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May 31, 2006

Flashback . Six Carnivale Wood

Warning, videos within this post are potential spoilers for those who have yet to Six Feet Under. And until HBO miraculously brings Carnivale back from the hereafter... a TV trailer for DeadWood's season three return.

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May 30, 2006

They Say I Look Like... Anderson Cooper

Note: This is not an image of Mr. GuyTVBlog. This is a random image of an individual who looks like someone as seen on TV.

Note: Qox Populi returns June 6th!

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May 29, 2006

Tom Welling . 480 x 644 Print

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May 27, 2006

G4TV's Kratos . God of Parody

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May 26, 2006

The Next Undiscovered Reality Star

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May 25, 2006

Lost . Season 3's Ingenious Cast Theory?

Wow. First I was fucking pissed that Taylor "Stevie Wonder rip off" Hicks won American Idol and I'm pissed that Harold took the Top Chef prize away from Tiffani who should have fucking won despite her strong will to win that traslanted to wonderfully bitchy antics. Fuck TV last night... but then... LOST was ending its season with its own big 2 hour finale. And so I watched, finished the show around midnight.

I literally sat speechless when the LOST finale ended. I could not believe how well crafted this show could possibly be. I'm not talking about plot twists and why the fucking plane crashed but how Lost will re-invent itself as the best damn show next season...

Now of course none of this is confirmed but here me out. The finale ended with...

Wait, I realize at least a handful of you still have not seen the finale so please take this chance to scroll down to another non-related post about LOST.

Last warning...

Okay, the finale left off with the hatch numbers reaching zero and this electromagnetic event happening with Mr. Ecko, Locke & Desmond still inside the hatch that we are led to believe exploded thus killing off 3 main characters. How do we know it blew up? The hatch door Mr. Ecko passed on his way to get the dynomite came crashing down to the beach after the bright light flooded the island. Charlie somehow escaped before anything happened to him thus allowing this hobbit to make it to season 3.

Now on the other side of the island we have Sayid, Sun & Jin at the fake decoy beach where "the others" where suppose to be. Not even Sayid saw this twist coming and was himself stunned to find the fake decoy beach was... well, fake. So Sayid, Sun & Jin make it to season 3, or so we are led to believe.

Now past the four toed foot statue and further down the shoreline across the island we have Hurley, Jack, Sawyer & Kate captured by what we are still led to believe are "the others". My off the wall theory is the island still inhabitants the true "others" somewhere and I'm betting that even these fake "others" are scared of them... but forgive me for rambling yet another LOST theory.

So anyways, Hurley is let go to survive into the next season but Jack, Sawyer & Kate are captured and told they will be going "home" with these fake "others". Now since trader Michael delivered the main characters of the show to the fake "others" he is rewarded with Walt and given a boat to leave the island with his son.

So with all this said, LOST is quite possibly mutha fucking bold enough to get rid of most of their main characters: Locke, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Michael, Walt, Desmond & Mr. Ecko to then replace them with new characters from the crash that will step forward to embrace all new mysteries of the island.

Michael and his son Walt could or could not return next season. I personally believe the escape boat was a trick and both Michael & Walt aren't going anywhere, I mean why would these fake "others" give up Walt after taking endless tests and knowing he's "special", I mean why the fuck would they just let him go? Come the fuck on, these fake "others" haved killed, kidnapped & lied to the plane crash victims for 2 seasons so I believe Michael & Walt are leaving the island.

So imagine next season with all new characters stepping forward because all of their fearless leaders and/or "go to" people are gone from their beachside existance. What will these new main characters do next? Who will be the next one to step forward to replace Jack's role? Kate's role? Sawyer's asshole role? What new discoveries will they all find that will fucking dwarf the first 2 season's mysteries? I'm still floored at this very possible theory of mine.

I just fucking can't wait until next season. Imagine, an all new cast mixed with some regulars such as Claire, Charlie, Hurley, Sayid, Jin & Sun. Imagine all new dreadful back stories for all new main characters because let's face it, our possibly kidnapped or feared dead main characters have had their back stories told as much as they can.

And then as we watch season 3 we'll be intrigued with all new character stories but I'm assuming we'll eventually get a dose of the missing main characters returning here and there throughout the season. It's all very dramatic and damn good TV. My mind is fucking blown.

And fuck, I almost forgot. We finally know that the island is not a realm between heaven or hell or some place in another dimension because we finally got to see the outside world that detected the electromagnatic explosion that is supposely the real reason as to why the plane crashed. What a final blow to the many other looney theories of LOST fans.

Remember, ABC is planning to air LOST season 3 chunks with no repeats at a time so catch up this summer on season one & two because season 3 will be a tough to follow for those trying to catch up.

I bow to LOST. I bend over to LOST. Thank you for an amazing 2 seasons and making TV not a complete waste of time. Wow.

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May 24, 2006

They Say I Look Like...

Note: This is not an image of Mr. GuyTVBlog. This is a random image of an individual who looks like someone as seen on TV.

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May 23, 2006

Qox Populi . 05.23.06-05.29.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Fresh Show . MTV's newest battle show featuring used Real World and Road Rules cast members is getting a fresh approach as 12 veterans of the shows are pitted against 12 "fresh meat" participants for the biggest cash prize in the challenge's history. Last night MTV premiered the preview special where we are introduced to the 24 players as well as glimpses into the drama this season. Here's your lowdown.

For those not wanting to know spoilers of the first episode, then scroll down until you see...

Right now, all this week, MTV Overdrive is giving us a sneak peak at the 1st episode where we find out about another twist. The fans of the series assume that it is 12 versus 12 but here's the twist... the veterans had to choose one of the fresh meat cast members to be on their team thus creating 12 teams of 2 with one veteran and one fresh meat newbie. 2 teams on each side will make it to the final challenge to compete for the big prize.

The prize... for 1st place... $250,000 bucks, 125,000 per team member. But if 4 teams make to the final challenge... and 1st place is 250,000 bucks... wait... I get it, out of 4 teams, only one wins! Everyone else loses. Fuck that's going to be good TV.

Shane, a returning gay cast member from Road Rules: Campus Crawl, was almost paired with the only gay fresh meat cast member, Ryan. Expect Shane to jump on Ryan quickly because Shane has complained in previous challenges that there are not enough gay cast members for him to... do whatever he wanted to do with them.

At the beginning of the first [and possibly every] challenge the host uses a bingo type device to pick a team that will then control which teams goes first to last. Based on the first sneak peak it seems The Real World: Austin's couples [Danny & Melinda and Wes & Johanna] are all targeted as threats.. you know because they sleep together.

We all find out that this season's elimination challenge is tiled "Exile". Not as original when it comes to reality shows because we all know this past season of Survivor was labeled "Exile Island". I'm unclear how Exile works but its where 2 teams will go to battle each other.

Next we find out from the sneak peak that Coral is already having fun with Austin's Danny. When he reads the clue for the first challenge to everyone he says the word "partner" with his thick Boston accent and Coral asks "What's a padner" which makes everyone laugh... except Danny who looks at her with no smile or amusement. It was hiliarous.

Coral's partner in the challenge is body humpable Evan, the 20 year old beef cake with eyes of wonderment. If we Real World addicts think back to the casting special before Coral's season, you know where they got everyone in this big house thing. Well Coral ended up making out with a white muscled country guy in the pool and cameras followed them to the shower where... things happened.

Well Coral then made it onto the Back to New York season where she met Mike. She was obviously attracted to him because as everyone says, we pick on those we secretly love to fuck. It turns out that after the show she & Mike became fast friends with questionable thoughts as to whether they were friends with benefits. Now as she moves to this new season, assuming she's boyfriendless, Coral selected the fresh meat boy who looks, from a great distance away, like Mike and her casting special hook up. Can't wait to see what comes out on the show or at least at the reunion special.

Also, one cast member not seen or heard from much in the sneak preview but seen repeatedly in the preview special clips is Johnnie, the Brooklyn native who states on his bio that he wants to be the "next great black entrepreneur". Usually they hardly show a contestant in any reality show in the 1st episode because they usually make it further in the game and the editors have to focus on the storylines of the people who won't make it far. He's either just uninteresting or a pitbull in the challenges that the veterans need to worry about. Oh wait, he's paired up with Tonya... fuck. So long Johnnie.

As for the theme song this year the producers opted for a techno sound rather than punk rock crap. I actually like it as I like most of their songs but at least this new tune won't get annoying every week... and every repeat airing

Finally, Blair's AfterShow is finally getting official MTV airtime. I actually hate the show and would prefer the fantasy game where we win a car than MTV funding this bullshit talk show but since enough people download the show on Overdrive MTV is giving it a chance right after the 1st episode premieres.

Tune in for everything on Monday May 29th at the Ten Spot!

RW RR Challenge: Fresh Meat . Official Website

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today's clips comes from past MTV Movie Award shows. The all new award show for 2006 premieres June 8th!

1st clip features the popular Sex and the City Matrix parody while the 2nd clips features last year's Best Kiss winners on stage. 3rd clip features Jack Black & Sarah Michelle Gellar singing "Movies Kick Ass" and the 4th clip features the funny 3 way clip between Lindsay Lohan, that OC guy and that scream horror queen.

And not to forget Jessica Alba's new MTV Movie Awards promo for 2006.

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May 22, 2006

Real World Músculo . Landon

Most recently seen in MTV's The Guantlet 2, Landon was originally seen in The Real World Philly. There he attempted a relationship with a female cast member and was famously known for walking around the house drunk one night with knives, although no one was harmed including himself. He has yet to loose a real world road rules challenge and is not part of the newest season, Fresh Meat. I suspect he'll return soon to a tropical location for another challenge packing only shoes, caps and shorts, no undies & shirts needed.

Landon Lueck . Official Website
Landon Lueck . Myspace

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May 21, 2006

Real World Músculo . Tyler

This post goes out to that random person who used Google to find "real world tyler shirtless". He is pretty beefy and looks his best when he's unshaven. Tyler is one of the most recently cast participants in The Real World's Key West season. So far he's had to deal with educating Svetlana about homosexuality, performing naughty acts inside showers and continues to feel superior enough among his cast to laugh and point at them when they fail.

Tyler . Official Website [well not really]
Tyler . Friendster

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May 20, 2006

60th Annual Tony Awards . BroadwayTube

CBS will air The 60th Annual Tony Awards Sunday, June 11th and many can expect the night to be Oprah-tastic. With her most recent endevor, The Color Purple: A New Musical, gathering up 11 nominations we can all look forward to Oprah bringing this award show to the next level. She'll most likely feature at least one show devoted to the Tony's and that show could very welll be quite similiar to the Oprah Oscar's special. For fans with "Purple" love can now look forward to a NBC Dateline special featuring the broadway musical on Sunday May 21st. Don't miss it!

And as we discuss broadway it's important to check out some YouTube performances that maybe deserve a nomination of sorts for their personal tributes to the stage art that is... [que the lighted letters one by one] B R O A D W A Y.

For those wondering, the 1st video featured here is "And I Am Tellin You" by Jennifer Holliday from the play Dreamgirls. The young gent in the video is flawlessly lip synced by the talented YouTube's Madanna. Recently the foreign press has been raving about Dreamwork's Dreamgirls at Cannes. The reason is detailed by The Hollywood Reporter...

CANNES -- "Dreamgirls" became the first major movie of 2006 to stake a serious claim for Academy Award consideration, as DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures previewed 20 minutes of the film Friday before a sampling of the world press assembled at the Cannes Film Festival. Four individual musical sequences from writer/director Bill Condon's screen adaptation of the 1981 Broadway musical, which chronicles the rise of a singing girl group inspired by the Supremes, were previewed, with each one triggering spontaneous applause.

Although the $75 million film will not debut until Dec. 21 stateside -- fittingly, that also happens to be the 25th anniversary of the Broadway musical's premiere at New York's Imperial Theater -- Terry Press, who is overseeing the movie's marketing, took the calculated risk of bringing the footage to Cannes to expose it to the international market. That the stakes were high was evidence by the Paramount and DreamWorks brass in attendance at the reception and screening at the Martinez Hotel: Viacom president and CEO Tom Freston; Paramount chairman Brad Grey and president Gail Berman; DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and DreamWorks co-founded David Geffen, who closely held the play's movie rights for years until agreeing to entrust them to Condon and producer Laurence Mark. (Gregg Kilday) -The Hollywood Reporter

If The Tony Awards show is smarter than the average bear they'll jump on this promotional bandwagon and keep the buzz going.

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May 19, 2006

Tom Welling . CW's Super Star

"yur nightmare" is sick of hearing about The CW and wants to know information about it. Here you go guys. The official site for CW. They already have a mega tv trailer promo that plays when you visit the site. Annoying song though.

The CW . Official Website

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May 18, 2006

Fresh Meat Challenge . TV Trailer

And so the next big mutha fuckin' reality show, Real World Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat, debuts very soon with an incredible official TV trailer [Courtesy of] now online & beautiful photos of beautiful[ish] people [Courtesy of] for us to gaze wonder at. Based on the TV trailer, not even the real world/road rules cast members know about the twist that involves fresh meat contestants, actual viewers from home, competing "for the biggest prize in challenge history".

MTV has really raised the TV preview up a notch because lately when it comes to creating theatrical style TV trailers for their shows, MTV is giving HBO a fun run for their money. This season is full of drama, endless hours of creative editing and addictive new quotes worth spreading throughout MySpace comments and message boards.

"Just stay away from Coral, Shane and Tina. Anybody that you saw when you were in middle school, stay away from them." | "Paranoid, no! I'm not Paranoid, I will ruin you just out of spite." | "The fresh meat have no clue the depth of darkness in the alum." | "I don't think you understand how crazy I am." | "Just stand up and say 'I don't like you' and I can swallow that and sleep at night and have respect for people and the game." | "It's an ugly game that we're all playing. I will get uglier. Will we be friends after this? No." | "That's alot of money. It's going to be cut throat, it's going to be bloody, it's going to be something that you've never seen before."

The final shot has Coral on a stretcher sliding into an ambulance... Is it from her mega bitch fight with Real World: Austin's Melinda or is it from her boobs that seem to get larger and more juicer every season? Tune in Monday May 29th at the Ten Spot for an all new season. Also, this Monday, at the Ten Spot, catch a preview special about the cast and the entire season. Thank you MTV/Bunim Murray for giving us another challenge

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May 17, 2006

John Hennigan . Tough Strip reader "mikos" brought to my attention some recent Smackdown happenings involving my all time favorite MTV's Tough Enough contestant, John Hennigan. Back then he was built to perfection, nearly any body fat, sleek muscle and a body that can probably satisfy any random girl... and guy.

As of this past Friday John continues to somewhat take over Smackdown with his now bigger, beefier body [as seen in the clip below] but this past show had him revealing more of his body than one would dream of. No, his muscled, most likely veiny penis did not flop out but he was stripped to his blue speedos. Enjoy. Thanks Mikos! [Clip & fotos courtesy of]

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May 16, 2006

Qox Populi . 05.16.06-05.22.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Game Deal Or Fixed Deal . Basically you can choose to read my theory why the game if fixed or you can play 2 versions of the game online while you're suppose to be working or looking for that great offer your spouse is bugging you about.

Theory: I find it incredibly hard to believe this show is ran with honesty, integrity and truth. I find it very easy to believe that the show is fixed and altered to allow us, the viewing audience, reason to believe something incredible happened simply based on chance. Now if I were the producer seeking to make a great show with jaw dropping outcomes, I'd do what I can to alter and fix the show so that I can guarenette shocking episodes. The only way I, or the show's producers, could change the game to benefit great viewership is to change the contents of the case when a game ends unfinished.

You see, lately the show has been ending with a contestant not finishing her/his game and the show takes the briefcase away for next day's showing. What I'm thinking is the producers or someone behind the scenes is opening the briefcase, placing a 6 figure amount inside so that when the next airing happens and the case is opened, people are starting to regret taking a small amount because if they had played until the absolute very end they would have won a big amount.

So if this keeps happening, more and more future contestants will believe that the amount in their selected briefcase is huge and they will play up to the very end, most likely getting rid of the big amounts thus giving them something crappy to walk away with and giving the show less payouts. This in turn creates longer shows as seen by last night's 2 hourish event which generates dominating ratings.

I just find it hard to believe that episode after episode, people are picking 6 figure amounts in their briefcase because the majority of the cases are small amounts. Let's take last night's episode, now since I missed the beginning of the show I assumed that the woman playing first had come back again to finish her game. Her briefcase had a 6 figure amount and she walked away with almost nothing.

The 2nd female contestant played selected her case in front of an audience and kept that case until the very end. She played so far to the end that she fucked up and took away a crappy amount and what amount was in her briefcase... 10 bucks. Not a six figure amount. Had she left the studio to return another day to finish her game, I believe her case would have been altered or fixed for a better TV outcome.

Think about this the next time you watch at home.

Foul Mouthed Female Online Player . See If She Wins

Game: Now I'm going to play the official NBC online game. I chose briefcase 22 because the number means something to me. ... Now I'm in round 3 and I still have the million dollar prize and 500,000 dollars as my biggest amounts left on the board. ... The banker is now offering me 66,079 dollars and the million dollars & 200,000 dollars are now my biggest amounts left. Deal or No Deal? Of course, No deal. ... Now in round 7 I have lost the million dollars and the 200,000 dollars with only 75,000 dollars as my highest amount. And I still have that fucking .01 cent case somewhere. FUCK. ... I just lost the 75,000 dollars and now 500 bucks is my highest amount. At least I got rid of the fucking penny case. My offer is now 450 bucks. I almost take the deal but I choose not to. I say "No Deal!". ... I won 400 bucks. I guess since I trashed talked the show, the game fucked with me...

Play NBC's Deal Or No Deal at work [and get fired]!

I went ahead and played again, as most of us will do when we lose. This time I once again chose the briefcase labeled 22 and I finished the game with a deal of 122,063 dollars! Ahhh, 22 case and I walk away with 122 thousands dollars.. I love the number 22. Now comes the "what if" situation. My next offer [had I continued playing]would had been 142,083 bucks. FUCK. But, my case marked "22" contained 75 bucks so I made a great deal. Yeah!

Now comes the 2nd online game of Deal or No Deal. This one has sound effects and fun suspense. This time I played with the case "22" as my selected case and ended the game with only 2 amounts left. 500,000 thousand dollars and 1 million dollars. The banker was offering me 750,000 bucks to walk away. I took the deal and was shown that my case held 500,000 bucks. Fuck man, this is all addicting stuff.

Play Ipengo's Deal or No Deal game at work and get fired!

Deal or No Deal needs to build something in Las Vegas and let people play with real money. Maybe team up with a casino and select average people to play for the night. One game per night, have a huge audience watching, bring people into the casino and watch your casino get all this free publicity from entertainment websites and television programs. Do it!

Survivor Wins Again . I was floored at Survivor: Exile Island's finale. I was under the net impression that Danielle and Terry were the final 2 with Danielle the favor to win. When watching I knew Cirie was the first to go and she lost the fire challenge. Then Survivor surprises me by showing me Aras goes into the final 2 and wins the FUCKING million bucks!

At first TV impressions I did not like Aras because of the alliance he choose to stay with and how he talked down to Cirie about how she or that singer was going. But as the season moved on, a new villian presented himself... Terry. I can not stand Terry and was completely [and still] against everything Terry does or did on the show. Down with Terry. Up with Aras.

Although if CBS felt the viewing audience wanted another All Star edition, I would love to see Terry & Aras go at it all over again in a whole new season.

Oprah's New Date . No Oprah isn't out on a date with a woman! She's moved her special to Monday, May 22nd instead of airing the special tonight. This is all because of president Bushy Bush forcing America to watch his most recent Presidental Address. So Oprah addicts, just in case you didn't know, her primetime special is airing next week, not last night.

Tyler's Cunty World . Lately I've been catching up on many, many missed episodes of The Real World. I've been more into watching BET's College Hill rather than watching MTV's The Real World. I don't know if it's the cast or what but I'm just not invested into this Key West season.

Anyways, so I started watching the whole Svetlana wanting to be manager and not getting the position episodes and I actually feel for Svetlana. The house is full of bitches, queens and male villians, each with a name: Janelle, Tyler and John. In that precise order. Tyler is such a queeny bitch who needs a fucking good back handed slap by another male queen in a dance club, followed up by "Shut up Cunt" to then be immediatly followed by a drink in the face. Of course this should ONLY happen if he mouths off about how important he is to the world and how insignificant you are. Let's give him multiple slaps for this kind of behaviour.

And that force house meeting where Tyler wanted to comfront Svetlana because she redecorated the salon is completely everything he's accusing Svetlana of being. Whatever new term or insult he comes up with for Svetlana, it's just quickly redirected right back at him. He's a problem in that house and continues to infect other problems thus creating new ones that involve Tyler's cunty mouth.

The show though would be dramatically less interesting if he wasn't there. So bravo Tyler, this is your season. Keep it up Queen. I can't wait to see your less than firm ass handed to you in the next Real World Road Rules challenge. Bitch.

Ok... I read elsewhere that Tyler did all of this because he the show is only showing half the story regarding Svetlana's antics while on the show. He says he has reason for doing what he did on the show. And I'm betting their bitchy cunty cat fight is going to flood over onto the next mtv challenge... I can't wait!

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today's videos featuring, of course, a queer theme. The 1st clip comes from gayish football players from Bundesliga. It's so freakin' hot when they slow the footage down!

The 2nd clip is ad for gay adoption from If only this commercial would get some air time during the series finale of Will & Grace... anyone? Get it on the air here in the states!

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May 15, 2006

Quote . Maven Asked About His Homosexual Experiences

Show: The Surreal Life: Season 6
Episode: Check Out Is at Noon
Person: Maven, WWE Wrestling Ex-Superstar
Subject: At the finale while eating their final dinner, the cast is given envelopes and everyone is forced to read and do what the letter inside says to. Maven asks himself "Other than the whipped cream bikini incident, have you ever had a homosexual experience?" To which cast member slash Transgender actor-ess Alexis Arquette quickly responds with "First of all, I don't consider relations with me homosexual, quite frankly. Have you ever had sex relations with another male?" To which Maven responds in the quote above. After Maven speaks his reality show edited peace, Alexis says "It's not an insult anyway". Maven nods his head in the next edited clip and eyes Alexis.

So, is Maven pulling a Ricky Martin method by not directly answering the question thus killing what they think is a connection with the gay buying market or was Maven on the verge of coming out in the season finale? What exactly did The Surreal Life producers know about Maven that they tried to get out of him on that final night? I guess we'll find out Maven does something... queer.

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May 14, 2006

Big Brother 5 . The Daniel Twins

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May 13, 2006

E3 2006 . Desperate Housewives PC

Desperate Housewives . Gamespot

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May 12, 2006

Will & Grace . 6 Days Until The Finale

NBC . Will & Grace Finale Website
Ryan Cabrera . I Will Remember You
Rob Durfee's Will & Grace Site

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Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency . Greg Plitt Cameo

Yet again, I noticed model Greg Plitt in another reality show cameo. In a promo for Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency for Oprah's Oxygen network, we see Greg Plitt pull off his shirt then showcasing his impressive body to the judges. Does he make it into her agency? Will he get speaking screen time for the premiere episode? Is he interested in getting on some kind of reality show, anywhere on tv?

Tune in June 6th to find out!

Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency . MySpace

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May 11, 2006

Tom Welling . Amorous Glimpse

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May 10, 2006

Tele Tube . 69 Year Old Muscle

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May 9, 2006

Qox Populi . 05.09.06-05.15.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Dateless Romantics . "Like... alot of my hookups have been... you know... paid." That is the classic real life quote from Marc's recent Can't Get A Date episode. For those unaware of the newest dating show to hit the tele, then take the time right now to check out the show's official VH1 website. Basically the show has this male dating doc's voice talking off camera to the weekly participant about their lives, the changes they need to make, the problems they need to work on and the steps that need to be taken to get them back into the dating game of life.

After a few weeks of airing the "straight" episodes I was hoping and praying I'd get to see a gay guy find love as most have almost found at the end of their episodes. So this past Friday VH1 aired Marc's episode, a 30 year old single financial analyst who has experienced some rather difficult early years that has affected his love life. Just before we meet Marc, the sexy voice over says "These are real people, having real trouble, needing real advice. The truth can be harsh but dating doesn't have to be. Can't get a date? [pause] Yes you can."

Now we meet Marc in front of a simple white background so that there are no distractions when we, the viewing audience, are introduced to this week's participant. The doc begins to find out through an interview some of the issues Marc is currently dealing with. Then we meet the family...

Marc's brother, Albert, is very handsome and yet another [assumed] untold reason why Marc hates himself at this point in his life. Marc is seeking someone who's young, cute, thin, smooth body and someone's who not dark.... like he is. Basically Marc wants the complete opposite of him. His mother & brother brings up great points and that is everyone has issues and insecurities, just like him. Of course Marc argues that he as the most.

Next the doc gets Marc to dress up in his best attire and heads out to a nice bar. Here Marc tells us "I am completely vain with who I look at and I expect people to look at me without the eyes of vanity." Sammy, the bartender in this video piece, looks at Marc and says "You sound like you got some issues. I mean if you wouldn't have sex with yourself-" to which Marc interrupts announcing that he wouldn't have sex with himself. Can't Get A Date has arrived at the right time!

Now comes the white background again and Marc gets to see himself on a TV showcasing his behaviour in the past few days. He doesn't like what he sees, as most do not when put in this similiar situation. The sexy off camera voice then tells Marc it's time to change. He prescribes pilates for the body, an acting coach for his socializing problems and a photo shoot for his new self image.

Fast forward to the ending, he's in better shape but not an adonis, he is comfortable with speaking to total strangers and has new web photos that makes him feel attractive & hot. And yes, Marc does find a date and this date is basically everything he wanted. Thin, white, almost cute, smooth [i'm assuming] and a few years younger. Although I feel like I've seen MJ, the hopeful date for Marc, on some other reality show...

Usually the show only shows the first and maybe only date between the now changed participant and the hopeful love interest but this show had a twist. There was a second date! MJ, the romantic interest slash friend, surprised Marc by taking him salsa dancing. The show ends on a happy note with Marc announcing "...It's time to start dating, it's time for the next level, I want to put myself out there so I can love somebody and someone can love me back... and so I can have kids!"

The show always ends with a shot of the participant with their romantic interest while on a date. The sexy off camera voice once again asks "Can't get a date? [pause] Yes you can."

Morgan's episode

In the coming weeks we get a glimpse into our first lesbian episode so start watching Can't Get A Date on Friday nights, one show after Best Week Ever. Fuck if I know why Celebrity Eye Candy, the wanna be blog show, has the timeslot behind Best Week Ever, it should be Can't Get A Date airing directly after BWE. Who's at fault for this!?!

Now if you can't get to a television or you don't have the damn time to catch the next airing, guess what, VH1 has all the episodes so far [including 6 months after updates] on their VSpot online broadband thing. My favorite episode was Morgan's and my favorite participant so far is Leticia and my favorite update video belongs to Mya. All wonderful people now TV celebs in their own cities. Enjoy Can't Get A Date!

Can't Get A Date . iFilm clips
Can't Get A Date . YouTube
Can't Get A Date . Official VH1 Website
Can't Get A Date . MySpace Profile

Futurama Shocker . Yes, the show is coming back to light in the form of DVD movies but when I caught a recent episode on Cartoon Network's Adultswim, I saw Leela's parents in the 2nd season!!! She didn't discover her parents until season 4. Okay nerds and Futurama addicts, if you haven't seen this, get out your DVD's of the series. Put in episode "I Second That Emotion" where Bender gets a chip that helps him feel Leela's emotions. They take a visit to the sewers to retreive Leela's pet but only to discover the mutant race of people.

Now when the big forehead guy calls for everyone to join around him while holding his guitar, in the top left hand corner, just before the frame switches over, you see Leela's parents step into the frame! If you look around, all the mutants have 2 eyes [or more] but these 2 mutants have one eye each, just like Leela. And the woman has the same colored purple hair as Leela!

Man, to a secretly muscled nerd or the geek with the 10 inch penis, this is fucking awesome news. TV is awesome, especially reruns and Tivo.

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. Today's video shows some rather queer anime... I didn't know such movies existed but since I'm not the biggest or most devoted fan of anime, how would I know.

The 2nd clip is titled "The Israeli Gay Youth TV Commercial". At first confusing as is growing up gay but the message is clear- well it's TV clear.

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May 8, 2006

Survivor Vanuatu . John Kenney

Thanks to one of the new hot blogs on the strip, Closet Conundrums, who was tipped off by another hot blog, Casual in Istanbul, we find brand new [soon to be whore] images of contestant John Kenney, voted 8th off the island of Vanuatu. My, what an isle getaway can do for the body... Thanks bloggers for the erection up!

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Deal Or No Deal . Greg Plitt Cameo

As a queer who watches enough TV to write a daily blog about guys who watch guys on TV, well one begins to notice cameos within reality game show style programs such as NBC's Deal Or No Deal. Let's take Friday's show where some girl lost big and walked away with a crappy 25,000 thousands dollars, after she makes a "deal" the camera pans into the audience where we discover Greg Plitt, an army ranger turned fitness model turned aspiring actor turned... Deal Or No Deal audience member. [Pause the video about halfway through]

For some reason I noticed him, I mean who couldn't with those eyes of his! Maybe he's dating one of the briefcase ladies... Not the greatest story of the day but worth a write up here on!

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May 7, 2006

GuyTV MV . Josh Groban's Remember

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May 6, 2006

Mark C. Collier . Soap Actor

Recently I finally got to see MTV's True Life's newest episode where they follow an actress and a rock n' roll band while they get their "big break". The actress, Alexandra Chando, was featured for her starring role on in CBS' As the World Turns where she created, along with every ATWT viewer, a mega crush on actor Mark C. Collier, who plays Mike Kasnoff. His character just got recently married, not that I watch ATWT but I saw it when I visited the website.

He looked unbelievably gorgeous, his chisled jaw line, his short dark hair, deep eyes, his veiny muscled arms, how great a cap looks on him when he's just being casual, he's just completely TeeVee Crush material. Anyways, on the show he helped the new actress here and there and was just all over the episode. Check him out on his show and in repeat airings of True Life.

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May 5, 2006

Can't Get A Date . Marc's Episode

If you haven't seen this highly impressive dating show, Can't Get A Date, on VH1 then tonight's your chance. [Of course if you miss the episode, it airs Saturday around noonish and then close to midnight, check your local listings] Tonight's episode follows Marc, a gay man looking for love with help from a very sexy off camera voice. And if you have Comcast's OnDemand you can catch up on previous episodes and/or exclusive footage from the show. I especially love the 6 months later/catch up videos of each participant.

Expect a biggish write up on this week's Qox Populi entry regarding Can't Get A Date. Enjoy the show!

Can't Get A Date . iFilm clips
Can't Get A Date . YouTube
Can't Get A Date . Official VH1 Website
Can't Get A Date . MySpace Profile

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May 4, 2006

Unan1mous . Jonathan's UnGay Fotos

Well, finally Reality Blurred broke my 5 week "where the hell have I seen that guy" frustration by letting us know that Jonathan, the somewhat hunky contestant on FOX's Unan1mous, has posed for as Tino on a gayish adult website. Now Andy over at Reality Blurred isn't really saying that it's really Jonathan... but I am. What I always say on my other 18 and over blog, tattoos always give ex-porn stars away. My advice, if you're going to pose for an x-rated site, fucking cover up your tats with make up. If that's not enough, Jonathan happens to wear the same damn ring he wears in the show!

In the images above you'll see Unan1mous' Jonathan with text and arrows pointing out his tats. Then, for those mature enough to view censored adult images, compare below. If not, look away and scroll past this naughty post.

You'll see that Jonathan is Tino on a gay porn website. And so the disappointment sets in, Jonathan did not do a jerk off video for the site nor have semen related shots but just posed or "modeled" for the site's galleries. No one is slammin' Jonathan for posing nude, people enjoy their bodies and love to... "express" it through different mediums. Good work Jonathan, I hope you're not ashamed of the featured photo shoot [but you should be ashamed of the very first photo shoot on the site, those were yucky fotos].

Now compare... Jonathan to Tino... as if your reality life depended on it!

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TeeVee Crush . AOTS' Kratos

I blogged some time ago, AOTS . Can Corrado Break It?, and since my post the actual Corrado [aka Kratos] was on MySpace writing about my queer interest in him. All it took was a simple google search and I found 2 of his posts regarding my own blog.

Well once discovering his MySpace profile I found out that he has been stabbed/shot "in the but by a tongue or two" and that he wouldn't kiss someone of the same sex because he responds with "le' GAY! NO! I WILL NOT EAT THE CAT POOP, NO!" Whatever that means. I mean it's fine that his satire answers pretty much scream he's not gay or into cock but that's fine. He's just simply a TeeVee Crush for Mr. GuyTVBlog. He's not really wanted by me but he's just purty to look at when the moving picture box is on.

Also through his MySpace profile we discover his textamerica photo blog website where he features a great handful of images featuring his lovely lady and his lovely bare body.

I'm still unsure if he's still associated with G4TV's Attack of the Show because starting May 15th the show gets a whole new makeover, new sets, new staff and new everything. Not sure if Corrado has been let go or if he's working on new projects for G4TV but either way I'm sure we'll see him shirtless showing of his hairy muscles.

Another great reason to watch AOTS is a chance to catch their new ultra sexy co host, Olivia Munn. She's super geeky sexy and could possibly turn me 2% bisexual. Maybe. She's completely relatable to nerds & geeks and will most likely have a muscled boyfriend that we'll be hearing about in the coming months. She has stated that she is obsessed with MySpace yet her profile is just limp and unimpressive.

Back to Kratos, the only sad thing I read on his MySpace profile is his response to a blog. He writes "Writing BLOGS! WHO THE FUCK HAS TIME? YOU? GET A REAL JOB!" Well I enjoy writing blogs despite your hunky opinion and I thank all my readers of for taking the time to stop by to see what I can offer to the web.

Thanks for being my latest "gay icon". Oh yeah, I'm no longer into ex-producer Brendan Moran because have you seen the other new co-host of AOTS? HIs name is Zach Selwyn and he's tall... I mean tall... he's got to be packin' because boy is he tall. Towering. Fucking camera has to pan back to get him all in the same shot. Big.

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May 3, 2006

TV Guise . Reno 911 Cop 2

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May 2, 2006

Qox Populi . 05.02.06-05.08.06

Welcome to's newest edition to the post family, Qox Populi! Isn't it great to learn a new pop culture phrase? This creation was ripped from the MSN Encarta Dictionary's word, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". Well I decided to turn the word queer [like i do most things! wink] by making you, the reader, pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. The post, dated every tuesday, will remain on on the front page during the week. After I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv, I will post about it under each month's weekly Qox Populi. Just visit all week to see how it works.

Shane's Closet? . So I've been making myself watch Bravo's "desperate" reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County to see what this guy Shane is all about. Blogs are blogging 'bout him and gay people are all in a trance over him. So with the show heading into its season/series finale this week I was able to Tivo a mini marathon last night. Interesting... I actually see a closeted 18 year old homosexual playing a straight guy...

He's actually playing a virgin of all things! This "straight" moment happens in the episode where Slade, the actor turned 40 year old stud, is doing something in a business suit. Over at Jeana's house, we discover Shane is about to go to Mexico with a family friend to "get some girls". How boring.

Shane then starts talking to the camera about how he hasn't had a girlfriend in over 2 years. He goes on to say that his dad teases him by always asking Shane if he's gay. "Do you not like girls? What's wrong? Are you just not good enough looking for them?" are some of the other questions Shane's dad asks.

Shane goes on to ask "What do I need a girlfriend for?" He continues by saying that all his friends with girlfriends are "miserable" because they are always fighting, arguing and chuckling. Shane says he hates it and doesn't want to be around them when they are together. "I refuse to be like that" says Shane.

Um... now he never said he wasn't gay. Just like how Ricky Martin never told Barbra Walters that he wasn't gay. As for Shane's dislike for the whole girlfriend thing... get use to it straight boy because marriage is going to be 10 times worse than a regular relationship. My gaydar is like smokin' here. It's so fucking loud that I have to put it in the other room.

Later in the same episode, we find out through Riley, the friend of the family who took Shane to Mexico to get girls, told Shane's sister that he had to "coach him through 'this' last night". Shane's sister laughs and jokes around by saying "...this is the boob" to which Riley announces "bascially that's what I had to do." What attractive as fuck 18 year old needs coaching on boobs in Mexico? Well I know I do and that's because I'm gay and not into girls.

Finally we get to see Shane on camera "getting with girls". Shane & Riley are at a bar with a bunch of ladies and Riley was caught on camera just looking around... looking over the girls, seemed uninterested. Shane blames his lack thereof of girls based on the "selection" that was in the club. He then slapped some girl he thought had a slammin' body.

Now they're dancing on the club to some crappy reality show music mix. Oh fuck, Shane's kissing a girl. FUCKIN DAMN IT. Then the text "One Hour Later..." appears. We now see Shane & Riley walking in the night streets of Mexico where we see Riley telling Shane that "you should have gone down on that" and that "you left that girl hanging". Shane of course laughs and says "what do you expect?".

Sounds like something I would have done if I was in Mexico with my family. Exact same fucking thing. We gay boys do know how to kiss a lady. It's not hard. You just smear lips on lips. Control the saliva. Pretend you're into it.

But now I'm seeing why he has to remain closeted. He almost got drafted to the Oakland A's, playing in college now and has a bloodline of baseball players in his family. Tell me one gay baseball player that is out about his sexuality while playing the sport...

In another episode we find Shane and his friend, Calen, playing b ball. Here we find out that Shane yet again blames the whole Mexico girl situation on a law that states a person can not bring back a woman to their hotel past 11 o'clock. Calen looks at him funny, almost like who the fuck obeys that law. This would be another thing I would have told my family members probing questions regarding girls in Mexico.

Shane then goes on to tell us, the viewing audience, that he's a VIRGIN! He says "I do not have sex yet - I am a virgin. I am not a big sex person yet." WAIT a fucking minute here. You've been masturbating since you were in your early teens, I masturbate and long for sexual encounters... who the fuck isn't into sex? Even nuns fuck around!

"I don't believe in having sex just so I can say that I had it- which I know other people do" says Shane. Now his loveable, huggable mom, Jeana, chimes in by saying that Shane doesn't have any interest in having a girlfriend [a mother knows] but he has no problem attracting girls. Well of course he doesn't have a problem turning girls on MOM, pretty gay boys always attract the ladies. Mom lays on more protective comments that Shane doesn't know how to ask girls out, that baseball is more important than girls and that she doesn't think he's interested in a 30 year old mother aka Lauri aka Jo aka older women.

Shane tells us, the viewing audience, that he has different "dream girls". Just as long as they have a good body and "nice hair" but they have to have a butt, a big butt! "I like butts" announces Shane proudly. Um... nice hair? Shouldn't you have included breasts? 'Cause guys have great bodies, nice hair and butts, some even have big butts. But guys don't have breasts. Well, the obese guys do.

Later on Shane plays some pool with 2 girls, one of them being a childhood friend who's turned into a slamming potential girlfriend. They ask him how the "ladies" are treating him. Shane then tells us, the viewing audience, that he's one of the movieish type guys that's waiting for the "right person kind of crap". He also says that he's "waiting for the right kind". The girls then ask him about the MILF on his street and he says he's not going to lie, that he thinks they're pretty. Well he's not lying. I even think they're pretty. But straight guys would say the MILFs are "fuckable", not pretty.

Oh, and did you see how he played with the words. He said "right PERSON". Person! I've been known to use that play on words when talking to some people who just don't know about me.

Shane is either afraid of STD's or he's a closeted homo-hot-sexual who's about to get into a sport where gay people are not welcome. I will be honest in saying that I am just a tad bit jealous of the other closeted baseball player who will get to enjoy Shane...

Update: According to MySpace, the grand daddy whore that is online profiles, Shane is caught saying "I should have shot the guy who took it" and "Thanks Gangsta. South side You faggot haha". Damn it Shane, now why did you have to call another guy a "faggot". For shame Shane, for Shame!

Now before you start verbally going after an actual "faggot", me, just be fully aware I'm not the first or last person to think this about you. I'm sure you're sweet, you'll have a long career in the baseball business and I really do wish you well in your straight life. This is satire borderline opinion slash truth.

For those curious, I know it's the actual Shane who posted "faggot". Thanks to the finale show of The Real Housewives we viewing audience got to see a featured photo of a shirtless Shane posing with a blurred out shirtless black guy. This photo is the same one that is found on his official MySpace profile. Just type Shane and Housewives and MySpace to find his profile via Google.

By the way, Shane's friend Paris is the one featured in the blurred out photo. Not the rich taped porn star Paris but a college guy with a pretty damn hot girlfriend. Will Shane come out next season on the show? Stay tuned to the gayest network in cable, Bravo!

Shane is on the left, Paris is on the right

How Will Grace End . With NBC officially killing off a great comedy that has actually run out of jokes, Will & Grace's mega finale will get the DVD treatment on May 23rd. Five days after the finale airs you can own a piece of queer history. The episode will be 45 minutes long with many DVD featurettes that will of course look great on the box but will most likely let your erection down. Farwell to the hit NBC show that never really showed an actual gay relationship.

Channel 912 . Tune into Channel 912 on every Tuesday for new media clips slash reality show entertainment. The 1st video features a spanish tv show where nudity is just not a problem. As for the 2nd clip, fuck if I know why guys are showing while answering questions. I live in America, where everything is closeted and prude.

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May 1, 2006

TV Star Body Or An Undiscovered Joe?

Take a guess. Post your answer. [Answer revealed on Thursday's post]

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