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February 17, 2008

Big Brother 9 | Matt Receives 2nd Blow Job From Natalie!

Oh Sweet Big Brother you can hear Natalie slurping, gagging, choking- How big is Matt's dick by the way, do tell the other girls Natalie! Ohh Natalie is hooked on Matt's dick. She's pretty good cause Matt's lips just quivered a bit, he's enjoying it.

Matt's breathing is rapid and broken. She gets faster. Bed shaking a bit. Someone snoring loudly in the background. Camera zooms back and you can see the outline of her body, holy fuck that's loud gagging! Matt suddenly gets quick thinking because someone may be up and he grabs a pillow to protect Natalie's bopping head under the covers. He's a pro at night time blow jobs!

Matt's head jerks back and forth and as she gets back to work to finish up because Matt just came. The fucker even smiled before she popped her head from under the covers. She appears magically from under the covers and rests her head on his shoulder. Her puppy dog eyes looks into his face but Matt won't look at her. Her hand tries to bring Matt's lips to hers but he moves it in the opposite direction as to not kiss her.

At one point Matt opens his eyes to smile at the camera again but Natalie opens her eyes too and then pathetically kisses him on the neck. Oh SHIT. Matt says he has to use the bathroom. Right now his "boys" Alex and Parker at in the kitchen talking. Amanda is on the second floor easedropping.

Matt grabs his sweatpants, escapes quickly into the living room and puts them on in the living room. He jogs over to them and takes a seat at the kitchen table. He laughs, tells them he just got a blowjob from Natalie and then talks about getting a bj from here without even kissing her yet. Then both of the other guys laugh saying "this guy... getting blow jobs in the house".

Parker asks "did she swallow?" and Matt says yes and Parker goes "Wow. Impressive". Amanda lays in the couch on the 2nd floor and listens in and bows her head at one point in maybe utter disbelief at what's going on in the house, what's being said by these 3 douche bags.

All 3 men laugh again at Natalie giving Matt another blow job. Matt goes into more detail about Natalie's blow job techniques, something about doing it "sideways" . Parker says "at least you're getting some action". Parker then says he's going 10 days "without fucking releasing dude, I'm dying". But earlier in the day he talked about having no urge to masturbate. Hmmm....

Alex gets upset over Amanda giving him erections and "blue balls" during the night and then calls her a "fuckin bitch". Amanda seems hurt by all this but it's Amanda and who knows what the hell she's thinking at this point.

Now the 3 douche bags talk about how Natalie was talked by Matt into giving him a blow job. Minutes later Alex makes some not so nice comments about how he hopes Amanda is upstairs in the room and not out here. She hears EVERYTHING negative said about her and the other women in the house.

Then Amanda begs Big Brother to "please let me get caught sleeping in the common area" so the boys downstairs can think Amanda slept through all their talks.

Oh SHIT, here we go with these douche bags. I know Joshuah has been an out of control bitter cunty Queen but more power to him to get Alex, Parker and Matt out of the fucking house because this shithole just made a comment how Joshuah isn't playing the game, how he's keeping to himself [they have no idea he is the leader of the other side of the house] and that if Joshuah gets HOH that he would "save" Alex because Alex didn't put him up this week and that Joshuah is gay meaning since he's a gay person that he wouldn't vote out someone like Alex because he is another "cock" in this house to look at. Fucking Idiot Douche Bags.

Both Alex and Parker talk as if Joshuah is easily swayed by straight guys acting as if they are okay with homosexuality. Both Alex and Parker, not so sure about Matt, are very homophobic but believe they can control Joshuah because he's gay and into them sexually.

Video is now up thanks to xx2000xx who has to use another account after one of his many YouTube accounts got suspended. Check it out!

Posted by guytvblog at February 17, 2008 5:17 AM