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November 30, 2006

Batista . Hard At Work

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November 29, 2006

ABC's Newest Bachelor . Lt. Andy Baldwin

Let's thanks Reality Blurred & IronMitch with a round of applause for helping reveal the newest Bachelor that will most likely NOT propose during his big 2 hour season finale. At least we can hope he picks someone that isn't fuckin' white, not that I have anything against Caucasian women but aren't there any white Bachelors who want a woman of color in the end? Check out IronMitch's blog for all the info on Andy.

And now thanks to YouTube and reader, JJ, we can now see Andy on video before he gets the reality whore treatment!

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November 28, 2006

Qox Populi . Tuesday 28th - Monday 4th

[ Welcome to's 2nd season of Qox Populi! What's that you ask? Sit up way too close to your PC screen and let's learn a new pop culture phrase! This creation is created based on the term, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". To give it a queer edge, as tends to do with TV programs, this webmaster has changed the first letter to "Q" thus making the immature side of you pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. Each week, on every tuesday, you'll find within these posts various news topics, rants and raves as well as my personal dislikes & highly respectable [to those of interest] opinion regarding everything that appears on your TV box. Anytime I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv that has a queer twist, I will post about it under each week's Qox Populi entry. Visit all week to see how it works. ]

Wiido . And so now it's been a few weeks and I have yet to buy my own Wii. I mean it screams "Gay" in my opinion and the newest "dildo" controller is just a high tech phallus symbol, one that I just can't wait to get my hands on. I mean the power the handheld device has... it's, it's just like grabbing ahold of your own cock. The Wii controller has this power of controlling something large and massive that only a male game player can truely understand.

So, since I do not personally have a chance to play with a Wii system then let me present to you some YouTube videos of various guys enjoying a brand new toy. It seems everyone has their own signature style of play. Some could give 2 shits and play while sitting down flicking their wrists back and forth. Others really get into it and sweat pounds away.

If you think about it, watch how your male friends play their own Wii controllers because it could tell you exactly what kind of lover they can be. It could also tell you how they play with their own dick. If they play with the Wii controllers aggressively, expect them to be aggressive jerkers. If they hardly touch it then expect that they have a small penis that they don't touch very often.

Either way everyone please just start playing with your shirts off because I expect playing with the Wii this holiday season is just going to lead to sex and a massive amount of babies 9 months from now.

And if you've fallen into an unbathed TV crush for "dave and adam" [video #3] then check them out playing Wii tennis.

No Show . So what the fuck is this? No "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode this year? Damn it! I will say though that the new "Pay It Forward" idea of giving her entire audience 1,000 dollars along with LOANED cameras to document their giving the money away experiences was high five thumbs up respect in my book.

If you missed Monday's episode of the first batch of audience members who took on this big giving away money task then you missed dumbass Stephanie from Eagle, ID who used her 1,000 dollars to give giants 100 dollar plus tips to 3 pizza delivery men. I'm betting after she saw everyone's moving, tear jerking stories about what happened to their 1,000 dollars that her big tip method was just down right dumbass material compared to everyone else's and Stephanie is probably had the laughing joke around the Harpo office. What a waste.

Real Big Episode . Wednesday night brought on the debut of The Real World: Denver and it also brought on the quote as seen above from roomie Colie. The episode lead us to believe that she slept with Alex, the roomie with the swimmer's body, on the first night. So she has seen Alex's reality superstar penis and believes it to be really "big" and she felt the need to tell her other roomie, Jenn, all about it.

Later one it gets down right pathetic when Alex tries to juggle 2 women in the house and ends up fucking 2 of his roomies, both with vaginas, in the first episode. It almost looked like a sitcom with no laugh track due to how it all played out.

I will say that Mr. GuyTVBlog will be making The Real World: Denver "appointment TV". Though I'm still wishing Brooke would Flip the Fuck Out already. Two episodes down and no Brooke flipping the fuck out. Any day Brooke... any day now.

Missed Madonna? . Did you miss the Madonna concert like I did? Fear not, it will be replaying on Queervo aka Bravo TV on Thursday November 30th 8/7c.

Check out this fun news segment where you can get a glimpse at the kind of guys who are playing with the Wii as you read this!

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November 27, 2006

Contestants & Houseguests... Today

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November 25, 2006

The Duel - Wes' Amateur Bodybuilder Body

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November 24, 2006

The Duel . Episode Shirtless

It seems that Wes was an amateur bodybuilder, at least according to Nehemiah who revealed this tidbit about my GuyTV Crush during his AfterShow interview on Now it makes sense why Wes is so fucking cut and built like no other Real World vetern.

And after seeing next week's preview... let's just say I've figured out what's going to happen. Highlight the closeted text for spoilers: Wes goes into the Duel with Derrick and sends Derrick the FUCK HOME!

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November 23, 2006

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Views

Whether you're there live in person or just watching the 80th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on your tele box, just remember, get there early so that you can get the absolute best view. NBC. 9 am on all coasts!

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November 22, 2006

Oprah's New "Nate" . Jamie Durie

Tuesday, November 21st, Oprah finally revealed her newest Australian find. A find that is suppose to work with Nate Berkus on various home projects yet can hold his own if neccessary. If you missed the episode, get details from Herald Sun, Australia's biggest-selling daily newspaper.

I present to you... Jamie Durie. An Australian landscape designer who's newest "dream job" is working with Oprah... among other things.

Where to begin. He was hosting an Australian show, Backyard Blitz but that show was recently given the dreaded axe and was cancelled. He also recently hosted Australia's answer to Dancing with the Stars, Torvill & Dean's Dancing on Ice.

His official website details his passion in life that could be best summed up, if need be, with a simple quote. "We connect people... with plants". Check out Patio Landscape Architecture & Design for more information regarding that aspect of Jamie's life.

Just added: An interview with Jamie Durie back in 2003. Also, a chat transcript during the same year.

Now the good stuff. His past includes something sexual... something muscled... something borderline queer. I'm talking about Manpower Australia! Yet another creation by Billy Cross, you know, the guy who was behind VH1's Strip Search. Well Billy put together this striptease chippendale act that included Jamie as a "dance captain" but that gig didn't last very long even though Jamie is still remembered today for that career choice.

Later, Jamie posed nude for an art magazine, Black & White [december 1998 issue], along side a... oh children, please cover your ears, Jamie posed along side with his... his... former fiancee! Yuck! That means he's Straight! I just found another photo featuring the short muscled Aussie hunk posing with another beautiful, taller woman at some TV thing.

It seems Jamie even tried out for Cirque du Soleil's Australian tour of Alegría but didn't make it. I can't imagine why. Jamie was also a model for some time since he was blessed with rather damn handsome good looks.

For those who have the money and resources can get a copy of Jamie's life story on DVD and if you're in Australia you can buy Jamie Durie products through Target!

Just added: It seems there's a 2006 calendar featuring Jamie Durie and his plant life friends.

His other TV work includes hosting duties for HGTV's The Block series for Australia cable.

That's it. Well that's not everything Jamie has done but my head hurts and I'm done with researching him. Care to contribute to this article? Then comment away!

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November 21, 2006

Qox Populi . Tuesday 21st - Monday 27th

[ Welcome to's 2nd season of Qox Populi! What's that you ask? Sit up way too close to your PC screen and let's learn a new pop culture phrase! This creation is created based on the term, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". To give it a queer edge, as tends to do with TV programs, this webmaster has changed the first letter to "Q" thus making the immature side of you pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. Each week, on every tuesday, you'll find within these posts various news topics, rants and raves as well as my personal dislikes & highly respectable [to those of interest] opinion regarding everything that appears on your TV box. Anytime I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv that has a queer twist, I will post about it under each week's Qox Populi entry. Visit all week to see how it works. ]

Don't forget to tune in Thursday morning for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! It's 3 hours of checking out hunky TV crush material Matt Lauer overseeing this year's 80th annual event! Julie Andrews is going to make an apperance, hopefully for the Disney float. Look out for Sarah McLachlan & Prince as well along with the White Christmas original cast. And what's this? NBC's website is announcing that MADONNA will appear!

And if you check out the official website for the parade, there's an evil lookin' clown in the middle of the top banner. I don't want to be scared this Thanksgiving day!

The parade has also given itself the title of "the longest running show on Broadway". Let's get technical and say it's not! And what the FUCK was I when they were taking the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on a national tour. They were in Dallas on November 1st at the North Park Center. I mean WHERE THE FUCK WAS I? FUCK!

Want a heads up on this year's parade line up when everyone is watching? Then check out the official list online now. I'm flipping the fuck out for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends float. Love that show!

Oh Wait, I just found out why F.H.F.I.F. is featured in this year's parade. Cartoon Network is airing a new movie on Thanksgiving Day featuring the zany characters going on a road trip to track down Wilt, the basketball imaginary friend! And if you've got kids in your home during Thanksgiving then put your tele box on Cartoon Network and let them enjoy the massive marathon of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends that starts as early as 6 a.m.!

Rosie's View . Want to see Rosie get OWNED on Tuesday's show? Check out Best Week Ever's write up on Rosie's somewhat idiotic "View" on Kelly Ripa's antics on her own show. Here Rosie never admits to being wrong and continues to uphold what a self appointed TV queen is. Damn your Views on straight people Rosie, Damn them!

He's Gay! . The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the Lifetime network has given the go to a dating show with a unique- okay, a twist we've seen before, nothing too original but at least they're trying. The show is "Gay, Straight or Taken?" and the premise has a woman going out on 3 dates with 3 men and then at the end of the show she has to correctly choose who of the 3 men is the straight single guy.

Now if she does choose correctly then she will win a trip to go fuck the single guy in some exotic locale. If she guesses incorrectly then the "taken" or "gay" guy gets to his "significant other" to that exotic locale for an all night fucking fest with their "significant other". And I assume the woman who doesn't win anything may still get to walk away with the single guy... but they'll have to fuck all night at his or her apartment. I don't know.

Endemol USA president David Goldberg has told THR that "This show really turns stereotypes on its head." Um... whatever, as long as the guys get shirtless somehow and the woman always picks wrong. And apparently this show is super old because the UK's ITV has already done this format back in 2003.

Celebrity Gest? . It seems David Gest, the social nut who married a musical nut, is appearing on UK's ITV I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! reality show. Now according to Gest, Michael Jackson called David and told him not to go on this show and another contestant tells the audience through online videos that you have to "get" David first and then he can be a "really funny top guy".

That's right. The day is almost here. Wednesday, November 22nd is the new night for drama!. Check out the full trailer here. 7 new strangers are thrown together in yet another social experiment where pretty people from the youth world are forced to live and fuck together all while dealing with booze, useless confrontations and infectious STD's.

Now the reason I wrote "... Colorado?" is because usually the cast doesn't say what state the show was filled in. At least I don't think so... check out all 15 season openings, back to fucking back. Thanks ieguy44! [Just give the video 30 seconds to start]. Boston & Seattle season openers are my top favorites!

I'm actually psyched about this season and can't wait for it to start. I'm also not that big a fan of the token gay member this year... I'm all about Brooke this season. She looks like this year's Tonya, Paula & Irene all thrown together in one personality! I'm betting that without Brooke, this season is going to make me loose my hard as fuck TV erection.

Also, thanks to karlsukhia for helping the viewing public discover the name of a song sampled in a Real World Denver TV spot. In the spot featuring the RWD girls repeating over and over "Hey Tyrie, Can We Join You?" the song used is ""Hey Girl" by Bamboo Shoots. Check out their MySpace profile where you can listen to the entire song. The song starts off great but then turns into another whole new song. Disappointing. But then again I'm not the greatest music credit so don't listen to me.

Remember, MTV, The Real World Denver, airing 3 times, 7pm, 8pm 9pm for us on Central/Mountain time in Texas!

Lately I've been on a "Over The Rainbow" fix. So here I present to you the darling Judy Garland singing "Over The Rainbow" in a 1968 performance on the Mike Douglas show.

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November 20, 2006

Super Cute Guys Play Wii

Wii has officially been released to the masses this past weekend and many many people are... selling it on eBay but only a select few are actually playing the system. The night of the release me and my cousin checked online to discover that Wii [North America] website had crashed! But I did happen to notice something odd... Super Cute Guys slash models were videotaped playing with the system. So then I wondered... are there Super Cute nerds on YouTube showing off their purchase and "package"?

After a quick stop to I see that there's hardly any Wii videos featuring Super Cute Nerds testing out the new system. I assume they're all playing with it right now thus ignoring YouTube visitors who want to see it in action! Not everyone had the money and/or time to get our hands on one.

So I ask... Where's the online videos where a guy opens his Wii, on camera, and drops it, on camera! Where's the muscled nerd who's playing the Wii while wearing a super tight shirt that has an antique nintendo controller butt fucking a sega controller? Where's the YouTube video of a 3 way kiss featuring 2 guys and a Wii controller? That's not much to ask, right?

I guess until all those videos officially premiere online you'll have to check out for more Super Cute "Models" playing the game good and hard. And in case you were wondering what it was like to get a Wii in NYC... then here you go. Thanks F9Phoenix!

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November 19, 2006

Suzy Snowflake . Nostalgic Holiday TV

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November 18, 2006

Mickey & Minnie Escape The Paparazzi! . Gay Disney Blog

The paparazzi just doesn't give up! They swarmed Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse inside the Magic Kingdom as rumors spilled into Cinderella's Caslte that their mousy relationship is on the rocks.

For more Disney Park information for the Queer at heart then check out my newest blog,!

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November 17, 2006

Game Wood . PS3's Erection Material

If you got a PS3 today, here's a few game hunks that should give you well deserved Game Wood!

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November 16, 2006

Batista . Achromatic

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November 15, 2006

Can The Duel's Wes' Body Look This Good At 30?

This is my solid photographic proof that Wes' massive muscle build can get so fucking hot when he hits 30 years of age. He's now maybe 20, 21 years old... hope Wes just keeps up the "body" of work! If you haven't guessed it, Wes is my #1 reason why I'm watching MTV's The Duel. #2 is Beth. And #3 reason would have to be Cunt Kina's emotional destruction on national TV. Down with Kina! I said... DOWN WITH KINA!

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November 14, 2006

Qox Populi . Tuesday 14th - Monday 20th

[ Welcome to's 2nd season of Qox Populi! What's that you ask? Sit up way too close to your PC screen and let's learn a new pop culture phrase! This creation is created based on the term, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". To give it a queer edge, as tends to do with TV programs, this webmaster has changed the first letter to "Q" thus making the immature side of you pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. Each week, on every tuesday, you'll find within these posts various news topics, rants and raves as well as my personal dislikes & highly respectable [to those of interest] opinion regarding everything that appears on your TV box. Anytime I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv that has a queer twist, I will post about it under each week's Qox Populi entry. Visit all week to see how it works. ]

Biggest Song . The song featured like a whore in the promos for NBC's The Biggest Loser is none other than Suzie McNeil's Believe. Her official website doesn't seem to mention the song anywhere but you can download the single over at iTunes for less than a buck and you can listen to it on her official MySpace profile but only if you have your PC's volume turned way up as you sweat away in the nude on your treadmill. Lose that weight fat stuff!

It seems Suzie was apparently the last female contestant in CBS' Rockstar INXS. You know, in case you were wondering. I never watched that Rockstar show and don't ever plan to but it seems she has come out of her reality show with a career featuring songs that spark emotion. "Believe" actually, well almost has this webmaster shedding a tear when I hear it used during The Biggest Loser promos.

What's that? You got an erection checking out Biggest Loser personal trainer Bob here on Well now you can gaze into Bob's lean and very queer body as you too download official wallpapers from the show's official site. Kim's mega sized wallpaper is there too for those lovin' the buff ladies.

Office Beat . Another whore promo airing on NBC is for the mega hit show, The Office. This one features a quick beat that gets you excited for the comedy shows of NBC and just brings the promos to the next level of audience manipulation.

And the song [drumroll please] for these promos is "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" from Robert Randolph newest CD Colorblind. This song is also available for download through iTunes. I'm listening to it as I type this out because this mega hit song can be heard through Robert Randolph official Myspace profile.

Got enough of TV songs? Then head on over to the NBC's Your Office website where you'll discover over 480 photos of office's who tune into the show and have a sense of humor that 30 Rock needs. Check out how a blonde makes copies and 2 ways to piss off your co workers aka Dwight's.

Kelan's Straight . Damn Damn Damn. I was pathetically watching the live reunion of Laguna Beach 3, skipping the actual finale of course, just to see who and how someone was going to ask Kelan if he was gay or straight.

About 20 minutes in, a cute gayish boy asked Kelan a question about him getting "the girls" while being a "star" in a band and attending college. Kelan then revealed that he's dating a girl named "Kate" for a few months that he met at his college. He also says he doesn't see himself as anything big. I, Mr. GuyTVBlog, suddenly felt like Jack Skellington singing Poor Jack [but this excerpt below is how I felt, just this part]

"How could I... be so blind?
All is lost... where was I?
Spoiled all... spoiled all
Everything's... gone all wrong"

Oh damn it... At least now I'm 50% sure Kelan is Bisexual. Yeah for Bisexuals!

Straight JP . Ever since I wrote about JP's strong case that he could possibly be gay... HERE comes Reality Blurred's article about Brad's interview and the strong possiblity that JP is queer like the rest of us.

Well it seems Mr. has been labeling JP as "Gay" for sometime. Exactly 2 months now. Here's one of many reasons why I've labeled cutie a-hole JP as gay, Survivor: Cook Islands . 1st Impressions.

It seems now with Reality Blurred, a blog who reaches far more readers than I, has recently written a story about more speculation that JP is gay, well now people from both sides of the issue are coming at me. First we have "J" who writes to me through email:

"Hi, Since I saw the "gay" story of JP at your blog first, I wanted to send along some info that I saw on realityblurred.

Here is the article

Well it's nice to see that my TV crush JP was lucky enough to find a man.... Thanks"

And then "Midnight Lounge" left a comment about me getting my "facts" straight.. no pun intended:

"...not sure if it was a typo on your end, but you refer to JP and Brad as "2 Hot as fuck Gay contestants..." in all the fact-checking I've done, JP is not gay...may want to double-up on your bloggin'?"

To which I, Mr. GuyTVBlog, wrote back:

"Okay.. I see where you're coming from ML but the entire pop culture world loves to titled Tom Cruise as "Gay" and his marriage as a "Fraud" [and yes they are wrong for doing that, me included] but when this small pop culture blog titles a survivor contestant as gay [as I have been led to believe] I'm suppose to hold back judgement because I don't have all the "facts" straight?

So now JP is straight until proven gay? Why can't he be gay until proven straight?

Damn it. Fucking facts! We will all just have to wait until the Survivor: Cock Islands finale when a third of the gay community will be watching, holding their breath and hoping JP joins the happy community, live on TV during the reunion show."

I understand where everyone is coming from. But think of JP's sexual orientation as this. Why must JP be labeled "straight" if it hasn't been proven to anyone that he's actually straight.

Again, we'll just have to wait until Survivor: Cock Islands finale premieres when the entire cast comes together with Jeff Probst asking JP is he's dating anyone... anyone from this cast... a man from this cast... an asian man from this cast... BUT then suddenly Jeff Probst will announce JP is his new love interest plucked from yet another cast of Survivor! Shocking bullshit, I know!

What's this? There's BIG people in Australia! I don't believe it! The Biggest Loser has crossed the fat ocean and discovered more overweight contestants in their version of the semi hit American show. Here the same trainers from the first 2 seasons, Bob and Jillian, are back to get those heavy aussies get in mutha fuckin' shape!

The second season for Aussie's Biggest Loser is no looking for finalists and should air sometime in 2007. And if you care, Israeli people have their own version as well.

Yes, that's right. You read right! NBC's hit soap Passions is now free through its official website! You can still pay just one cent under 2 bucks over at iTunes for previous episodes... over you can fuckin' watch them for free! What the fuck you waiting for, This week JT fucked Theresa over by lying to Ethan who ratted him out to the tabloids and on Friday Theresa is going to FINALLY tell Ethan that he's little Ethan's father!

I expect a whole big custody battle to now happen and Cunty Gwen will remain with Ethan and Theresa will kidnap her own son and blah blah blah... just as long as the new Miguel gets shirtless around the BRAND NEW actress who will be playing Charity! Yep yep yep, Charity returns to Harmony this Friday!

NBC's Passions . Free Full Lenght Episodes

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November 13, 2006

GuyTV Crush . Vincent Oshana

If you have a cable box that's hooked up to your tele box and you have Showtime then fuckin' watch The Underground! Here's why... Vincent Oshana. He's built to a solid T, he's Middle Eastern, a vibrant character that stands out on comedy skit show and just happens to be GuyTV's newest crush.

If you are ever watching, check out episode 5 where Vincent Oshana reveals all at the very end. You see Damon Wayans likes to introduce a cast member at the end of a show and lets them express themselves to the standing live audience. Well, Vincent came out and he came out in nothing but pure defined muscle, tats and a long black sock over his penis. How does he top the sock covering his penis bit? He shows off his muscled ass and shakes it for the crowd.

Now do you see what you're missing? Tune in to's Crush Vincent Oshana only on Showtime's The Underground. Thank you TV Gods for this discovery!

The show airs Thursdays around the time when your kids shouldn't be watching. If you have On Demand through Comcast then you still have a chance at catching up on previous episodes right now, episodes featuring Vincent playing a whore who gets slapped all the time, a goon to a queer godfather character, and a superhero who helps fire "Super N****". Vincent even went as far to show his nut sac in a commerical skit that features Jeans with a built in hole for men's balls to hang out and "breathe". Either they were really his nuts or the show has tons of money for fake nut sacs attached to jeans. I like to believe they were Vincent's real nut sac.

The show itself is crude, raw and quite funny... at times. If you do tune in be prepared for such characters and skits such as: a black thug in a sexual relationship with an old old white woman, a detective pimp who has 3 whores who each have a special power, business men throwing around the "n" word, a masked serial killer in the woods jerking off to lesbians "exploring" in a tent, a nude white man who has the "world's smallest penis", Peter Pan visiting Somalia and a disturbing Daddy's Girl relationship that left me with no laughter whatsoever.

The Underground continues to test Showtimes "no limits" slogan and takes the slogan to borderline offensive material. Another great reason to watch the show is Aries Spears [former cast member of MadTV] who shines brighter than any other cast member from MadTV ever could. And the biggest surprise is catching a glimpse of Damon Wayans Jr. working with his father Damon Wayans. I didn't know he had a son who looks just like him.

Vincent Oshana . Official Website
Vincent Oshana . MySpace profile

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November 12, 2006

The Duel . Episode Wes' Nipple Preview

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November 11, 2006

Rib Hillis Guest Stars On Ugly Betty...

...And never removes his shirt! Come on! You've got the gay viewers already watching, Salma, give us something besides "Ugly" makeup every week!

Fans of Rib Hillis may recognize him from a recent guest stint as "Ethan" from NBC's Passions, you know, when the regular guy who plays "Ethan" has other stuff to do so they get a stand in to replace him for a short amount of time, well Rib did that. Rib also recently appeared in a commerical with Just A Little Bit Fat Kristie Alley for one of those Jenny Craig spots. He was shirtless, oiled up and playing a pool boy. Yum!

I look forward to another Shockingly Beautiful cameo from Rib on my tele box.

Rib Hillis . Official Website

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November 10, 2006

Richard Simmons' Super Fan!

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November 9, 2006

I'm 93% Sure That Laguna Beach 3's Kelan Is Gay

Last night MTV aired episode 13 & 14 of Laguna Beach from the third slutty season. Episode 13 dealt with Prom and Kelan had no air time thus no further indication he is 100% straight. Well he did appear once or twice but he was never "up on" a girl or kissing any female lips.

Episode 14 featured Kelan's band getting a record deal with Epic Records. Congratulations to him on that but later when he told Cameron & Derek the news, both seemed a bit jealous and talked his big record news down with thoughts that "it won't work out". Not a knock against those 2 but anyone would be jealous of something big as this happening to someone other than themselves.

Also during Episode 14 the band is talking while taking in a chilly snack. The subject of "girls" comes up and Chase, the lead singer, brings up these "5 girls" who wouldn't stop grabbing at his legs... and then KELAN chimes in with "There were 5 dudes who wouldn't stop grabbing my leg." Suddenly Chase gives Kelan this look of dumbfounded realization... and then Chase says "Eh" to which Kelan then says with a big smile "I got to take what I can get."

Um... if you're straight, then NO you don't have to "take what I can get". You make sure you "take" only women. Oh Kelan... There's nothing wrong with a hot as fuck gay band member in a rock group. Nothing wrong at all.

Next week is the season finale and Kelan graduates. No more Kelan? Oh well. Onto the next possible closet case that triggers my GayDar!

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November 8, 2006

Super Cute Ben Airs On Martha

Martha Stewart has started a "America Cooks" segment where Americans who inspired Martha come on the show to share their reciepes because even Martha gets sick of herself sometimes. Why not bring fresh... muscled meat into the studio! So she starts off her new segment with a very Super Cute and so fuckin' adorable Ben Sargent aka "The Chowder Guy".

Here we find out that he's a "surfer" who lives in Brooklyn now. Ben also goes on to say that Martha's Vineyard is the best place to surf, in case you were wondering, but it is very cold. He also wears somekind of suit that makes you sweat alot and this works in his favor because he loves to surf and his Clam Chowder reciepe calls for a shocking "6 cups heavy cream". The audience gasped at this when Ben announced it. Of course Martha offered up alternatives because not everyone surfs and sweats to burn that off.

If you're quick and savy with the PC you can head on over to Martha Stewart's website to view his November 3rd America Cooks segment. It seems most of Martha's shows now can be found online at her website. In need of a great fatty recipe for Clam Chowder? Then check out his recipe by clicking here.

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November 7, 2006

Qox Populi . Tuesday 7th - Monday 13th

[ Welcome to's 2nd season of Qox Populi! What's that you ask? Sit up way too close to your PC screen and let's learn a new pop culture phrase! This creation is created based on the term, Vox Populi, which means "popular public opinion" or "voice of the people". To give it a queer edge, as tends to do with TV programs, this webmaster has changed the first letter to "Q" thus making the immature side of you pronance the word as "cox poppye lee". It's fun to talk dirty, teach your friends.

This is how Qox Populi will work. Each week, on every tuesday, you'll find within these posts various news topics, rants and raves as well as my personal dislikes & highly respectable [to those of interest] opinion regarding everything that appears on your TV box. Anytime I watch a show or experience something pop culture related on tv that has a queer twist, I will post about it under each week's Qox Populi entry. Visit all week to see how it works. ]

Gears of Erection . If you're a Queer Gamer and love to play with yourself... with the help of a video game box well then you must be well aware that Gears of War is making its U.S. debut this Thursday. The game follows sweaty muscled men fighting creatures with guns and bombs.

The advertising for the game has kicked into high gear this week. Check out this 60 second TV spot featuring Gary Jules' haunting song "Mad World".

This TV spot is just good TV. It's better than most of the shows on all of your cable channels. The editing, the song, the creature reveal, just brillant. And I just wanted to share it with those who maybe don't have the time to watch TV... but seem to have the time to surf the net.

Gears of War . Official Game Website

Duel's Big . How big is MTV's The Duel? Sony Pictures has decided to premiere the Spiderman 3 trailer during this Thursday's all new episode, the one where Beth becomes a "mastermind" and starts targeting the Kina Cunt Klan. If you haven't guess it by now I can't stand Road Rules alumni Kina. Bitch Cunt Bitch, at least on TV she is.

Gooo Team Beth!

Stupid Stupid . Stupid stupid stupid Brad got himself voted out of the game this Thursday on Suvivor: Cook Islands when he told Jeff that he didn't trust anyone in the game including his tribe members... AT TRIBAL COUNCIL! Dumbass! I can't believe it, 2 Hot as fuck Gay contestants [Brad & JP] fuck this season up. At least we still have Yul...

Seriously though, anyone still watching this show? The "big" twist last night to keep the last remaining viewers hooked is that the Jury number has increased to 10 members. If this number doesn't change by the time the finale airs... then I fear CBS will be asking for your money- oh I mean text votes so that America becomes the 11th member of the jury, you know, in case the jury is split.

Also, last night's tribe is an idiot. How come no one on that fuckin' island can see that Adam & Nathan are running shit because everyone should have turned against the 2 headed leader last night and voted one of them out! Survivor, just end already. No one's gonna miss you.

Oh! And the best part from last night's episode was when Jonathan snapped at Jeff's useless comments during the immunity challenge. Finally someone spoke up against Jeff during a challenge and even better, Jonathan didn't get voted out to which I'm sure pissed Jeff off. I want others to revolt against Jeff... Revolt! Revolt! Revolt!

Noah's Guest Role . If you missed Ugly Betty on ABC this Thursday then you missed fuckin' super cute actor Darryl Stephens and his teeny tiny walk on speaking role as a hotel waiter serving Betty and her dorky boyfriend. If you head on over to you will be able to view the full episode starting Friday.

Darryl's other film project heading to your tele box is Another Gay Movie. The film gets a DVD release on November 21st. Check out the film's official website.

Mr. GuyTVBlog Responds . "Michael" left a comment/question regarding WWE's Batista appearance in a future CW Smallville episode. Well Michael, Batista will appear in the November 16th episode "Static". It has been mentioned around the net that he will be playing a nasty villian from the Phantom Zone. You know, that scary place where Clark recently escaped from along with many other baddies.

Just be sure to watch this Thursday's new Smallville episode "Rage" where Lex fights with the hot as fuck Green Arrow and at the end credits you'll be able to catch a first look at Batista in his episode.

Holy BubbleButt Batman! highlight the closeted text to find out what role Batista MAY be playing... Lobo, The Martian Manhunter! Now I'm not 100% positive he's playing that role but I'm putting 2 and 2 together based on these photos below and his mention in a WWE article where he states “Hopefully they’ll have me do something else in the show. I’d love to be involved sometime in the future..."

Well if he's playing Lobo then he can return in future episodes. Check out the full article here.

Salty Cumlicks . That's a good word for a dish that Martha Stewart may be making when Russell Crowe appears on her show November 9th. That's a Thursday if you were wondering. But who cares about this abusive actor, Martha had a Super Cute guy on her this past Friday and will share him with you tomorrow!

Dress Off . Guess who from WWE's Smackdown is going to bare all in a 2007 issue of Playboy- I mean Playgirl. Click here to find out! [Now for some reason the news popped up on and then was taken out for some odd reason.]

Super 30 . Ellen DeGeneres had a "As Seen on TV" themed show Monday and all these informerical super queens stopped by to join the fun. Mega rich cheap queen inventer Joy Mangano appeared on the show to talk about her success story, even though her products suck and start breaking apart after the 30 days return policy is up. Don't believe me? Head on over to, find a product of hers and read the reviews. Bad bad bad!

Anways, Richard Simmons stopped by to announce that he's on a mission to try to get "school fitness" back in the schools of America. He also reveals he's a "compulsive eater" and "not a complete lover of excercise". What the fuck Richard?

He also informs us that he's not a fan of "surgery" aka gastric bypass and wishes everyone would go back to "the basics" of "moving our body" and eating healthy. His newest product is a steamer called Steam Heat that has had big success on QVC, hits the store shelves soon and in 11 days Richard will debut his 30th informercial for Steam Heat! Go Super Gays!

Congratulations Richard! I look forward to your next Super Gay appearance on Martha Stewart's show where she won't let you use the steamer because that's not Martha's style.

Check back later this week for a glimpse at Richard Simmons' Super Fan!

Heated Spoilers . NBC's Passions is revealing all to fans of the show. On November 17th Teresa reveals to Ethan that he's little Ethan's father! Now I'm going to say I know NBC soap operas and since Nov. 17th falls on a Friday... expect the shocking reveal to happen during the final minute and then you will most likely have to wait until after the weekend to see Ethan's reactions.

Also Miguel [Adrian Bellani] and Kay [Big Titty Hottie] confess their love to each other this week so what does Fox [Big Titty's Fiance] do to counter this blow to his character's ego... he calls Charity and plans to get her b ack to Harmony to get back all over Miguel's cock. What a show. I can't believe you're missing this show.

Sci-Fi Channel use to air the first episodes of the series but stopped for some reason. I guess no one cares about the start of the series. Their website is still up for those seeking to get caught up with all the kooky zany yet hunky characters.

Speaking of Sci-Fi... What's up with Reality Male Whore Rob Mariano starring in a Sci-Fi channel show? Is he still trying to survive life after reality television! Har de har har. I'm so funny.

QVC Oprah . On QVC today, around 3:30 pm Texas time, a caller called in on the Christmas Shoppe show for the "Holiday Themed 20 pc Box and Bag Gift Set". She said her name was "Evon" who is a teacher from Atlanta. Suddenly the annoying QVC host suggested to "Evon" that she can "keep" one of the decorative boxes that's in the gift set and was quickly interrupted by "Evon" who said "Um... Oprah said no. I can't- I can't give some gifts that I already have". [Whatever that means]

Hmmmm.... Very interesting I thought. So not everyone has spent Oprah's 1,000 dollar giveaway prize. What, are you living under a rock? Not too long ago Oprah gave her entire audience 1,000 dollars to spend on someone else and she LENT them an expensive camera to record their giveaway experience. Oh shit, you should have seen the looks on those audience member faces when they heard of the twist that the money wasn't for them but for them to giveaway. It was priceless. Dumbfounded expressions across the board!

Recently I displayed some international tracks from The Nightmare Before Christmas here on a previous Qox Populi post, you know, that animated classic that scares nursing homes. Well it seems Mary Poppins is making a comback through Broadway musical form and I thought I'd share Mary Poppin's A Spoonful of Sugar sung in French.

For more great French tracks uploaded onto YouTube, of course without YouTube's permission, the head on over to this link before they are completely wiped out!

And if the tracks are gone by the time you read this then why not try putting in any Musical DVD into your tele box when rain and chills keep you inside your home. And it all depends on your point of view. You see in every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun aaaannnnddd SNAP, the job's a game.

Now just select another language in the DVD menu screen, skip to your favorite track and take in the beauty that is another language. That's what Poppins would do!

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November 6, 2006

David "Batista" Bautista . The Animalism Effect

Readers of are aware of special sections devoted to NBC Passions' Adrian Bellani and Smallville's Tom Welling and now fans of WWE's Batista can now look forward to a new special section devoted to David "Batista" Bautista.

I actually can't stand watching WWE's Smackdown, where Batista currently appears, so I just Tivo it and fast forward to Batista's appearances. I believe last week he came out in dress pants and ripped off his black tank top and beat up on some green colored wrestler all while wearing dress pants. He's also growing a beard for some odd reason, maybe a possible feature film or TV cameo?

I do know that he will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Smallville along side Tom Welling and when this TV event happens... erections across the planet will rise in unison and prematurely ejaculate when both Tom and David appear on screen together. Just becareful of what you wear when that day arrives.

Oh Wait. I just took a quick visit to and discovered why Batista is growing a beard. He's starring along side John "Fucking Dumbass" Cena in Jornada del muerto, a "modern-day Western where gangs, drug trafficking and broken codes of honor rule." Paul Levesque aka Triple H also stars along with Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker, Bobby Lashley and Shawn Michaels. What the fuck? Another WWE film to bomb on opening day at the box office?

Batista, get away from WWE films and let's get you on the next Miami Vice movie as a dirty, sweaty cop in a size too small uniform. Fuckin hot!

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November 5, 2006

Quote . Wendy Williams' Response

During VH1's The Wendy Williams Experience [aka The Howard Stern's bastard copycat cousin show... done better] aired a phone call where a female caller talked about her "bisexual" man going down on a guy. Wendy's very gay friendly yet laugh out loud response was so fuckin' funny that I had to share it with the millions of viewers who are not watching her on VH1.

Next Friday Wendy asks hot hot hot hot hot as mutha fuckin hot John Legend about his sexuality and just basically asks him if he's gay. Will he deny it or just leave it open [as most do] to help keep in the gay fans even though he's straight as a dildo arrow.

Wendy Williams Experience . Official Website . Watch previous episodes & UnCut footage only on VH1's VSpot

After catching a short video featuring the "Question of the Day" segment on the VSpot we find another hilarious moment thanks to Wendy. Another woman wrote in to ask Wendy if he husband is gay because he just returned from jail and wants his wife to put her fingers in his asshole. Wendy's signature "How You Doin" drag queen voice chimes in announcing that your man is gay. Very funny.

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November 4, 2006

Pale Force & The Legion of Pale

A toon that can only be seen on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and now online through Pale Force's official website. I actually like redheaded pale muscle... like Wes from MTV's The Duel!

This skit features Conan's pansy ass character becoming a crime fighting sidekick to Jim Gaffigan's hunky creation of a pale superhero. I'm thinking we probably need sunglasses to suck Jim's character off because the after effects of going blind [temporarily] may be worth it!

Pale Force . Official Website

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November 3, 2006

I'm 84% Sure That Laguna Beach 3's Kelan Is Gay

Watch the full episode "Only In Cabo" [2nd of 3 parts] that features this heterosexual confusing moment that leads gay guys like me [who have a big ol' TV crush on Kelan] believe that Kelan is secretly playing for our team.

You know, when I first saw the trailer for Laguna Bitch 3... Kelan stood out for me. Everyone else online and living in Laguna Beach is all hot and bothered for Cameron... but Kelan just does something for the queer viewers. Am I right?

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November 2, 2006

Mario Lopez . Close Enough To Kiss

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November 1, 2006

More Of The John Cena Costume

Ummm... No.

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