning... maybe she's been told she got fired from her "dream job" for her fucking vile rude comments. Gina is nothing but smiles but is she crying in the inside... is she dying in the inside. Why is Nick leading her on still? Fuck them both. Moving on.

Andy is the final interview. He better address the shit he said in the house. He's happy his hard work paid off and he's overwhelmed. He said he was a strong "mental" player, the strongest this season. He CLAIMS that his "day one" alliance with Gina was his last card to play but really, LET'S BE REAL, how the cards played out in the end, he just used that as a tatic to help with his final speech. This was planned from the beginning, shut up already about how "great" you were from the beginning.

Andy says he's going to travel with the money and help his family out but he was "spend it wisely" and be careful. Oh FUCK YOU, Andy says he doesn't want people to associate those "comments" this season that were made with him! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? His comments were horrid and vile regarding Elissa and other houseguests. FUCK HIM. OWN that you were a dirty player, just FUCKING OWN IT! At least he admits that he took "weak" people with him to the end.

And that's it! Season over, game over! ADIOS!

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September 10, 2013

Big Brother Australia - Matthew & Ed Strip and Get Naked!!!!!

Both are just BB Gods among men. Of course the strip show is cheesy and the song makes my ears bleed BUT their bodies are so fucking nice.

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