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August 25, 2008

Survivor Gabon | Gay Cast Member To Compete In 17th Season! Airs Thursday September 18th

Apparently Survivor Gabon fan sites and message boards are running at the mouth that Charlie Herschel is the 29 year old gay NYC attorney contestant on the new season. So we have another gay cast member this season, the question remains, will we ever have 2 gay cast members on Survivor at the same time. Is it so wrong to have a gay romance on Survivor?!?!

There's also a wild rumor that Charlie is BFF with Todd, the other gay contestant slash winner from Survivor China. Don't forget that a sexy Doctor is also part of the cast as seen in the screenshot above taken from one of the many TV spots now airing during CBS programming. I hope Charlie fake faints after a water challenge to get the "doctor" prescribe some mouth to mouth attention.

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