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July 23, 2005

big brother 6 . HOH + POV drama!

since season 6 has officially ended, this blogmaster has gone back through every big brother related entry and adding new text with new opinions + new information. just in case a houseguest comes across this website i want them to read what an average viewer thought of their experience and their actions in the house. to each and every houseguest this season, thanks for the best & worst season to date. and thanks for ruining the word "friendship" forever. god i'm so dramatic.

big brother 6 update: this house has been fucking flipped upside down. the big brother gods have literally grabbed this house and shaken it like a 4 year old holding a wrapped present. for those wanting to read everything that has gone down since nominations + power of veto, then read below. let's begin.

the original power in the house was eric, james, sarah, ivette, beau, april, jennifer, rachel and maggie. the outcasts were howie, janelle + kaysar. after michael left, eric was praying at the HOH competition for a win for his "team". april was holding hands with someone hoping for a win... and the final four left in the HOH competition were james, maggie, kaysar + janelle. and then kaysar won.

after kaysar won, everyone in the house that is part of the original power team tried to get kaysar to turn on janelle. ivette's master plan was to put her + janelle up on the block and let the house vote out janelle. they wanted kaysar to sacrific his team to their team to allow kaysar a few more extra weeks in the house.

kaysar saw right through it. but when james went up to the HOH room, he made a deal with kaysar since they are the 2 smartest players in this game. kaysar has built 2 bridges to a big brother win at this point. one with howie + janelle, another bridge with james.

kaysar sat with james in that HOH figuring out every pair in the house. jennifer + april. beau + ivette. howie + rachel. eric + maggie. janelle + ashlea. michael + kaysar. so then he asks james before the nomination ceremony, "you're telling me everyone in this house is paired up except you and sarah." james stuck with his lie. kaysar asked him again. james lied again.

so come nomination ceremony, kaysar nominates james + maggie. the reason for nominating maggie is since she was paired with eric and since eric is best buds with james, eric would rally votes for maggie thus turning on james.

it worked. this epic plan of kaysar's worked! this nomination split the house in half. james went up to the HOH room and finally admitted to kaysar that he knows sarah. he said he had to hold his last trump card until he had to reveal it.

with that now set aside, it was time to expose howie + rachel. howie was confronted by janelle + kaysar about his pair and he finally said yes i know rachel. and now we create a new power in the game, sarah + james, kaysar + janelle and howie + rachel. a power of six.

the next plan is to keep the secret from everyone and win the next POV to get james off the block. it worked. now it's time to put up eric and vote him out of the house.

after the POV ceremony, the house broke into a major tear fest and lie fest. pairs started revealing themselves. james + sarah finally revealed to the house that they are a couple. eric + maggie revealed that they knew each other before entering the house. howie + rachel are telling everyone they knew each other and are friends. but now comes to the lies.

ivette is torn apart inside. she can't except that maggie and eric are together. she can't except that everyone has lied to some extent to her. she is crying in the gold room comforted by james. she cries in the hallway near the fish. she cries in the storage room. she cries at the kitchen table. she cries about she isn't paired up and that she's alone. bullshit bitch.

when ivette came out of the gold room and saw maggie crying in bed with eric, she asked. do you know each other? they said yes. ivette couldn't handle the large amount of truths + revelations.

now april is following the same cry path. she is telling everyone that she is alone. that she came into this house by herself. meanwhile, in the HOH, kaysar tells james that he is going to bring up april + jennifer together and get them to admit that they know each other. that if they don't vote against eric, they are the 2 next to go up. it hasn't happened yet.

and that's all so far. it's been an intense week. the best season of big brother: usa to date! now when those secret pairs still lying about how they didn't come into the house with a partner are going to be revealed as liars when julie chen tells everyone that everyone came into the house with a secret pair and that big grand prize for a pair in the end gets 1,000,000 dollars for first place and 250,000 dollars for second place! *it turns out everyone came clean before julie got to tell the house. it was hoping to get live reactions to the news on those still lying about the pairs.*

in other big brother 6 news: howie + beau were finally talking again outside on the grass. at first the conversation was about life in the stars and then suddenly turned to beau annoucning to the world... "i'm mostly a bottom." he also mentioned he was versatile but that his friends call him a "waste of a dick". i'm guess howie is gonna top beau sometime in the house! *there is an image floating around the net that shows how big beau is packing. i can now agree that beau is a waste of a dick.*

in other big brother 6 news: on july 24th, at around 12:50p.m., janelle is in the GOLD ROOM with hot fucker james + sarah. they are talking about previous seasons of big brother. who's hot name comes up? HARDY!

janelle says that she knows hardy and the he's the manager of sky bar in miami! in a quick search online, i discover that the only sky bar in miami is at the shore club. the place looks beautiful and i bet hardy looks even more breath-taking managing the place. hardy is the type of the guy that only gets better sexually + physically with age. for those unaware who or what hardy looks like, check out foto . hardy. i heart hardy... and i hope to heart hardy in some big brother all star edition later next year...

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