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June 12, 2005

The Real World Key West . Episode 1

this is the true story. of seven strangers. picked to live in a house. have their lives taped. work together. and find out what happens. when people stop being polite. and start getting real. the real world!!! keyyy west.

this season 7 people were cast from across the country. their house... a waterfront, two story house. their job... volunteering + maintaining seastar ecotours. their lives... as dramatic as it can get.

disclaimer: this is not official news on the cast or next season of the real world. these series of posts are inspired by reports of key west, florida as the next location for the real world. any photos used in this parody are from the world wide web and can be removed at anytime. thank you and enjoy guytvblog's the real world: key west.

Sansulan, 22 -- Reno, NV

born and raised in the cities of nevada, sansulan calls her state home, and no other state can compare. she's flirtatious and confortational. she's a party girl who thinks weekends in vegas are neccessary and thinks those who do not need to get a vegas life. she's taken a year off school to move to key west. can key west live up to the vegas lifestyle?

Aaralyn, 24 -- Seattle, WA

raised by her mother and older sister, aaralyn is strongly independent and self reliant. with college years now behind her, aaralyn is destined for great things. she plans to own the largest real estate company in seattle. her experiences with men all come from her father walking out of her family when she was 9 years old. she expects nothing but respect from all men.

Tacey, 23 -- Tampa, FL

tacey is the only resident of florida to enter the key west house. she's argumentative. brass. loud. a complete all nighter bar girl. who's also into girls. with her mother passing away last year, her father currently in prison and her brother passing away just two months ago, she's all that she has left. florida is her only family now.

Rhoslyn, 23 -- San Antonio, TX

this san antonio born graduate labels herself the self opinionated bitch of texas. rhoslyn holds nothing back. her personality just may the one to cause the most conflict in the house. by day, she's the volunteer and by night, she's the naughty lesbian. rhoslyn is the only woman that still kisses boys and demands everyone knows she's a lesbian.




Dean, 24 -- Morristown, TN

he's handsome, a complete gentleman with the ladies and bred for the college football life. dean calls his hometown the best thing god ever game him, just after his parents and his girlfriend of six years. due to an ac separation in his shoulder, dean missed out on his last game of his senior season. he regrets spending his life for the moment that never came. now, dean has moved passed the sport of football and takes life day by day.

Reece, 21 -- North Platte, NE

reece can only be described in three words. young, fragile and new.
he's also quiet, soft spoken yet expresses himself through loud tshirts sayings. he is the only gay castmember to enter the house and is closeted to everyone back home... except his first love. reece has left his only love of 2 years back home. his secrets kept until the show debuts. will reece have the courage to tell his family before he returns home?


Haden, 23 -- Binghamton, NY

the only playboy back home in his fraternity to have dropped out and feel good about it. haden is rude, verbal and completely animalistic with women. he currently has 2 girlfriends back home and loves to boast that neither knows about the other. he's a heavy drinker who plans to blame any late night romps on alcohol.

2 lesbians. 1 gay cast member. and 4 straight roomies all make up the new cast of the real world: key west!

season premiere on is july 5th! five episode summaries each post. only on!

disclaimer: this is not official news on the cast or next season of the real world. these series of posts are inspired by reports of key west, florida as the next location for the real world. any photos used in this parody are from the world wide web and can be removed at anytime. thank you and enjoy guytvblog's the real world: key west.

yeah! my first entry to get noticed by the daddy of all reality websites.

Posted by guytvblog at June 12, 2005 12:45 AM

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Wow, that was- I actually thought that was real! Amazing job on the fake cast! Wish this cast was on TV instead of the austin cast. I can't wait until july 5!!!!

Posted by: Georgie at June 13, 2005 1:36 PM

now it's my turn to say wow. reality blurred is sending his large amount of reality fans this way to see my mock up of what mtv should do for their reality show, the real world: key west.

i love it. thank you reality blurred! you new fans of won't be disappointed!

Posted by: Mr. GuyTVBlog at June 14, 2005 2:48 PM

It is reported that they may use the Pineapple Gallery and the apartment above it. Funny, as the apartment is illegal. It was built entirely without permits and is not supposed to be occupied.

Posted by: Dan at June 14, 2005 4:58 PM

Wait, so that guy in the pink shirt really isny gay? *tear*

Posted by: DAve at June 15, 2005 2:05 AM

Awesome site man! I'm an Austinite and I heard about the website and wanted to check it out. I've hung out with the cast while they were here in Austin. This season is gonna be all about drinking, they were downtown on 6th street the ENTIRE 4 months they visited.

Look for me on the first episode dancing with Melinda, I'm wearing the blazer. woo hoo!

Posted by: Dale at June 21, 2005 4:16 PM

is this the real cast?

Posted by: austin at August 26, 2005 4:05 PM

no, i'm sorry. but it is a great faux cast right? i love my selections. i wonder how different the real cast will be...

Posted by: Mr. GuyTVBlog at August 26, 2005 6:25 PM

I WISH this was the real cast! Another attractive, seemingly unflamboyant gay guy (since Chris from Chigago, of course): AWESOME!

Posted by: Mike at September 22, 2005 12:09 AM

I'm a dumb-ass! Thanks for cluing me in! I thought all this time, the post was a leak! Thanks for checkin' out my blog - spread the word!

Posted by: jason at September 26, 2005 10:09 PM

The previous posts has been removed from publication due to this matter no longer needing to be a public debate. For some unknown reason, a person(s) who never approached this situation with "appropriate" behaviour in turn brought back "inappropriate" behaviour from the blogmaster to which created this entry from no longer accepting comments.

I've read through the last, now unpublished, comment and found the person who left it started tossing the word "legal" around in an uneducated cut & paste method from maybe

If the person in question would have first emailed me properly and asked why their image was featured in this hilarious faux post about the real world then asked for it to removed, then everything would have been fine in the world of the net because I would have removed it immediatly.

At this point the person in question never identified who they were in their first 2 attempts here on They did end up calling me a "stalker", a deformation of character towards ME. There has always been mentions that this post is faux and i would remove anyone's photo when told so.

Now if the person in question would have properly emailed me and said they didn't appericate their image being used and would like or demand it to be removed, then I would in fact had done so and might I add, can still do so. I would also return an email with an apology for any inconvience.

Yet we have an uneducated person explode unnessecarily through the last post regarding a simple blog entry that has yet to hurt anybody, even the person in question supposely featured on this page. When the word "fuck" is used in their first attempt to contact me and i return the favor by using the word "cunt" to poke fun at them... to then have the person in question giving me the public title of "stalker", then who's the better person?

My email is Don't throw around the word "legal" unless you really mean it and have the money to take a useless case to court. I'd expect the "system" to have a good laugh in our faces and expect us to resolve this on our time, out of court. I'd expect the system to rather see us spend any money used on this issue towards those in need during this holiday season.

If you were of legal sound and mind, your horrid post would not have insulted me repeatedly and might i add, publicly. I'd thought I would include [for all interested] how this person's friend took the time to insult me...

"Thank goodness the rest of us have friends and loved ones to spend this happy occasion with, and it is a shame that the internet obsessed, socially outcaste people like you, tend to commit suicide during this painfully lonely season. Well – All the best in your contemptible life."

I'd like to thank you for allowing me keep your post, your IP address and your comment forever stored on my PC to show how you acted when trying to use your "legal expertise" on me. They also said they wouldn't return, "I will not be returning to your pitiful website" But they will. They always do.

So when you or your legal friend return, my email is Please discuss who you are exactly within this post, why you do not want your image as part of this faux post and that you would like or demand for your image to be removed.

This concludes this issue and any issues similiar to this in the future. Happy New Year to all and tune in February 2006 for the actual cast of the Real World: Key West.

You know... this drama seems like The Real World... where the cast members battle average joes off screen for various reasons. The public laughs and trash talks the 2 fighting parties and forever looks down on them. I think I finally feel just a bit how it feels to be on a reality show fued. ;o)

Posted by: Mr. GuyTVBlog at December 4, 2005 10:57 PM