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May 31, 2005

mario frangoulis . the oprah campaign

i've been a fan of mario frangoulis for about a year. i have yet to see this global miracle grace the tv screens of america. he's not been on oprah yet. he hasn't been profiled on any latenight talk show or news magazine. he hasn't been touched by vh1, the channel for graduates of mtv. what is going on!?!

if this is your introduction to mario frangoulis, i am proud to be the first place on the web where you can experience him.

he's just recently released his new album, follow your heart, this past february and is on a worldwide tour that has included the sheldon concert hall, ny city center as well as the The Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

the only network to feature his live concert, sometimes i dream, on tv is pbs. come on american network execs, we can do better than this.

here is the direct email link to oprah's show producers. we need to get mario frangoulis on oprah's show. take the time daily or once a week to write in and voice your reasons why oprah should welcome mario to america like no other host can. just click this paragraph now to get sent on over to OPRAHHH'S EMAILLLL!

he currently has 2 official websites., for an english audience., for a greek audience. the english version offers new content whereas the greek version offers past content not found elsewhere.

recently cnn dot com just wrote a brillant, better than i ever could, article all about mario frangoulis! check it out, Mario Frangoulis' 'Garden' in spring.

for those not wanting to read the entire article, here we find out that mario has a new athens album in production entitled 'garden of hopes'. he's also perform with the baltimore symphony at meyerhoff hall, opened a baseball game singing the national anthem and plans to end his first round of solo performances on june 1st. damn.

in the same cnn article we discover that his new athens album is very personal, a moody and moving collection of new music the singer says took four years to produce. at the age of 36, mario is now coming up on a 16 year career! he's also fluent in Italian, French, English and Greek, and also sings in Spanish. wow.

and damn it, an audience recently in new york city got to hear 2 new songs from his unreleased album. they immediately came to a shuddering standstill when mario gave them a wrenching rendition of Lucio Dalla's vaulting ballad, Caruso. damn those lucky people!

now that his U.S. tour has ended, mario has returned to athens for a new international summer tour. here is his final quote in the cnn article. "Everything is in this new new album. It's a goodbye to the last century, hello to the new one. You have to express the hopes of your soul, and that's what my music is about. Like the title of the CD: Call it a 'garden of wishes' or a 'garden of hopes.' It's simply about what it means to be human."

for even more information on mario frangoulis, check out this 2 page write up.

what's not so shocking to me, but maybe to you, is that on, his live performance dvd, sometimes i dream, has 24 5-star positive reviews. everyone loves this dvd! reviewer chowchowma says...
"This might well be one of the very best music DVDs you'll ever feast eyes on. It is definitely worth the price at any price! Mario Frangoulis' enthusiasm and his love for singing is so genuine, heartfelt, passionate and contagious, that you'll find it impossible to feel down while watching/listening to this recording." reviewer roberto antonacci "rob" says...
"When you get your DVD look at the faces in the public. They are ecstatic. Many women are literally CRYING, out of the power of his voice, his lyrics, his orchestration. Tears in the eyes of the public are the best testimony of the greatness of this concert. I just hope there will not be too much wait until I can attend a live concert here in the US.

This is music that will empower your soul. Not only Mario Frangoulis voice is spectacular, but his stage presence takes his music to new heights. He has charisma. He is the show. No need for "artsy" settings. Mario Frangoulis singing his hearth out, beautiful lyrics, a great orchestra. With songs like "VincerĂ², PerderĂ²", "Non SarĂ ", "Buon giorno principessa", my favorites, he unleashes such an emotional power that you will feel yourself soaring to the sky. Or, at least, this is my case. I first watched the live concert on T.V., then I ran to order the CD album. Now, a few days ago I discovered the DVD. Terrific sound and image quality. If you love music, but specially if you "live" the music you listed to, this is a must have. God bless music."

please purchase the dvd today anywhere online or in stores today!

my campaign gets noticed! by none other than arjan writes! oh oprah, if i have to bug you all summer long... i'll have mario on your show somehow, someway. there must a queen in chicago who knows the woman, get her the dvd! i feel as if she's untouchable by me so i need those who can get to her to give her my website,!

mario frangoulis biography + accomplishments.

what the world needs now is a little more frangoulis. attending the prestigious guildhall school of music and drama in london and the verdi academy in busseto, greece has this sensuous tenor bringing back romance and poignant emotion to classical contemporary music.

mario frangoulis, born in africa and raised in athens, greece by his extended family, has dominated the broadway stages of the world. his most notable performance to date is the role of achilles in the trilogy of achilles, which was performed for the first time in the ancient amphitheatre of epidaurus in greece. he's also played 'danny zouko' in an athens production of grease singing both in english and greek as well as the role of 'marius' in les miserables, part of a national tour. in the midst of his theatrical career, he ventured out into a solo artist project gaining experience and later accomplishing his first platinum album.

with his name and voice gathering an immense following, sony music quickly signed him as an exclusive artist. and this all happened before the autumn of '98.

recently he's been seen in the original mgm musical portrait of american songwriter cole porter, de-lovely, where he is also featured on the soundtrack album. he sings alongside lara fabian and starred among a cast that includes natalie cole, sheryl crow, diana krall, robbie williams, ashley judd and jonathan price. impressive work.

new american fans can now purchase his live dvd sometimes i dream. you can also purchase his past album by the same name. great for gifts to those who appericate refined music and international voices.

some time ago, mario conducted an interview with jazz weekly where he talks about his family, his theater attributes and his voice. here we find out he was separated from his parents when he was only four and his mother's sister raised him in greece. he's quoted in saying, "i truly had a wonderful childhood with my foster parents, my mother's sister. she's been amazing. she introduced me to classical singing. she kept me going at times when I was feeling very low. we're a very united family."

unfortunately, he lost his foster mother to breast cancer and soon after, his foster father, a difficult time for him. both irreplaceable. he says, "i want to live by their example."

i believe he is an international bachelor, but one can be wrong about this. most international stars keep very private affairs from the public eye.

this is your proper introduction to mario frangoulis. venture to his official website to purchase his new album, follow your heart, online or in stores.

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May 29, 2005

season premiere

welcome to the 1st post of's brand new season. this website was created for the millions of homosexual, transgender, bisexual, closeted + curious straight guys who enjoy watching guys on tv. the site is owned + operated by a twenty something gay guy who will post his own thoughts, rants + opinions in which many or a few of you can relate to.

i'm biased. i'm one sided. i'm informative. i'm versatile. i love advertising + marketing. i love the tele, the television + the tube. and i fully understand the reasons why television has changed the lives of many around the world and continues to influence + effect my way of life... and i'm sure yours as well.

the content featured here will be anything that can be seen on a television screen. every second something is broadcast or played on a television is up for a queer insightful discussion on

for those wondering, will be g rated material and will not feature any adult content such as pornoography that could be seen on your television set. but i will feature censored fotos of a tv star that has appeared in pornography... but again, they will be censored. it would be just the same as entertaintment tonight showing censored playboy photos of some randome housewives. it's exceptable.

i do run 2 other websites but will not post the links because i'm going to attempt to keep separate from my other online projects. it's actually funny because you can get to through my other websites but you can't get to my other websites through i have my reasons for doing this.

my style of writing is similiar to my other websites. i write as if i was talking. random thoughts. comments. half quotes. words. all spitting out of my mouth onto the blog posts. i'm not typing for perfection but i do my best at getting my point across with a few words. if you are an english professor that just can't get over any typos or inproper punctuation, then maybe you shouldn't be reading i apologize for disappointing you. will be broken into seasons. i will post daily, possibly multiple posts in a single day and can post for up to four months until the season finale post. i'll then take a month or two off and immediatly start a whole new season of posting. remember, i'm maintaining 2 other websites while i keep up + running. it's a big task i'm taking on.

i hope you enjoy what and appericate my free service and hard work. bookmark and remember to comment as much as you like. all opinions + thoughts are important!

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