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September 16, 2005

big brother 6 . hypocrisy + self righteousness wins

well. what is there to say? big brother season 6 has officially ended for this addicted viewer. i may be acting a little over dramatic but i have the right to be upset. i invested time into this series and what i wanted to happen... didn't. so i'm upset but i'll get over it. there's survivor: guatemala to watch. mtv's the real world austin. american idol. all new addictions with all new excitements and depressions to embrace.

but let's get back to big brother. when i say "hypocrisy + self righteousness wins", it's the truth. the friendship alliance that consisted of april, maggie, jennifer, ivette + beau, a power of five, moved through the house trash talking everyone, even themselves behind each other's backs. they proclaimed they were playing this game with integrity.

the fucking definition of integrity is the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards. each member of the friendship alliance proved to the live feeds that none of them could ever stand behind what the word integrity means. yet they continue to believe they played this game based on integrity and oh yeah...morals!

the friendship considered the other side of the house, the people who were against the "friendship", as "evil" and those playing without integrity. the american viewers, the people who make big brother a success, grew upset rather quickly with this friendship alliance. and they have ever right to be upset. we make the show, in my opinion. if there is no "us", there is no "big brother".

some of the reasons why this alliance pissed me off as a viewer is they repeatedly told me, the viewer, to go "fuck yourself" and that i am "full of shit". i guess those statements could be looked on as fair because i myself have made similar comments to the screen. here's the difference. i do not claim a life of integrity and self righteousness and then pass judgement on those who do not follow my lifestyle. the friendship alliance has passed judgement for 3 months and have never looked at themselves as the same as those they verbally attack.

but in the end we the viewers have to look at the "friendship" as what it's meant to be looked as in reality tv terms... it was a fucking alliance. and a damn good one at that. i blame everyone outside of the friendship alliance for allowing a POWER OF FIVE to push through the game to make it to the end. i can not remember another reality show where an OPEN alliance, the biggest in big brother history, PUSH their way through the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME! the house let this POWER OF FIVE make it to the end!

howie fucked up by putting up james and sarah. james fucked up by putting his hand on the bible and saying "i would put up rachel + howie". rachel fucked up by letting howie win HOH. kaysar fucked up by letting his finger go on the pressure cooker HOH game. ashlea fucked up by not opening up to rachel in the first 2 weeks. michael fucked up the game by touching women inappropiately in the house. sarah fucked up by selling out "howie, kaysar and janelle" as a power of 3 the week the friendship had HOH. they all fucked up. each person can not call anyone else a "dumbass" but they should each call themselves the big brother dumbasses.

there's only one more episode left. the jury now has to give the money to maggie or ivette. in the house, ivette and maggie are each telling each other "no, you deserve to win", "no, you deserve to win!". from what i saw the entire season, maggie deserves to win. she created the alliance, she played with her "friends" making them all do her dirty work and in the end, everyone still fucking respects maggie more than anyone else within the friendship alliance.

ivette should have told maggie at that final moment in tonight's episode that "maggie i can not play for you or the friendship. i have to play for myself and my family. I choose to evict you." with maggie in the jury, ivette would have won the entire game. but now ivette chose friendship and has lost the game. stupid bitch.

i kept saying maggie deserves to be in the final 2 because of what she did this season. ivette does not deserve to be in the final 2. she played an emotional game and has managed to tag along maggie to the final 2 spot. she had the choice to winning the grand prize or getting 2nd place. she fucking choose 2nd place.

right now in the house, ivette asks maggie "what do you think my family is saying". to which maggie says "they are so flipping excited right now. they are so excited!" um.. BULLSHIT MAGGIE. they are screaming at you and maybe hating you? maggie has used friendship tatics to make ivette take her to the final 2 spots. ivette, your family is upset with you because no one on the face of this big brother obessed planet believes you can win over maggie. you should have played for your family and took janelle to the final 2. yeah ivette's family can be proud that she made it the final 2 but they can do what families do best. throwing mistakes in their faces for the rest of their lives!

now i just have to wait an entire year for the next big brother to start. oh god, maggie just said to ivette on the live feeds "i think janelle is going back to the sequestor house to rally votes for you." umm.. BULLLSHHIITTT! well maybe not so bullshit. i'd love to see ivette win over maggie but that just may never happen.

i'm so sick of maggie. ivette has repeatedly said the entire 3 months... "evil always wins". for once i finally agree with ivette. evil will win this season.

the only thing that can make me happy with BIG BROTHER is to give us fans an ALLSTAR EDITION next summer. this sixth season of big brother is a lesson learned for all future reality contestants. if an OPEN ALLIANCE is moving through the house, destroy it. kill it. break it up. damn it. game fucking over man, game over!

big brother allstars: from season six, i would like to see janelle, kaysar, james + jennifer back. each because they each, at one point or another, turned the house upside down. now the gay reasons i want them back. i love reality bitches. i lust for james + kaysar to sit with roddy from big brother 3 and have shirtless late night chats! and i think janelle could be good for an allstar edition. she'd be the perfect gay accessory in the house! love her!

Posted by guytvblog at September 16, 2005 8:21 PM


I hear ya. What a dumb bitch. I hope when she gets ot of the house everyone who watched the show punch her in the face, including her family. How dare you, of all people "i need the money SOOO bad for my family, pull this shit and choose friendship over money for you family bitch. Who cares about maggie, chances are you will never see her again! UGH! This season has been a roller coaster like no other. but hey janie did get into playboy, won a trip, a new plasma TV, a boyfriend, and Americas heart so honestly Janie came out the victor here. And don't worry we'll see her next year on Big Brother All stars!! ;)

Posted by: bb6 fan at September 16, 2005 11:01 PM

i couldn not agree with you more. i am so tired of hearing ivette say she needs the money more and that's for her family and then hand the game over to maggie...janie is who won in my eyes

Posted by: christopher at September 17, 2005 10:36 AM

I really want Ivette to lose. I want her to know how stupid she is. It would've been a for sure win for her if she took Janelle. She handed Maggie the $500,000. Worst player in BB history. And when Janelle offered her to throw the game and she'll take her to the end, she went and told maggie right away. She's really stupid.

Posted by: ryan at September 17, 2005 10:23 PM

Janelle doesn't need 500K. She'll be making that a year, is she plays her cards right. She can write her own ticket at this point. She's beautiful and America obviously likes her.

Posted by: TeleChimp at September 18, 2005 5:06 AM

you're right telechimp. that's the only reasoning i could think ivette had in her head when she brought maggie to the final 2 with her. she must realize that janelle will have a profitable career and life outside the big brother house. maggie and ivette may never have a shot at money again. it's back to their day jobs after this. i just can't see maggie + ivette on tour talking about integrity and morals. bitches!

Posted by: Mr. GuyTVBlog at September 18, 2005 2:42 PM