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June 29, 2005

pilot . big brother 6 cast

since season 6 has officially ended, this blogmaster has gone back through every big brother related entry and adding new text with new opinions + new information. just in case a houseguest comes across this website i want them to read what an average viewer thought of their experience and their actions in the house. to each and every houseguest this season, thanks for the best & worst season to date. and thanks for ruining the word "friendship" forever. god i'm so dramatic.

it happened. waking up around noon i check in on big brother 6 just to see if the cast pictures are up...

and they are!!! check them out for yourself over at cbs' official big brother 6 website. we have the most beautiful cast ever put together on one season. there are no hairy, weepy bunky types. there are no doesn't wash his hands, overweight types. there are no tennessee smoking married queer hater types. and there are no chair throwing slash knife to the throat crazies. at least not yet. *erPrick ended up pushing a chair back as he charged another houseguest.*

the cast includes 14 very beautiful americans with the oldest just over mid thirties and married. the show's producer arnold shapiro has told the public that this season is the "summer of secrets". the house has also changed locations, completely different with 2 stories and enough bedrooms to get any horny 20 something getting naughty under the sheets. *but no one did this season. oh wait, james supposely jerked off under the sheets.*

of course america is too prude enough to show actual sex on screen, i mean our last glimpse at big brother sex was people moving under the sheets and the guy ending the scene with some 'grandma' statement.

okay. now who's queer on this season of big brother? i'm guessing big brother did us right by adding 2 queers, but it's only speculation. i believe one of them has to be beau, the personal shopper with his very queer collar turned up. he's a big supporter of chick flicks, listed matthew mcconaughey + tom cruise as his favorite actors and loves driving in convertibles. and we all know which team tom bats for... katie's team. i'm talking about katie holmes team.

our other suspected queer is the 28 year old artist, michael. he lists everything from opera to electronic as his musical choices, eats special k cereal, listed christian bale + ian mckellen as his actor choices and drinks sambuca's, a queer queer drink. and we all know which team ian plays on right? our team. our very queer queer homosexual gay gay team. we play against the katie holme's next week. we just may recruit mr. cruise if we do him right... wink! *michael ended up being straight. not a big lose.*

the other men in the house include kaysar, a graphic designer who lists "no favorite" on nearly everything in his profile thus making him uninteresting... although he does have a hairy chest and i expect a nice hairy build for us queers into that sort of thing. *it turns out kaysar was just 2nd to janelle in america's most loved houseguest. and he didn't have a hairy chest. and he was the hottest fucker in that house. boy was i wrong, kaysar was beyond interesting. i can't wait to see him on big brother: allstars!*

james, the loss pervention manager from cali, looks to be the sweet virgin type. now i could be wrong but i'm usually right about these sort of things. i'm also wrong about these sort of things. but i'm also right. about these sort of things. *and now i'm wrong. james was a horny hot fucker with a girlfriend in the house as his secret partner. he did mention he wanted to come into the house playing queer but didn't. good for him. he was the dirtiest player this season. oh he was bad but a great dirty player.*

howie, the 34 year old meteorology student from chi town, looks to be this season's hottest reality super star hunk. he enjoys kick boxing and lists the everglades as an outdoor sporting activity! he also drinks budweiser + miller lite. well he's just the mannest man i've seen yet on this cast. mannest is a word right? *after the first episode, howie ended up not being so hot. at first glance, his mug shot was nice to look at and today.. i would rather look at erPrick's mug shot. howie is such a turn off because of the way he views and treats women.*

next up is very bald but very sexy eric, the 36 year old married dad from boston. he's a big boston sports fan for both the sox's + bruins [who the f!ck are they?]. i'm thinking he's full blooded italian because this guido lists the godfather, godfellas, robert de niro + al pacino as his favorites in the film categorizes. i can't wait to hear his thick boston accent! *there was no accent but just a voice that embodies the word "irritation". eric is the one houseguest that divided the house. without eric in the house, the friendship would not have been created and the end result would have been completely different. i blame eric for this season. all his fault.*

and that's it for the guys. the girls outnumber the guys this season. can the women be smart enough to gang up on the males or just bitch and claw each other breaking up any chance of an all female finale. women in reality alliances just don't work. sh!t, one man beat all females in that one season of survivor. how can women win this one? *it turns out all the men were taken out of the game but by chance. howie ended up being the last man in the house, go figure. four women were in the final four. good game girls, good game.*

i believe big brother's casting agents are going to make sure the alpha males don't have the power to vote out the cute queer(s) of the house. the longer he(they) stays in, the longer the queer audience tunes in. i wonder how cbs will handle a queer and a straighty going at it under the sheets. it could happen. i mean tom cruise is getting married! it could happen! *yet again, it didn't happen.*

in the website, there's a poll on who we think will win the show based on looks. i, of course, picked howie, the hot f!cker this season and it turns out that out of 1,934 votes, howie is first with 2 men following after. no love for the female contestants??? no, because they f!ck up a female alliance every f!cking time! *the friendship alliance was a team of girls that pushed through the house. they did make it to the end but only because of maggie's words of support. and yes i include beau in that mix because he's a girl in my eyes.*

there's no information about the cameras and how much we have to pay to watch them live. i'll pay because i am now running a queer tv blog, you'll pay because of howie's body. julie chen is back again as the host, her picture is larger than everyone else's on the main page. she is queen biatch. i actually don't have a problem with the woman, i just can't stand the horrid theme music. oh but i would take that song anyday over smash mouth's current song in the teaser commerical. his voice gives me shivers. but so does the theme song. *this season we finally got new music to open the show with. thank you!*

i wish julie would turn power queen and tell the houseguests, "we have another twist, a new housemate is going to join you today... MeeeEEEE!" oh julie, you're the heart of big brother. the show couldn't last a day without you.

well now that caught up with today's big reality news you may go on with your life.

update: "The sixth edition of CBS' Big Brother, premiering July 7, will up the ante by offering the chance for a doubled grand prize. But to cop the total million, the winner will have to keep a lid on the show's new twist: that each player, from the moment they enter the house, is secretly in alliance with another. (And, stay with us here, each pair of partners thinks they are the only ones in cahoots.) If one of the twosomes makes it intact to the final round of voting, the winner gets a mil, and his/her buddy gets $250,000. "So it's in their best interest to keep [the alliance] a secret," executive producer Allison Grodner tells Variety. Blab, and the payoff is reduced to $500K/$50K." source . tv guide news]

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June 25, 2005

fototv . jeff probst 2

well thanks to another queer couple of readers i am able to bring you the nude jeff probst picture... of course censored. but if you really look at the image... you can see the tip of his head peaking out just under the word "the". why can't jeff be shirtless on survivor? what the f!ck is so wrong with being shirtless on the show. oh colby donaldson- i mean julie from survivor vanuatu is so freakin lucky.

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June 21, 2005

fototv . jeff probst

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June 19, 2005

fototv . hardy

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June 8, 2005

pilot . the big brother aussie twins

so big brother australia wants to copy the americans... last summer the american big brother, version 5, had the twin factor thing play out. you know, where one twin enters the house, they switch in the confessional room, share quick information while they change into each other's clothing and then the new twin enters while the other goes into confinement.

those american twins were known as the fitness twins, adria + natalie. no one found out about them in last year's edition of the show and both twins got to participate for the grand prize. neither won with the entire house turning against them. oh well.

and now, big brother australia is doing the twin twist. this time with boys... aussie boys with toys. greg + david logan, 23 years old, each completely different in their personalities. greg is the sweetheart while david is the sh!t starter.

now in david logan's profile he reveals that he went to boarding school where he's use to nudity. really, wish i had gone to boarding school with these twin brothers. david goes on to say that if he gets a bird [erection] under his sheets, he's hoping his mum isn't watching! he also tells us he lived with 80 boys in boarding school. 80 birds in the morning. oh sweet mary jesus all mighty!

greg logan on the other hand feels awkard about showering nude in front of millions and the other houseguests. greg think he'll get use to it. we also find out that it was his twin brother who got this one to audition for the show. and forget the competition in the house, greg wants to beat his own brother at this reality game.

the show started taping on may 7th and with those who have plenty of time to waste, you can catch up on the housemates happenings by reading the daily dairy. but for those just wanting news right now about the twins, here we go.

day 2: While Logan (D) spars with Michelle in the garden, Logan (G) lifts weights in his private room, unaware that his brother is also exercising. later in the bedroom, david [who's in the house] tells the boys about his sporting injury - he had to have four screws and 48 stitches in his face when he was 18. he later is asked about his personal life by a roomie where he tells her all about his family, his home town and his current work as a sales rep and previous work as a plumber. he goes on to say "I'm a bloke's bloke." and that he loves waterskiing and hanging out with his mates, and adds that he hates computers. [well logan, they hate you too.]

later in the 2nd day and during a live show, david switches with his brother, greg. in the american version, the fitness twins changed behind a dressing wall. here in australia, nudity just isn't an issue with big brother. americans are just so prude.

these ends day 2 happenings and you'll have to read more about the twin's daily happenings in the official diary. i'm not in the mood to look through the entire thing. we already had cute twin brothers on big brother. well actually only one got on tv while the other stayed at home. and the one on tv... he won the whole damn season. that would be drew daniel for those unaware. google him.

back to the aussie twins. since america had their twin factor play out with worldwide reaction from hopeful big brother participants, well new housemates knew what to expect when entering new houses across the world. on day 8, the aussie cat was let out of the bag. housemate, glenn, discovered greg logan in the house doing something out of the ordinary. let's find out what happened just after the housemates discovered the truth.

the rest of the house was absolutely sure this logan guy were twins switching. they even started talking about who's fatter or cutier out of the two. big brother kept quiet while everyone suspected and put greg logan in a bad spot. later, before the live show, it seems glenna, a female housemate, was upset about the twin twist. [don't worry, she was the 2nd to get evicted from the house.]

glenna goes on to say this whole twin this is "f!cked" + "It's a f**king mean game." now the girls are starting to join together and dislike the 'outside' twin. during all of this, the other logan twin in confinement has no idea the secret is out. he's picking his nose on his bed waiting for something to happen.

now here's where the aussie version of big brother gets different. in our american version, if the fitness twins were discovered, the other twin would not get to participate for the grand prize. in this aussie version, both logans got to come into the house because big brother finally told the housemates that they were in fact twins.

now after the whole twin thing ended and the live show eviction began... there was a reality shock heard round the aussie country. 3 housemates were evicted for lying to big brother. wow. this season barely started and i wish i was in aussie right now watching it all unfold. a total of 17 housemates were selected for the show with only 12 left hoping to win the million dollar prize.

america's version of big brother is never this interesting. always boring, polite, undaring.

i hope you enjoyed my report on these aussie twins. i'll let you know when one or both get evicted. I'm betting one of these logans will be in the final 2.

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June 6, 2005

coming out with reichen . episode 1

coming out for one please. i casually follow an armani dressed waiter to my seat where a computer is set up on the table ready for me to use. i simply order a whoretini + type in under "live events" i see the title of reichen's new radio show coming out with reichen where i simply click the name with my queer pointer finger. now it has to be a tuesday at exactly 5PM Pacific Time / 8PM Eastern for this to work.

for those omastupid, please click "help" on the top bar to find out how you can listen to the radio show. for those s-m-r-t, click on "archives" and select the "The Fishbowl Network On Demand Library". here you can listen to past mp3 arhived files of coming out with reichen. with the first show dating back to feburary, one can find about 17 shows since early june in the archives. much to catch up on young queer padamine.

i'm not the type to make time for a radio show, no matter how queer the content is, but if you are the type to change things around so you can listen live and maybe call in, then you'll have a hairy nut sac sweat coated ball! i do wish the show was shown online live via webcam. of course we all queers bitches make demands for more stuff when we should appericate the tv shows, channels and radio shows we currently have.

in the first show we hear from mr. will wikle, the lean queen from last year's american version of big brother. he did mention his experiences on the cbs show. here's what he had to say. he thought drew daniel as absolutely "drop dead gorgeous". actually, so did i but only at first glance. i quickly got over him. straight crushes for this blogmaster die very quickly. [for some reason, will's website is down. i don't know why.]

mr. wikle goes on to say that he was not attracted to any of the male castmembers in his season. he thinks cbs purposely does not put 2 gay men or 2 lesbians on the same cast as to avoid a hook up shown online and spread throughout pc's around the world. sounds about right. but who's to say one straight castmember won't experiment with the right queer castmember.

reichen then reveals that diane [big brother 5] told him that she was a big fan of him and told him that she was on the show, big brother. reichen said he never watched the show and didn't know she was a reality star. so... reality stars don't watch other reality shows. you'd think they'd be aware of new castmembers who may violently take the spotlight away from them.

in a phone call from a straight female, reichen announces that nathan marlowe [big brother 5] has said that being gay is a choice! oops, reichen quickly says that he wasn't suppose to name drop and say that. but that queen did it because that comment most likely bothers him.

another male caller, an air force graduate who just came out to his parents that morning, calls in to say that reichen "trained him so to speak". the caller's parents told him that they loved him and that they are working on getting through the process of coming out.

suddenly tony ferrari [paradise hotel] jumps on the line to cry and whimper about this male caller's story. earlier in the show they talk about educating people about homosexuality and then tony says to the caller, "screw the people who don't believe in you or accept it". excuse me, that's not educating, that's promoting the same ignorance right back and forth. don't listen to tony guys. don't "screw" the ones who don't understand. be there when they have questions or educate those who can get to those unwilling to listen to you. find a way to educate.

ohhh tony.. you were a weird beautiful bitch on paradise hotel and you're still as wonderful slash crazy as ever!

in the end, the hosts kept the show moving quite smoothly. i did get bored around halfway through because they started sharing stories that only they can relate to. i kinda don't want to hear about their countless stories of reality star connections or friends from london. this show is about coming out.

this was my reaction to their first show. you may experience something different. later in the coming weeks i'll be reviewing future episodes and help in my own way on getting the word out about the show. reichen is expected to host the show every episode. if you are unaware of reichen, please visit the fishbowl's information page about the show, coming out with reichen. his images are posted within these posts and god help you if you need these images to get you to support queer reality stars by listening in and visiting also visit reichen's official website.

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