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March 18, 2010

MTV's Fresh Meat 2 | Trailer Debuts! Wes Returns!

Ohhh look at all the new grade A prime "beef"! So this season on Fresh Meat 2 is basically Wes vs Kenny with NO JOHNNY SHIT-NANAS to help Kenny along and NO EX TWAT GIRLFRIEND SLUTBAG Johanna to fuck with this season! THANK GOD! Wes for the EPIC WIN!

From the look of the trailer it looks as if Wes and/or Kenny, who are battling most of the season end up working together in the end to hopefully both make it to the final challenge with either one of them winning or possibly another third team beating them both. I suspect another Kenny end game so if I find out that is the case I probably won't watch this season hardcore as much as if I know another team wins in the end. Seriously, another money win for Kenny is just irritating but then again for an ENTIRE cast to ALLOW Kenny to make it to the end again is just a cast of stupid idiots. Complete and utter stupid idiots. Fuck alliances, you stop people who've won the game before from EVER getting to the fucking end!

Now from the trailer we don't even see him but Darrell returns after his fight from last season that left him out of the challenge. And SUPER GOREGOUS CJ from the SUPER SHITTY Cancun season enters his first challenge yet his storyline doesn't make it into the trailer. What's with so many cast members being left out of the trailer? Landon is also back and still built FORD TOUGH. Disgusting Cum Rag Ryan returns aka Mr. Fame Whore.

And RW Austin's Danny returns again but this time he and Wes become mortal beefy enemies. Danny's juicy beefy chunky muscled body is a real big turn on for me and I'm starting to like his body more than Wes'.

Update: Okay, I've found out the bootlist order and who the final teams are and who wins the whole damn thing. All I can say is I'm watching!

And new Fresh Meat cast member, Noor, is the new sexy BEAST to watch this season! Amazing body and sexy as hell. He would be Jenn's partner and he's pictured above standing next to the other newbie chick who's wearing a blue sweater. Noor is like a young Kaysar from Big Brother!

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