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July 18, 2005

big brother 6 . 12 days until howie comes out

since season 6 has officially ended, this blogmaster has gone back through every big brother related entry and adding new text with new opinions + new information. just in case a houseguest comes across this website i want them to read what an average viewer thought of their experience and their actions in the house. to each and every houseguest this season, thanks for the best & worst season to date. and thanks for ruining the word "friendship" forever. god i'm so dramatic.

that is the question. how many days do think it will be before howie comes out of the closet? when eric + michael got into an almost fight that led to someone's almost immediate eviction.... i immediatly signed up for the live feeds, even though i had to wait 5 hours to see the aftermath! this is the first time i've ever signed up for the feeds since big brother started airing. and now i'm addicted. every time i'm updating one of my 3 websites, the live feeds are in the corner of my screen, fixed on top of all my work pages. *i still don't understand why we couldn't see the house after the finale. we could have gotten to see fans and family members enter the house with the cast.*

well sunday evening slash early monday morning, howie started asking [and has been asking] beau very sexual questions about gay men and what he's sexually attracted to. we find out beau is not into michael because he's too thin as in muscle size. beau says he dated a pro baseball player who is built like howie but as tall as michael. *anyone know of this man's identity?*

how long must i wait for howie to kiss beau and grab his package very tightly. anyways, howie notices kaysar moments later working out. he asks kaysar why he workouts all the time and lets him know that if he keeps it up, he'll be fit at the end of the show.

the next batch of questions howie asked beau about homosexuality dealt with friends + family. i think howie is trying ot get an understanding of what life will be like when someone comes out.

it's funny because whenever howie asks one of the guys passing by a question, the question is something that only a gay man would ask another guy. when a woman passes by, howie quickly directs sexual comments at whichever female body is passing by. he always covers up his gay thoughts or comments with straight comments. it's clear that he's borderline closeted and probing beau for queer information.

i'm thinking this is the reason why howie was cast. i'm betting the producers asked howie if he would come out on the show. we'll never know until after he leaves the house and does gay magazine interviews. one of his very gay quotes in the kitchen that same night was directed at michael, janelle + beau...

"i got this one buddy who questions my sexually all the time... i told him- don't worry even if i am gay, i'm not attracted to you."

i've giving howie exactly 12 days to come out to beau. when howie finds out ivette is a lesbian i think he'll feel more comfortable coming out. i have yet to see anyone react to ivette's lifestyle. american society just doesn't seem to care about lesbians, it's all how bad homosexuals are and how sinful their life is. *howie never came out and remains closeted to this day.*

now let's get off the howie topic for a moment. the lust for kaysar can only be described as a healthy borderline sexual infatuation. he wears howie's FBI cap every now and then and his hair is ready to be grabbed from behind... the only thing is that kaysar is hardly ever without a shirt. he's not like the other guys, always walking around shirtless. he's respectful in the house. and he was called a "muthafucker" by ivette, and i believe ivette has called kaysar a "camel rider". *ivette also referred to kaysar as a fake muslim and a suicide bomber. ivette, you'll never escape these comments. good luck with that.*

i'm gay and very queer and i'm not a fan of ivette. she's another reality idiot who bitches and complains about certain people who say certain things and then thinks it's perfectly fine to use the term "camel rider" to describe kaysar. *ivette's only defense now that she's out of the house is that we don't understand what it feels like to be in that house. that's not an excuse. stop using it to get yourself out of this hateful situation you put yourself in.*

firfighter eric, the most hated cast member this season, has used the term "fag" and called women he's laughing with "bitches". and he and ivette seem to be the new best friends of the house. now i see why. by the way, for those wondering, my sources for these terms are + the live feeds. *first off, it's fine with me, a gay person, using the word queer of fag. it's perfectly fine for black men to use the term "niggers". it's society as a whole that has come up with the damnation of an outside race using these words against as morally wrong. i don't make the rules.*

as i end this entry, i'm watching kaysar do bathroom stuff. 30 minutes of him taking a shower, coming out of the shower, grooming himself and heading outside to the hammock with some book, the only one awake of the entire group. i don't have the technology to capture the moment, well i do but i figured it out too late. i could try and post video + photos but please be fully aware that is will be very cheaply made dollar store style video. enjoy!

big brother 6 update: on july 18th at exactly 1:39 p.m., april, james, rachel + eric are in the kitchen area eating. april looks at her tanned body and says, and i'm quoting directly from the live feeds... "we're african americans. i'm looking at myself in the mirror and i'm like- i'm an african american." then dimwit james or erPrick says off camera, "i'm about mexican." a bunch of idiots. i guess i'm going to where an abercrombie tee shirt today and say, "i look pale + dead, i'm as white as a cracker!"

big brother 6 update: on july 18th at around 4p.m. eric made this comment. "beau's my gay friend, james is my fag." james responds... "damn, you got beat by a fag yesterday." in which erPrick responds, "yeah i did, i got beat bad dude... to which james responds with "god damn right you did." for 2 guys who claim that they are conservative and american god loving men, they abuse the word "fag" in front of beau [who's sweeping and says nothing] + use god's name in vain. bad bad men. i don't understand why beau + ivette, the gay team, turn against eric. ivette is completely thinking with her lesbian dick while beau is just playing on the "down low" letting everyone else fight it out. *i still don't understand why beau + ivette allowed eric to make such comments. ivette now confirms in exit interviews that eric was not so nice to her in the first few weeks when she was nothing but nice to him. i'm betting eric is no longer her saint of big brother.*

big brother 6 update: on july 18th, around 11p.m., up in the head of household room... eric, james + ivette have become the new 3some powerhouse. or so they think. but it's funny because ivette + james were trashing maggie who's secretly partnered with eric. eric took the negative comments and tried to defend her. then eric started to trash talk sarah who is james secret girlfriend. and ivette brought up beau saying he does whatever we tell him to do. they already suspect howie, april, rachel, jennifer + beau are playing nice with everyone, taking the "floater" role.

these are the people who will remain in the game. eric, ivette + james have days numbered. the rest of the house can easily turn against them. james calls janelle a "dumb blonde" because she is messing with her mic. beau still hates kaysar because ivette says janelle told her that if kaysar had won HOH that week that he would put up ivette + beau. now beau hates kaysar. ivette is a dirty player. *it turns out that ivette made it the final 2. thanks to maggie of course. james became the ultimate POV winner and made it into the jury. good game james. bad game ivette.*

big brother 6 howie update: on july 19th, howie is in the kitchen with kaysar. pretty much everyone is outside and kaysar asks howie "what do you think howie, am i a good looking guy?" to which howie responds in one of the longest queer quotes in big brother history... [note he says this quote as he walks up into kaysar at a very uncomfortable face to face zone as kaysar walks backwards and tries to dodge the on coming howie]

"oh yeah. you're definitely bangable. if i was a chick, i'd be all over you like white on rice. nice facial features. cute ears. nice little nose. nice teeth. pretty eye structure- eyebrows. nice chest and shoulders. nice butt. nice thin legs- lean legs-"

here kaysar interrupts him and says.. "okay howie." howie finishes it off with "you're one of the best looking guys in this house, definitely for sex." okay howie. okay... let's pull back the gay side in you, you're not ready to come out just yet.

Posted by guytvblog at July 18, 2005 3:22 AM


Oh, yeah... I'm a big Kaysar fan. From the first episode. The boy is hot! I think what makes him so hot is that he doesn't advertise it. Eric, with the rockin' bod, spends just about every waking moment without his shirt on. Yeah, we see your stuff, dude. It's rockin' but we know that YOU know...

But Kaysar... mmmmmmm. I just like looking at his face--and falling into those deep, dark eyes. Plus, Kaysar is smart. I think he's the most intelligent of the bunch. Brains and beauty? Humina, humina, humina!

Posted by: Chris at July 18, 2005 10:26 AM

Oh my lord Kaysar is sexy. Possibly very boring, yes, but gorgeous as hell. From him, I can handle boring.

Posted by: mcf at July 18, 2005 4:08 PM

Do you really think that he'll last 12 days. At this point, Howie has already kissed every other man in the house except Eric. (I'm 90% that he kissed Michael. If I'm wrong please feel free to correct me.) Also, Beau seems more annoyed than interested by Beau's pawing.

Posted by: TeleChimp at July 18, 2005 4:14 PM

i don't know. beau is playing the "i'm not interested but if you kiss me i'll play along and bend over" game. i believe beau is quite uncomfortable at times because he maybe isn't use to guys coming on so strong to him... but i suspect howie has given beau a tented crotch at least a few good times. ;o)

12 was a scientific number i created after years of big brother examination. only a super genious like paris hilton could understand how + why i came up with this number.

Posted by: Mr. GuyTVBlog at July 18, 2005 4:35 PM

I think Howie and Eric are such hunks! I love this show the men are gorgeous,glad to find your site.

Posted by: Lady Gossip Freak at July 18, 2005 10:05 PM

i wish i got into this show now.Ed

Posted by: Ed at July 19, 2005 12:21 AM

howie bones me up :^D

Posted by: gary at July 19, 2005 9:51 AM


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Posted by: coldfeet at September 21, 2005 5:53 PM

Love, Howie he is just very *sigh*

Posted by: Anonymous at June 26, 2006 1:54 PM