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November 28, 2005

they say i look like...

[this is not an image of Mr. GuyTVBlog. this is a random image of an individual who looks like someone as seen on tv.]

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November 25, 2005

tlc . the workman

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November 23, 2005 Interview . The Trophy Boys

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Slavco, why is Ricardo a Trophy Boy?

SLAVCO: Because he has the looks, the personality and the attitude of what a real trophy boy needs to have. When we were filming "kept", he stood out among all the other contestants and was my only real competition.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Ricardo, why is Slavco a Trophy Boy?

RICARDO: Because he is comfortable in his own skin..when you are comfortable like that you ooze confidence. That is what attract successful people.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: We might as well discuss VH1's Kept. I will admit that I only watched the show because of Jason Fromer. He was so fucking dreamy and a body to lust for. Then once he got eliminated I continued to watch to make sure you two were eliminated from the contest. But then after you 2 left the show I found that I was no longer interested in the show. You 2 guys made the show quite interesting and I look forward to your next big ventures.

Are you happy with the portrayal of yourselves on VH1's Kept? What didn't we see that could have changed the public's view on Slavco & Ricardo?

SLAVCO: Just because the fact that Ricardo and I became friends we were also a big threat to the other guys and the truth is editing can do wonders, and the show needed drama and we figured that when you have looks and drama you have a hit show. It was our intention the way we handled it and it showed after we got eliminated when ratings dropped. Were happy the way they edited it because we knew what they wanted and we went along with it.

What the public didn't see was that we don't just have good looks but we are also well educated with many talents and above all we were the only real ones on the show and that our friendship was real and that the other guys were being fake with each other. In the long run we did win..we gained a friendship and many more adventures to come.

RICARDO: I had my worries from the beginning. Initially when I first watched the show I figured my acting career was done. They never gave me a chance to speak on camera. Never a chance to explain or defend myself. I was marked as the asshole.

What people dont see is I am really sensitive, compassionate, caring. I love animals and work in an animal hospital every day. I think the producers censored me too much even for cable TV. They would have to reload the camera after my interviews because I talked so much. They never showed that stuff. What makes good television and what is real are completely different.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: If you 2, for some unknown reason, were not cast in VH1's Kept, was there a "reality show plan B"? What other reality shows were you 2 interested in?

SLAVCO: Definitely shows like Big Brother, Survivor and Amazing Race because their both very competiie shows and very respected. if you play your cards right you can show the world your talents and your hot body :)

RICARDO: Fear Factor, Dog Eat Dog, Survivor, anything physical. I will never do another competitive reality show though. I honestly feel I am a target and a threat to the other contestants and the others will say hurtful things for the sake of good television. I didn't go to London for the intention of looking like an asshole. I thought I would be in a house with 15 cool guys. I had just buried my brother and went to Thailand to get away from it all and then went directly to London. I was already in a weird state. The last thing I needed was a bunch of haters.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: You 2 have recently started a blog, Trophy Boys. Now I could ask "Why did you start a blog" or "What do you expect to gain from this blog" but each question has far too simple answers. My question for you 2 is this What exactly are you hoping your readers will take away once they have read your blog entries?

SLAVCO: We keep getting so much fan mail and email that since we had such a big international fan base we thought why not have a blog to show the world and our fans what we are doing everyday and what our future plans and goals are. Cause come on, don't we seem like interesting guys to you?

People from all over the world can see what really goes on in Hollywood and we want to share it with them for free because we're not greedy.

RICARDO: The main purpose for starting the blog was to talk about our side of things. We wanted people to know who we really are. TV is just entertainment and its not real. The idea of Trophy Boys was brought to us by accident, we didn't go looking for it. We saw an opportunity for us to be able to communicate to a broad audience who really are interested and at the same time hopefully the blog would bring us more work. Our goal is to keep working.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Why are you 2 NOT sexually interested in guys? What is it about guys that sexually that turns you off? And don't try to turn this around and ask me why am I not sexually interested in ladies. This interview is about you 2.

SLAVCO: We appreciate beauty of all types but we really like women and enjoy the attention from both sexes. Its hard to find someone as good looking as we are. :)

RICARDO: I honestly dont see men in a romantic way. Its not chemically inside of me. I'm not saying that I would never be with a guy in the future, but I know I follow my instinct and my past experience is that there is nothing better than being with a woman. A woman's body is like a work of art, plus guys are hairy :)

Mr. GuyTVBlog: How did one meet the other one?

SLAVCO: I first met Ricardo in the hotel before we got introduced on the show. We were not able to meet prior to the casting. We just clicked from day one beacuase everyone was hating us and we stuck together. We were a big threat to them. We felt negativity coming from the producers, the staff and the contestants.

RICARDO: We met in London. They were trying to keep us all apart in the beginning but I saw him in the lobby and instantly knew he was on the show. I knew he would be my biggest competition. Minutes into taping, everyone turned on both of us. How cool is it to have your biggest threat now become your ally. We decided to join forces to get rid of the randoms.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Is this a business partnership or a friendship?

SLAVCO: In the beginning it was a friendship but then we came up with a few ideas including Trophy Boys and some television projects we are developing and even a skin care and hair product line. So everyone will benefit.

RICARDO: You have to really prove yourself to me to be my friend. I was in a situation where I was forced to trust him. We were being hated. Our friendship is now leading into lucrative business opportunities. And..its all because of the show

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Why are you 2 working together as a team rather than working separately?

SLAVCO: Because two are more powerful than one and the public either loved or hated the Ricardo Slavco team so how could you break that up.

RICARDO: We knew we made an impact on the show and trying to keep the momentum going we both found a niche together.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Will there ever be a time where Slavco & Ricardo are bashing each other?

SLAVCO: We have each others back. What we went through in London together with all the negativity, we had to trust in one another and if we survived that I doubt there would ever be any bashing.

RICARDO: Never. That's not our style. We are confident in our skin. We know what we've got.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: When you 2 are out and about enjoying the life of socialite fame and you post about it on Trophy Boys, I never seem to see or read the downside of tv fame.

Where are the stories where you guys are insulted and humiliated? I find it hard to believe that each and every night out is flawless and party perfect.

SLAVCO: The only negativity I get from people is that they think we are cocky mirror hogging assholes but when they see who we really are, they fall in love with us and they realize we worked that image to our advantage. Don't believe everything you see on tv..especially reality tv, Actually Hollywood has embraced us and invited us to award shows and premieres because of our characters.

RICARDO: You're right..its not perfect. You get your haters everywhere. When people tell me that I am an asshole, I say thank you. I then ask if they were a fan of the show. I end of twisting their thoughts and they end up admitting they were entertained by it all.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Tell us about some horrid nightlife moments and how you 2 deal with public bashing. Hey, if The Real World kids get shit while they are filming their seasons before the show even airs, I'm betting you 2 are getting a healthy does of unnecessary cruelness from the idiotic side of the tv viewing public.

SLAVCO: Believe it or not, people are actually more intrigued than disgusted with us and especially hanging celebs and respected show business people they have accepted us and like being around us.

RICARDO: In the beginning before people got to know us more we would wait in long lines to get in clubs. One night a really hot girl pulled up along us and rolled down her window while we were in line. We were flirting with her until she yelled out loudly that she thought we were assholes. The worst part used to be when door security thought we were dicks on the show and they wouldn't give us the time of day. Those days have changed for sure once they got to know us.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Let's dig a little in your beautified brains. I'm going to give you 3 topics each and then you each discuss your opinions, thoughts and/or personal issues with each selected topic next to your name.

Slavco, you have President Bush, Self Esteem & Racism.

SLAVCO: I honestly don't have an opinion of him, however I do know that we are in the new millennium and there are a lot of more negative things coming out of the White House in regards to equality and the war in Iraq.

You have to love yourself first befire loving someone else and if you are confident with yourself you will not have negativity towards others and the world will be a happier and peaceful place.

I have no racism..I love everyone. I think everyone should be treated equally.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Ricardo, you have Pet Adoption, Overweight Women & God.

RICARDO: Good idea. Especially with all of the homeless animals out there from the hurricanes.

Too many of them.

Its one thing to be spiritual. Its another thing to be religious. Its not about believing in God or Buddha, its about believing in an entity. Its healthy for us. It centers me, creates warmth in me. Makes me remember and brings me back. God is the missing link.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: What are your secrets to maintaining a well "kept" body? And none of this "eat right and workout" shit. Give us details on your workout routine and eating habits. And what kind of liquor or beer do you drink that helps keep your bodies from producing beer guts?

SLAVCO: My secrets can't be revealed because then everyone will have a hard hot body like me, just kidding, I would love to share all the tips I can provide so everyone can benefit and have a healthier hotter body. We'll I think keeping a well balanced diet is my secret. Eating the right carbs such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, lots of veggies, good fats such as olive oil, almonds, walnuts and lots of protein. All white meats are great for you and lean red meats. Try to stay away from soda's and high in sugar and salt products. Eat more meals but smaller throughout the day and drink lots of water.

Here is a little secret... make sure you eat your protein before your carbs first because your body breaks down protein faster then carbohydrates and speeds up your metabolism. It really is 60% of what you put in your body, remember you are what you eat;) 20% is your work outs and sleep is very important also. Try to work out 4 to 5 times a week for about hour and half each day and do cardio at least 3 times for 20 min and you might look like me :)

As for liquor, I like to drink but also moderation is the key, make sure to drink on your off days when you know you aren't going to work out the next day. Hang overs are a bitch when you are working out. My drink is Vodka Grey Goose preferred or Ketel One and club soda low in carbs and calories or a Bacardi and diet coke. My sugar/bitch drink is an Apple Martini. Not really a beer drinker but if I do drink beer it would be Amstel Light or Micholoeb ultra. And I enjoy a glass of red wine every other day, its good for the heart :)

RICARDO: Its really the genetics. You are either born with it or you aren't. I like drinking rum and diet coke... always sugar free.

Mr. GuyTVBlog: Final question. Who's life is better, Mine or Yours? Now there's a proper way to answer this question and a wrong way to answer this question. What are your answers Slavco & Ricardo?

SLAVCO: I really don't know how you are living your life but I do know that I'm having a great time doing what I love to do and that is just being myself. Just remember live your life to its fullest and never have any regrets. Treat people the way you would want to be treated.

RICARDO: My life is better. Why... because you are the one asking me the questions. Just being honest.

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November 9, 2005

the gauntlet 2 . 12.05.05

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