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January 29, 2006

Tough Enough 3 . Eric Markovcy 2

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January 27, 2006

Tough Enough 3 . Eric Markovcy

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January 25, 2006

Tom Welling . Episode "Shower"

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January 19, 2006

Tom Welling . Hard At Work

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January 17, 2006

Qox Populi . 01.17.06-01.23.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Weeds . Showtime's Weeds, winner of Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series - Musical Or Comedy awarded to Mary-Louise Parker, deserves proper attention from the media and now by me, Mr. I first wrote about the series some time ago and reacted to the show with spite and irritation due to the quirky aspects of the comedy series.

After watching the entire season I began to become overwhelmed with enjoyable moments & character performances from the show overshadowing the useless irritations that once turned me off the show. I bow to Mary-Louise Parker for her work and devotion to creating award winning performance art and I bow to Elizabeth Perkins' portrayal of human wit & giving us the definition of fearless female empowerment.

I still can not stand the child actors and currently wish they would be written off the show or replaced by those with talent. [Ouch Mr. GuyTVBlog, that's such a cunty comment! I know!] Be gone with the child actors. Be gone!

The show's opening number "Little Boxes" performed by Malvina Reynolds and the use of Rilo Kiley's "With Arms Outstretched" in episode one shows creative diversity in the music department. I'm also now a fan of The Be Good Tanyas for their song "Littlest Bird" featured in episode six. All songs can now be heard over at Weed's official music player found on their official website.

2nd season for Weeds is now in production & the show should have won Best TV Series - Musical or Comedy last night at the Golden Globes. Damn those beautiful Housewives [minus Nicollette Sheridan] !

Golden Quote . On Monday's telecast of the 63rd Annual Golden Globes Awards, Brokeback Mountain's nomination reel was presented by actor Dennis Quaid who read the monitor or maybe memorized lines about the film's plot but then added...

The quote quickly got a very mixed reaction. A few people clapping and laughing but a joke that ended up being not so friendly to those involved with Brokeback Mountain. Actor Heath Ledger gave a closed mouth "hmmm" and actress Michelle Williams gave a cold stare to the man on the stage.

I believe this is indeed an actual insult to the film itself. Mr. Quaid, please go properly fuck yourself or at least the "writer" of that quote.

AdrianneBoy . Well it turns out I've got some dish to report regarding Adrianne Curry & Tyra's different ideals to model life. In a recent interview with E! news, Adrianne tells us that out of all the winners from the reality show, America's Next Top Model, Tyra would like to most forget about her. She goes on to tell us that Tyra is "really mean". When the cameras are on, Tyra is the nicest person in the world but when the camera's off, "she's Naomi Campbell in your face".

Oh shit ladies, she ain't done yet. Adrianne also says that Tyra's breasts are not... REAL! She also said that Tyra once said that a true supermodel would never pose for Playboy. Hmmm, it turns out the reason why E! news is talking with Adrianne is because she's on the cover of Playboy's February issue.

When Adrianne was asked what she thinks Tyra would say about her risque cover, "this is not classy and blah blah blah." Well put Curry, well put.

Oscar turns 78 . On Tuesday January 31st 2006, the official nominations are announced. Brokeback Mountain & Crash deserve the most attention but anything could happen this year. Until that Tuesday arrives, here are the official posters for this year's telecast. My jaw dropped at this year's design. Beautifully photographed images turned into larger than life poster art. They are both currently on sale over at Very vintage!

Oscar Goes Gay . In Thursday's episode of NBC's The Office, Oscar [played by Oscar Nunez] called in sick to which Dwight spent the entire episode trying to bust Oscar's "sick" lie. Near the end of the episode, Dwight, who was parked in front of Oscar's house, caught Oscar pulling in from a day of shopping. Another man got out of the passenger seat and was helping Oscar with the designer bags. Oscar's Gay!!! He's got a caucasian lover and Dwight never really caught onto Oscar's secret from the whole Office. If you're looking to see this unfold in a future repeat, look for the episode entitled "The Secret".

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January 16, 2006

Big Brother 5 . Drew Daniel

I remember Drew. Don't you? What's he up to now? Does he still look as tv handsome has he has his entire life? And did you know that he and his brother, at a much younger age, did some video... not that kind of video! When you're watching the WB's [soon to be cancelled] Twins show they do this video segment thing between scenes where they show video clips of twins looking into the camera. Drew & his brother are in one of those clips standing with 2 other girl twins.

Gee golly, Drew is just so fucking dreamy. Cum back for Big Brother All Stars. Please. And leave the shirts at home.

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January 15, 2006

Tom Welling . Flaws And All

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