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December 11, 2009

Perfect Casting! | NBC's The Office Hires A New Gay! Super Gorgeous Red Head Actor Sam Daly As "Matt"!

Yep, Sam has the familiar "I know I've seen him somewhere" face. That's because he's the son of that handsome actor Tim Daly! Let's see what the web informs us about this super cute new actor, who by the way is straight as an arrow until proven gay. He was a basketball player, the captain of his senior team, he's 25 years old, 6 feet tall and he's signed onto The Office as a "recurring" role.

Now here's the trick of his character. In the first episode we have yet to find out if he's officially gay. We all know Oscar's character is gay in the office but his attraction to "Matt" is just that, an attraction. The pregnant girl on the show did say during the outstanding best episode of the season that Matt was also gay but the character himself has yet to come out officially.

Blogs are talking about Sam Daly as an actor who has signed on to play the "younger boyfriend" of Oscar but I expect this storyline to play out as just that, a one sided straight co-worker attraction. I'd love for a gay relationship to blossom on this season but it's going to have to be one of those I have to see it to believe situation.

Now the actor who plays Oscar is hinting at some great things to come in the story arc and how the office staff will not find out about them right away but of course the office will find out soon enough with Michael being the one who will have the most over the top reaction to a gay office relationship. Oscar has even dropped the male cougar title in his recent interviews about dating "Matt" on the show.

I'll post screencaps of Matt later tomorrow when the episode becomes available for download.

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