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April 30, 2006

Big Brother Velky Bratr . Filip 2

Watch for Filip's big big big big big big big bulge [at exactly :46 seconds into the video] while he walks away from his bed. Oh I bet he's a big boi. Yum.

Update: According to recent comments, it turns out Filip actually is a porn star... before he went into the house! I found a whack off video and can not post it due to the x rated nature of it. [And no, I won't send you the video or tell you where I got it, so please don't ask] I'm still shocked. And yes guys and gals, he is packin some big meat...

I also hear that he came out on his season of Big Brother telling everyone he was a gay porn star and then the public voted him out but somehow he got voted back into the house and said until the finale. Wow. Just Wow. [Hey! it's exciting news to me!]

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April 29, 2006

Kellie Pickler . April 25th Song

images courtesy of Rickey & American Idol... and Fox

Well first I'd like to congratulate for reaching 3 million hits! Wow. [Give me some of that- wait, might explode if he links me up]

After forcing myself to watch American Idol this week I caught only one performance [at random] and it was Kellie Pickler's version of Unchained Melody. I love how she hit that high note while chatting with that blind guy and that record producer and I was hoping she would hit it beautifully during the live performance.

Well I can honestly admit that I'm not the greatest expert when it comes to singing talents but I didn't mind her performance of the song. Yeah it wasn't award winning but it was horrifically lovable. Especially the "oh I need... your love... I need... I need your love" part near the end.

I still remember her song she sang at the auditions some months ago. Now that was an amateur performance that gave me chills. Anyways, check for the mp3 version of Kellie's song. I'm listening to it as I type. I adore her.

Off topic, I can't stand Taylor Hicks! Down with Taylor Hicks. Mutha Stevie Wonder copycat fucker thinks he's untouchable. Yeah he'll make it the final 2 but he won't win. Katharine McPhee's breasts will win. That grey haired Idiot. I want his voice to crack next week, please let it crack! [shaking fist in the air] I pray for his demise. DOWN WITH TAYLOR HICKS!

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Big Brother Velky Bratr . Filip

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A very mature and 18 & over website wrote about Yeah, thus meaning my audience various from sex to sex and can be related to anyone who's into guys. I have chosen not to post the link due to some of web fans being under the age of 18 so above is a tilt your head kind of picture of the post regarding my site. Enjoy. Thanks FB!

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April 28, 2006

Tom Welling . Name The Color Of His Eyes

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April 26, 2006

TeeVee Crush . Scott Cunha

Blow Out 3 . Scott Cunha

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TV Guise . Reno 911 Cop

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April 25, 2006

Qox Populi . 04.25.06-05.01.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Jasper the Bride . This Sunday, FOX's Family Guy brings us an episode that could either offend the fuck out the gay community or help us in the right queer path into equality in America. The episode is entitled "You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives" with details that say "Brian's gay cousin Jasper arrives for a visit and announces that he's marrying his boyfriend, and Brian offers them the use of the Griffin's house for the wedding." The episode airs April 30th after an all new Simpsons and that other crappy show just before Family Guy.

Let's remember previous gay related Family Guy moments. Like the one where Peter dresses up as a whore on the street and is picked up by Lois and the kids. That was funny. Another is when Peter has a flashback moment where Seame Street's Burt leaves Ernie in bed after a fight. And who can't forget about the classic Luke Perry episode where Peter replaces Meg's paper announcing Luke Perry is gay. And then at the end we find out Luke really is gay because he's sleeping with the Mayor.

I even posted a YouTube video featuring a guy who parodied that classic moment where Peter rubbed ice on his nipples to attract Luke Perry. Here's the link: Family Guy Parody: Luke Perry

Now if you've ever wondered if that Family Guy's character Quagmire ever looked like someone you've seen before... then fear not. You maybe have. Take a look below at the rare clip of some guy singing. If you can, skip to the ending to watch the singer dance and shake his head like the real Quagmire. Funny stuff. YouTube video: The Real Quagmire?

One thing about Family Guy that I still have no fucking idea why it happens, well, I'm talking about when the entire family [as well as the creators of the show] are completely against Meg and everything that she is or stands for. They tear her down every episode and treat her like useless shit. I mean it's funny but come on, one has to wonder if the show's creator hates his own sister. Does he even have a sister?

Whatevermaid . NBC's Passions just revealed that a fucking MERMAID rescued the new Miguel after he dramatically fell into the ocean. Now he can't stop thinking about her and will then forever be under some mermaid's love spell. The fucking drama of it all.

Update! Miguel sleeps with Kay this week! On the beach! Thus meaning more shirtless Miguel all week long! Yeah for me!

Fully Clothed . No, you random pervert who googled "Janelle Naked From Real World", you won't find her naked here on! Why do people feel the need to see reality stars completely naked? Well I can understand why we want to see reality guys naked... but girls? Yuck!

Dino's Words . Big Brother Australia's Dino has recenlty made a comment regarding homosexuality... I'm assuming in Australia. He says homosexuals are "sometimes a bit out there". I'm not sure whether to take that to offense or not.

In other BBA news, the housemates have already ranked up 120,000 dollars worth of fines. Everything from talking without a microphone to talking in another lanuage, these producers are not kidding when they worn the HM's that if you fuck up, money is taken off the prize money. This is FUCKING crazy! At this rate these HM's ranked up about 43,000 dollars in fines a day. If they last 100 days in the house, that's 4.3 million dollars. They'll owe money by the time the fucking show is over. How stupid is that?

I believe last year's winner, Greg Logan won AU$836,000 bucks! Some blokes just know how to behave...

And so there is a gay housemate in this year's cast. It's David, as I figured. QueerPlanet has an article regarding what they call a "gay twist". Why does a gay man in Australia have to be a twist? Finally for those interested, QueerPlanet has put together a report on everything twisted about seasons 1 through 5.

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today we featuring a two glimpses into the 2nd day inside the Big Brother: Australia house. Both feature shirtless [soon to be] reality stars and male aussie dialect that makes my brown nips harden.

Also, in the 2nd video, you see what happens when Big Brother blocks the live feeds, actual entertaining interruptions than the damn fish we American's get when Big Brother blocks our live feeds. Big Brother All Stars, get a clue, change the damn fish and put something Big Brother-ish while we wait for whatever the fuck you're doing that we'll end up finding out about. Thank you.

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April 24, 2006

Quote . Oprah On The Bachelor & Flavor Of Love

Show: Oprah: After The Show
Episode: Stupid Girls
Person: Oprah Winfrey
Guest: Pop star Pink
Subject: Pink's latest single "Stupid Girls" is discussed as well as how today's youth protray themselves through the media and celebrities.

At least we know now that Oprah is not a fan of ABC's The Bachelor, the network that currently hosts her show, and she's not a fan of VH1's Flavor of Love. I wonder what other reality shows she hates- I mean dislikes.

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April 23, 2006

Big Brother . The Global Edition

No, there's not a global edition of the format in production.... although that does sound like a damn good idea. This is just a post devoted to the global world that is Big Brother.

Big Brother: Australia . Today begins a whole new season for the blokes in Australia. The cast has been announced through the show's official website and the cast resembles that of MTV's The Real World. We have four 19 year olds, two 20 year olds, two 21 year olds, three 22 year olds, two 25 year olds, one 26 year old and an aged female outcast at the ripe ol' age of 36 years old.

Update: So that's why there's a 36 year old! There's a "World's First", a mother/daughter team has entered the big brother house and no one but us knows about them! Kinda like a steal from our U.S. version this past year where the house was made up of 7 different partners. Australia's show only used one.

I'm still unsure if anyone is gay and/or lesbian. But according to one housemate will come out of the closet in the first week to HIS friends and family. I highly doubt it will be the cutest housemate, Michael. I can't wait to find out who it is.

I'm assuming the producers are hoping for countless hook ups, endless idiotic fights and hundreds of thousands twenty something youths in Australia to be addicted enough to pay for the Big Brother Premium feature where we are promised to see the "adult" side of things.

Fear not American viewers and those who love to live cheap, BBA does state on their website "For those not wanting to pay the extra cash for Premium (or not able to due to the age restrictions) you will still be able to access limited free streaming from the House as well as regular video highlights. You'll also be able to access all your old favourites such as the forums, trivia and housemate profiles."

This year 2 new twists will be introduced. As normal, the houseguests will vote on who will be nominated for eviction by us, the viewers. What the housemates don't know yet is that yes, the public, can evict someone from the house but they can also vote to keep someone in the house, safe from eviction. More votes and more money through text messages means BBA makes tons of money and you get to feel like your vote counts.

The 2nd twist features what BBA likes to call "The Punishment Room". BBA writes "The room is no doubt designed for reprimanding the misbehaving [HMs], but it's hard to say what cruel and unusual punishments BB has in store. The small, soundproof room, located behind the living area, has glass walls which allow HMs and viewers to see in, but leave the unfortunate inmate unable to see out."

And what's the best thing about every year of Big Brother: Australia? It's built inside a FUCKING THEME PARK! How freakin kick ass is that!?! I'm obsessed with theme parks and if I lived near DreamWorld, I'd be a season pass holder.

Now since I live in Texas, U.S.A., and the show is filmed and broadcast out of Brisbane, Queensland, the time difference is about a 15 hour difference. So if the show premieres at 7:30 p.m., that means I have to be fucking awake at 4:30 a.m. to watch it live. Mutha fucker.

No worries, Big Brother 7 is about to start here in the states and it's going to be an All Star edition. Yeah for me.

Update: According to the official bio of housemate David, he lists "Deepest, darkest secret: I’m an open book, it will all come out on the show!". A play on words or the gay cast member this year!?!

Diary . Day 1 . In the bedroom David, Camilla, Elise and Karen talk about past sexual relationships. Camilla says she has had 22 sexual partners, and Elise says she's had 7. Karen says it's about 10 or 12 but she can't remember. Jamie says his figure in the 30s.

David tells everyone they are hussies and he didn't sleep with anyone till he was 19.

The conversation turns to David's modelling career. On David's first modelling job they flew him to Rome. It was all a bit too much he said, as he was surrounded by supermodels, and he cried to his chaperone.

Karen asked if he slept with any supermodels. He admits that yes, he was intimate with a supermodel but he doesn't want to talk about it. End Diary Day 1 Interesting...

Update: David finally came out to the house and supposely everyone is supportive. [That is until Dino & Michael find out David's interested in them... in that naughty sort of way] David even made a female housemate cry because she felt like she was betrayed and lied too. You can read all about it in this Big Brother article.

Update: Free Cams are up... and here's my first time experience with them. It's about 10 p.m. here in Texas and I clicked Free Cam link only to find no ads and quick WIDE screen high quality streaming. The blokes were all shirtless in the pool areas and one lady was talking about her boobs possibly sagging after breast feeding. I'm told through the website that I can only access the cam 3 times a day and only on a limited time period.

Also, when I was watching the damn video froze up, I was then reconnected but then kicked off with a message stating that the feeds had reached their full capacity. Fuck! Anyways, it was minutes of PC fun. Also the Free Cam page updates the little image with whatever is being shown. I find the simple things quite fascinating.

Big Brother: Australia
Big Brother: Australia . Diary Day One
Big Brother Around The World
Behind Big Brother: Australia
Jokers Updates . Big Brother Australia

Big Brother: Brasil . The Brasil editions are quite easily the most popular shows among the global audience. Mostly because the reality stars are quickly turned into desired sex symbols the entire world lusts for. Below is an image of Thiago Lira, a participant from the fourth season. He did a full nude photo layout with G magazine as well as other houseguests from previous seasons.

From the sixth season we have Daniel Saullo who is now turning model in his own country as well as Rafael Valente, the contestant who placed third. He's quite the beefy and very hairy houseguest featured in the shower video below.

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April 22, 2006

The Next Undiscovered Reality Star

He's got muscle. He's young but legal. He looks good in anything, even a white tee shirt. He wears a religious cross that could lead to a big argument. He drinks.. alot. He's white[ish]... thus giving him a better chance at making a reality show cast. He's your Next Undiscovered Reality Star!

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April 21, 2006

Carrot Top . For Those Who Want To "Hit It"

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April 20, 2006

Reality Star Body Or An Undiscovered Joe?

Take a guess. Post your answer.

Clue: Look carefully through the last 12 posts for the answer.

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April 19, 2006

Does Carrot Top Deserve To Be #16?

It seems 2 guys over at a magazine located somewhere in Boston have put together a list that features the top 100 unsexiest men in the world. Carrot Top, a popular comic as seen on The Tonight Show, is ranked at number 16.

Was his muscle transformation the reason why he landed in the top 20? Did a new body change really make Carrot Top unsexy? Either way I like his body... muscle does a body good. I'm also eager to catch Carrot Top on TV again. Anyone know if he's been on TV lately?

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April 18, 2006

Tele Tube . QVC's Brokeback Moment

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Qox Populi . 04.18.06-04.24.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Big Stars . It's no surprise to reality show fans that CBS has given the official go for a Big Brother: All Stars Edition this summer. It will be a surprise though on who actually makes it into the house. A state of the art, million dollarish house that will no doubt be full of twists and very explosive secrets. Anything can happen this summer. And anyone can enter the house this summer.

So I've read that we fans will get to somehow choose who goes into the house... I believe the producers will do what they have to [behind the scenes] to guarantee an explosive, drama filled season full of hook ups and back stabbing, not loveable personalities who just may create another fucking Friendship alliance.

The producers have 65 houseguests to choose from, minus the first season. Let's face it, the first season of the American version is worth forgeting. Now we remove Justin from season 2 who got expelled for his knife incident, then we remove Scott from season 4 for his chair throwing incident and finally we remove Eric from season 6 because he really wasn't worth anything but upset and irriation- he also gave us Maggie who won that season... damn it.

So now we have 63 houseguests to choose from 5 seasons. So if 14 goes into the house, that means there's 2 [hopefully] guaranteed houseguests from each season. That's 10. Four extra houseguests would most likely come from the last 3 editions thus giving us 14 strong players who will backstab instead of talking about friendships.

So here I go, predicting the All Stars edition as only an avid Big Brother fan can...

Season 2: Hardy, Nicole & Will.
Season 3: Roddy & Danielle
Season 4: Jun & Alison
Season 5: Drew & Jennifer aka Nakomis
Season 6: James, Kaysar, Janelle, Jennifer & Maggie

Each are chosen for various reasons. I believe I have posted something similiar to this in the past but here we go.

Hardy - Winning multiple HOH [Head of Households] and making it into the final four. Nicole for making the most emotional game in BB history and making it to the final 2 along side Will, the winner and master manipulator.

Roddy being chosen for his masterful intellect and hunky body. Danielle being chosen because of her master manipulator skills and of course being robbed of her win in her season.

Jun for being one of the best under the radar players and Alison for lying her way to the final 2 along side Jun.

Drew for winning his season based on absolute charm and Jennifer for creating the infamous "backdoor" method used on Jase and reused again on James during season 6. The answer to "Reality Star Body Or An Undiscovered Joe?" is... Mark Long, reality star of MTV Road Rules.

Season 6 has the most because all are still fresh off their reality tv fame and need a second dose of the drug that is reality. James because of his masterful intellect and backstabbing methods, Kaysar for masterful intellect that we have yet to see play out in a season, Janelle because she was the most liked female contestant ever in BB history and for making it to the final 3 along side the top nerd herd friendship biatches, Jennifer for her masterful move of getting Kaysar back out the house after America voted him back in [plus she's a mega bitch] and Maggie for her secretly well played game of manipulation that even today she still does not admit that she used the alliance of idiots to get her 500,000 dollars richer.

Questions. Will the season 6 cast feel dominate in the house or will they be ganged up on by the rest of the house? Will Maggie and Jennifer work with the other 3 houseguests from their season? Wlll James from season 6 make sure Jennifer from season 5 go out via the backdoor method she created that was ultimately used against him? Will Will from season 2 be able to take control of the house while having to deal with a house of actual intellects? And most importantly, will Hardy & Drew make out on the live feeds... or under the sheets?

Tune in this summer for one the most entertaining and stressful reality shows ever to grace the television, Big Brother: All Stars Edition.

Wait before someone screams out Marcellas! Or Will from season 5! Marcellas was left out of my list because of his involvement with the past few seasons as he has hosted the internet after shows. It'd still be pretty damn tv kick assness if he was in the cast. And Will from season 5 was left out because the Logo network must be working him to the bone. I doubt he'll return to reality tv in this fashion. I could be wrong.

Aussie Brother . On April 23rd, the next installment of Big Brother: Australia begins! Who knows if the live feeds will be free once again but will be watching.. that is until the American All Star edition begins. Also, don't forget to check out Behind Big Brother, a very indepth and nudity filled site for BBA fans.

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today we have video related to Big Brother: International Editions. The United Kingdom offers us a look back at the 2005 season featuring the ever so hot Anthony.

Clip 2 features a photo shoot with Daniel Saullo from the Big Brother Brasil show because let's face it, most of the reality stars from BBB are just jaw dropping walking beauties, some with really long dicks thanks to photos floating around the net.

The final 4 clips feature verbal attacks between an ugly Brit drag queen with a 'tude vs an American Baywatch and a British beauty. I love endless, stupid verbal fights. Thanks Celebrity Big Brother UK.

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April 17, 2006

Tom Welling . Foreign Press

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April 16, 2006

Happy Easter . TV Edition

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April 15, 2006

Novela . Passions & La Tormenta

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April 14, 2006

2006 Dallas Voice Awards .

Dallas Voice . Readers Voice Awards Cyber Gay

Thanks Dallas Voice readers! And Thanks Daniel! Censored TV Kiss to you!

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Mr. TeeVee . Pearl Necklace

Welcome to yet another new post title you'll see quite often here on Mr. TeeVee is what I like to call my newest [hot for teacher] educator. He's very well educated, well built, always high and I can turn him on any time of the day- Yes I'm talking about my television set, my high definition television set.

At one point or another we actually get educated through the screen. We then tell our friends and family what we learned and we pass on the information to make the general public a bit smarter.

Today's lesson details my discovery of the term "pearl necklace". HBO's Sex and the City aired an episode during its fifth season entitled "Luck Be An Old Lady" where Carrie attempts to get the foursome together while visiting Atlantic city, or as Samantha calls it "Atlantic Titti".

As Samantha and her [on again] boyfriend, Richard, await for the girls to board the plane, Carrie & Miranda find themselves stuck in the city trying to get [my biggest tv crush] Steve assurance that he can babysit his own child. Meanwhile Charlotte boards the plane to find Samantha and Richard enjoying each other's company, of course fully clothed.

As Charlotte takes her [uncomfortable] seat she finds a present. It being her 36th birthday she believes the gift is for her. As Richard watches, Charlotte opens the gift to find a pearl thong. The gift was actually for Samantha and so Charlotte hands it over like a lady. Suddenly Richard talks about giving his lovely lady a pearl necklace to match.

Charlotte of course thinks he's talking about an actual pearl necklace but she's quickly corrected by the ever so open Samantha. "Actually we're talking about the other pearl necklace, you know, where the guy decorates your neck." Charlotte puts two and two together [as I have] and this means a guy cums on a lady's chest and neck area as he sprinkles his semen creating a cum- I mean pearl necklace. Inexpensive. Never ending supply. And does shines and glistens in the light as the real thing!

I thank Mr. TeeVee for this education because without it, I would still be as clueless as Charlotte. Here I am, a closeted homosexual living within a gay bashing hispanic family environment, and I had no idea what that other meaning was for pearl necklace.

I just thought every horny young straight guy [the role I'm currently acting] is fully aware what a pearl necklace is when it's referred to sexual intercourse. Picture it, I'm watching the episode with a straight guy, his girlfriend and a female friend... and they're laughing at me because I have no idea what it meant. They all knew, but I didn't. But now I do! [holding up thumb to the camera]

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April 13, 2006

8th & Ocean . Teddy's 5 Seconds Of Fame

That's about how long one glances over any page in a weekly circular... or so I'm told. And Unionbay? Yuck! I was suppose to post this sooner but I was busy.

Damn, just took a visit to Pink Is The Highly Infectious Blog who already posted this. Thanks to "Leigh Ann" I'm not the only loser that can spot a reality star slash model slash guy. Gooo Pop Culture!

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April 12, 2006

They Say I Look Like...

[this is not an image of Mr. GuyTVBlog. this is a random image of an individual who looks like someone as seen on tv.]

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April 11, 2006

Qox Populi . 04.11.06-04.17.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Daytime Passion . I've never been one to watch Daytime soap operas. They all seem boring or just unimpressive. I also find them to be ridiciouls and quite laughable. I mean what a waste of an hour! Right? Well not anymore.

Take NBC's attempt at giving anti viewers like me a watchable, laughable, highly addictive and intensely ridiciouls soap opera, Passions. Wait, this show's opening song is embarrassing- If people I knew were over my place and the theme song was playing from my television set, well I'd be fucking embarrassed.

Most know the show because of the magical storylines that usually involves witches, monkeys and santa claus while others know this is the show where Jesse Metcalfe, the once sexy gardner from ABC's Housewives drama, came from. For me, this is the first soap opera ever where I can say I actually saw the first episode when it originally aired. It's lame but that's all I got on this show.

Other actors to rise from Passions fame is Ryan McPartlin who currently stars as the hunky boytoy on the WB's Living With Fran. The girl who played Charity on the beginnings of Passions airing also made it somewhat big with her own sitcom also airing on the WB. And now the most recent actor who played Nicholas "Fox" Crane has his own sitcom... ON THE WB where he'll be playing Aquaman! What the hell does the WB have on Passion actors. And the original actor to play Ethan Crane is now appearing on NBC's Scrubs.

Anyways, the storylines are good. I mean you got this addictive town nut, Teresa, who is forever trying to get her man back from this mega rich bitch, Gwen. The sexually muscled object both ladies are fighting for is Ethan, the hottest replacement actor ever on any soap. One can not forget about the aged witch and her infant daughter who talks in bubbles as well as the pivotal show villian, Alistair Crane, the evil old man who runs the city of Harmony. He's now in a coma because someone shot him and all the power has gone to his wife, Teresa, the one who's obsessed with Ethan.

The show now has a syndicated deal with the Sci-Fi Channel due to its magical content and the show now has their own fucking clothing line to be featured on future fashion runways, Crane Couture. I mean what's next? Well, here's what's next... the newest actor to replace Jesse Metcalfe's role as Miguel Fitzgerald, Adrian Bellani. He's so fucking watchable and a great reason to tune into Passions.

This actor has done everything that should sexually excite you as a viewer. He's Florida-born, spent his youth in El Salvador, competed internationally in volleyball & equestrain and fucking models for everything under the sun. His physique is amazing and the boy can actually act quite well [not like his tv brother Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald played by the horrid actor Galen Gering]. For those missing out, there's already been handfuls of episodes featuring this actor shirtless and in the buff!

As you read this please check your local listings because this week Teresa and Gwen are suppose to have a mega cat/bitch fight while a nearly naked Ethan watches in a dirty garage porn setting. I can't wait. Gripping television!

If you're wondering, there is one thing Passions should have never done and should never do again. Giving the character Sheridan Crane a fucked up fake best friend relationship with Princess Diana during the show's first few months on the air. I mean they went so far as to- you know what, I don't want to talk about it anymore. What a stupid storyline. Enjoy the show!

Huggable, Kissable & Firable . The Apprentice 5's more recent fired contestant was Lenny who in my opinion is super handsome and super GQ. I don't know why Lenny is so damn attractive [in my eyes] but I just think his face is just so freakishly gorgeous, especially when he wears a dark business suit or a red shirt (as seen in last night's epsiode).

I understand I have no chance with Lenny as I am not into him that way, I just think he's just gorgeous while on my high definition TV set. I also found out through his official NBC bio that he has a 17 year old son who he describes as "talented and good-looking". Fuck if I know why I'm reporting this but it's just news that's good enough to be Qox Populi.

Martha Bore . I use to be able to Tivo Martha's daily talk show and watch every fucking minute but lately... I've lost interest. I can't stand her very annoying male sidekick- uh, hello Ms. Martha you're channeling David Letterman in the most awful way. She cooks far too much on the show... or maybe it's because it's been a cooking lessons theme but come on, the show is suppose to be a variety not just cooking. I did actually enjoy the April Fool's episode but I'm just basically over Martha.

Leyla's Deal . When peeking into the stage of models on NBC's Deal or No Deal you might just recognize a few ladies from various other tv projects. One that had me saying "I know I've seen her somewhere" is Leyla, the model described as the one with the "sexy mane and the heart of a lioness" has been on many various projects. Her official bio does list a few of her recent accomplishments but none of other tv moments.

She was the "friend" date of former Survivor turned horrid actor Daniel Lue as he attended a Los Angeles party while filming MTV's True Life: I'm A Former Reality Star. At the end of the date he requested a kiss from her while in the car and she yelled out "No!" with a quick to follow "Ewww!" This of course made Daniel upset and he told her not to do that but thanks to reality tv cameras, the embarrassing footage aired. He then offered to walk her to her door but she told him it was necessary.

She was also part of the 2005 RAW Diva Search where she lost the title to Ashley and her appearance on this wrestling event got her a small cameo on another reality show, VH1's Hogan Knows Best. She appeared with other divas as they welcomed Hogan's son in the hallways before a RAW show. She also has her own website and continues to accomplish the "minor role" queen title. Either I watch too much tv [hence running] or she has way too many minor small itty bitty tiny roles on too many tv shows.

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today we have 2 silent clips of latin bodybuilders on some talk show. Remember there's nothing wrong with the audio, there just is no audio to these clips.

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April 10, 2006 . Grand Web Opening!

It's time once again for my blog family to expand into a new web venture, I first announced this idea back during the finale of Disney Hunks week on so for those seeking a deeper explanation then please check out the original post, Disney Hunks Week .

If you are currently enjoying the new blog then why not bookmark it, visit it daily or every other day, help me help you feed that silent Disney Theme Park addiction that you'll soon be embracing yearly. Spread the word to those who you'd think would apperciate it, blog about it if you enjoyed your recent visit to or give the link to those take a trip to the Disney Theme Parks. There's a new Disney fan in web town.

Also, will remain G rated so don't expect anything naughty. I'd like the new blog to be a site that the average GLBT family can enjoy as well as the average [yet understanding and accepting of our sexuality] straight web visitor. is not here to place harm on anyone so anyone placing verbal malicious hard to Micoofy dot com... well you're just pure evil. Not fit for the Magic Kingdom.


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Amazing Race 9 . Jeremy's Pullout Wall Poster

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April 8, 2006

Mr. GuyTVBlog . Back 2 Work

It's been a very stressful week and now that it's over and my loved one is out of surgery with a clean bill of health, I can return back to work worry free and focused back on making a daily haunt for many. Starting Monday April 10th everything gets back to normal.

I thank those who commented and/or emailed me wishing me well and extending good wishes. It was a cancer scare that involved a loved one and she's fine now. It turned out to be benign, thank the heavens. Prayers and believing in foturne cookies does work. I actually did read a fortune cookie and the very important saying was thrown away so I can't completely recall the exact wording but it said something about how some problems solve themselves in the most unusual ways.

Back to TV life.

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April 2, 2006

Mr. GuyTVBlog . Message To Readers

I, Mr. GuyTVBlog, am currently dealing with some life issues at the moment and I will have my mind elsewhere, off my blogs, to deal with what life has handed a loved one. I'll return sooner if the news turns out to be better than expected... so far I'm thinking the worst. I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you'll be there when I return at the end of this week.

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