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July 25, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 25, 24, 23, 22, 21

Day 21 through 25

Day 21

Just before midnight comes to bring on Day 21 we get a super drunk Matt stumbling around the house. The house basically chilled the fuck out after the epic house meeting. Apparently it was hilarious and the whole Matt being drunk was caught on Big Brother After Dark. I'm about to watch it. Kristin was also hammered last night. You see Big Brother gave them 4 bottles of wine and 12 beers after their house meeting, I'm guessing for a long night of fights but nothing really came out of it except Hayden and Kristin making out in their bed while upstairs in the HOH room Brendon and Rachel are making out as usual themselves.

I mean seriously Brendon & Rachel need to invite Hayden and Kristin upstairs in the HOH room, lock the door and have a makeout party for us horny live feeders! Then Hayden and Brendon can make out for me and the ladies can make out for the gross straights! Oh my horny Big Brother dreams!

So anyways, Hayden and Kristin talk during their makeout sessions. Mostly about really liking each other, like "alot" and how they suddenly don't see Brendon and Rachel as a couple being not "cute" at all. It's funny because earlier Rachel told Brendon she trusts Britney now more than Kristin and now Kristin is telling her man that she doesn't think Rachel's relationship is "cute". WTF? Bitches already turning on each other? And what's this? Hayden thinks America will "hate" Brendon and Rachel! SPOT ON BROTHER! I'm already predicting a Hayden win this season. He's just too good in with everyone. I'm waiting for someone in that gawd damn house to look at Hayden as someone they can't win against in the jury and GET HIS ASS OUTTA THERE!

Kristin also thinks Hayden shouldn't win HOH this week. Well whatever bitch. Let the house split up Brendon and Rachel. We all know Allison Grodner is putting the first 4 evicted houseguests in sequestor so that one of them can come back to play. We all know if Brendon leaves the house and somehow Rachel is still in the house that Alison will bring back Brendon just for Rachel! BELIEVE IT!

In other news of Day 21 there was a quick bleep of a scene of a metal structure being built in the backyard. It looks like the houseguests are on lockdown all day and tomorrow to prepare for what looks like an Endurance competition! Britney is sure to win this one! Brendon, not so much. His large sexy muscled body will fall from whatever comp this one is going to be.

AHHHH! Brendon and Rachel are making out heavily under the covers. Brendon calls it "chemical bonding". Kathy is in the shower and comes out in the middle of their makeout session. She knows what's happening and walks over to them and spanks them with her hairbrush for their "mama". Later she leaves the HOH room and then the BITCH MUTHA FUCKING WALKS IN without fucking knocking and then turns around quickly shutting the door seeing them still getting it on under the covers. They hear her, pull their heads up over the covers and laugh about it.

Now while some people think Rachel said "it's really hard", meaning Brendon's dick, she really kept saying "it's really hot". She even said how doing things under the blanket, that it's really hot under there. Her forehead hair is matted and stuck to her head. Sweat? Or Cum? Brendon offers to make Rachel "lunch" today and she says she wants something "else" for lunch! Brendon says "stop it" as if she's just too naughty for him. She then says "like a turkey sandwhich or something". Sure that's what you meant you lucky HO!

Right now, 4pm, the houseguest are playing a game with the spyscreen. Rachel, Brendon, Kathy and Matt are in the HOH room watching to see I guess what's different or moved in the living room, where Lane & Ragan are. Hayden and Kristin are playing chess upstairs. Andrew is on his own somewhere watching the game go on. Monet, Britney and Enzo seem to be part of the team downstairs. They have nothing better to do I guess with the long lockdown. Now the teams switch and I don't care anymore.

Day 22

So Day 22, eviction day is halfway through. Monet was evicted today with a 7 to 2 vote. Kathy ended up making up with Monet to help Britney give Monet 2 symphathy votes. But again this week Julie Chen didn't give us or the evicted houseguest any clue that they were headed to sequestor for a chance to return back to the game. ODD!

The HOH is an endurance as the house expected. This one involving surfboards that go in and out of a hole in the wall, slanted or tilted downward at a slight angle, the houseguests have to stand on them as they move back and forth into the hole. Water and wind are thrown at them, mostly wind from the side and water from the top.

Brendon and Enzo are so large in body height frame that they have to stand sideways and use the wall for support. The rest mostly are standing upright facing out at Rachel who's watching, and even Britney is facing backwards, facing the wall as to not get hit by water.

There was an issue with the feeds, a large number of people trying to get on and watch the live endurance comp play out. I was able to get in and I'm watching it now. About 30 minutes after the live show ended. Kathy, Kristin, Hayden and Lane are OUT! Britney is OUT too! I think the first five or four people to drop early in this comp were "have's" this week meaning they could eat and not have to sleep in the Have Not Bedroom. The rest staying in the competition have to either win HOH to escape from being a Have Not or if they fall from here on out they become the Have Not's for the week.

Rachel is openly giving her words of encouragement to Brendon and Ragan... ONLY! We all know why Rachel wants Brendon to have HOH, so she can suck his dick some more! I'm sorry.. KISS HIS DICK some more, she's a super angel who would NEVER has sex in the house!

Back to the comp. Matt is doing good. He's wearing jeans and a long sleeve dress shirt from his nomination chair moment and never changed. He's talking ALOT to the houseguests. Ragan is trying to talk and says that he can't look up, probably because he'll fall from distorted mind fuck. Ragan at one point laughs wanting Matt to stop talking to him becuase it seems to be fucking him up BUT Ragan keeps talking.

He even asks Andrew how if he's doing good and Andrew is quick to say YEP! OH SHIT SNAP! The Surf boards did a sudden jerk at the end scaring mostly Matt. Enzo is OUT! He's fallen! I'm sure a sign that he and Brendon's side pose isn't going to work! Enzo says he "slipped" off. Now Rachel says "good job" followed by "you got it Brendon".

The boards have pulled into the wall leaving a small part out for them to stand on. Ragan has one foot near the tip and Britney tells him to because of the tip, it's really slippery... to which everyone laughed thinking it was a sex joke. Enzo gets compliments from the others but he says "i could have done a better job" and "it was actually fun to do". Britney wonders who is going to clean all this up.

BRENDON'S MUSCLED TALL HUNKY BODY has fallen! Brendon is now sitting next to Rachel dropping f bombs hating that he'll have to eat another week of that "fucking shitty food". Rachel says she'll not eat food either this week! YEAH, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

3 LEFT! Ragan, Andrew and Matt. Brendon and Rachel have a 66 percent chance in staying another week with either Andrew or Ragan having HOH. Matt seems to be doing good. His teeny tiny body frame is working in his favor. He takes steps back and forth while a larger taller Andrew is having to work twice as hard to stay on the board, knees bent while he moves in large steps. Ragan is thin so he is able to lean against the wall and take small baby steps. Matt though can look up and around whereas Ragan can't or he'll drop.

UH OH! Andrew just dropped! Matt & Ragan are still fighting it out! Brendon and Rachel are shitting bricks now! Everyone goes inside to let them talk. Ragan is ALL ABOUT being a Have Not and letting Matt get pictures of his "sick wife". Remember Matt LIED about his sick wife to the house.

Now Ragan tries to get Matt to say that Brendon and Rachel are going to be safe this week. Ragan wants to know who the potential HOH Matt will put up on the block. Matt LIES saying Kathy is his target this week. That he'll either put up Rachel or Brendon up as a pawn. Ragan believes that either Rachel or Brendon will be evicted if up on the block. That if the "couple" would be eliminated or broken up that the house would shift to them, meaning Ragan and Matt with Ragan going home easily over Matt.

Matt hints that this is a game and that "they" are winning meaning his side of the house. Basically Matt isn't falling at any moment. Neither is Ragan. Ragan wants to talk to these people now but Matt wants to talk to them afterwards giving him room to go back on his word with Ragan. Matt then says if you want to "play it out" we will. Matt says if Kathy and Andrew are up on the block and if POV is used that "one of them are going up" meaning Rachel or Brendon. Matt says if they don't like that deal then he'll just put them both up.

Matt doesn't want to really call the couple out to talk. Ragan wants to play 15 or 20 more minutes to make it seem like they didn't make a deal. WHATEVER! That's the reason why everyone went inside. So Matt is basically getting his way this week. He and his GANG wanted to backdoor Brendon and with Kathy and Andrew up, all agreeing that POV is played and no matter who wins it uses it so that Brendon can be backdoored!!!

You know to me this week is really a waste if they are planning on going after Brendon and Rachel. You just fucking know that when Brendon leaves this week that he'll be put in sequestor and when a houseguest magically returns he'll be reunited with Rachel. When Brendon and Rachel are broken up there will most definitely be new targets in the house. If Rachel does survive the next few weeks and is still in the house when a houseguest returns.. expect Brendon to return thanks to Alison Grodner's fixed powers. I just see this happening.

Now what would be better this week is if Brendon or Rachel are picked to play POV and one of them wins it then that means both Rachel and Brendon are safe from EVICTION! So damn.. Matt and his GANG should be smarter than that. They'd be stupid not to at least put up Rachel or Brendon with Kathy or just throw them both up at once. Because if one stayed on the block against Kathy, let's say the other plays POV and wins it, saves the other than Kathy is left on the block now against Andrew, the replacement nominee. So Matt has no choice but to put both of them up NOW to ensure one of them leaves.

I love Brendon's body but I'm tired of his mouth and his "let's all play fair" BULLSHIT. Get him outta here and let Rachel thrive in the house so that Brendon can be hand delivered to her later in the game. The couple that won't die in the house! Imagine the reaction of the house if Brendon returns and he's reunited with Rachel!!! Imagine MATT'S FACE?!?! Now mutha fucker Matt, that would be great TV!

I forgot to mention that Ragan doesn't give a "fuck" about Brendon, it's Rachel who he cares about. Interesting. He told this to Matt. If Matt feels threatened by Rachel for taking HIS MAN then maybe he'll cut a bitch and get Rachel out of the house over Brendon!!!

The live feeds have been cut! We don't know what's happening. Sorry.

SUPER GROSS! Matt wins HOH! So for 2 weeks in a row, back to back surviving nominees goes on to win HOH's. Right now Rachel is trying to get in good with Matt, explaining herself to him and he's all "you broke our deal" by telling everyone how he wanted to act surprised going on the block crap. BITCH GOING UP ON THE BLOCK! I'd just be like "fuck it, put me up, I'll win POV little shit faced ugly turd". Then she can treat him like shit the rest of the week when and if she has POV necklace around her neck.

Matt just LIED saying he is alone in the house and is playing with his alliance that is his wife back home. HA! HA! Matt is definitely the evil shit turd this season. I hate Matt with passion. An EPIC PASSION!

Day 23

Well... Matt as HOH. I'm really going to hate this week but LOVE IT at the same time since this HOH week is going to be a waste with either Brendon or Rachel coming back. Of course again this would only work if either Rachel or Brendon, whoever is left from this week's death, survives to the point when a houseguest returns. Anyways... I know, enough of this shit...

So as midnight hour starts the house is just relaxing. Matt gets his HOH key just after midnight. Not sure why it took so long. Maybe because his wife was writing a last minute letter, then emailing to Big Brother so they could print it out for him to read on television.

I SWEAR. If Matt's wife LIES too about the fake disease she has and includes that lie and BIG BROTHER allows that lie to escape on through into the HOH room, I'm GOING TO FLIP MY FUCKING LID. You see Big Brother edits every HOH letter, to make sure there's no hidden clues or hints as to what's going on in the house. You know, maybe the letter will say "youre uncle Bernie is not doing so good" meaning "B" for Brendon and "not so well" meaning DON'T TRUST HIM! That type of shit. So if Big Brother helps Matt's lie become bigger than life by not editing the lie out of the HOH letter.. well... I mean it should be expected. I dont' know why I expect higher standards from anything Alison Grodner produces.

HOLY FUCK, back to the updates. So I forgot to mention Ragan cried during Big Brother After Dark. He says it was about missing his father. Can you believe he tried to hide his crying face with his arm so we couldn't see him crying. Just cry bitch. It's healthy to cry.

At one point both Rachel and Britney are looking at Monet's black and white picture on the wall. Rachel seems upset that Monet left. It's like that feeling last week when they sent Annie home and Rachel, who was on the block, ended up winning HOH. Now this week Matt, who survived being on the block, goes on to win HOH. If he wasn't here Ragan would have won and Rachel would have had no worries this week. Well, look at it this way Rachel. One of your 2 targets last week went home as expected. Matt wants either you or Brendon out and he'll get his way. Sucks to be you and your BB husband!

Oh HOLY INCEST SHIT! This just got funny. Britney is telling Lane she is FOR LIKE SURE that Hayden and Kristin are TWINS! Little does she know these "twins" are finger fucking each other's butt holes. Of course she did say she wouldn't think that anymore if she caught them kissing. LOL! Oh Britney, a jewel in a sea of rocks in that house you are!

Ohhhh snap! The GANG aka the Brigade are having their first offical power meeting in the HOH room, an hour or so after midnight. Enzo is just so excited as fuck for it. Enzo, who loves control, feels back in control and is happy as a bitch in heat. Matt makes it known he wants Kathy on that mutha fucking block. Rachel's name is tossed around as a potential nominee but Hayden is smart enough to figure out what we already know, that if Brendon plays POV and wins, will pull off Rachel and then both are safe.

Matt doesn't seem to care all that much if that happens. There's even talk about putting up Andrew next to Kathy to make sure hopefully neither Brendon or Rachel play POV.

Now what I don't understand is why Enzo hasn't decided to pull in their side alliances. You know, Enzo has no one right now, he just lost Monet. But Lane has Britney who the GANG loves to use her to their advantage, then Matt has Ragan and Hayden has Kristin. They should pull all together and make a pact that they are all safe to the end and all should target Brendon, Rachel, Kathy and Andrew. They are all safe for four weeks. Enzo, I mean seriously, do this. I thought you were this great game player. Your alliance is still hidden inside this bigger house alliance. But whatever. You'll still be the first sacrifical lamb in your "final four", You just don't know it yet!

Ragan has joined the GANG's talk and they turn the talk to making fun of Kathy. Ragan knows Kathy is going up and he joins in on them all making fun of her. Ragan.. the biggest bitch of a floater, moving where the power is. I hate those type of game players. I SPIT ON THEM!

Still as the night continues into the early morning hours we find Kristin and Hayden talking in the double bed room. Here we find a worried Kristin who is thinking what her boyfriend thinks about her new SEXMANCE with Hayden. OMG, this TWAT has a boyfriend? Well I'm betting he's getting his dick sucked right now after watching and hearing his bitch of a twat fuck around in the house. I mean it's not like they're married but seriously, break up with a dude to let him fuck around if you're planning on doing that in the house. BITCH.

Ragan and his BOYMANCE Matt talk alone in the HOH room. Undressing each other, talking softly to each other only a mere two inches away, candles lit in the background... LOL! So they're talking about Brendon and Rachel. Matt makes a comment about how he actually wants them both to make it to the Jury house so that they can have more time to be with each other. BUT I THINK he wants them both in the Jury House because they are both SOLID votes for him to win the game, that is IF he makes it the final 2. Oh Matt, winning one HOH and you think you're in the final 2 already. GOD BLESS HIS STUPID HEART.

Okay I've got to run to the cinemas to watch Inception! Be back to writing more later tonight!

Day 23 Part 2

I'm BACK! Inception is such a mind fuck. Love movies like that.

So back to the house. Before the nominations Matt brings both Rachel and Brendon to the HOH room to talk. Now we know what Matt's plan is all along. To backdoor either Rachel or Brendon. He wants a deal out of his plan that is already in motion with whoever is surviving out of the couple. He already knows in his mind that he's going to nominate Kathy and Andrew and that POV WILL be used. Once POV is used he will throw up either Brendon or Rachel. Once that's done he no longer has control over who leaves. The house itself decides who leaves. That is the impression Matt, the super genius, wants the surviving member of the couple to realize therefore not making him the enemy. You get it?

So with that said he tells them that he wants a deal from them. Based on what happened last week, the house meeting, them calling him out, etc, that if he doesn't nominate either one of them that they both have to promise him that they won't go after him next week if they win HOH. Now he also tells them that if POV is used that he has no choice but to throw one of them up. That somehow he can't control that. They understand and accept the deal. Now Matt has proposed safety next week if the surviving member of the couple somehow wins HOH. He's just protecting himself and only himself next week. Fuck everyone else.

So the nomination ceremony has come and gone. Kathy and Andrew are up for eviction. Andrew seems to be pissed off at Rachel for EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING SHE DOES. He's ready to blow up on her. Most likely during the Big Brother After Dark broadcast.

The section of the house that once was the "side" of Brendon and Rachel has died. Ragan is no longer hanging out with them as much, has started moving out through the house and even finds himself in the HOH room more often with Matt. Or course Ragan told Matt that he will only come up there when Matt needed him.. blowjob anyone?

Hayden, Kristin AND Ragan have all experienced desire to get rid of Brendon. It seems like the overall assumption of the house, the want of the house is that Brendon is the one backdoored. Brendon and Rachel already assume too that the house wants to backdoor one of them.

So around 8pm tonight POV players are picked. BRENDON AND RACHEL ARE PLAYING! Can you fucking believe it? Somehow both were picked to play! Matt really should have put both up at once like I said. Now if one of them wins it they will NOT use POV. We all know Kathy has little to "almost" no chance of winning. Matt, who you know wanted to throw POV to let someone else make the backdoor happen, is now really going to play HARD to win. Then he will HAVE to use the POV and get some Brendon blood on his hands to ensure Brendon goes home.

Upstairs, minutes later, Lane is talking with Matt. Matt is saying "how is that possible. how the fuck did that happen? how is it that both of them are playing" and repeating it over and over. Matt now says that he hopes this POV is one of those where you have to steal or trade the POV for punishments and prizes. He then tells Lane that it was Brendon and Rachel who came up to the HOH to make a deal with him, not the other way around. So Matt lied to Lane... interesting.

Lane is talking as if he is playing. How Kathy just came up to him and told him if he wins it to NOT use the POV on her to make himself a target but we all know he's going to use it if he plays. Matt can't stop talking about how "unbelievable" it is that they both are playing. Here we find out Andrew picked Rachel. Matt says that they are "working for this" to get Brendon out.

Enzo is hosting the POV comp. LOL! Now Britney of all people is agreeing with Enzo that POV picking was "rigged" for them to play. How there were no "houseguest choice" balls in the bag. Well Britney, you sure didn't cry "rigged" when your POV comp was rigged so why the fuck now should you care if it was rigged for both Brendon and Rachel having the chance to play yet another possibly rigged POV comp. Oh well. There's still a chance Brendon and Rachel, who are still playing 2 on 4 in the comp, can still NOT win the POV.

Lane reveals that Brendon's name was pulled first. Then Rachel's. Then Britney's. So it looks like Lane is not playing. Brendon, Rachel, Britney, Matt, Kathy and Andrew. So really if we have no faith in Britney or Kathy then the power couple has a 50/50 chance of staying with either one of them winning POV and not using it so neither can be backdoored!

So now what's confusing me is Lane said that Kathy approached him and told him if he won that he shouldn't use it on her. Um.. Is Lane playing for Andrew because of some religious bullshit? Shit if his religion stops Andrew from playing a game on a certain day well then BB shouldn't help him with that, he's just fucked either way. So not sure why Lane gave off the impression that he's playing.

Over in the double bed room Hayden is on one bed while Kristin is on the other bed right next to it. They both are trashing Andrew and how he sucks as an "alliance" member. Hayden says what's irritating about Andrew is that he can't talk to him or get anything out of him. Andrew keeps his "thoughts" to himself and agrees to whatever you're saying. Kristin says "we" can't do anything to help Andrew out this week, meaning they aren't playing for POV. Hayden says they can give him votes.

Lane comes in and they talk to him as if he's playing. Lane seems to be playing now... maybe in place of Andrew. That is not clear yet.

Funny! Right now in the jungle open bedroom Brendon, Ragan and Britney are talking. Britney points out that the bed closes to the camera in the corner is the "cursed" bed. That's the bed Annie slept in and the bed Monet slept in. Brendon laughs asking who's sleeping there now. Britney says no one. Well Britney, maybe you should have tricked Brendon into sleeping in that bed!!! To see if the bed is indeed cursed!

Day 24

Okay.. midnight hours time. Britney, Lane and Matt SHIT CHAT outside about who else but Brendon and Rachel. How America hates them when really only a small group of people hate them. They are also smart enough to figure out that CBS loves Brendon and Rachel. So in theory if CBS loves them then one can assume they are getting a great edit by CBS to trick America into loving them. Not much Britney Lane and Matt can do about it except to make sure Brendon and Rachel do NOT win POV.

They're JEALOUSLY talk on Brendon is full of hate. About how he tells people how to work out correctly and if you don't follow his advice he somehow hates it. Then Lane chimes in with his predictable "Brendon isn't athletic" crap about how Brendon can't win POV if it involves ANYTHING ATHETLIC! Brendon's a fucking swim coach you hot as fuck douche bag! He has athlete inside him... but boy do I wish Brendon was inside me... OHH I WENT TOO FAR! LOL!

What's this? Andrew and Brendon are secretly whispering in a bedroom? Hmm... Brendon is always sticking up for Andrew to Rachel. Saying how he trusts him. Knows him. Could they be the secret life long friends. I mean I still don't think that rumor is true. I still the Saboteur made it up. I still think the life long friends are the damn fish in the Cabana room. But whatever. If Andrew and Brendon are life long friends then that means if Andrew wins POV he will decide NOT to use it! This way Kathy is taken out of the game! I guess we'll see what happens if Andrew wins POV.

OHHH SHIT! You see, Ragan's big mouth has fucked him in the game. You see Brendon mentioned to Ragan & to Rachel that he thought certain people jumped out of the HOH comp too early. It was pretty obvious he was referring to Hayden and Kristin. He told Rachel that he thought Hayden and Kristin jumped out early but hinted it to Ragan. So what does Ragan do, he tells Matt EVERYTHING!

And what does Matt do? He tells HAYDEN EVERYTHING! Now Hayden wants Brendon out even more! I mean Matt could have lied but he's so good with Hayden that Hayden will believe anything Matt tells him. That's just fucking scary and really stupid of Hayden. Hayden should investigate this.

HOLY FUCK! Here Hayden reveals that Kristin is dead weight to the Brigade alliance! WOW dude! I just don't believe you. I think Hayden is downplaying Kristin so that when and if Brendon does leave this week that they do not become the new house couple threat. HAYDEN, YOU LYING YOU BITCH. Kristin means everything to you and your dick!

So these 2 douche bags end their conversation and Hayden heads off to bed. He and Kristin are sleeping in the big double bed room but in different beds. Soon though LOVE SICK HAYDEN jumps into Kristin's bed! I KNEW IT! Hayden all up in Kristin's naughty lady bits! I'm telling you, this bitch gonna be the death of the Brigade!

Soooooo.... the houseguests have awoken from their slumber. The house gets ready for an indoor lockdown. TIME TO BUILD POV! As everyone waits inside the GANG minus Hayden meet in the HOH room to trash and bitch and complain about what else but Brendon and Rachel. Don't worry mutha fuckers, which ever surviving member of this couple will go further than most of you. That's just how it is. The last remaining member of any amount of alliances tend to go super far in the game. They become forgotten about and new targets are aquired.... BRIGADE! I can't wait until they are exposed and they start selling each other out to stay in the game.

I'm just not in the mood to type their jealously of Brendon. I'll return to posting once POV has been played and awarded. If Brendon or Rachel win POV I'll be as happy as a woman pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby. If anyone else wins POV I'll be as sad as Jennifer Aniston when she sees Brad is still with "her".

FEEDS BACK! Enzo is upset as fuck downstairs as he talks with Kathy. Kristin is upstairs trying to talk with Matt who's also upset. Enzo is pissed that Matt should have just put them both up together to make sure one of them goes, meaning Brendon and Rachel. Kristin is upstairs trying to get Matt to make sure with his "power" that the house votes out Kathy. She's fighting for Andrew to stay. Her suggestion to Matt that he needs to ask Brendon and Rachel to vote what he wants makes him uneasy.

Kristin goes over the votes to keep Kathy. But it doesn't matter because if Andrew is life long friends with Brendon then this week we'll see Brendon push for Andrew HARDCORE! Will the couple's vote this week be split! Matt is scared of a split vote, saying one thing and then voting out someone after saying another thing.

So basically either Brendon or Rachel WON POV!!!! Matt doesn't seem too upset. I mean he's gotten into Brendon and Rachel's head about his wife and they, as of today, would both vote for him to win in the end so I think Matt wants them in the Jury house to vote for him.

Also, before POV started Lane was still bitching about Brendon and Rachel. That if Brendon was in the jury house with him that Lane would just BLOW UP on him because I guess everything Brendon does just pisses off Lane. Really Lane? Well then you should have fucking won POV with your Country Smarts to ensure that Brendon be backdoored this week. IDIOT! If you want something done in the house win something you piece of hunky shit!

Ragan now goes up to the HOH room to talk. Kristin said that Andrew put up the number "33" which was off meaning he was way off from winning. She's almost making fun of him for putting that weird of a number up on the board. They are all quiet wondering what is going to happen now with either Kathy or Andrew still on the block. Still don't know which of the couple won POV.

Brendon and Rachel are no where on the feeds. Hayden is now in the jungle open bedroom with Lane and Britney. Hayden calls this "insane" while Enzo who just left mentioned something about how he knew "he" would win. I'm assuming Brendon won POV again!

OH SHIT! Rachel is now in the HOH room and Big Brother cuts the feeds! MUTHA FUCKER!

Feeds back! Enzo is in the Have Not bedroom with Andrew. Andrew is PISSED AWF. He hates that he didn't win. It sems like the POV was the one where you all had to answer and guess a number and then knock people out by either staying with your guess or folding. Andrew says how he "can't stand Rachel". How he doesn't want to pick a fight or get into an argument with her, he'll just say hi to her and that's it. Andrew also says he hates Rachel cheering on her man. I'm guessing Rachel got out at some point and she was cheering him on from the side lines. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to that on the show.

Enzo loves hearing this. He loves it so much that he tells Andrew 2 things. First that he just talked to Kathy and how she told him she didn't want to campaign against Andrew but still asked Enzo if he was going to vote for her to tell her. Then he tells Andrew that he's flat out voting for Andrew to stay so that he can go after Rachel. Enzo is loving that he and his boys are still not a target for anyone and he wants Andrew's anger for Rachel and Brendon to thrive the longer he's in the house. I hate you Enzo for having such a damn good alliance and a damn good position in the game. I hate you. I will admit I'm jealous of Enzo, wish that was my position in the game.

OMG! Ragan is annoyed and pissed off that he had to wake up in the middle of the mutha fucking night because he heard Rachel and Brendon doing something. He assumes Rachel was "jerking him off" or giving him a blowjob! JEALOUS MUCH RAGAN!!!!

Ragan then says he told Big Brother how he was upset that last night they told Kathy to come into his Have Not bedroom to remove one of this top pillows. He had a pillow between his legs. He's Have Not, he's suppose to miserable, not comfortable. He says he doesn't want to tell Brendon and Rachel anything because he doesn't want another "baby food in the fridge" tiny argument that Andrew had with Rachel. He goes on to say that he's tattle telling on the couple to Big Brother and how he couldn't go back to sleep because of them and they told him "they would get back to him" later about this. Big Brother cuts the feeds again.

But wait, I do see his point. Brendon, who's also a Have Not, had an entire person in bed with him and Big Brother allowed it. So I get why Ragan is pissed off. The couple just can't do anything right. I swear Rachel will have gotten up to go take a fucking shower and everyone will bitch and moan how she didn't ask anyone else if they wanted to go first crap. I'M SO OVER the house hating Brendon and Rachel.

OMG! Ragan is still talking with Matt in the HOH room. He's so fucking BRAINWASHED by Matt that he said if Brendon and Rachel go against what Matt wants this week that next week he'll be gunning for them. WHAT? Ragan talks about the "honorable thing to do" is to keep Andrew. WHAT THE FUCK SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH BRENDON 2.0!

Ragan even jokes about Matt leaving next week and him going after the couple the week after and shoving his fist in the air saying "this is for you Matt". Ragan.... dude, get a grip! You're playing this game FOR YOU! If you came in this game for someone else "honorable" to win then fuck you. I hate game players like you. Go fuck yourself with your own fist asshole.

Ragan now talks about next week that if he gets HOH and then the feeds change so we miss what he's wanting to do but really I hate Ragan's long winded full of pauses talks. Outside the HOH Andrew is playing chess by himself. Kristin comes up to talk to him, saying she's close to Kathy but that she really wants him to stay. Kristin says Matt is scared Andrew will come after him next week but Andrew says now he's "gunning for Rachel". SERIOUSLY DUDE, getting out another girl after girls have left back to back!?!?!

I seriously think Andrew has an issue with women who are independent and/or are not beneath men. That's why he has issues with both Monet and Britney, who answer to no man. Rachel, same thing. He loves Kathy cause she's OLD WORLD and respects her elders and youngers. He likes Kristin because she hates all women. He didn't like Annie because she hated that Andrew felt he could look under her covers and laugh and get away with it. FUCK YOU ANDREW and your distaste for women who THINK.

In the double sex blowjob handjob bed room Rachel and Brendon talk. Rachel is onto Kristin wanting all the girls out so she's the last girl standing and how the boys won't go after her if she's the last one. Rachel wants Kristin OUT! Brendon is wondering if Ragan trusts them more than Matt. Now Brendon thinks they can "pull Enzo" on their side. Really Brendon... I mean really? How good is the Brigade that no one can see them as an alliance?!?! I pray for the day someone overhears them talking!

OH GREAT. Rachel just said she never wants to target Matt. SERIOUSLY? That he saved them more than once. REALLY YOU DUMBASS? I just can't with this couple. A second ago I was happy that Brendon won POV but now I wish he hadn't so Rachel can play like a chicken with her head cut off. LOL! Rachel says we "have to play smart" and "not to trust anyone". FINALLY!

HILARIOUS! Ragan comes into the bedroom and interrupts Brendon and Rachel's stupid as fuck game talk. He doesn't really give them direct eye contact and Brendon asks "did you sleep alright last night"? LOL! Um.. no he didn't. Ragan of course doesn't say anything. They talk about random shit, hoping for a luxury comp later this week.

Rachel now tells Ragan how she was such a "bitch" about Matt and how he's so great of a person. I guess Matt really is a "genius" to trick Brendon and Rachel into love him. Well Brendon still hates Matt but Rachel is in LOVE with Matt now. I hate that Matt got away with this week and doesn't have a target next week on his head. I just can't with this couple. I just fucking CAN'T.

Oh wait, we find out Rachel, Brendon talk about the POV comp. They both were in the last leg with someone else. I'm guessing Andrew. I thought I heard Andrew was upset that someone left him in the comp be himself to fight off the couple. Not too sure about that. Ragan says he's just feeling "down" and even turns down Brendon's offer to scratch his balls.

Upstairs Andrew is talking with Matt. Matt says he'd rather have Rachel gunning for him over Brendon. Andrew says again how he can't stand Rachel or even be in the same room as her. Matt says that the "intent" was that Kathy or Andrew weren't suppose to leave this week. Hopefully if Andrew is secretly hating Rachel to cover their alliance to then tell both Brendon and Rachel how Matt was really gunning for them secretly. I want Rachel to be like "I hate that mutha fucker".

LOL! Back downstairs Rachel and Brendon are talking with Ragan still. Rachel said something about there are so many "backstabbers" in this game but how Matt is not one of them anymore. Ragan says "actions speak louder than words". I'm wondering now if Matt was in the final leg with both Rachel and Brendon and threw it for them to win it. Well hopefully Andrew tells Brendon what Matt really was planning this week! Hopefully this will shut Rachel's damn mouth about how great Matt is!

Day 24 Part 2

5pm arrives in the house. Britney, Lane and Matt talk in the HOH room. Britney is talking about how she loves "devious" people from past seasons. Matt asks Britney who she thinks is the devious one and she says "YOU". Matt plays it off but Britney has it figured out. Of course Lane is back to bashing Brendon. Saying that he and Rachel are not even "cute" as a couple. That Brendon has to go next week. That America doesn't like them. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Playing the same ol' record are we Lane? You dumb hunky redneck!

Outside Enzo and Kristin talk. Kristin says that if Kathy leaves there's only 3 girls left in the house. But she is quick to say "but that's okay" as she loves the fact that all the women are being taken out and she hasn't seen the nomination block yet.

Back up in the HOH room Britney is telling them that she put on her Big Brother application that she wanted to be the "twist" of the season. Lane says he thinks "we got a good cast". Whoa, Lane just said that everyone in the house are "decent looking people". I guess Brendon included Lane? You know Lane would suck Brendon's dick if offered and no cameras were watching.

Andrew and Ragan now talk in the Cabana room. Ragan is just literally telling Andrew that he's voting to keep him this week. I mean fuck, everyone is just coming up to Andrew and telling him I'm voting for you to stay. Ragan says he sees that is the HONORABLE thing to do in keeping Andrew. GO FUCK YOURSELF RAGAN. I wish I was in that house so I could backstab that mutha fucker. Remember in his Big Brother bio on the first episode, he talked about backstabbing, lying to get further. ASSHOLE LIAR! Now Ragan talks up Matt to Andrew and basically plays the game for Matt to get in good with everyone. Pathetic, just pathetic.

Minutes later Matt is talking with Enzo outside. About how Andrew says he's after Brendon and Rachel and how he doesn't really believe him. He thinks he can get the answer if it's true or not from Kristin and then calls Brendon an ASSHOLE and how he has to go. Why... a good player in the game who wins shit is an "asshole".

Matt goes inside and finds Kristin in the bathroom. He wants Kristin to find out from Andrew if he really wants Brendon and Rachel out. But the problem here is Matt tells Kristin that IF and IF it is true then he'll want to keep Andrew. Yo super Genius, you blew that one. But even if Andrew lies and tells Kristin to lie for him and then she tells Hayden, Hayden will tell Matt the truth. This damn Brigade is just too damn good!

Day 25

Nothing much has happened since my last write up. I mean Rachel got everyone playing some game where you flip empty cups after you drink the beer in them. It was funny to watch when Kristin couldn't do it and was buzzin' and punched her empty cup and the other empty cups and then kicked them around.

As midnight begins Enzo and Lane are having loads of funny ass laughs in the kitchen. Mostly at the other houseguest's expense. They laugh about Kathy talking about how the votes this week will be "tight". They are throwing out one liners over and over. Laughing my ass off here. Hard to write them all but one was from Enzo how "another bitch" is leaving this week and "yo, women are an endangered species in here". Enzo then calls Brendon "Bill Gates with Muscles" LOL!

Lane walks over to Brendon and Rachel saying they have "no brains". Lane is beyond jealous of them. It's crazy! He can't stop hating them. Enzo hates that Britney is having loads of fun with Rachel tonight, bonding and what not. He hates that his GANG's control over her may be dying off. Lane and Enzo talk about Matt and can't figure out why he didn't just put them both on the block. Well he's a "genius" douche bags so he's playing to win the entire game, not just this week.

Matt leaves the Cabana room where Brendon and Rachel are with Britney, Hayden and Kristin. They're all laughing about the showmance and Brendon's dick size. Matt finds his thugs in the kitchen and talks with Enzo at the memory wall. Mostly repeating everything we've heard before and how Brendon has to leave next week. All three are openly pointing at the wall, having an OPEN conversation about everything. I can't believe no one is upstairs laying down listening in on them!

LOL! As I type this Enzo just flat out farts and the guys are so use to him farting that they dont' skip a beat in their conversation. Brendon and Hayden come out into the kitchen area and we find out that they've been told that they may locked in for the rest of the night. There was some music playing outside, possibly a lot party. The feeds can't play music over the internet, some copyright bullshit.

Rachel, Kathy, Kristin and Britney, the last girls left in the house, are just having a good ol' girls night in the Cabana room. Actually Kathy is working on the girl's votes for her to stay through getting along with them. I mean there's no game talk but you know Kathy is putting on the charm big time to get votes.

Later in the HOH room the GANG minus Lane talk about the house and the past few days. Mostly about what else but BRENDON AND RACHEL! How they are dominating the game with their wins and how much they suck and how much they need to go usual crap. But Enzo then starts in how he doesn't trust Ragan AT ALL. That he wants Ragan on the block with Kristin! Hayden hears this but doesn't really defend Kristin.

Matt talks about Britney saying what he thinks is to be a lie about targeting Rachel and Brendon but really still wants Kristin out. Well SHIT Kristin wants to be last bitch standing, bitch better win HOH to stop Britney from being the last bitch standing. Hayden leaves Enzo and Matt to talk in the HOH room now.

UH OH! Full of Beer Matt is talking like a sailor again! Calling Brendon and Rachel "shit heads" for winning everything! That he doesn't care if Hayden leaves out of the Brigade knowing that Rachel and Brendon are now targeting both him and Kristin as a pair. LOL! Already ready to trim the surfer fat are we Matt?

Both are aware that Ragan and Kristin move with the HOH power each week. That they are onto them. OH SHIT! We just got a final 2 deal with Enzo and Matt! Now if only Matt can get a final 2 deal with Lane AND Hayden but I doubt he's that stupid. I think they realize that Lane and Hayden are pretty much final 2 in their own heads. So the Brigade is split down the middle already. Very interesting! Potential for Kristin & Britney to come between the Brigade! Each a lady to Lane and Hayden!

The houseguests sleep and then awaken on Christmas MORNING! I kid! Kathy woke up with some juicy bits of information. BITCH playing hard against Rachel for some fucking reason. She was told by Andrew, NOT RACHEL, that Hayden and Kristin are a "secret couple". Now maybe Rachel told her sometime after Andrew first told but Andrew TOLD her first. But this TWAT with a gun tells Kristin, with tears in her eyes, that Rachel told her that Hayden and Kristin were a couple or in a relationship.

Now what I'm confused about is if Kathy believes this or thinks Rachel is making it up to get the target off her and Brendon's back. Kristin really doesn't respond but thanks Kathy. Don't ask me why Kathy did this this morning but she just lost Rachel's vote when Rachel wanted to fight to keep her all along. Kathy, get out of the house already.

Outside Brendon and Matt talked about the game and the houseguests. Brendon seems annoyed with Kathy's attempt on getting people to vote with their heart FOR HER. Both see through Kathy's crap and then they both agree that the HOH endurance was made for the "smaller" people in the house to win it aka Matt and Britney. But Matt did pay respect to Brendon and Andrew, 2 tall large people, who held on for a long time in the comp.

LOL! Time is 4pm in the house. Kristin is talking with Hayden about how she is PISSED that Rachel knows about them and told Britney. That Kathy told her and Hayden is like "I'll just put them both up if I win and say we heard you were spreading rumors" but Andrew is the one that started it all! BITCH all scared now that once Brendon and Rachel get broken up that she and Hayden will be the next couple target.

But then Kristin says that if she gets HOH that she will only put one of them up, meaning Brendon up against Britney and then let the the house decide who leaves. Kristin doesn't want to just put up both Brendon and Rachel, this mean as fuck bitch wants Britney up there on the block to suffer. WHAT A BITCH!

Outside Rachel and Matt make a fun obstacle for the housguests to run through and they all time it and see who gets through it the fastest. Rachel does a dry run through and laughs as her battery pack falls off. Matt then says how they have to get 5 houseguests "dumb enough" to run through it. Matt then jokes abou thow they have to send all the houseguests inside for a "lockdown" so they can I guess get it ready. Big Brother feeds are blocked as I'm sure Big Brother is telling them to put everything back. And when we come back Matt and Rachel are putting all the outside furniture back where it is suppose to be.

God, where's Lane bitching about Brendon and Rachel? As long as he does it shirtless!

Not much has been going on in the house. Kathy's new angle is that she hates Brendon and Rachel to some degree through her bashing of them and how they are still here. Basically Kathy is upset that she's going home when Brendon and Rachel should be. But the game is about surviving and Kathy ain't. She is also pissed AWF that Brendon and/or Matt called her "weak" and how she compares her real life saving lives job as someone who is not "weak".

Um... the house still secretly hates Brendon and Rachel. Same ol' shit. Andrew still staying, the house and/or the GANG not flipping just yet.

Right now, 9pm, Andrew is apparently trying too hard to get along with Enzo over baby jars flavors. On the floor laughing about baby jars. Enzo faking that he's having fun with Andrew.

Outside Matt is talking with Kristin on the outside couch trying to find out if Andrew is after him after this week. Kristin can't seem to get an answer from Andrew as he's holding everything too close to his chest. It would be smart for Kristin to withhold information and even if Andrew wanted Matt out to lie to Matt to keep Andrew in the house to go after Matt for her. Andrew joins them with his baby food leaving Enzo, Lane and Hayden to talk. Enzo says Matt doesn't want the Brigade to meet up and talk game tonight, still trying to keep their alliance on the down low.

Enzo says some shit about Brendon and Rachel but I kinda like cancel it out now. It's a broken record now.

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