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March 31, 2006

Tom Welling . Conversationalist

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March 29, 2006

MTV's Guantlet 2 . Why I Hated This Show

I've been a fan of MTV's Real World & Road Rules since the beginning of TV time but this most recent season of The Challenege: Gauntlet 2 ended up being as much of a waste of time as it was watching Danny & Melinda fall in love in Austin.

Quitters: Why does everyone have the option to quit? The producers need to put it out there and make it known that if a player quits [thus leaving] at any point during the challenge, the entire team loses money from their growing pot... or from the grand prize total at the end. How about a 5,000 dollar penalty? These players will forever be remembered as quitting a particular season because it cost the remaining players their next payment [on their used car]. Quitters are reason number 1.

Kina, Kina, Kina: This season's mega bitch was Kina from the Rookies team. Her apparent dislike for team member Cara was obsessively humurous to watch play out week after week. The unneeded disrespect even continued through to the cast reunion! I will say Cara is a trooper when it comes to cat fights and rabid bitches mouthing off because every time when Kina verbally attackes Cara [on camera], Cara just lets Kina unleash thus making Kina look like a complete fool. Cara even continued this wonderful tactic at the cast reunion show where Kina continued to verbally insult Cara but if you noticed, no one from the cast joined in [on camera] to back up Kina's statements and no one from the audience applauded Kina's useless efforts to discredit Cara.

Kina was a riot to watch as she somewhat damamged herself publicly for those fans of these types of programs. I'm so on team Cara [if one exists] and could give 2 shits about Kina on her next challenge and welcome the future episode when it's Kina's time to pack up and leave the challenge. Kina is reason number 2, 3 and 4 why I hated this season. You know, I'm betting when Cara is chattin' with all those other Playboy models, they taught her how to silently win against vindictive, jealous bitches who feel the need to insult these beautiful women to better themselves. Yeah, I'm talking about you Queen Bitch Kina.

Grand Loss: It's funny because I didn't want the Rookies to win [mostly because of Kina] but after they did I realized that each only gets less than 26,000 bucks and this is not including how much the government takes off after taxes. What a waste of a season grand prize but I understand the reasoning behind it.

If these cast members rip through this money, and most of them will, they will need more money for whatever future endeavors they seek to pursue... so they most likely will come back for another challenge to get more money. I'd rather invest in a challenge where there is only one winner from each side. A challenge that has each team fighting for the last spot and fight the last person on the other team to win an actual GRAND PRIZE of 200 and something thousands dollars. This outcome was reason number 5. [Derrick never making the finale Guantlet was actually the biggest grand loss but oh well, he'll come back for the next challenge, shirtless and drunk as expected. Yeah!]

Friendship Alliances: I'm so sick of alliances on reality tv programs. Yes I understand that for some it's the only way to stay "alive" on a challenge but don't point fingers at someone trying to start an alliance when you've already got one going that consists of your friends and fuck buddies. LANDON. KINA. I mean for those 2 to direct complete attention on one alliance off of their own was in fact brilliant.

Most fans of these shows don't realize that a large majority of these cast members see each other in Los Angeles and party and spend much of their time together during their off challenge seasons creating damaged relationships and drunken friendships. So when MTV starts calling them up for a show, some do talk and try to make sure they are there in the end for the grand prize. Newbies from newer seasons of both The Real World and Road Rules most likely don't have a chance. The hidden friendship alliance is reason number 6.

Danny's Inability To Return An Email: I been trying to contact Danny, the gay one, from this current season for a blog interview because he feels like the show protrayed a different side of him and that he says he's really not like the person as seen on tv. I just wanted to ask him questions about the show and his everyday life. But he has yet to respond to me.

I also noticed that his MySpace profile has been updated repeatedly since I sent him 2 email inquiries. Lately he's added an image where he boasts that he's "best friends" with Kina... yuck. So his inability to return an email is reason number 7.

But I did find this great YouTube video on his profile that I thought many would enjoy. TV is just so fun.

Alton's Bullshit: I mean every time he chose someone to go into the Guantlet he never gave them an honest answer as to why they were going in. Basically he should have said that he's not best friends with them, that he's looking out for other people [meaning not you because you're not important enough to keep around] in the end and that sorry man, you should have made a friendship alliance because you're going into the guantlet and more than likely going home. Buh Bye.

My stomach turned every time Alton came up with more bullshit reasons as to why Jeremy was going into the Gauntlet or why Adam was sent into the Gauntlet. They all knew the real reasons but Alton was too much of a pussy to just say what it was really going on. Alton's bullshit Gauntlet speeches are reason number 8. I can't wait for someone to give him a bullshit reason as to why they're sending him home in a future challenge.

What The Hell Happened To Jisela & Katie: During their past seasons on either Road Rules or the challenges, these 2 girls were over powering cast members and did wonderfully memorable antics to capture tv audiences worldwide. This season Jisela basically quit and was quiet [on camera], had no fights and just basically became normal... just like the rest of us. I don't want to watch normal people! I want to fucking watch Real World & Road Rules personalities!

And Katie, what the fuck, she just sat back and kept quiet. Well she wsan't exactly quiet because most of the time she was wasted off her smokin' ass. Somehow she made it to the end without having a single fight or drama filled moment, I just don't know what happened to her.

I remember Katie and Veronica making the first Inferno challenge amazing with their epic cat fight and I remember Jisela confronting that road rules married couple about their alliance during that one season where that one road ruler brought her baby... fuck.. what's the name of that season [oh yes Battle of the Seasons]... anyways she was so explosive with her confrontation "Do you or do you not have an alliance- That's It!" She was emotionally pissed off and was so angry someone left earlier in the show.

These were just simple moments that led to great MTV reality memories. Jisela and Katie pulling back their crazy antics and growing up normal is reason number 9 and 10.

Fuck this season. Gooo Team Cara!

Now I can't wait for the next challenge! I hear Coral returns and she gets into it with Melinda from the Austin season... and I can't wait to see Danny and his Ben Affleck ego explode to the next level while Coral verbally breaks down Melinda. And there's also the epic return of Trishelle.

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March 28, 2006

Lost . Matthew Fox

image courtesy of ABC and

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March 27, 2006

Lost . Daniel Dae Kim

image courtesy of ABC and

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March 25, 2006

The Next Undiscovered Reality Star

The "Stud Ranch" guy seems quiet, reserved & timid. Yeah there's beer all over the place but it seems everyone around "Stud Ranch" is having the fun while he glances towards the camera. Has he recently come out? Or maybe he's just had far too much beer packed away in his well hidden 6 pack that he can hardly focus his attention on the viewing audience. Poor thing can't even lift a cup."Stud Ranch" is the next break out reality star, someone get to him and cast him as the token gay cast member! MTV's Road Rules anyone?

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March 24, 2006

Tom Welling . Supplication Call

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March 23, 2006

The Amazingly Real TV Stereotype Shirt

In a recent trip to I encounter the very sexy web ad as pictured above and it got me wondering off topic... Does MySpace know I'm gay because this ad was so fucking eye catching. Anyways, I figured many of you would like this web feature that allows you and your favorite reality star to make their own personalized clothing. I went ahead and created a few of my own designs below for anyone of interest. Go have web fun now at!

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March 22, 2006

John Gotti . Figlio Bello

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March 21, 2006

Qox Populi . 03.21.06-03.27.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Gay Central . Apparently Comedy Central has picked up a new series that is based on the Adam Sandler's comedy album "Shhh... Don't Tell". The show is named after the cd's fourth track "Gay Robot" where a gay robot crashes some straight guys watching a football game. I've actually never heard of the track or the album since I'm not the biggest fan of comedy albums but this one is hilarious.

Below is a sneak peek at the style of the show as well as the new gay robot's design. You can also check out Gay Robot's official MySpace profile under the same name where he tells us his his body type is "Abs of steel…literally (LOL)", his heroes are listed as "C3PO, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dame Judy Dench" and his interests are as follows "Football, basketball, high fiving, gang bangs". Hearing the track for the first time on the MySpace profile has my laughing so hard I can hardly type. If you are unable to hear it [at work] then read the lyrics.

In a press release Comedy Central states "Nick Swardson, who first brought the character to life on "Shhh? Don't Tell," reprises his role as the voice of Gay Robot, a robot created by a university professor that, after an unfortunate incident involving a wine cooler and his circuit boards, discovers he is gay.

The pilot focuses on his fraternity brothers learning that robots do, in fact, have emotions which leads to a failed attempt to build Gay Robot a "date" for the homecoming dance and his subsequent turn to online dating to fill the void. Gay Robot is produced by Sony Pictures Television in conjunction with Happy Madison. The show will be written by Nick Swardson and Tom Gianas and star Swardson as the voice of Gay Robot. Executive producers for the pilot are Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo, Doug Robinson, Swardson and Gianas."

I can't wait for this FCC nightmare to hit the airwaves. God Bless Adam Sandler &

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today we have an Old Navy Vintage Ad featuring Josh Holloway from ABC's Lost! He plays the "skys are blue" guy. Retro TV fun!

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March 20, 2006

The Next Undiscovered Reality Star

Starting today a new series of posts will begin to pop up on entitled "The Next Undiscovered Reality Star". In each post an average joe and/or jane will be featured showing their real personality captured in one photograph. Maybe one day we'll see this person(s) on a future realty show. I'd like to think I can pick a damn good personality...

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March 19, 2006

Reason To Watch . College Hill 3

Well I've recently told you guys & gals to start getting your weekly fix of BET's College Hill [Thursdays] but if you missed it, check out Qox Populi . 03.07.06-03.13.06

This post mostly gives my readers a more visual peek into the cast and the show's highly enjoyable opening credits. The show even has a MySpace profile under the tag BET College Hill where we find cast member's profiles: Audrina, Ray & Will aka Da Grish [ahhh I fucking hate MySpace profiles, the damn songs and ugly graphics... *shaking fist in the air* Damnnn you MySpace!].

And as I keep stating, BET is horrible when it comes to airing mini marathons of College Hill 3. This is why MTV's The Real World is always a success. People catch the repeats and are addicted to the mini marathons on the network. Make room on your network for College Hill 3 mini marathons for new viewers to catch up on everything that has happened.

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March 18, 2006

John Gotti . Close Enough To Kiss

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March 16, 2006

Tom Welling . Quixotic Life

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March 14, 2006

Qox Populi . 03.14.06-03.20.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Model Behavior . MTV's newest reality train wreck show is 8th and Ocean. After watching the first episode I felt the show lacked... well it lacked that "thing" that viewers look for in a show that they can relate to and connect with. I couldn't find a damn "thing" to connect myself with the show except for my love for this show's villain, Vinci. He's borderline idiocy when it comes to business sense and has an ego the size of the world. Yes he's gorgeous but he's only gorgeous because idiots like you and me create this pedestal for him to look good on.

The rest of the cast is quite the bore but Vinci remains the only reason I keep watching each week. In this last episode he missed 2 casting calls and got an employee at his modeling agency on her last nerve because he wouldn't call in at the time she requested because he's a model and that's all he has to do early in the morning. She called him to yell at him and he hung up on her. He then got up in his tiny undies and closed the door on the camera. THE MODEL DRAMA!

He was called into the boss' office and used meaningless words to try to get himself out of the situation. He left as we the audience find out he's a "six figure model" and could easily find another agency. As the episode ended, he appeared in a tiny, useless fashion show where he won an "Icon Models of the Week" [so fuckin' rigged] award. We're also told to go to MTV Overdrive, the useful and useless broadband online channel, to find out from Vinci why he's "number one".

The show also has a highly addictive theme song from "The Afters" called Beautiful Love. Check out the music video in windows media format. Don't ask me about getting an unlegal mp3 of it.

Surreal Episode . Watch the first full episode of The Surreal Life 6.

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today we have a video/foto documented trip of a gay couple while visiting Key West because I'm in a MTV kinda state of mind after watching a night of Real World: Key West & 8th and Ocean. And the 2nd video features the promo spot of new season of the The L Word. I couldn't believe they killed off Dana, I'm so sad. Fucking one of the best shows on television.

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March 13, 2006

GuyTVBlog Ad . Cleaning Hunk

Cleaning Hunk . Official Website

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March 12, 2006

Derrick Kosinski . Guantlet 2's Bulldog

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March 11, 2006

RetroTV . The Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Oh my gosh... The Adventures of the Gummi Bears brings back so many fond memories. Thinking about them almost brings a tear to my eye. I remember this show being my first television series that I can felt was my dramatic show with plot storylines, jaw dropping appearances, character development, emotional attachments, you know, all the good stuff that makes a fan make a show "appointment" tv.

Years back I rediscovered the series again as it aired on Toon Disney and I started re-watching the television series [and to note this was way before Tivo so I had to set my VCR to record the episodes while I was at work, that's how retro it was]. Everything was almost fresh and new. Plot lines and furry fuckers once again meant something to me.

I even remember waiting for the final episode to re-air. This show was one of the first Disney cartoon series to ever be given a series finale. A finale that would hopefully reveal the Gummi Bears final quest, to get to New Gumbrea, but alas it did not. New Gumbrea was a place where all the ancient gummi bears fled to when humans drove them out and these featured "lost" gummi bears we saw everyday were always trying to get home. You know, kinda like the ABC show Lost.

Tummi, the biggest & fattest gummi, was always my most favorite bear of them all. I even thought Gruffi, the hardcore asshole bear, to be one of my first boyhood, and very very innocent, tv crushes. He was strong, gruff and an older man!. Some seemed to like Gusto, the bear with a taste for art, because he was younger and leaner. I'll always do anything for Gruffi.

King Gregor in the show was also hot. Towering and boasting large muscles with a greyish beard was so tv cartoon hot. OH and don't get me started on Duke Igthorn, the villain of the series. I bet he liked to fuck his women dirty style and rough... he was almost built like the King but with dark hair with giant muscled pecs pushing through his clothing. Ahhh, to see a truly naughter image of King Gregor and Duke Igthorn in a royal bedroom in a heated sexual moment would just be my biggest Disney wish [for today at least]. And for some reason, the King's daughter Princess Calla pissed me off. That bitch.

I also found some great mp3's of the show's theme over at The one mp3 that made me laugh with gayish glee is the acapella version sung by the Brown University Derbies, every time that song ends I laugh outloud. FUCK I love this show.

And thanks to the New Gumbrea site, we find these amazing photos of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck showing up in the series! Catch the photos over in the Oddities section before they're gone. [Don't worry, if the link is broken I'm sure I'll have them somewhere on my PC].

In total there are 65 episodes and still no plans to officially release them on DVD. Well there are some companies who are asking way to much for their own DVD produced rip offs but I'll wait like a good boy for the news to break that Gummi Bears is getting released on DVD. At least this month, Justice League: Season 1 & The Super Mario Bros. Super Show both get officially released on DVD! Yeah for something.

The Great Site of Gummi . Fan Website
The Adventures of the Gummi Bears . Wikipedia

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March 10, 2006

Tough Enough 3 . John Hennigan 2

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March 9, 2006

Tom Welling . Close Enough To Kiss

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March 7, 2006

Qox Populi . 03.07.06-03.13.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

The Real Hill: College World . BET has already started airing the 3rd season of the [I guess] popular reality series that follows the lives of college students learning how to live, party and learn in a white world. The show is a direct clone of MTV's The Real World and for 2 seasons I had no idea the show existed. Well okay, maybe I did know the show existed but I really didn't pay any attention to it.

Now... I'M FUCKIN' HOOKED! Did MTV Real World employees quit to work on this show because we have a brillant & flawless clone with a few twists. The cast is prominently black with one caucasian male and one puerto rican female being the minority, the cast is made of 8 roomies who all attend Virginia State University so they all have met one another at some point meaning the stranger dynamic is gone and their length of stay in the reality house is about 3 months.

As for the house, it has no pool, hardly any local art on the walls and has doors where curtains should be. The house does have a pool table, an above ground hot tub and some non art crap all over the walls. Check below for a guided video house tour by College Hill's gay roomie, Ray.

Now College Hill does follow at least one format that mirrors MTV's The Real World, the casting department selected one gay cast member this season thus making him the 3rd minority member of the house. Ray, supposely the college gossip queen, is pudgy and huggable. In his bio he lists with an exclamation mark that he's HIV-negative, tells us his llongest relationship was only a month, he writes that he strives "To be a known personality on TV" and lists Foster Hall as a good place to hook up. Anyone unaware in Virginia State U, you heard it here so go hook up.

The hottest castmember is the very straight Rodney, who in the premiere episode drops his boxers in the hot tub. His beautiful body is gifted with ink on muscle and his bubble butt is why men fight wars. As for Will, the "vanilla ice of the house", well he's just pudgy in all the wrong places but has a body that is built to play football.

Let's get back to the hot tub in episode one. This scene rivals any hot tub scene in any season of the Real World. Will got a lap dance, a straight girl kisses the gay boy muttering these reality award winning words "So what he's gay, at least he's not licking no buttcracks, I'll be alright", later Rodney's dick is fondled under the water to measure its size, Will sucked off some roomies' yucky toes and Bianca [the puerto rican fugly] is revealed to be the silent vixen in the house.

The other major difference with College Hill is the series follows active college students attempting to balance a personal life as they attend college. MTV's The Real World follows 18-24 year old's getting rad jobs that never really help the cast members in life once the show is done.

For those now very curious to catch all the College Hill drama, tune in this Thursday at 7pm where the hour premiere repeats along with a whole new episode where Bianca explodes as the star of this season. I can almost hear the directors telling the camera crew to only follow Bianca!

I'd rather see Bianca on The Real World: Detroit. Remember, catch College Hill 3 on Thursdays nights. BET sucks when it comes to airing mini marathon repeats. Best to set your tivo's.

College Hill 3 . Official Website
Urban Mecca . College Hill 3

American Bore . Four more people left. God is almighty. 12 people are now competing for your votes. The show's just boring for me now. Enough of my thoughts of this. It's time to focus on more important, life changing shows such as The Real World: Key West.

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today we have a dollar store style video featuring the American Idol Cowboy who never made to week 2 of Hollywood Week. He was built by God himself and deserved more time on the tele. Where is he now? God damn I want him so bad. Enjoy his audition performance below.

Update: I've had to remove the American Idol dollar store style video featuring that hot as fuck eliminated cowboy. I guess the American Idol suits wants to be an ass to anyone who posts crappy video of their crappy show. This also explains why all those American Idol videos on have vanished. Some "suit" is trying to protect Idol's dignity. Fuckin' Good Luck!

Also, if you haven't been watching VH1's Flavor of Love, then you're missing out on high quality reality TV-tainment. Just watch the clip below. A huge marathon airs this Sunday leading up to the big finale. I already believe "New York" will win because I see VH1 approaching the best reality star on VH1 since China Doll, Mrs. New York, to be paired with Mr. Flava as the cameras follow their first year together. I believe another series following Hoopz & Flav would be rather boring. Go New York!

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March 6, 2006

Tony Awards 1982 . DreamGirls Live Performance

In a rare find on comes the tele performance of DreamGirls' Jennifer Holliday, Sheryl Lee Ralph & Loretta Devine belting "It's All Over" and "And I'm Telling You (I'm Not Going)". Thank you room317!

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March 5, 2006

The 78th Academy Awards . Oscar's Crash

These are Mr. GuyTVBlog's official Oscar picks for tonight's 78th Annual Academy Awards. Tune in to ABC to see who walks away with the Gold! I'll discuss the show later tonight.

After The Show: And so, as I predicted, Crash took home the Oscar for Best Picture while Brokeback Mountain's Ang Lee won for Directing. This is how it was meant to be according to Mr. Oscar. Most seem to still not know this but I'm gay but also Hispanic, therefore I could very easily relate to both films.

I wanted Ang Lee to win for Best Director because he was able to take the story about the power of love to a whole new theatrical level. A film that today's society is still trying to comphrend and associate into their daily lives. The film doesn't need an Oscar for Best Picture to make it matter because Brokeback Mountain has become monumental on its own.

In my own Oscar viewing mini party I waited with my hands over my mouth for Jack to announce this year's Best Picture winner. When he said Crash I jumped and slammed my hands down on the coffee table. Hearing that was worth the 3 hours and 27 minutes I invested in that show.

Now this film may or may not honestly represent racism to you because we each have experienced racial prejudice in our own different ways. The film truthfully represents a society still in fear of change. I've actually had it a bit "easy" in my up bringing but I have to report that I have experienced racism's ugly realism. I now live in a suburban neighborhood where racism is less visible and more behind closed doors. That's just my story.

If there are 2 films that should be viewed for the self education era, it's Brokeback Mountain & Crash. I applaud them both. And for gay blogs as well as the gay community to be outraged that the "gay" film didn't win is just ridiculous because who are we, the gay community, to tell anyone whether the story of sexuality should be award over the story of racism. I'm just pleased the Academy nominated countless films with meaning & relatable messages that can change the way we live in today's world.

As for the rest of the awards, Every actor in the male lead category was nominated for wonderful reasons, I bow to Capote's Philip Seymour Hoffman and his somewhat emotional win. Everyone and their mother's uncle knew Reese would win. But I must ask, did she win based on her performance in Walk the Line... or did she win because of her popularity among the hollywood elite?

George Clooney was bound to win at least one of the awards he was nominated for and he did. Of course he'll keep saying he doesn't deserve it and keep talking pretty low of himself so we can shout louder to our friends "he deserves it, he's so fucking humble". Best Supporting Actress moment was a snoozer, no upset there. Still wishing Jake had won but at least he won a BAFTA.

I was shocked at how many times Memoirs of a Geisha won, I kinda want to see it now. I mean like tomorrow, I actually checked to see what theatres were still running it! As for the Score category, I really felt Munich would win the gold but Brokeback Mountain ended up taking the prize home.

I was also shocked to see Crash win Original Screenplay because I thought it had absolutely no chance against Clooney and that other guy. I was wrong. When the screenplay awards were handed out, I knew my 2 top prize predictions were going to be dead on!

I'm not even going to comment on the winner's of Best Song. But I will say the performance of Crash's In the Deep was amazing in high definition. I honestly thought Dolly would take home the Oscar but I had no idea Hustle & Flow would win it. No idea. But who am I to say these guys do not deserve an Oscar, I don't deserve an Oscar... not yet at least.

Regarding the show itself, I'm very happy they didn't pull the bullshit move of telling who in Hollywood is good enough to accept awards on stage. Remember when they pulled the stunt of giving awards in the aisles of the theatre? I was pissed because they are basically telling certain people that their dream of accepting an Oscar on stage just isn't going to happen. Worse move that I can remember in the show's previous years of telecasts. At least they corrected that fucked up move this year.

And what was up with the music playing under each winner's acceptance speech? It seems the music was only there to rush the winner's choice of words because when one hear's music while on stage, they know their time is almost up. It was just a physiological thing. And it worked.

What else?

Good Night... and Good Luck.

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March 4, 2006

Tough Enough 3 . John Hennigan

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March 2, 2006

Reason To Watch . Real Amazing Panama Apprentice

Reason To Watch: The Boardroom Antics & the kiss ass behaviour that occurs when the applicants interact with "The Donald".

Reason To Walk Away: When Donald gives his business advice, it's so simplistic and just common sense. I mean really, is Donald really going to give you actual advice or bullshit found in every damn book at your local bookstore.

Season Spoiler: Lee & Dan kiss while working alone in Task #6.

Footage That Never Aired: Donald fucking up his scripted lines. Over and over and over again.

Reason To Watch: The elimination at the end of each episode! The way they edit the last 2 teams both arriving to the elimination mat as if the other has a chance to beat the other and then watching the camera angle in suspense as any team could come around the fucking corner. It's amazing TV! And I actually shed a tear when a team talks about how much they love each other.

Reason To Walk Away: When the commercials kick in. And when every team makes an ass of themselves when they attempt to describe their "cultural experiences" because they always end up making fun of the country... indirectly.

Season Spoiler: Jeremy & Eric both get sucked off during the race.

Footage That Never Aired: Lake telling Michelle that he'd like to "swing" with Ray & Yolanda. Right, who would of thought that Lake was into black men?

Reason To Watch: Paula taking away every episode storyline arc from Svetlana's dramatic weekly antics. John attempting to talk about sex with Tyler. And Zack getting treated like shit every episode from the oh so sexy "Slutlana".

Reason To Walk Away: When Jose becomes the center of attention. When John hooks up. When Janelle talks about the struggles of being black while living in a white world.

Update: Because of these comments listed above, I'm labeled indirectly "a racist" by Noah, I defend my comments quite nicely so everyone stopping by should read the comments below for my explanation against his vicious accusation. And to mutter the holy TV words from Project Runway, "Carry On".

Season Spoiler: Tyler walking around naked in front of Zack & John as he attempts to "turn" them in Key West.

Footage That Never Aired: Tyler masturbating with John & Zack's "missing" underwear.

Reason To Watch: Aras' lovable smile. Nick's shorts almost dropping off his v-shaped torso. Cirie making it another week with dead on punch line after punch line. Zing!

Reason To Walk Away: Watching Terry pulling a Tom Westman [Survivor Palau] and surviving week after week. And because no one brought up this brilliant plan to vote out Terry last week! We all know Dan is weak because he's "old" compared to the youngsters on the isle. No one knows they can't win against either in the final 2. So here's the plan.

You know Terry went to Exile Island with a possibility of finding the immunity idol... so you get everyone to cast a vote against Terry and get Terry & Dan to vote out Ruth Marie, thus forcing Terry to use the immunity idol because they assume he has it, worse case scenerio, Terry uses it and no longer has it for next week and Ruth Marie goes home. Flawless plan. It was never executed. FUUCCKCK!

Season Spoiler: Nick begins to play with intellect... and then- shhhh! [looking around with paranoia] Nick starts talking! Also, Aras plays the nice role far too well that people aren't afraid to write his name down at various tribal counsels. Never, ever play the nice role, cause the ruthless won't give a shit when you leave the million dollar prize to them.

Footage That Never Aired: Jeff Probst talking about Julie when no one brings her up. Dan and Terry talking about life issues and today's youth. Shane rehearsing his crazy antics for the day.

Reason To Watch: Queen Brenna taking the villian role to a whole new level. Listening to Simon Cowell's ego shattering comments. Watching Ryan's attempt to deflect gay rumors onto Simon.

Reason To Walk Away: When Paula talks. Anytime when Randy brings up dog related references. When Ryan touches the girls. When Taylor Hicks sings and steals Ray Charles' likeness.

Season Spoiler: Paris wins the whole damn thing. I've time travelled to the future, I know everything that happens. God wins... through Paris.

Also, Ryan finally collapses on live television because he works too hard and is semen deprived.

Footage That Never Aired: Ryan chatting with Ace and always getting just a little too close. Simon adjusting his man boobs.

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