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July 20, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 20, 19, 18, 17

Days 17 through 20

Day 17

POV took almost 3 hours! When the feeds return we find everyone talking a mile a minute. The POV had to do something about timing your position and if you went over the time limit you lost or were too far under the time limit you lost, the person closests without going over wins POV. Well BRITNEY WON! Enzo lost by 14 seconds.

Brendon and Rachel are upstairs trying to figure out who is going to go up when POV is used. IDIOT Rachel actually suggests trying to get Brtiney from NOT using POV. Just shut the fuck up already and pack your shit and leave the house now because seriously what IDIOT thinks someone who wins POV is NOT going to use it?? Brendon at first believes that isn't going to happen but then kinda plays with Britney listening to it and doing it.

Enzo downstairs is talking with a crying Monet and a happy Britney in the Have Not bedroom. Enzo comes up with a plan on getting Kathy up on the block as a pawn and the house voting her "floater" ass out over Monet. Enzo is fighting already to keep Monet. Enzo thinks this plan is super brillant and starts spreading it around to his boys in the minutes there after.

He tells Matt next and they both head up to the HOH room to push the Kathy idea. Both start ranting about almost losing and how Big Brother might have "cheated" to have Britney win. Matt shoots that theory down. Matt then moves the conversation towards the replaement nominee. He suggests it be someone no one is going to vote out but doesn't name anyone. Brendon is DOUCHE BAG STUPID enough to believe that no matter who goes up that Monet still goes home because the "house" wants it- NO ONLY YOU WANT THAT, and that next week the "house" will go after Britney. IDIOT.

Enzo goes on and makes a stupid comment that neither Rachel or Brendon catch about how last week didn't go as planned and now this week doesn't go as planned. Meaning the person that HE wanted out didn't go and this week the person that Brendon/Rachel want to leave might not go home. Neither caught this verbal fuck up. Enzo leaves to eat some fishsticks.

Ragan comes into the HOH now and is BRILLANT and pushes the idea that a happy pawn on the block next to Monet may go home. That Rachel or Brendon can't control the house votes. That in almost every BB season that the early pawns near the start of the game always go home. So that they have to put up a pawn that is not someone on their side of the house, meaning if they use a pawn of someone that has no connection to them, that if they leave then them leaving does not hurt their couple game. So basically Ragan suggests Lane as someone to put up that if he leaves Rachel and Brendon's game is not effected.

Matt is there the entire chat and listens. He's hearing Ragan's smart as fuck chat about replacement nomiees that basically KILLS their idea of getting Kathy on the block and voted out. Matt then says something smart to fuck their their heads. He says that if you put someone up as a pawn and they don't go home that they will "return the favor" when they are HOH.

Matt and Ragan leaves together but Matt is quick to inject that he doesn't want to go up as the pawn, awkwardly laughing on his way out.

Downstairs Matt is quick to tell Lane about his chances of going on the block thanks to Ragan. How Ragan killed the idea of getting Kathy on the block.

Now Rachel and Brendon are talking again about next HOH and how Ragan thinks it will be Endurance. Rachel is scared she can outlast them all because of her size but Brendon, being the DOUCHE BAG 1ST TIME PLAYER believes him saying "I will hold on and last forever" will actually happen. He's an IDIOT. Some of the endurance is hanging and his body weight is too big for him to hang on. If it's standing, he may win but if it's hanging on, well he's just an idiot.

Rachel doesn't want to "piss off" Lane or Enzo but she then says that Lane or Matt has to go up as a pawn. Lane more so because they think Monet will have Britney and Lane's vote if Enzo is up on the block. Now Rachel thinks the "only person" that could go up that wont' piss anyone off is Matt. It's basically Enzo, Matt or Lane going up. NO ONE ELSE. Brendon doesn't believe if Monet can get votes and flip the house to vote out the pawn.

Lane now moves up to the HOH room to find out what their plan is. Rachel is quick to tell Lane that he isn't going up because they have a deal that Lane won't go up this week and when he gets HOH in the future that he won't put them up. But really Lane never promised Brendon as part of the deal, only Rachel. But Rachel assumes Brendon is included in the deal, or maybe she doesn't give a fuck that Brendon leaves, the target of couple will be off her back.

Anyways, Brendon goes downstairs to eat some Have Not fishsticks while Kristin comes up to talk with Lane and Rachel about this week. Rachel then says that no matter who goes up that Monet goes home. Lane leaves the HOH room and as soon as the door shuts Kristin is quick to tell Rachel that Britney is THEIR MAIN TARGET. That Kristin will be a

FINALLY RACHEL IS SMART ENOUGH to realize that the girls are going after each other and the guys are happy about it! FUCKING FINALLY! Now they talk about being final 2. Now it's all about "the boys won't go after us" but then they get stupid again wanting Britney out first. GET OUT A GUY THIS WEEK! Kristin now says she has to play "FIERCE" to protect herself, Hayden, Rachel and Brendon. Whoa... really bitch?

Brendon is back upstairs and Kristin asks who Rachel thinks should go up. Rachel says Ragan is a "genius" about who should go up. Rachel says they can't put up one of their "friends" in the house because the house would take out their friend to hurt them. Rachel says that a "boy" that is friends with Britney and Monet has to go up. Matt & Lane are the 2 final candidates. One of them is going up. Most likely Matt.

Britney comes in to talk to Rachel for "like 2 minutes". Kristin and Brendon leaves. Britney realizes everyone is freaking out. Britney thanks Rachel for being "so nice about all this" and how Britney feels "bad" for her for putting someone else up. Britney FAKES it hard that she loves them both and how they are "super nice".

Let me tell you what Britney was telling Monet and Enzo minutes after the feeds came back. That next week she wants to "backdoor" them, Rachel and/or Brendon next week and she's back to being a mean ol' bitch and hating Rachel/Brendon.

Back to the HOH room. Britney is pushing for Andrew to go up and out this week. Rachel says she makes it known that she wants Monet out. Rachel then FINALLY gets Britney to promise that she won't back door Brendon or her next week if she wins HOH. Britney is trying to save Monet by making Andrew the best option to be the replacement nominee but as soon as Brendon hears about this, IT WON'T HAPPEN. Matt is their best option.

But with Matt up on the block he has votes to stay. Hayden and Kristin. Enzo. Lane. Brendon, Ragan, Kathy will vote out Monet because Rachel wants her out. That's 7 votes, that's enough. Britney would vote out Matt to keep Monet. Andrew is a wild card. With Matt up there Monet is DEAD in the game. I really need Enzo up on the block for the houes to flip and get him out!

As the day progesses we find out Monet has not talked with Rachel, about pushing for Andrew to be put on the block. NOW AFTER Ragan just, oh my god, after he just said NOT to put up anyone that is your friend in the house or could be your ally, Racdel actually considers putting up Andrew. In doing this she would be taking out Britney's supposed "main" target and doing other people's dirty work thus giving them a solid reason to now come after Rachel and Brendon with Andrew gone. For Rachel to actually believe, to fucking BELIEVE, that she can trust these people's word is just crazy. This isn't real life, it's Big Brother and the sooner Rachel and Brendon realize it the better their game will get. The more they play believing people are "good" and "respectful" in the house, the sooner they'll be out.

Rachel then talks with her new BFF, Kristin. Kristin is all for hurting Britney by taking out Monet. Kathy is brought into the conversation and is not happy with Andrew being put up. Kathy wants Monet out and feels with Andrew up on the block that people will find a reason to vote him out over Monet. LISTEN TO HER YOU FEMALE DOUCHE BAG!

So Brendon talks with Rachel and even HE seems to be into the idea. What The STUPID FUCK?!?! But then he goes back and forth with the idea.

Now you ready for the big kicker? Matt has talked with Lane and his GANG about if he gets put up on the block that he'll have the votes to stay. So what does he do next, he goes up to the HOH room to tell Rachel that he can be used as a pawn. WHAT? But he's so reassured about the votes that he know he'll stay. Rachel considers it. But Monet and Britney's pitch to get Andrew up won't get out of her head.

8pm Brendon and Rachel bring up Andrew to the HOH room. Rachel keeps pushing for Andrew to be put on the block. Brendon isn't down with it and Andrew basically tells her that if you put him up that the house may flip votes to send Andrew home. Rachel feels like if Matt goes up that he will go after them next week knowing he'll stay. Rachel keeps pushing for Andrew to go up and Brendon feels like if Andrew does get voted out that he'll feel like "shit" and that they'll be regreting the decision to have put him up in the first place. BRENDON AND RACHEL ARE OFFICIALLY THE IDIOTS OF THE HOUSE. DUMBER THAN HOWIE.

Rachel believes Enzo will vote out Monet just because she won 10,000 dollars! LOL! Major eye rolling here for these 2 DOUCHE BAGS. This week only bought them one week of safety. ONE WEEK! I mean if Brendon wins HOH to help protect them an extra week then I'll be shocked. I remember screaming and jumping when Rachel won HOH but now watching them play is just funny. Watching them play for others is just insane.

Brendon keeps pushing for Andrew to almost not go on the block. He brings up Ragan's point about not putting up an "friend" but Rachel keeps getting haunted by Matt's point that if she uses him as a pawn that she will be used as a pawn if Matt wins HOH. BITCH SCARED SHITLESS of ever seeing the block again.

Rachel is back to pushing for Andrew over Matt. How she believes Matt, Enzo, Britney and Lane will join forces to all hate Rachel for using Matt as a pawn but how no one will care if Andrew being put up. Brendon keeps going back to "WHAT IF THEY VOTE ANDREW OUT?". Rachel is scared of Matt's highly intelligent scare tatic of the "pawn" who stays coming after her later in the game. Brendon is done with talking about this and wants to stop. He says this is "your week".

OMG! Rachel just said to Brendon that "JUST BECAUSE HE VOLUNTEERED HIMSELF TO BE PUT UP THAT I WONT' BE PUT UP". Oh my fucking God... WHAT? What's funny is downstairs Matt is talking with Ragan in the storage room about getting his vote if he goes on the block and how he volunteered to go on the block. My only hope is that Ragan talks Rachel into putting up Matt and how Matt is not mad and has the votes to stay. I'm D.U.N. with this shit. They really are stupid, they need commen sense folks to bring them down from their high and mighty itelligence mindset.

Downstairs in the Cabana room Enzo is laughing with Britney and Monet that Kathy is now "in" with them aka Rachel and Brendon. Enzo laughs that Kathy is now in an "alliance". This week is so good for them. With Andrew on the block both Monet & Britney get to stay. Wait.

Let me check out the votes. To evict Monet: Kathy, Ragan, Brendon, Kristin. To evict Andrew: Lane, Matt, Enzo, Britney. OMFG! Hayden is the swing vote this week!

EPIC! Is he going to pick his BROS or his HO!

Later, around 10pm, Rachel is outside talking with Kristin as she eats dinner Brendon cooked for her. Kristin believes Monet HAS to go home and that she doesn't think Andrew going up will be the best option to have that happen. That Enzo, Matt, Britney and Monet may have something and if both Monet & Britney stay this week that they will attach themselves to some guys to build an alliance. Brendon has joined them for this talk and Rachel gives him this look when Kristin brings up how Andrew may take being put on the block as very "personal". How Andrew is super sensitive. Ragan comes outside to talk with them as Brendon goes inside.

Rachel and Kristin continue to "like" bond more and more while Ragan joins in on them sharing a piece of Ragan's chicken. I forgot to mention that before Ragan came out that Kristin believes the house isn't divided yet but that Lane & Hayden are "kinda" friends. She sees it but tries to downplay how really tight they are.

Okay so now Britney, Brendon talk with Ragan and Kristin on the outside couches. Lane, Matt & Hayden play pool. Rachel is talking nonsense about "reality television" and how Big Brother is "to expect the unexpected". Kristin wants "control" this week and wants "us" to get through this week with "complete control". Rachel calls Big Brother "professionals" when it comes to playing their game and how they need to play better than Big Brother. WHATEVAS! LOONY BITCH!

So basically Rachel is saying Big Brother cheated to make Britney win for "good reality television". They they need to somehow outsmart Big Brother. You see all the houseguests just don't believe Britney to have won on her own, that Big Brother fucked with the acutal times from the POV comp and made it look like Britney won by a few seconds. I don't put it past Alison Grodner fucking with her own game to help certain people through the game. She's done it before.

Day 18

So after midnight Kristin and Hayden finally kissed, made out a little. Brendon cried to Rachel in the hammock outside because he felt unappericated by Rachel. Apparently Brendon is "hyper super sensitive" and cries at the drop of a dime. I actually believe Brendon is more into Rachel than she is into him. I once thought they would be a happy couple outside the house and it seems Rachel is too much of a MAN in his FEMALE mindset. I consider myself in touch with my sensitive side but Brendon is even too much for me. I mean we can still have loads of hot homosexual sex but just don't cry during it Brendon!

We also get to see the punishment of the POV losers! Do you know what a Pillory is? It's a torture device where you stick your head and hands through holes and are forced to stand up locked up in an awkward position. Anyways Lane, Brendon, Rachel and Monet had to endure an hour of being locked up in money styled pillory's. For some reason Enzo didn't have to. I'm thinking the people who didn't go over or under the time limit were not part of the punishment.

As morning comes and goes we find out Rachel is ONTO the boys. She doesn't believe Enzo will vote out Monet if asked to. She has pegged Lane as the guy who gets along with everyone so he's protected by everyone. We also find out that Rachel is definitely putting up Andrew, risking that he goes home JUST TO PROVE A STUPID POINT of who is on which side of the house. It's like she doesn't care if Monet stays because Kristin will put Monet & Britney back up if she gets HOH next week. Andrew, someone Rachel doesn't see herself sitting in the final 2 with in the end, is basically expendable.

So maybe this plan of hers is super brillant and will basically expose the GANG of Enzo, Matt, Hayden and Lane as a voting block. If this plan of hers exposes them as a HUGE target for next week and the weeks before jury.. well I'll just love this new season. I just don't want to see a top secret alliance work their way throught a house without ever getting caught. I only say this because I'm super jealous that I'm not in the house and one of the alliance members of an actually damn well thought out alliance.

Outside, while working out, Matt and Lane talk about next week. How if Matt wins HOH he'll just throw up the couple of Brendon and Rachel and if one of them wins POV that he'll have a backdoor plan of Kathy in his back pocket. You see Enzo's, Britney's and Monet's sudden Kathy hate has spread to Matt. Not sure if he really hates Kathy or just wants to please his alliance family.

Lane also makes fun of an emotional and bitchy Brendon from last night. I guess others noticed Brendon being a TWAT in the house. Lane continues to attack Brendon's athletic side. What the fuck is up with Lane hating on Brendon's hot amazing body and Brendon's could be athletic talent that he knows NOTHING about?!?! Jealous male bitch.

Sorry but the day has been a drag of boredom. Nothing much to report. Maybe it'll get better closer to midnight...

6pm we find Bratney, Monet and Matt on the hammock. Matt is the gamer that caters to what you want in the game at that current moment. He's found that Bratney and Monet are HUGE haters verbally to others in the house and helps keep the hate growing with verbal words added in, almost like fuel to the fire.

All three are hoping that Andrew goes up. Monet will be smiling ear to ear if Andrew goes up. Monet feels like the votes are there but then doubts the votes not counting Kathy or Kristin. Matt finds out from the girls that Kathy "woke up one day and suddenly hates us both". Britney admits she tried to talk to Kathy and how Kathy wouldn't tell her what's wrong and that it wasn't about her.

Kathy is really upset with Monet and how Monet pushed her away the night Monet was nominated. Now Matt says how "stupid" it is for Brendon and Rachel to be a "couple" in the game, how anyone who attaches themselves to them is a third wheel or odd man out. But really Matt, Britney and Monet are a pair, just like a couple where no one can get in and take their place. Same with the GANG alliance you're in. You're not going to expand it to five members because the fifth member would be the first to go out of the four. So for Matt to call it "stupid" is just ROLL MY EYES AT HIM stupid.

All Matt is doing is getting in good with the girls in case they both stay next week and one of them wins HOH. That he has NO chance on going on the block if they win next week. If I was in the house I'd see through his get along with everyone BULLSHIT! I'd call him out every day, every week, make an open enemy out of him. FUCKING HATE HIM.

Matt now points out how "close" Hayden and Kristin are getting. All three realize that Hayden or Kristin are the "swing votes" this week. That either Hayden gets Kristin to vote with their side of the house and joins them or Kristin gets Hayden to vote with her side of the house. The division is so transparent and Hayden is right down the middle of it all.

Over on the backyard couch Hayden and Lane talk. Mostly about next week that if either get HOH that they both promised they wouldn't go after Brendon and Rachel. That Matt said if he got HOH that he'd put them both up right away. Lane says that if he gets HOH next week that he'll go after Ragan since according to Matt Ragan wanted Lane on the block. HOMOPHOBIA on the rise in the house! I'm kidding, Lane secretly wants Hayden to suck his country dick.

Later Lane talks with Britney over at the hammock. Britney reveals how she's concerned that Hayden and Kristin will vote together and that they might be the "secret pair" that the Saboteur said that was in the house. Of course there is no secret pair but the houseguests still believe there is a pair there. Lane tries to tell Britney how "cool" Kristin is and how Britney doesn't have it right about Hayden's vote this week.

Over on the backyard couch Kristin talks with Hayden about next week. She makes it known that she is voting out Monet next week, doesn't matter who's up against her. She believes no one else deserves to go home other than Britney and Monet. Hayden then tries to toy with the idea and how "good" it would be for Monet & Britney to stay together next week to go after Brendon and Rachel. Kristin is a little scared of Lane getting HOH as she thinks he will come after her. Now Hayden tells her how Lane said he would put up Ragan and Britney next week if he won.

Andrew comes over and now Kristin talks with both of them about what her BFF Rachel is planning this week to put up someone likeable to make sure that Monet goes home. Kristin is on the "get Monet out" plan HARD FUCKING CORE. Hayden won't be able to change her mind, at least I don't think so.

Andrew goes inside and Kristin likes the way things have worked out with her and Rachel. Kristin is almost hinting how good Brendon and Rachel are and how they want us to win HOH. Ragan and Lane come over and the talk stops. They talk about how different Annie and Rachel are during their hosting of comps. How Big Brother wants them to be a different person. Lane hopes he doesn't have to act like someone else to host. He hopes he gets to host a typical sports or cowboy styled competition. REDNECK!

Day 19

WOW! A few hours before midnight hit, during Big Brother After Dark... IT HAPPENED! The side of the house with power GAINED CONTROL. Holy shit! The problem at first was that Rachel wanted Andrew on the block to go against Monet knowing he could go home over Monet but that this would expose the other side of the house being against her when she would have asked the entire house to vote Monet out.

But it took Ragan, Kristin and Kathy, but mostly a frustrated Ragan, almost 2 and a half hours convincing Rachel and Brendon that putting up Andrew would not be the best option for their side of the house. Everytime he explained why Andrew leaving would "hurt our numbers" and give the other side a hit on our side Kristin would chime in saying "like yeahhh". Good job Kristin.

It was really Ragan pushing for Andrew not to go on the block. I mean I understand Rachel's idea behind Andrew on the block. But the problem with Rachel and Brendon is that they felt that if Andrew went up and accidently went home that no one would come after them next week if anyone got HOH but if Matt went on the block that he would somehow be angry for being used as a pawn and would throw them on the block. She was playing the "what if" game too hardcore and thus fucking her mindset.

Ragan kept saying that with Andrew versus Monet that you only have what you think is 5 solid votes and that one of those votes can flip at any given moment. That they didn't know what was really going on, a secret couple, the Saboteur asking Annie to make a fake message and that they are still in the house, basically scaring Rachel into thinking the 5 solid votes they have, that they really don't.

Ragan also pointed out that the house will split next week regardless what she does this week. The sides will still be made next week. That she didn't have to put up Andrew to prove who was on what side. Matt telling Rachel that he wanted to go up but to not tell anyone he was knew was going up really put a mind fuck on Rachel.

But FINALLY, just before midnight Rachel agreed that with Matt up on the block that there would be at least 8 solid votes to evict Monet, with one possibly being Britney giving Monet a pity vote. Now since this chat happened we had Ragan, Kathy, Kristin, Brendon & Rachel in the HOH room. All wondered about Hayden's vote this week. Rachel went to get Hayden and lied to him telling him she had a "clogged tiolet" to get him in the room. When asked by Matt where Kathy was Rachel was quick to LIE again saying Kathy was sleeping in the HOH room. Why lie about it? She wasn't sleeping.

Matt was downstairs watching and asking what was going on as Hayden and Rachel entered the HOH room. Hayden was thrown in into the meeting wearing a "devilish" designed t-shirt immedatiely asked where his vote was going this week. He basically tried to save himself saying that he would vote how he felt who should go home but then tried to say he would vote how they wanted.

The downstairs crew outside, Britney, Monet, Enzo, Matt, Andrew and Lane were all wondering what was going on upstairs. Matt is getting nervous as fuck and makes his way up to the HOH room where Rachel barely opens the door squeezing herself through the open crack to meet Matt outside. He wanted to "hang out" and was told to come back 10 minutes later and so he went back down and Rachel went back inside knowing Matt was far enough away from the HOH room to not see what was going on.

Matt went downstairs into the backyard to tell everyone that there was a huge meeting in the HOH room going on that they were not involved in. Enzo was immediatly upset. Bitching about how he better not be "messed" with and how he will go "Jersey" on them if something happens against him. Enzo is HATING that his side of the house is no longer in control.

He loves to be in control. He and Matt went into the Cabana room talking about how the GANG should meet tonight. I forgot to mention that Lane is just outside throwing a football around, not really giving a shit. Lane is just there, not too scared. Just a piece of voting furniture. Back in the Cabana room Enzo demands that there be an alilance meeting with his boys tonight, that he doesn't "give a fuck" anymore if they do it in secret or not. Matt hopes Hayden is first to come downstairs to talk to them and spill what was said upstairs.

Upstairs Rachel is in agreement with the rest to NOT put up Andrew. Soon after midnight the HOH crew breaks up and heads back out into the house. But RACHEL is shitting bricks about Andrew and wants to put him back up on the block again. She says she can't trust him but Brendon is trying to get her to see how trusting Andrew is. She says how this is her HOH and she will put up who she wants, not what the house wants. FUCK!

Now Brendon is getting SUPER PISSED AWF with Rachel raising his voice about her being so back and forth and telling everyone in the HOH room earlier that she was going to put up Matt but now when they're gone she's back to putting up Andrew. She's going to piss everyone off in their alliance is she tells them one thing and does another. Brendon is just frustrated with Rachel and does NOT want Andrew up on the block either. I mean WHAT THE STUPID FUCK RACHEL? Rachel cries saying she's not a good game player but Brendon hugs her telling her she is. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Finally downstairs the GANG talks in that SUPER UGLY bathroom. Hayden basically tells them that Rachel and Brendon are making a side of the house that wants to include him. They also find out that Kristin can't be controlled by them, Hayden calls her her own person. Enzo can't stand losing people on the block and losing people to Brendon and Rachel's side of the house. LOVE IT!

Lane continues to make it known that if he gets HOH that Ragen is his target. His boys laugh at him when he brings up Ragan's name. It's funny cause Lane says he can't go after the "big fish" now and that a "little fish" aka Ragan is nibbling at his ASS and that he is getting annoyed by it. SURE YOU ARE! That's right Lane, when you're HOH take up Ragan for a long sexual bed butt fucking chat and get your frustrations out by fucking Ragan hard core like a jack rabbit. You know you need it buddy! Matt is getting pissed that he's possibly going up on the block and how if Brendon gets HOH next week that he promised almost everyone that they wouldn't go on the block. He calls Brendon and Rachel "assholes" when he talks about getting them out next week.

Kristin comes outside later to joins her boys who are now in the hot tub. She tells them that she still wants Britney out this week but since she's got POV that next week she wants her out. That if she gets HOH she wants Britney up versus a pawn with Britney going out. How Britney doesn't deserve to be there. Enzo and his boys agree to just shut her up. You know they want Brendon out. You know they want Brendon on the block as a pawn.

Later in the midnight hours Kristin and Hayden snuggle WUGGLE in the double bed room. Hayden hates having to stay away from her and to keep their new buddy showmance a secret. HOLY SHIT, then just team up with Brendon and Rachel with Kristin as a four person alliance on one side of the house while still having your boys GANG on the other side. Here we find out from Kristin that if she gets HOH next week she plans on using Enzo or Matt as the pawn against Britney. LOVE IT!

Anyways Kristin and Hayden made out big time under the covers, kissing, smacking, I'm betting her hand was on his dick. I don't think he came or anything. I mean she did get up to go to the bathroom after Big Brother made a loud "ding ding" noise to signify that the torture outside has stopped. You see Rachel, Brendon and Monet were in those head locking devices and I believe it just ended.

Day 19 Part 2

Sometime this morning, almost afternoon, BRENDON AND RACHEL HAD SEX in the HOH Room! Right now as I watch he's laying on top of her kissing, she giggles under his manly lips. A few minutes has passed and he's shirtless now, they've moved around the bedroom a bit but are now kissing again. Rachel suggests to get under the covers. He laughs wanting a little "privacy". Once covered there's loads of kissing going on. Hand movement. Kristin is laying with her back to the HOH door while Brendon lays facing her.

Now there's alot of quick motion action going on.. Either he's finger banging her while they kiss or she's jerking him off while they kiss. I hear Rachel panting, his mouth on something of hers, her moaning, her breathing hard, his mouth busy on something. GROSS!

She giggles a little bit now. They just ended. Lots of movement meaning they are putting their clothes on. He tells her she's sexy and she says the same about him. Now they are talking and laughing under the covers. THEY DONE. I hear his zipper. What happened to his cum? Did she swallow? Out from under the covers they CUM!

FUCK YES! Andrew is NOT on the block! POV ceremony came and went and we come back to a secretly angry Enzo, who no longer has any control this week, a shocked Matt and a "fuck I'm going home" Monet. Britney could give a fuck, she's safe another week in the house. Matt is doing exactly what Rachel said he would. He's going around being upset that that "bitch" put her on the block. He isn't going around telling people that he volunteered to go on the block! But only 2 people really know he volunteered. Rachel AND Ragan. Enzo doesn't believe that Matt would volunteer to go up on the block. So much for knowing your alliance inside and out Enzo!

Matt and Monet are now talking in the open jungle bedroom about the nominations. Matt contineus to be shocked and Monet is ready to go home if she does. As they move out into the house we find Rachel and Brendon in the kitchen area. Monet walks past Rachel and says under her breath "shut the fuck up you stupid bitch". ANGRY MUCH TWAT?

Outside Enzo and Britney trash Rachel. They just mad their side is losing a member. Enzo doesn't want the "floaters" to get HOH next week because he doesn't know what they will do. Britney is going to use the excuse that "you promised me you were going to put up Andrew" to go back on her word with Rachel and Brendon. Enzo just can't control what's going on and betters himself by saying Brendon isn't going to win HOH. Enzo and Britney both hate Kathy and he says "fuck her" and Britney says "she can suck it".

Minutes later Britney and Lane talk on the outside lounge chairs. Britney needs a "pep" talk from Lane. She wants Lane to tell her why she needs to be "here". SORE LOSER MUCH TWAT? She loses one member of her side and the world DIES. IT LIKE LITERALLY DIES! Britney says "this just freakin' blows" and "I thought we might have had this" meaning Andrew being put up. She says they are not as dumb as she wanted them to be. Monet joins them and says how this is fucked up.

This is cue to leave them to talk. Monet calls everyone in the house "fake" and Britney says "this whole house is BS and I'm so over it". Monet says she wants to do a voluntary exit and leave early. Britney wants to do it too. Monet says she would walk out if she wasn't going to lose her 10,000 dollars. Now they call Kathy an "old hag". LOL! Now they start in on their mean girls stick and start verbally attacking everyone. Monet knows she's dead game player walking. Britney now says she doesn't care if she leaves next week.

HA HA! Now they say Rachel is "so jealous" of Monet! LOL! Don't make me piss myself here Britney. Holy fuck you ARE funny as fuck! Britney now says "what is this even worth to me" about staying to be evicted a week or so later. She misses her family and now is about to lose her only friend in the house. Monet claims to say "if I don't like you I'll tell you right to your face" yet she says nasty shit under her breath and NOT to their faces.

Now Monet calls Kathy a "hooker" and hopes she doesn't have her cop job after this! LOL! Britney is literally about to cry. Monet wishes it was Thursday now and leave before Jury starts. Britney is now wanting to tell everyone how it is cool to put her up now to leave before being trapped in Jury. Britney keeps repeating how this isn't worth it. She claims she is getting paid less than she would be at home at her job. Monet now calls Rachel a "shanky ass ho bitch" and Britney now plans on talking up how beautiful Monet is and her modeling career once she leaves to get at Rachel and Kristin. Now they attack Kristin's boob job. Britney now says Monet has a "brain". HOLY FUCK this is just too funny.

As the day progesses the house get boring. Basically boring. We know who's leaving, Monet. There's nothing big happening. The house continues to get more divided. Enzo hates Brendon's side of the house more and more. Britney and Monet continue to be Mean as fuck behind everyone's back but never to their face. TALK ABOUT PUSSY BITCHES!

Just before midnight Kathy, Kristin, Rachel and Brendon BITCH and MOAN about Monet and Britney. Rehashing what they've said, did. Brendon WON'T FUCKING LET GO about how Monet never said "thank you" when he cooked or doesn't clean fucking dishes. SERIOUSLY? But that's the game of Big Brother. There's EPIC DOUCHE BAGS in the house sometimes where they will put you on the block and/or vote you the fuck out just because you didn't fucking say "thank you" when they wiped your ass for you.

Brendon and Kristin and Kathy all agree that they are about to go AWF on them any second. Rachel actually tries to tell them to hold back but Brendon is ready to just mouth off on them. Really he wants to be the mature one, talk DOWN to them and just point his mature finger at them about how bad they are and how good of a person they need to be.

They also agree that Britney, once she loses Monet, is going to attach herself to Enzo and flirt the fuck out of Lane's hard on and basically grab the guys on the other side to help her. WHATEVER BRENDON! Now Brendon believes that if he hates Britney and Monet that the entire house hates them and wants them out next week. He fucking believes that Enzo is going to vote out Britney JUST BECAUSE the house supposely wants Britney out. Brendon starts talking about "positive attitude" and my ears bleed listening to him. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU HANDSOME MAN. Just get naked and jerk off on the cams for us. And don't talk anymore.

Inside Britney leads the rest of the house on a bitch fest about Brendon's side of the house. Andrew and Ragan are asleep while Britney talks with Monet and the GANG. Enzo says that "they" meaning Brendon and Rachel have said to the "strong" players that they want the floaters out and have told the floaters that they want the "strong" out. Not sure where he got this from but that's not true.

Britney now says she's sad and doesn't want "either one of you to leave". Enzo now talks about the end game when there's five or four people left and how weird that would be. BITCH YOU AIN'T THERE. Stop seeing yourself in the end game. HA HA! Now Britney tells Hayden that when he was HOH he was "respectful" and more socialable. Holy shit this house is offically bitter and mean... just how I like it!

Just as Matt says "those sneaky fucks" talking about Rachel and her side of the house upstairs the outside "assholes" come inside. But before they reach the door Lane whistles to warn them that the "assholes" are walking in. The talk changes to how cold shit is around the house. FUCKING COWARDS. Enough with being shitty behind everyone's back, fight fight fight!!!

Day 20

Just as midnight arrives Enzo is in the hot tub, possibly farting from his slop fishsticks diet, watching Hayden run over to him to talk to him quickly. Enzo hopes Britney will win HOH next week and puts up Rachel and Andrew. Hayden likes this. Talks about backdooring Brendon. Hayden thinks what is "amazing" is how no one has any clue about their alliance, Matt, Hayden, Enzo and Lane. Seriously shit head, your alliance members are being grouped together because the rest of the house is against them.

You're not part of Matt, Enzo and Lane yet but when your boys start getting picked off expect one of them to RAT your ass out to take you down with them. Now Hayden hates how Kathy has changed "big time". Hayden says Kathy is not playing "smart" and they both call her a "weak" player. HA! Watch that bitch win HOH! Lane joins them laughing that if Kathy does get HOH and tells him that she's putting him up that Lane will look at her directly and tell her "no you're not" and then she won't because I guess women are scared of Lane. Matt comes outside LIKE AN IDIOT to talk with his boys.

I mean seriously.. all four of you talking at the hot tub isn't suspicous? Matt says about Monet "fuck it, she's gone". Enzo is saying all he cares about is that Brendon and Andrew "drop out" of the HOH comp. He believes the rest of the house will go after Brendon. UM NO, not anymore. Enzo, if you, Lane, Hayden, Matt or Britney don't win HOH you're all fucked! Male Twats better win!

Now Andrew today won't be eating, working, batheing, fucking, jerking off because of some religious holiday. For 25 hours he has to do this religious stuff. He did warn some of the people in the house that this would be happening. I also forgot to tell you that Andrew TOLD Kathy about Hayden and Kristin's secret showmance!!!

I'm not sure if Kathy has told others yet but she will soon! THIS piece of information would be a good one to test Hayden's alligence. If he lies about it and Kristin admits to it that Hayden is keeping shit from them and not really ever part of their side of the house.

Over in the Have Not bedroom Monet and Britney talk. Monet says she "hates" campaigning against Matt but both agree that they have to this week. Monet says she really wants to stay this week. Monet says "I just have to get this done" meaning gathering votes. Back outside Lane is still ranting about how the girls will keep on going after each other pushing the GANG to the jury house.

Hey dumb fuck, Rachel already pointed out how the girls are only going after each other and the guys are loving this.. They'll redirect their pussy guns in your direction soon enough Lane! Hayden hates that Britney is talking about not wanting to get to jury now. That she should leave next week if the other side wins. Enzo says Rachel "has her eyes open" and she is "smart" but has not "common sense", to which Matt says "zero". BITTER MUCH MALE TWAT?

Upstairs in the HOH room Brendon tells Rachel that "we can turn these people against each other, to take the target off our backs". He gives her a reassuring kiss that this will happen. They continue to talk, kiss, roll around in bed and then Brendon is back to hating on Britney. You see Britney told Rachel earlier tonight a rude comment. Rachel asked Britney if she wanted to play a game but Britney said "I'm in the middle of a conversation" and shunned Rachel. This is when Rachel played the ABC game with Monet. Monet used words like A for alliance, E for Eviction, D for Dumbasses, H for Ho, basically taking verbal stabs at Rachel in front of her. Brendon wants to go AWF on Britney for talking to Rachel like that.

Day 20 Part 2

WHOA! FIGHT FIGHT pathetic FIGHT FIGHT! It took 20 days before the first mini, almost one sided cry fest fight. You see Monet today has put her campaigning into overdrive. She says she doesn't want to go against Matt but SHE IS! So today she started working the votes. She knows she needs Kathy's vote so Monet approaches Kathy and FAKE apologizes to Kathy about being shitty to her over the past few days. Her essential pitch to Kathy is to vote how you want, meaning vote me, your BFF again after I treated you like shit. She tells Kathy not to vote how Brendon and Rachel want and how Kathy should play for her, not them.

So what does Kathy do after Monet is done with her and believes Kathy has been somewhat influenced? Well Kathy goes and tells Kristin THE GOOD STUFF about her chat! You see when Kathy talked with Monet she kinda gave her hope that she would think about what Monet was saying but when she talked with Kristin she basically said she's voting Monet the fuck out! Basically Kathy says "it's too late" for Monet to try to come and be on Kathy's side now.

So later, maybe an hour or so after her chat with Kathy, Monet is back to campaigning with Hayden now in the Have Not bedroom. Monet does the same "don't vote for them, vote how you want to vote" pitch to Hayden. Hayden agrees that is how he's always going to vote, how he wants. You see what Monet is doing. She's NOT campaigning against Matt but more so campaigning against Brendon and Rachel BUT with Matt being the casualty of being voted out so she can stay and eventually go after Brendon and Rachel. I can't WAIT for Matt to find out about this! Hayden then LIES to Monet saying he still doesn't know how he's going to vote this week. LIAR!

So they end their chat and Monet heads back into the house. Monet then aks Hayden a "quick question" as they walk past the kitchen. She asks him if Kristin hates her. He says no. Monet says she doesn't "dislike" Kristin. HA! Okay, fine, you don't dislike her but you HATE HER! Monet is all smiles and laughing with Hayden because she believes her pitch is working, that she is finding out no one in the house is Brendon and Rachel's bitches.

OHHH Snap! Hayden heads to the restroom while Monet heads outside. Here we find Kristin and Hayden now talking. Hayden is spilling his chat with Monet to Kristin but gets interrupted by Rachel. Here we find out Rachel quickly asks Kristin flat out if she's going to "flip". Kristin has this "what the fuck are you talking about" look. They both ask Rachel who said this and Rachel says BRITNEY! Kristin laughs calling it a joke! SO RACHEL STARTED THIS BULLSHIT FIGHT!

Talk turns to Kristin talking about starting her period now. Rachel offers the HOH bathroom to Kristin for the rest of the week to have her bloody periods in there. She then tells Kristin not to forget about the slumber party later this week.

Minutes later outside Hayden, Enzo, Kathy, Kristin and Britney are all on the couches. Talk is about movies or something but then Kristin flat out asks Britney if she said did you guys, meaning Monet and her, have Kristin's vote for Monet to stay. Britney says "what?". An easily annoyed Kristin says RACHEL told her that Britney said this. Britney says "no" and Kristin says "okay, I'm just telling you what I've heard". And here Kristin goes on to say how she doesn't want it to appear that she's against Matt.

Matt and Kathy now drive the conversation about Rachel coming downstairs to sleep with Brendon in the Have Not cot bed. Hayden goes inside and then Kristin gets up to get some more water from the outside mini fridge. She goes inside.

In the storage room Matt is FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about the votes. Counting his 3 boys, Ragan and how he needs Kristin's vote. Hayden then says he heard that Rachel is hearing that Kristin is possibly going to flip her vote to keep Monet. Hayden says Rachel then approached Kristin about it and how it pissed Kristin off. That Rachel told Kristin that Britney was the one who told her this.

Now Hayden is telling Matt about Kristin telling Britney outside, in front of everyone, how why is she going around telling people that she is going to flip to keep Monet. Hayden claims Kristin told Britney that she is flat out voting Monet out but I didn't hear that. It think from what Kristin told Britney that is can be assumed that Monet is getting voted the fuck out.

Matt seems relieved to hear this. Both tell each other how each doesn't have to worry about Ragan or Kristin's vote, how they each have them basically in their side and are able to do what they want with them, as if they are game pieces that they control. They'll learn soon enough.

They break out of the storage room and Hayden goes into the double bed room where Andrew is. Kathy is telling Hayden how Britney just came up to her and asked if she is the one who told Rachel that Britney said she and Monet had Kristin flipping this week. Kathy says no and told Britney the usual "I don't know what the hell is going on" crap. Kathy, always playing the super dumb card.

Kathy is getting PISSED AWF being accussed of stuff she didn't do. She leaves and walks into the house passing the front door saying "we need to restock houseguests". LOL! LOVE IT! Kathy goes straight over to the Cabana room and tries to open it. She can't either because it is locked or she can't figure out how to do the "5,1,3" combination. She tells them "You're going to have to open this". Brendon and Rachel are in there almost completely under a cover talking, most likely kissing. Brendon gets up to unlock the door and Kathy tells Rachel that she has to get up and go talk to Britney about all this mess.

Enzo comes into the Cabana room while Kathy starts explaining what happened and how Britney was DEVILISHLY INSANELY MEAN-LY accusing her of telling Kristin that she said Kristin was going to flip this week.

So now the house heads outside where Monet and Britney are. Almost everyone is outside, especially Kathy and Kristin. Rachel goes up to Britney and Monet, who are near the end of the outside couch and tells them, well basically that Monet hasn't talked to her for the first 13 days in the house, has already won 10,000 dollars and that if Monet had won HOH that she would have thrown both her and Brendon on the block. Rachel tells mostly all this to Britney while Monet stands there and then basically says that her goal this week is to get Monet out.

Rachel then tells Monet, looking at her, that has been her goal this entire time and how she told Monet this ahead of time. Rachel says there's no reason to cause unnecessary drama in the game. Britney keeps saying "yes" and "yeah" and "you're right". Rachel then tells Monet again how if you go home, that it isn't personal, BUT IT IS that you're going home with 10,000 dollars.

Now Kristin chimes in on how Matt doesn't deserve to go home and how that is the "bottom line". Britney then starts saying that no one said no one was out to get Monet and then brings up how Kristin had said she was going to flip her vote. Britney denies saying it and Rachel says "someone said you said it happened". Trust me, I don't get it either because Hayden just told Matt earlier that Britney told Rachel who then told Kristin. So now Rachel is saying someone else told her this piece of information. So who's causing the fucking drama? Rachel?

Britney then brings up a damn good point that she and Kristin don't even talk so where would this statement could have come from? Rachel is dumb to say "that it doesn't matter who said it" but that it was said. BITCH I can't wait for Rachel's words to be made up via someone else and watch her have to defend herself against someone's lie.

Britney is now saying she hasn't campaigned to anyone about keeping Monet her. Rachel also just ADMITTED that she assumed Britney had Kristin's vote. I'm sorry but was I the only one that caught this? I'm thinking Rachel was the one who started all this shit. Britney AGAIN asks Rachel who said it and Rachel doesn't want to give that piece of information away to start "unnecessary drama".

Inside at the open bedroom Matt is talking to Ragan about how he doesn't want to get involved in all this drama. Ragan says flat out that if anyone else besides Britney votes to keep Monet that those people will be his "automatic targets" for next week! WHOA! OHHHH! Matt is now telling Ragan that Hayden told him that Brendon and Kathy and the people "upstairs" are trying to suddenly keep Monet and get out Matt. LIE! Matt hates that Kristin confronted Britney earlier about the vote and it seems clear that Matt is the person behind all this. It has to be him.

Monet comes inside and walks up to them and is crying saying "this is fucking crazy!" Monet then rehashes everything to them. Of course Monet's version of the "you deserve to go home" is tainted with dramatic re-enactments. Monet says how Brendon tried to jump in and talk for Rachel and how supposely Rachel started the hate between them with the eye roll at the POV meeting. What caused Monet to leave was Rachel didn't want to use the term "bitch" or something like that.

Monet is like now crying hard in front of Matt and Ragan but then stops here and there to trash Rachel and Brendon and Kristin.

OHHH! Britney and Rachel are talking in the HOH at around 5:30pm. Basically Britney is telling Rachel that she is "100% honest" that she is NOT going after Brendon or Rachel next week BUT SHE IS! Rachel then tells her that someone told her that Britney said to them that she IS going after Brendon next week, WHICH SHE IS! Britney is caught in a LIE but says she didn't say that, that her target is Andrew! LIAR! Well Andrew is her target but she wants to backdoor Brendon as the end result BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK, SHE DOESN'T HAVE HOH YET!

HOLY FUCK! Now the house is having a meeting. About who said he and she said. I'm coming in on Matt verbally "softly" attacking Brendon and Rachel about how he was STRONG ARMED into volunteering to go up on the block! A whole load of shit came out. Here's the basic points.

Brendon and Rachel were against Matt and Matt was against them. Enzo, Lane and Hayden kept their damn mouths shut. The couple said that Matt volunteered to be nominated but then he would go to people in the house and play it up how he had no idea he was getting put up and how angry he was at Brendon and Rachel for putting him up this week. Basically both Britney and Monet threw Matt under the bus saying he did make it known that he was shocked about being put up, that he wanted "revenge" and never told most of them that he volunteered.

Now Matt's rebutal was that he felt forced to be put up on the block as a volunteer because Rachel and Brendon flat out asked him if Andrew was up on the block against Monet, would he vote out Monet. He of coures didn't want to lie to them for some STUPID REASON and told them that he would vote out Andrew. That if they wanted Monet out that they had to put him up on the block to guarenette that Monet would be voted out with him up against her. So that's where the "volunteer to go up" shit came from.

Matt started using the term "bullying" when he refered to Brendon and Rachel talked to people this week into voting out the person that they wanted to leave this week. Of coures no one jumped at the chance to say "yeah I was bullied". Monet, now hearing how Matt went up and basically allowed for Monet to leave easily with him on the block, well Monet just emotionally went off softly on Matt. Telling him that he did infact toy with her and how she knows now that Matt was part of engineering Monet's eviction this week.

You see ALL Matt had to do was to lie to Brendon and Rachel that he wanted Monet out and that would have ended there. But you see Matt didn't want to lie to Brendon and Rachel so early on. He SHOULD have lied to them to get them to feel like putting up Andrew was a safe bet for them in getting Monet out. But he didn't play like that. He CHOSE to make it known he was going to vote how he wanted, all he had to do was FUCKING LIE!

So Monet knows now how he offered to go up to make sure Monet would leave. She took this very personally and wants nothing to do with Matt now. Near the end of the endless "he said, she said" going back and forth between Brendon & Rachel and Matt, Matt finally got up and left but before leaving made it known that HE is after Brendon and Rachel. That the entire house is and that they'd basically be stupid not to be targeting them because they were a "showmance".

Funny thing is Hayden was sitting next to Matt when he made it known that showmances should be a target. Hayden and Kristin are an item now and Matt still has no idea. Only Andrew and Kathy know this. Matt left when Britney asked him if he said he wanted Britney out and he said no. Britney said Rachel said this and it is TRUE, Matt did say he wanted Britney out when it was just going to be Monet and Britney on the block, before POV. If he had a choice he wanted Britney out over Monet, mainly because Enzo wanted to keep Monet. So that is true but when Rachel confirmed that Matt had said this he got up and left.

After he left the meeting, Lane and Enzo had already left at this point, but after Matt got up and left Monet told everyone that she understands her getting voted out for winning 10 grand is fine but she warned them that this if this is how Matt is going to play that you all better get him out because he'll do what he did to her to them. TRUE DAT!

Remember this house meeting's true intentions were for Britney to try to clear her name about the whole Kristin mess but it turned to Matt versus Brendon and Rachel. This snowballed into so much more.

Right now I'm dying to find out how Kristin feels about Matt after this. The main point that Brendon said when he left the meeting was that everyone is going to take what they want from this meeting and that was it. Basically everyone has a choice who they want to believe, hate or no longer trust after this meeting.

Later in the mess of everyone moving around the house, Matt kept digging here and there to Rachel about certain issues but he basically made her look like a fool when he called her a hypocrite when she accused him of being "shady" for playing both sides of the house when she tried to call a secret "shady" meeting and lied to Matt about Kathy "sleeping" and Hayden needing to fix a "clogged tiolet". Rachel didn't know how to respond to that. He got her there. But she tried to reverse it back to him and his actions during this week's nominations. He blames the replacement nominee on Rachel but I BLAME IT ON HIM for not just lying to them.

With Andrew on the block Matt would have lied anyways and his side of the house would have voted out Andrew thus hurting Rachel and Brendon. For some reason Matt didn't want to go that route.

I'm sorry but I hate MATT. He's no super genius! He's an IDIOT! Really the super genius right now is LANE! He's under the radar, no one is fighting with him and he's out of all the drama. I can't imagine Matt coming into the house wanting to get exposed, called out and have people against him so early on. HE'S AN IDIOT!

Now Britney is going around the house trying to find out who told Rachel that Britney said she had Kristin's flip vote this week. She's slowly asking everyone trying to find out who said it and Rachel will never admit to it. Ragan tells Britney he is going to go talk to Rachel to find out who said it. Lane is there talking with Britney now and basically tells Britney to talk "dumb" to him because he's not good at all this "politics". LOL!

Kristin is in the double bed room telling Rachel how she still thinks Monet needs to leave this week, how Matt will be a huge target to keep around next week. Kathy has joined them and I didn't catch her talk with them but Ragan is now in there talking. All agree Rachel and Brendon didn't bully anyone this week. Rachel says Brendon is not running his life at all this week. She now says she is falling in love with Brendon, she doesn't care who knows now.

Later, around 9pm, Kristin as joined Lane, Hayden and Matt outside at the hot tub. Matt is awkwardly smiling, trying to have a "good time" around the house, acting like what just happened didn't phase him... he asks Kristin what's the 'good word". She says she's still voting out Monet no matter what. Matt thanks her for that.

Inside Monet is talking to Britney and Kathy how much she hates Matt now and wants NOTHING to do with him anymore, doesn't even want to talk to him anymore. She's just D.U.N. with him.

Matt heads inside and walks past Monet near the sliding glass door. Andrew is now back in the mix telling everyone his religious holiday is over. Andrew says "back to normal" while Matt says nothing is normal in the house as he walks to the back bedrooms. Monet and Britney head upstairs to find Rachel but Rachel is in the storage room talking with Ragan. Not sure what about.

If anyone is playing all sides of the house Ragan is! He tried to stand up for Matt at the house meeting, he's comforting Britney in the cabana room soon after, he's talking with Rachel's and her girls in the double bed room, he's now talking with Rachel. He's always on everyone's good side, never against anyone.

Here we go. Ragan now tells Rachel how Matt was honest with them upstairs but did lie at the house meeting about the aftermath of the nomination. Now Ragan, who CLEARLY has no idea what's going on is telling Rachel to get with Matt and telling him that she will keep him safe this week from going home if he promises to NEVER put her and Brendon on the block FOR THE REST OF THE FUCKING GAME! Holy fuck this is funny.

Ragan now says to Brendon who walks into the storage room that he is closest to both Rachel and Matt. How Rachel didn't throw Matt "under the bus" at the nomination replacement ceremony has to mean something. He's basically trying to bring Matt and Rachel together after this. I DON'T CARE WHAT RAGAN HAS TO SAY HERE because it's obvious he has no idea what's really going on. He feels Matt has no one in the house except for Matt and Rachel. It's crazy! Ragan loves to hear himself talk game... just like me!

OH GAWD! Ragan rushes out of the storage room happy that I think Rachel and Brendon want to make a deal with Matt but I just dont' give a fuck. Ragan is fucking all this up by getting in between all this. Matt continues to say how Rachel lied about Matt repeatedly saying he wanted to go on the block. ENOUGH RAGAN PLAYING FOR MATT! Your game is good right now, no one has you on their fucking radar, well except for Lane but I think Lane is no longer after you.

Now Ragan is saying how Monet came out of this house meeting with a halo on her head. Ragan wants Monet GONE! Ragan pets Matt's super ego as Matt loves to hear Ragan fight for him even when he didn't even ASK for him to do it! Ragan.. you're pathetic!

Whoa! I'm about to head out for the night but Rachel and Brendon are talking in the HOH room and here Rachel is telling Brendon that she TRUSTS Britney more than Kristin?!?!?! WHAT THE FAKE TITTY FUCK? Whoa! Rachel thinks Britney doesn't want "our blood" or to "break us up"! LOL! It's cool. When either Rachel or Brendon leave next week they will return to reunite with whichever is left in the house when Allison Grodner brings back a houseguest. Rachel and Brendon WON'T DIE in the house until Jury starts.

Ohhh Lane tells Ragan outside how he has lots of "gay friends" back home! OH REALLY! Ragan is talking about how he is trying to hold himself from using the term "fag" because he feels Perez Hilton would show him saying it. Lane says he feels like an ass because he does use that word every now and then but they agree Ragan can be called "Queer Bait". WHAT? But really, Lane says he has "gay friends" back home! I'M SO JEALOUS! You know they all want to suck his country dick!

Damn it! So hard to leave this. Matt is now in the HOH room talking to Rachel as Brendon leaves. He says everything she said and he said downstairs was true but her saying he said repeatedly that he wanted to go on the block, well he still thinks she's lying about it but she says he did. Now they compliment each other and Rachel says... ARE YOU READY FOR THIS, that she wants him to win. That if she's in the final 2 with him that she will tell the jury to vote for him over her. WHAT THE FUCK EVER! I'm so fucking done with Rachel!

Ignoring this converation between them! DELETE!

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I don't think I've told you lately that I love you ... for these recaps, of course.

Posted by: ger at July 18, 2010 10:44 PM

Ragan's gonna get his little feelings hurt if it ever comes down to him or The Brigade where Matt is concerned. And Monet is going home regardless - The Brigade plus Kristin alone guarantees that. Mo almost got lucky tho. It still would've been a challenge but given the events of tonight, she could have had a real chance if she were any kind of a player. Disappointingly, she's just a pathetic weeping willow with no game. Entertaining write-up as usual ~

Posted by: louis at July 20, 2010 11:45 PM

OOOPS! Bump that; Matt can't vote. Soo, I guess Kathy will be the swing vote if "Brachel" flips because I'm sure Andrew wants Matt out now.

Posted by: louis at July 20, 2010 11:53 PM