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July 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 16, 15, 14, 13

Day 13-16

Day 13

Morning has come and gone for Day 13. Early in the morning Lane and Brendon get to talking in the kitchen. I KNOW, RIGHT? Like when the fuck did Brendon and Lane ever get time alone to make out- I mean talk. Brendon makes it known that he is just fucking D.U.N., DONE with Annie. Lane just can't with her anymore. Both agree that they are the 2 closest to Annie in the house and neither can help her, both want her to leave the house and just be done with it.

Outside Brendon has talked with Andrew as well about what will happen next week if Andrew gets HOH. Brendon suggests going after Enzo. Andrew won't commit to anything or agree to whatever Andrew suggests about that but just tells Brendon that they will talk about it later. Both agree that neither can trust Briteny or Monet, AT ALL.

Later in the HOH room Lane & Hayden get to talking. Hayden reveals what Kristin told him last night about who she would put up, go after, Money & Britney. They both feel very safe next week no matter who gets it. Both see Rachel and Brendon going up on the block again next week almost no matter who gets HOH.

Brendon becomes the talk of their conversation. Lane thinks Brendon is "fake" and can be tricked into believing he is to be trusted but then backdoor or sucker punch him in the game, turning on him after gaining his trust. Use him to get what they want and then toss Brendon out. Well whatever, as long as Brendon stays longer in the house shirtless and showering.

Later Lane and Britney talk in the open bedroom about Annie and Brendon. Mostly about Annie. Britney still wanting Annie out but does hear Annie's arguement for staying. Saying Annie has a "valid point" in that Rachel and Brendon are an alliance. Funny thing is no one is really scared of Brendon and Rachel. They all believe they can just be both put on the block again next week with Brendon being the first one to leave out of the 2. Britney also believes Rachel getting HOH next week is basically Brendon's HOH.

What's this? BEEEEP! BEEEEP! Ragan is hearing a beeping noise in the house. Not sure what it is. He hears it near the open bedroom, the have not bedroom and even the living room. Brendon gets involved as Ragan thinks it has something to do with the HOH comp this week. Brendon agrees and that nothing that happens in the house is for no reason. But Brendon leaves Ragan to his BEEEPing investigation as Brendon just doesn't seem to care all that much. Ragan sits near the main hallway to the house waiting for the BEEEEP!

There it is again! But this time the BEEEP was quickly followed by "Please Go To The Diary Room". Then BEEEEP! again.

OHHHH SHIT! There it is! Between the Have Not and the Open Bedroom, in the hole in the wall is some weird looking device that is releasing a series of BEEPS. Ragan is hanging out in the Have Not bedroom counting the time between each Beep. He gives up soon walking away.

Now I'm thinking the loud beeping in the kitchen is the timer at the oven but there really is a small slight tiny BEEP between the Have not bedroom and the open bedroom. I heard the smaller beep myself on the camera and saw the weird device making the noise. Interesting.

Sorry guys and gals but the house is boring today. What's up with no drama or fighting 13 days into the house with these people? Shit, fist fight already!

As night falls we get a rather playful night, the entire house outside, playing pool, chatting, drinking beer and wine, laughing. Well everyone except ANNIE! Annie is moving over to the lounge chair next to Enzo to talk game.

Holy Fuck! Here Annie REVEALS that Brendon first tried to come onto her but when Annie rejected him that he then went to Rachel! LOL! Fine, whatever bitch. Then when Enzo escapes back to the pool table Annie talks to Kathy, game game game game game GAME!

The LAUGH OUT LOUD moment was when Britney walked past Annie and Kathy, we hear Annie say "no one is willing to fight for me" crap quote that makes Britney smile and then she keeps on walking.

Kathy escapes the mouth grip of Annie and heads inside to find Monet and Britney baking cookies. Here we find out Monet and Britney want to get information out of Annie before she leaves. Give her hope, grab her Brendon information and then VOTE HER ASS OUT! Kathy walks by and they bring her in on their mission and actually want Kathy to do the dirty work and get the information.

Kathy agrees and they are heading back outside. Annie has moved on to Lane to talk on the Lounge Chairs. She's sooo stupid. She basically tells Lane what she told the DR about how he is a "teddy bear in a Hillbilly's body". He of course playfully takes offense to it and she talks circles trying to basically turn what she said into a compliment and then tries to call herself a hillbilly and how she was just making fun of herself. JUST STOP BITCH. Holy fuck.

Lane continues to try to get Annie to fight for her to stay in the house and sicks Annie on the rest of the houseguests. Maybe his escape from Annie. Annie has moved over to the large lounge chair where Kathy, Britney, Monet and Ragan are.

UH OH! Drinking, chugging beer Annie starts talking about how she can't wait to bring Brendon down in her final speech. Monet is HUNGRY for information about Brendon. Annie keeps trying to drop hints but is finally pulled away to the hammock by Monet. Here we find Annie playing the same ol' record she's been spewing for days now. Oh, I forgot to mention that Annie claims that Brendon "backstabbed" her. REALLY BITCH? He has no power other than POV to SAVE HIMSELF! He didn't win HOH and he didn't pick the replacement nominee!

BITCH TWAT, you just all mad he chose Rachel over you! Monet seems to be taking in what Annie is saying, giving Annie hope, as she said she would. All Monet is doing is gathering information and is getting it about Brendon. Annie THINKS she's getting into Monet by almost getting her vote and turning her against Team Brendon and Rachel but NOPE, Monet is just using Annie like a tampon. When dirty, toss out!

Over on the backyard couch Rachel and Kristin bond over shoes and their intense love for some brand I can't even pronounce. Oh wait, Annie is again telling Monet that if she goes on the block that she will NEVER vote to evict her and also adds how she doesn't care if Britney stays until the end, that Annie has no intention of getting rid of Britney. I guess Annie isn't going to vote anyone out except Brendon. What's funny is Monet has no idea Kristin HATES her guts and wants her out along with Britney, either or out the door if Kristin wins HOH. Kristin hates her hatred for Monet very well. Cunning player indeed.

Back to Rachel and Kristin laughing, having a good ol' drunk time. Lane takes a seat on the couch and both girls are enjoying his company. Apparently the boys caught a moth and tossed it in a spider web and watched the spider wrap and "bite" the moth.

Inside Enzo, Matt and Brendon talk about Annie. All agree that Annie is still going and how Annie is going to take everyone down with her. Brendon is already ready for Annie to spill shit or start shit about Rachel and him. Their talk soon fades away into random funny life shit and it seems if they even talk about how Big Brother live show Thursday works Big Brother is quick to hit the "Houseguest, you are not allowed to talk about production". It's been like this all night. When Ragan was talking earlier about Big Brother building the HOH comp outside making them on a possible indoor lockdoor all morning and how they probably have to clean all day, well BB put that same damn message over the audio. It's crazy strict this year.

Monet finally escapes Annie. Annie has this accomplished look on her face as she sits on the hammock. DREAM ON BITCH. Minutes later Annie has worked herself inside and is alone with Matt in the kitchen. Andrew is nearby in the bathroom and Annie jokes around but you know she's waiting for the perfect time to start talking game with Matt... but here comes Rachel and Monet inside together to get some of that yummy pizza Matt just made. Rachel is inches away from Annie, who's sitting at the counter. And what do you know, Annie splits! Britney now comes inside with Enzo, all around the pizza. It does look so fucking good.

Over in the open bedroom the BEEEPPing continues. Andrew walks by and says "this beeping better stop!". THE SABOTEUR HAS STRUCK AGAIN! Giving them hell the night before the HOH competition. Not sure why but the camera man just zoomed in on an orange bowl on the main table. WTF?

Monet has walked upstairs to the HOH room where Britney awaits her. The minute she walks in she is quick to say she pretty much got what she wanted from Annie BUT wants Annie to NOT tell everyone at the eviction speech because Monet wants to use that information to benefit her in the game and not have it all out there in the open. Monet sums up Annie's talk as "we just talked and talked and talked".

Monet rehashes the best points about how smart Brendon is, a "nerd at heart" under the jock persona, how Monet figured out that Brendon is in the science field and that is the reason why he's into Rachel, whos' a chemist. Now Monet thinks Brendon is "some kind of a doctor". Britney some how gets from Monet's chat that the "pair" is Annie and Brendon! WHAT? Shut up Britney, thanks for playing the Pair Game. But part of me thinks that Britney is using the "pair" crap to get Monet to focus on keeping the idea of getting rid of Annie, AT ANY COST!

Both agree that Annie has to go. Britney is now pushing for Annie to leave because it looks as if Monet is toying with the idea of keeping Annie. Oh Annie is good talking non stop for days and how it eventually almost sinks in after days and days and hours and hours of non stop game talk.

Day 14

Just as midnight passes and Day 14 begins we find Matt talking with Brendon and Rachel. He basically tells Rachel that she's pretty much staying and wants to give her home, mostly to get in good with her next week if she or Brendon win HOH. Matt is protecting himself here with words of encouragement.

Nothing interesting happens, the house sleeps and then wakes up for a new morning. Later outside Annie and Lane talk on the hammock. Annie continues to play Lane's ego, mentioning that she would love to put her hand down his pants. He said he wouldn't stop her, you know, because Lane is all about having sex with the ladies, cause that's what truck driving Texan masculine men do, fuck women and cum on their titties.

Ohhh what's this? The Saboteur left a message for the houseguests. Telling them all that he/she/it escaped nomination and/or eviction this week. "Nice Try" it says! AWESOME! But WAAAIIITTT. This is BULLSHIT! Another big reason people were enjoying the fact of getting rid of Annie was that some thought she was the Saboteur. But now since ALLISON GRODNER has made it known that Annie is not the Saboteur that I can only assume she's hoping the people wanting to get rid of her for that reason will now keep her since she isn't it.

But wait a minute. Wait a GAWD DAMN MINUTE. Maybe they think she/he/ it is lying about getting off the nomination block and is lying to save herself, aka Annie trying another ploy to stay, that is if she is the Sab. Whatever. Annie is still leaving.

What's this?!?! Kathy has come out of the Diary room and is mad that Big Brother is trying to get her to say things a certain way or things that are not true. She tells this to Britney and Monet who also agree that Big Brother is doing this in the Diary Room. I mean what should we expect from Big Brother but more diary room manipulation.

The time is 4:40pm. Here we find Britney and Monet talking with Hayden in the open bedroom. They share their information with Hayden about how Brendon is some SUPER NERD who is lying about his real job and how smart he is. Hayden is a damn good player. He just sits there, absorbs the information, says a few words, agrees and just lets them spill all their information. Britney still talks about getting rid of Annie.

UH OH! The Beep came again. All three heard it. Briefly talk about the Beep when Lane walks in and lays down in his bed. Ohhh, now it's a cricket or a chirping. Rachel comes in and is told about it and Rachel believes it is part of the game of Big Brother. Rachel just says she doesn't think there will be HOH questions about the time difference between the chirps.. WAY TO GO, cause if it is you just gave that away if they weren't thinking about it.

Hayden wonders though if the game indeed has to do with the BEEPS and the order of the sounds, time between them. Britney keeps down playing the theory and thinks the sounds are just a clue about the style of the game but not really important to the HOH comp. WHATEVAS bitch. She aint winning HOH! Annie walks in and I've LOST MY HARD ON for Lane.

Annie says "they" are building something big outside. They wonder if the competition will be endurance or a comp where you buzz in and the decorations are huge. Then Big Brother, being the ANAL SHIT HOLE it is, buzzs in with "you are not allowed to talk about production". So they stop.

LOL! Annie AGAIN talked about them all voting for her to stay and how she will fight for the house to take out Brendon. Same ol' shit. Annie leaves and Enzo comes in minutes later to a funny Britney getting up out of her bed and playing pointing that "SHE HAS TO GO" meaning Annie. That Annie better not stay and how they don't want to hear her shit anymore. Enzo agrees and both Britney and Monet make it known they are still voting to evict Annie this week!

Now Britney won't stop about how much they need to win HOH this week. Enzo's plan is already out in the open. If their side wins they need to put up Rachel and Andrew with intentions that POV will be used to backdoor Brendon. PUSSY BITCHES all scared of Brendon winning POV again and staying through to week three. You know, if Brendon is taken out next week who will the next target be? I think Rachel will survive so that a large "kill" will be taken out week 3.

The indoor lockdown is over and there has been nothing built outside as Annie thought there was. An oversized large golf club and yellow big golf balls are in the backyard for the houseguests to use and play with. These must be tools in the HOH comp.

8pm passes and we find Monet, Kathy and Annie in the Have Not bedroom. Annie continues to fight the verbal fight in killing the houseguests with her campaigning. Neither confirm that they are voting to keep her. Interesting! Rachel & Britney comes walking into the room! And Annie SHUTS THE FUCK UP. Rachel is sitting only a few feet from a non speaking Annie.

Talk turns to Rachel's breast implants. Rachel blames her doctor on how big they are, how she didn't want them that big. She wanted to get her breast implants out this year, even though she JUST got them last year but she decided to keep them for awhile because they are so expensive to take out.

Annie finally talks and talks about her small breasts. Rachel asks her something funny about why she likes small boobies! Annie admits that she likes "boyish" tits, I think? I'm sure Monet and Britney are going to turn this boob talk into a mocking fun chat later and spread it around the house behind her back.

As the ladies SHIT CHAT in the Have Not bedroom the guys are in the kitchen with Kristin talking, laughing, having their own shit and giggles about life. Kristin doesn't seem to be having a good time, she leaves and heads outside. The men's conversation is mostly about Lane's redneck country back woods life, guns, cutting Bull's nuts off and more guns. OH Lane, just fuck me hard after a sweaty long day on the ranch. YUM!

Rachel heads outside with Brendon and here we find out Rachel seems a little worried walking in on Annie being friendly with Kathy, Britney and Monet. Brendon goes on a bitch fest about Britney and Monet. You see Brendon worked hard to cook everyone dinner tonight and afterwards did most of the dishes on his own. I KNEW Brendon was going to bitch and complain like it was the MTV Real World house about other people not telling him "thank you" and/or helping clean up or even cook.

Kristin is nearby on the hammock while Brendon and Rachel play with the oversized golf kit. She hears them and agrees with Brendon about Britney and Monet not helping out and how they should not win HOH next week. You knew when Kristin heard someone else hating on Britney and Monet that she would chime in. But she is smart enough to stop talking and to remove herself from the chat. Hayden and Matt come outside and the talk stops.

Rachel invites herself with Kristin in the hammock. Kristin welcomes her and both complain about being tired from being tired. Ragan then joins his GAL PALS in the hammock and all make these funny noises of "whoooo" when he gets into the hammock. Ragan has taken a shower and smells good according to the girls.

Ragan says he is going to go to bed early. Rachel thinks she should go to bed too. Fuck them. Let's go over to the outside couch. Lane is trashing Brendon that he's not "athletic". He says Hayden is athletic but really Lane, STFU, Brendon is a swim coach! Lane is hellbent on getting rid of Brendon next week. He's talking with Matt and Hayden by the way. And can you fucking believe that they all agree to throw HOH if Brendon and Rachel are out. They want other people in the house to get HOH and use them to go after Brendon and Rachel. Smart game play though. The problem is if they REALLY want Brendon and Rachel nominated again next week they really have to win HOH because things change. Shit their alliance could get exposed if Britney has HOH and the rest of the house could target the SHITgade.

Annie joins them and I've lost my LANE HARD ON. My dick fell the fuck off as Annie talks. Fuck you Annie.

Back over in the hammock Rachel, Ragan and Kristin are laughing, having a good ol' SUPER GAY time. Laughing, not wanting any drama. But they are boring when they don't creat allliances and are really boring when they talk about fat America.

LOL! Back inside Enzo, Britney and Monet talk in the open bedroom. Britney laughs telling Enzo that they told Annie to come and talk to Enzo about his vote, that Enzo was thinking about keeping Annie. Enzo says "come the fuck on" laughing. Annie talking game is now an official joke in the house, just like I predicted it would be. They will even make fun of her weeks after she leaves.

FINALLY Ragan and his GALS on the hammock talk about the noises in the room. Rachel says that there is a different sound in every room. Rachel says there's even a sound in the kitchen. SHIT, now Kristin is going to tell Hayden all this and he'll tell the GANG. Rachel believes she has figured out the "code". She comes up with these list of numbers and runs off a list of numbers. Hopefully her "over thinking it" fucks Hayden and when he tells his GANG about Rachel's thoughts on the sounds as told by Kristin to him, that they'll fucking lose HOH.

OHHHHH! Ragan thinks each room has a sound and that Julie will play a sound and the houseguests have to correctly guess which sound goes to which room. Rachel wants them to not tell anyone... well good luck with that request girl. Kristin is going to get on her knees and whisper this piece of information against Hayden's surfer salty pecker.

Rachel lets it known that she fears certian people winning because she feels she'll be back on the block next week with Brendon. Inside Enzo, Lane, Britney and Monet listen to the BEEPS and noises. OHHH HOLY SHIT! Annie is talking game with Matt, Matt is picking at his eye, hardly listening, inserting "yeah" here and there. Matt's hand halfway in his shorts... okay AL BUNDY!

Inside Brendon whisper game talks with Kathy. Both agree Annie is just too much with all the game talk. Brendon voices his view on the whole Annie thing and Kathy says Annie hardly knows Brendon and to say he betrayed her is just too much. Brendon heads upstairs to talk to Hayden. Hayden fears or expects Annie to come up to talk to him upstairs.

Hayden says that some people are telling Annie that are going to vote for her but are really not. Brendon says they need to think about Andrew winning HOH next week. I just don't care about this conversation. Hayden's loyalities lies with the GANG and not Brendon. Hayden has it good in so many alliances, fucker is going to win Big Brother if no one suspects his game!

Brendon talks about his fear with Enzo to Hayden. UH OH, Brendon is too trusting around Hayden, the GUY WHO PUT YOU ON THE FUCKING BLOCK! Oh Brendon, smart in life, not in Big Brother. You have to play Big Brother week one and treat the first HOH as someone who is in multiple alliances. The first HOH will have too many deals, alliances and is gathering too much information in week one.

LOL! Annie interrupts by ringing the doorbell but then opens the door to find them talking. She says she will come back later. Hayden jokes that he will be talking with her for 2 hours. LOL! Brendon's shitty chat continues where Hayden plays off how he's not close to Lane, Enzo... D.U.N. with this.

Rachel and Kristin bond more over game talk. Whispering on the hammock about Diary Room talks and she is outed by Big Brother. The houseguests outside make fun of her, yelling out 'GAME TALKER". She talks more and we find out Kristin has included Rachel in "our corner" of the house. Kristin and Rachel are BFF's? LIKE SUPER AWESOME!

Annie is now in the HOH with Hayden talking trashing Brendon. She's trying to pin the Saboteur thing on Brendon because of today's message. BLAH BLAH DELETE ANNIE FROM HOUSE! Annie tells Hayden how she is going to say "digs" in her eviction speech and how if she stays that Brendon will be after her and she will be after him. She keeps pushing how Rachel will make it to the end with Brendon. What's funny is Annie doesn't realize that NO ONE in the house needs Annie for anything anymore.

Day 15

HOLY FUCK! Hayden and Lane have had a mini GANG meeting minus Matt and Enzo. They talk about keeping Annie!!!! Annie has finally busted into their shitty brains and has rested comfortably there. The problem is, like I've said before, is that Enzo DOES NOT want to keep Annie. They can't go against Enzo week one, the start of their alliance! They even talk about back dooring Enzo after they make it to the Jury house! HA HA!

Britney and Monet also toy around with the thought of keeping Annie. Hayden's talk with Annie has given her hope so she's going around the house telling people that Hayden wants her to stay! Britney and Monet talk with Annie about her staying over Rachel and how Annie has to play this way and that way and be a pawn next week and to never nominate Britney until Jury crap.. Annie will of course agree to anything and go back on her word soon after.

Annie's endless talk seems to have broken through. FUCK! BUT WAIT! Enzo is now in the HOH room with his boys and pushes them back into getting out Annie. YES!

As morning comes and goes most of the day is just everyone cleaning and getting ready for their first live show. Annie can be seen and heard practicing her eviction speech. She wants it to be perfect, memorable and a hard stab at Brendon. Also expect a final plea to stay in the house with her choice of words. I expect Julie to question her outside the house, Annie to have a shitty grin, nodding, being all super happy fake with Julie, acting as if she's happy to be out and basically wishes hell and sadness for Rachel and Brendon. I hope Julie tells her who the Saboteur is and I say this because Julie revealing who it is MEANS Annie IS NOT COMING BACK INTO THE HOUSE WITH SOME TWIST LATER ON!!!!

OH! MY! BIG BROTHER GOD! Annie is the Saboteur! Right now she's using her eviction speech LIVE to go after Brendon's game by getting out Rachel to hurt Brendon. She does tell everyone how he lied about his real job and WHATEVAS!

Monet is first to cast her vote. She evicts Annie! YES! Andrew is next. He votes to evict Annie! YES! Next up is Lane. He votes to evict Annie!!!! HOLY SHIT! Next up is- wait. Big Brother goes to commerical. This is done on purpose for people to change their fucking minds last minute. Give Annie more time to talk during commerical break.

IT'S BACK! Kathy is next, she evicts Annie! YES! 2 MORE! Kristin is next! She evicts Annie!!! holy fuck! FUCK YOU ALLISON GRODNER! Brendon is next! He evicts Annie!

IT'S OFFICIAL, ANNIE IS EVICTED! THE SABOTEUR IS EVICTED! Ragan casts his, against Annie! Come on guys, make it a clean sweep! Enzo is next, evicts Annie! Matt is next, he evicts Annie!!! Britney is next! I am happy to vote to Evict Annie Y'ALL! Annie's eviction is a clean fucking sweep!

Annie leaves, give no love to Brendon or Rachel, hugs Lane first and a few others and says "it's only a game" and leaves to sit down with Julie. Okay so during the final interview Julie Chen gives no hope to Annie that she could be returning. She does hint that she isn't done with the house yet. Could The Sab still be showing messages in the house to fuck with them. WHATEVAS, Allison Grodner's latest shitty attempt to control the game is D.U.N.!

Now for HOH! OMG! RACHEL WON HOH! It came down to Britney, Monet and Rachel!!! Rachel won with the tie breaker question! How many gallons of caramel were in the Have Not competition. Britney answered 41, Rachel answered 80 at the very last second before getting disqualified. Monet also answered the very last second but with 725 GALLONS! IDIOT! But I guess not the biggest idiot since the answer was over 300 gallons.

I hope this week isn't predictable. Britney and Monet on the block this week would be a waste. Brendon has shown interest in going after Enzo and I hope the GANG pushes for Brendon to take out Enzo for them!

FEEDS ARE BACK! Monet is shitting bricks in the Have not bedroom to Matt and Ragan. About how this is really Brendon's HOH and how Brendon will get Rachel to put up Monet. Rachel sits in the kitchen with the rest of the house and then her and Brendon go into the double bed room where Rachel LEAPS into Brendon's arms on the bed and celebrate! Hugging, kissing, Rachel telling Annie "fuck you" about how Brendon is going to carry her through the game when Rachel won HOH and is now actually carrying Brendon!

Andrew walks in and finds them kissing, celebrating and walks over happy as fuck and hugs them both kissing both of them on the head! Andrew leaves them to celebrate. Both Rachel and Brendon just can't stop smiling, talking about how he was on the block with her, he won POV and came off and then she stayed and won HOH! She calls it a "Cinderella".

Rachel says she already knows what she wants to do. FUUCCCKK! She wants Britney and Monet up on the block together, Rachel telling Britney she is the "pawn" with Monet as the main target. Rachel is already talking about winning POV and keeping them the same to "vote Monet the fuck out".

OHHH Rachel noticed Enzo was not happy that she won HOH. She even goes on to say Enzo is not one of her targets this week, how she wants to work together with the "boys". Both "love" Kathy. Both think Lane doesn't "care either way" about anything.

Will return to posting sometime after Big Brother After Dark returns!

Rachel has gotten her HOH room! Everyone chimes in and celebrates. She reads a letter from MOM and it basically says "be less Vegas, more Rachel". LOL! Soon everyone filters out for beer and wine. Kathy is the last one standing in the room. She puts her MOM HAT on and becomes Rachel's mother repeating "I'm so proud of you" crap.

Rachel reveals how she believes had others gotten HOH that she and Brendon would be up on the block again. Kathy hopes Rachel "does the right THANG", you know, since Kathy has such a strong southern accent. She warns of the other houseguest's "fake" ness and change in their behaviour. Rachel is quick to tell Kathy she would "never" put you up on the block or use you as a "pawn". Kathy says she would be "heartbroken" if she were to go on the block but Rachel tells her she is safe this week. So Brendon is safe. Kathy is safe. Ragan is safe. Kristin is safe. Everyone else is fair game.

LOL! Outside a nervous as fuck Hayden and Lane are already getting ready to turn on Enzo. So much for the GANG! Hayden believes Enzo may be a target this week and that if Enzo is on the block that he'll turn on his "boys" to save himself. Lane always believes that Rachel is not HOH, that Brendon is. Hayden agrees, saying that Rachel only has a "key" and some "pictures". Hayden thinks he and Lane need to make some big "power moves". Fuck.. all Rachel needs to hear from Brendon and Andrew that Enzo has to be targeted this week, that Monet and Britney are a waste of a HOH this week! A FUCKING WASTE!

In the kitchen Britney, Monet and Enzo talk about who could be nominated this week. Britney is making it known that she feels she is going on the block with Monet. Enzo plays dumb and just tries to find out information on what they've heard but really the girls just assume they are going up and they are assuming correctly as of right now. Hopefully Brendon and Andrew will change Rachel's mind. I hope Hayden isn't part of the conversation at all.

Monet heads upstairs to "break up" Rachel and Kathy's game talk. Enzo and Britney stay in the kitchen talking about their disappointment of losing HOH. I guess no "DEfense" from Team Bratney! Bitch always talking about "we gotta play defensely" and "we gotta be defense" every week. BITCH YOU LOST!

Britney is next to interrupt the HOH. It's obvious Britney and Monet want to talk with Rachel together to save their asses. Britney and Monet sit there and just watch Kathy and Rachel walk around the room as Rachel unpacks. You know Britney is just like to Kathy... get the FUCK out so we can save our asses. Wishing Big Brother would pull Kathy out to the Diary Room.

SHIT! Kristin talks with Hayden and Lane on the outside couches. She informs them of her chat with Rachel yesterday where she pretty much hinted that Britney and Monet are going to be nominated. They say that's why they are both up there right now in the HOH room. Kristin is all for getting Britney out this week. The problem is Rachel needs to leave Britney in the house knowing how much Kristin hates her. Let them go after each other another week. What Rachel needs to do this week is create new enemies!

Rachel should be aware that the men are getting along too well. No arguments between them. She needs to find out why the guys are after only the girls and not each other. She probably won't figure out the GANG's alliance but she should consider putting 2 of the men in the house against each other to create a new division in the house. New enemies and new fractions in the house. To redirect the attention off the couple and onto 2 alpha men who have to turn against each other to survive in the game and each gather votes against the other. Is Rachel this smart? I doubt it. Girls hating on girls. What a waste.

FINALLY KATHY LEFT HOH! It's now just Britney, Monet and Rachel to talk. Britney tries to start the conversation about Rachel's new HOH bed. Just get to it! DAMN IT! Brendon is now in the HOH room taking a seat at the table stopping Monet and Britney from talking with Rachel. But really Britney and Monet should just talk to them as one since they will be married after this. Treat them as one entity.

SHIT! Britney gives up and offers to leave Brendon and Rachel alone in the HOH room to talk. Monet is soon to follow. WHAT LOSERS! Rachel and Brendon have some shots of tequlia, one of the items in her HOH basket. Both toast to having a fun week, kicking ass with grace and dignity and class. Little does he know how much of a TWAT Rachel was in the Diary Room to Annie. Brendon can't handle the straight tequila shot. Rachel wants to do more but Brendon wants to hold it off for other nights.

Rachel straddles Brendon in one of the HOH chairs and informs him that she doesn't want to go outside. BITCH HORNY! Now their kisses and talk turn to game talk. Rachel doesn't know about Matt and are aware of Enzo's reaction to her winning HOH. Great, they are already talking "you have to win HOH next week" so that the house can be scared of them more.

Now they talk about Britney and Monet being the "mean" girls in the house. They JUST SAID that had Britney and Monet gotten HOH that they both would have been on the block together and that now they have HOH that the house expects them to go after Britney and Monet. Everyone else is safe. This shouldn't be! Rachel and Brendon HAVE to target new people, make new enemies! Rachel of course hates her HOH pictures that her mom sent her. They take another shot of Tequila and Brendon can't handle it. Rachel basically asks Brendon why he's such a wimp about it! Brendon admits he can't handle it.

Matt is in the Have Not bedroom with Lane paranoid that he's going on the block. He wants to give Rachel all these "reasons" why Britney is the Saboteur. Lane is all for it. Here Lane informs Matt of the chance of Enzo going up on the block. He also informs Matt that Brendon thinks he's with Hayden and Matt likes hearing that. Lane is AGAIN treating Rachel like a "girl" by saying this is Brendon's HOH.

Lane is such a shithole man, back in the stone ages of a man controls a woman's thoughts and actions. SEXY ASSHOLE! Lane now worries Matt about Enzo going up and turning on his alliance. Matt tells Lane "you have to have faith in it" meaning their alliance. Hopefully Matt will tell Enzo about Lane and Hayden thinking he'll flip on them in a second. They break and move out into the house.

HOT! Rachel and Brendon talk about Enzo being a target this week, hard to figure out. Rachel is unsure of Lane but both like Hayden. DAMN IT! Put his ass on the block for making you both a huge target for week one! USE him as a PAWN to return the favor of the hell he put them through. Rachel is slurring her words and Brendon says he is "super buzzed".

MEAN! Rachel called her mom's letter to her "lame". BITCH! Way to hurt your mom's feelings. Kathy tried to point it out to Rachel earlier that BB probably edited her mother's letter and taking certain things out.

Well, downstairs Britney, Matt, Monet, Hayden, Lane all talk about their facebook pages. Well Hayden brags he has over 700 facebook friends. Britney says she has over a hundred. Lane doesn't say anything 'cause CUMPOOTERS are too much for him. Lane moves over to the large table and whistles outloud. Nothing interesting.

Day 16

So as midnight starts the 16th day we have a pretty much drunk Rachel wondering through the house. It's not as funny as you think it would be. Big Brother called her in the Diary Room, most likely to tell her to control her drinking. She claims she can handle herself when drunk. Monet even went as far as to call Rachel an "alcoholic".

The vibe still remains that Monet and Britney are both going up on the block, a waste of a HOH, I think at least. Rachel is still trying to get Brendon not to trust Enzo at all in the game and that the guys are not as good as they seem to him.

Around 1am Monet searches for the source of the sounds. She FINDS ONE! The cricket making one. Soon the house finds another one as they want these noises to stop. In another part of the house Hayden and Kristin talk about hating Britney and here we find out that Kristin thinks Rachel is a "good" person and just like I predicted, Kristin likes Rachel. Here we also find out that Hayden does not like Rachel, at all!

During the late night hours Kristin and Hayden find common ground, shit to relate to and basically talk as if they were on a first date. TV SHOWMANCE LOVE is brewing between them. They actually spoon in one of the double beds but soon Kristin goes to her own bed. They also talk about how Big Brother put them in the house together for a reason and how it worked, how much they are getting along. Hayden really needs to realize how stupid this is. The house is targeting Rachel and Brendon because they are a couple and when that couple is split up the house will refocus on Hayden and Kristin as the new couple to go after.

Hayden and Kristin really need to team up with Rachel and Brendon as a 4 person alliance. I mean if they all seriously want to keep fucking their partners then they have no choice but to team the butt fuck up.

As morning comes to start a few new day the house is quick to start talking with Rachel about who should go up. Britney is up to talk first and pushes for Andrew to be nominated. Kristin is next to talk and wants Monet up with Britney. And during Rachel's talk with Lane she wants Lane to keep her and Brendon safe, at least until Jury House starts. YEAH, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Ohhh Monet is now in the HOH room and Monet LIES telling Rachel that had she or Britney won that Rachel or Brendon would not have been going on the block. Rachel flat out tells Monet thatshe is one of her targets this week. Monet really doesn't save herself or sell out the guys in the house.

Hayden talks with Rachel in the HOH next and does express concern that if people see him and Kristin as the new house couple that they will be targeted next! ALIGN WITH BRENDON AND RACHEL DAMN IT! And whaaaaa? Rachel tells Hayden she thought he was the best looking guy in the house! EGO COCK STROKING SESSION for Hayden now? Looks like it. Hayden for some reason trusts Rachel to keep the Hayden/Kristin couple secret. Maybe a good sign that Brendon and Rachel wouldn't be a huge target next week.

4pm in the house, the feeds are back after a few hours off as the house plays the next Have Not competition. So far the Have Nots have come inside to a table full of fish sticks. Fish sticks and slop all week long. Enzo is defintiely a Have Not as he is already cooking some to eat. Brendon is also a Have Not. This means he can NOT sleep in the HOH room over night. Britney is also a Have Not this week.

WHOA! The feeds cut away for a few minutes and when it returns the house has found out that Annie was the Saboteur! Everyone is screaming and freaking the fuck out. Talking over each other. Calling it "crazy" and "I don't believe it" and "Oh My God". Brendon, Rachel and Kathy are upstairs talking and all say "good job house and good job Big Brother 12" for taking out the Saboteur.

Downstairs the rest of the house can't stop talking a mile a minute. Matt says "now there's no twist". Lane is just dumb shocked. He gets up and wants to shake hands apologizing to Andrew thinking he was the Sab.

What's FUNNY about this is earlier Matt tried to get Rachel and Brendon to target Britney this week with his "she's the Saboteur" motive. Britney now tells Andrew "Andrew, can I say I'm sorry" and Andrew is loving not being known as the Saboteur anymore.

Britney then wonders if someone else in the house is going to be asked to be the new Saboteur but no one thinks so. Matt loves that during week one they got out the Saboteur. HA HA! Matt just said "worst twist in Big Brother history!"

5pm. Brendon talks with Hayden and Rachel in the HOH room. Hayden continues to express his concern of going on the block for last week and Brendon is ready to move on and wants Hayden to just forget about it. WHAT? Brendon says that he wants to play "intelligently" and not about revenge. All agree that now since Annie was the Sab that they can trust each other more. Ezno is still the target of concern and there's almost hinting of Enzo being taken care of soon, if not this week then next week.

Interesting Brendon points out to Hayden how he's seen Enzo, Matt, Lane, Monet and Britney hanging out. A possible alliance. Brendon THINKS Hayden is not part of this side of the house. Now Brendon thinks that this week Monet should go this week and Britney next week. DON'T PLAN OUT NEXT WEEK OR EVEN TOMORROW DUMBASS! It's useless to plan next week. Brendon's dumbass mind wants everyone to play with the "same path" of getting out Britney and Monet back to back. Um... SHIT HEAD, last week the house wanted you and Rachel out back to back, it didn't happen because you never know what's going to happen.

Brendon with power is not a good side of him. Brendon thinks if you play with revenge you will lose this game and if you play smart and make good moves you'll go far. SHUT UP. I love Brendon's body but seriously, shut the fuck up with this holier than thou game play that you think everyone should play.

I'm actually saying this. GET BRENDON OUT NEXT WEEK! Hate his style of game play but still LOVE HIS BODY!

7:44pm hits. The feeds return and we find out who is nominated. IDIOT RACHEL nominated Britney and Monet and we start a shitty waste of a HOH week. Britney and Monet are both crying, RED EYED CRYING, SNIFFLING in the Have Not bedroom. Britney says she isn't going to campaign against Monet, she wants to go home. She wants to be normal, it is what it is. Britney is ANGRY with Rachel and Brendon, saying they both won't make it through to the end together. How she hates everyone in the house except Monet.

HA HA! Monet says she never said one "bad thing" about her.. but then she corrects herself and says "well I never said one bad thing TO her!!!! HILARIOUS! Why do these 2 bitches think the game is over? Brendon and Rachel were both up last week and both survived! They have to play the game and let the house create a new backdoor victim!

Upstairs Rachel and Brendon are celebrating their shitty SUPER WEAK decision. Brendon is boasting how great it was to put Matt 2nd to last in the pulling key ceremony. IDIOT Brendon shit talks about how Matt will really be "apperciative" for almost being put on the block. SHUT THE FUCK UP BRENDON. The people you put closer to the end of the key pulling ceremony are the MOST pissed AWF! Being put last is a sign that you're next to go in their book. Brendon's an idiot. A hot hot sexy beautiful handsome IDIOT!

Enzo comes into the Have Not bedroom and asks the nominees if they are doing good? How last week both Rachel and Brendon got off. What's funny is if Enzo becomes this week's backdoor victim, well this pep talk will be just that much more funnier.

Now Britney and Monet HATE Kristin. They noticed how buddy buddy she is with Rachel now. They mock Kristin's "thanks Rach" when she grabbed her key. Britney says Kristin has "spread out boobs"! LOL!

In the Cabana room Hayden is super whispering to Lane his deal with Rachel and Brendon from last week and how he was saved from the block this week. I hate that Enzo's alliance is working so great these first 2 weeks. Andrew comes in with Matt and they wonder who the real target is this week. Andrew then tells us that he and Lane were the last 2 names pulled from the box to be safe from nomination. All are scared that if POV is used this week that no one knows who will be the replacement nominee.

Kathy walks in and we find out Kathy was the first key pulled. Hayden points that out and I'm sure Kathy is just THRILLED Hayden is pointing it out. Over in the kitchen the Have nots this week are talking about what they have to eat this week. Slop, Protein shakes, Fish Sticks and Fruitcake! Yummy!

Later Brendon and Rachel straddle each other in bed, talk an inch away and compliment each other. If Brendon's shorts aren't pulled down to his ankles, his hard muscled ass not showing, then I don't give a fuck. Brendon ends the love and suggests they go downstairs and be "social". As they head down the stairs there's Britney and Monet in the kitchen.

Rachel goes up to Britney and Monet and asks if they want to talk about "it" and how she is sorry and "feels bad". But THEN Rachel says she wants to talk to them "separately". There was some loud screaming from the Cabana room, most of the house was in there laying down and enjoying themselves. The screaming was Enzo farting in Kathy's facial area and how bad it stunk.

And can you believe Kristin was giving Hayden a MUTHA FUCKING pedicure???? Hayden gets off from the block a week after being HOH, both of his nominees still in the house, one with HOH and NIETHER put him up on the block to repay him the favor of being nominated.. just wow, fucking wow. Hayden is the winner of Big Brother 12. It's crazy no one looks at like a danger to their own chances of winning the game.

AWWWW! Rachel and Britney talk on the backyard couch. Britney cries uncontrollably aka GETTING ON RACHEL'S GOOD SIDE TO STAY. Time to campaign with tears! Rachel offers for them to go upstairs to the HOH to talk. Rachel is very sister...ery with her and offers her water, offers to pour it for her and they both head up to the HOH room. I bet Monet is gonna be pissed! Britney says she's not crying because she's mad, angry or sad, she cries for being awkward.

Rachel relates to Britney's emotions and the stress for being on the block. Britney then says she feels like someone in the house "backstabbed" her to get her on the block and it "hurts my feelings". NOW RACHEL IS CRYING! She says seeing her cry makes her cry. It's WORKING! Rachel says "I geniuinely like you". But she then says she is scared and doesn't know who to trust because she doesn't want her and Brendon broken up.

The problem is Britney is angry someone told Rachel that Britney has multiple alliances. Rachel said this in her nomination speech and Britney wants to know who said it. Rachel hasn't given up a name yet. Britney feels alone because the people she trusted, well she believes they ratted on her to save themselves.

Britney now says that she fears Monet will win POV and she has no chance in staying if that happens. She hates that "floaters" are staying in the house and she keeps going after one person and how they are doing nothing to stay in the game. She's basically talking about Kristin. KRISTIN!

Rachel reveals to Britney how much she hates Monet and how Monet is her main target. Guess who stops crying... or pulls back the tears at least. Britney calls Monet a "strong competitor" and basically tries to make Monet a big threat in the game over her. Play BITCH PLAY hard to stay.

Interesting. Britney goes AWF about Andrew yelling at her during the Have Not competiton and how if she stays she is going after him. She says he has "no soul". Britney is back to crying about how she is so scared to go home this week. BITCH last week you were so hardcore gunning for Brendon and Rachel to be gone back to back. You FELT nothing for them! She now LIES about never talking game with Monet, that they are not in an alliance with each other, that they are just friends who "talk".

Outside Lane, Matt and Hayden work out and talk about the nominations. They agree that if one of "them" come off the block that the other goes home. Both Lane and Matt are scared that they would be the replacement nominees. They are smart to think that. Ragan is not an option. Neither is Hayden or Kristin. Andrew isn't an option. Brendon isn't an option AT ALL. That only leaves Matt, Enzo and Lane!!! OH PLEASE LET POV be used this week! One of the GANG members will be on the block and possibly sent home!

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She wouldn't have put up Kathy anyway, not even as a pawn, as Kathy was the first person she assured safety to after winning HOH, unsolicited. In fact Rachel said she'd never even think about putting her up for any reason this week. It will be Matt for sure. She puts A LOT of stock in what Ragan suggests and she already dealed her way out of putting up Lane. Monet's all done.

Posted by: louis at July 17, 2010 6:06 PM

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