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July 27, 2010

Big Brother 12 | 30, 29, 28, 27, 26

Day 26 through 30

Day 26

Looks like Enzo and Lane are thinking about getting Andrew out this week. Can Enzo make the house into voting out the person who he thinks deserves to go? It worked week one. Enzo tells Lane outside when they are working out how he's thinking "clearly" now and how Andrew has to go. Enzo then makes a joke about how this week's "power move" is that four guys had to come together to take out KATHY! LOL!

Later Lane goes up to the HOH room with Matt to tell him about the idea of getting Andrew out. Matt doesn't seem so keen on it and points out that if they as a house want to get out Brendon and Rachel that they need someone like Andrew who's good in comps to make sure that they go home whereas Matt believes Kathy can't win shit... like ever! Lane backs down and says he doesn't know what to do when downstairs he was all about keeping Kathy to Enzo.

Over in the downstairs bathroom Ragan is super whispering to Rachel and Brendon about how this week's HOH may be an eliminator type. Where 2 people start off and both have to answer a question first the fastest quickly and if they are correct get to eliminate the person they are up against plus put up 2 people to go next to be eliminated. If that's the HOH this week then Brendon and Rachel don't have a good chance of winning. Well maybe they do. Maybe the rest of the house is so hard up on getting the couple out that they buzz in and answer incorrectly thus eliminating themselves and letting Rachel and Brendon get to the final round together!

Ragan tries to go over a stragety on how and who to pick if this week's HOH is that comp. Outside Kathy is BITCHING AND MOANING about the couple and Matt and Kristin is listening in, can't tell though if Kristin is loving these Kathy "you know what I'm saying" chats.

As the midnight hours continue we find the Brigade trying to meet up to talk about voting Andrew out but everyone keeps interrupting them. Matt has a talk with Ragan and Britney in the HOH room and Matt finds out that Britney is pushing for Andrew to be evicted. He tells this to Enzo and Lane later downstairs and Enzo is all about pushing how the Brigade has to get out Andrew this week and how much of a joke they are if they take out Kathy this week.

OHHHH MYYY FUCCKINNNGG GODDDDD! Kathy and Kristin talk and Kathy is now on the band wagon of hating Rachel and Brendon. How Rachel telling others in the house about Hayden and Kristin are a couple is done to make sure the target on their back is now on Kristin and Hayden. BUT WHAT THE FUCK DOES KATHY EXPECT THEM TO FUCKING DO? I mean Kristin and Hayden are fucking making out all the time in their bed at night! They are a "couple". GOD Kathy, and if you think you're going to get in tight with them you're a fucking third wheel BITCH. Can't stand this woman anymore! Kathy trash talks the Brendon and Rachel hoping America does in fact hate them too.

Morning comes and goes. Brendon and Rachel start the day off outside talking about how they are going to handle next week and Enzo. Brendon still is completely unaware of how tight Enzo, Matt, Lane and Hayden are. How he believes Enzo is supposely getting upset with the guys in the house aka Matt, Lane, Hayden. Rachel and Brendon continue to be absolutely clueless about the house alliances. They just need to keep winning to stay alive because seriously they suck at reading people in the game.

Later Kathy talks with Hayden and Lane about about how if she stays she WILL go after Rachel and Brendon next week. How Andrew won't if he stays. How if and that's a big IF she wins HOH that she will just put up Brendon and Rachel. She won't make any deals with them at all and just do it. But I remember when Rachel won HOH, that night after she got her HOH room Kathy was all up in Rachel's room all the time, telling her how "proud" she was of Rachel for winning. Kathy is the type of player I hate. The ones that go with the power of the week. I mean it's a good game play for some but I hate watching people do it and I HATE KATHY!

Later Lane and Hayden talk about how Lane wants to kick Brendon's ass outside the house in a real life drinking bar environment. Hayden and Lane don't think America likes Brendon and Rachel at all and how Hayden calls them "disgusting". I just don't get it. I mean they suck as game players but I personally don't think Rachel and Brendon are horrible human beings. They are happy people who have educated themselves, have made something out of themselves outside this game and are hated for their ambitions, goals and life choices. WHATEVAS!

Interesting. Matt talks with Ragan later in the afternoon about how he wants to keep Brendon and Rachel in the house longer. He's trying to trick Ragan into keeping the couple around longer so they can be taken out with the back to back double evictions or fast forwards but really Matt wants Brendon and Rachel both in the jury house as votes for him to win. Simple as that.

POV ceremony comes and goes and POV is not used. Brendon and Rachel are safe for the week and either Kathy or Andrew goes. It seems Andrew made the POV ceremony a huge ordeal. He at first MADE Kathy talk to Brendon first about him using it on her. She didn't like that AT ALL. Then Andrew made his long winded blunt speech where he took jabs at Matt, Brendon and Rachel. Apparenlty Rachel hated Andrew's words and digs at her. Basically everyone was just stunned at the speech.

Soon after the POV ceremony Andrew goes up to the HOH room to talk to Matt. Matt flat out tells Andrew that the house thinks Andrew won't go after the couple in the house and that is the reason why the house is starting to flip on Andrew and wanting him out.

Downstairs Britney and Hayden believe Andrew was faking the hate on Brendon and Rachel from Andrew during his POV speech. That Andrew is trying to hard to hate them. UH OH! Kristin also feels Andrew's speech and Rachel being upset at the POV ceremony was bullshit. She wants Andrew OUT! And can you believe this TWAT told Andrew the day he was nominated that she felt he "deserved" to stay in the house. That she was voting for him and was going to talk to Kathy just to be nice and all. That she WANTED Andrew in the house. GOOD LORD I want to see the speech already! Wednesday can't come fast enough!

OHHH SHIT! Andrew walks into the doubel bed room and gives Rachel a kiss on the LIPS- No I'm kidding but he does kiss her on the cheek talking quickly with her and Brendon about Rachel "over acting" to Andrew's speech of hate directed towards them. So Andrew did try too hard and little does he know that the house is onto them three.

HOLY SHIT KATHY IS A BITCH! Ragan confided in her that he can't turn on Rachel and Brendon so quickly because they were there for him when he was at some shitty low moments in the house. That they were there to help him out. She takes it in and then tells Kristin that Ragan is not willing to go against Brendon and Rachel. WHAT THE FUCK KATHY! Bitch is straight up playing HARD! Hope she can handle Brendon and Rachel in her face yelling at her for being a cunt. Bitch wanna play like a TWAT she better be able to handle the hard game back in her face.

HOLY FUCK! Today is just getting crazy! Still no fights but I think everything happening today is going to snowball into some kind of a confrontation. Hayden and Kristin now believe that Andrew was the one who started talking about their "relationship" in the house. It's TRUE! He told Kathy first but Kathy has still failed to tell anyone that Andrew told her about them being a couple. Both have made a decision to evict Andrew this week.

UH FUCKING OH! Andrew just lost another "promised" vote. Ragan tells Matt that he will vote to evict Andrew. Not sure why. I guess because he's sensing the rest of the house is. Remember Ragan talked to Andrew the night he was nominated and told Andrew in the Cabana room that he was voting to evict Kathy and how Ragan wants people who "geniunely" want to stay in the house and play. That Kathy was doing nothing in the game. BUT NOW Ragan is going back on his word, just like Kristin. I mean what's the point of telling people you're going to vote to save them this week and then vote against them without telling them to their face? Kinda evil but I like it. That's Big Brother!

HA HA! Rachel is telling her MAN that she is voting to keep Kathy. That she doesn't want Andrew in the house. Man, Rachel loves Britney and Kathy, both want her out. She hates Kristin who also hates her too. I just wish everyone would stop hating each other behind the scenes and just start hating each other to their FACES! Here we also find out Andrew was working with Brendon during the POV comp and whispering him hints during the comp! WTF? Andrew and Brendon must be the life long friends, if they do indeed exist in the house. Eager to see if this reveals itself on the POV comp on the show.

8pm we find Kristin and Kathy talking in the downstairs bathroom. The new BFB's of the house aka BEST FAKE BITCHES Kristin and Kathy talk about who they think the power in the house is. Kristin is dead on saying how she believes Matt is in control this week. Kathy dismisses that and says something about how she thinks Matt is in with Rachel and Brendon somehow. STAMP LOSER ON KATHY'S FOREHEAD!

Kristin is now talking with Matt in the big double bed room about what else.. BRENDON AND RACHEL. How Kathy is concerned why Matt didn't put up the couple right away. Kristin is using Kathy as a reason for asking Matt why didn't you put them up in the first place and Matt basically says he didn't want them to play for veto. Kristin admits that she was leaning towards Andrew at first but not anymore. She also wants Matt

Kristin is sooo pissed that "week after week" Rachel and Brendon are just having all the breaks and getting. Kristin says she has to no longer be in the "background" anymore and has to start saying what she feels. Matt is scared that next week everyone is not worried about winning HOH because they figure someone will to take out the couple. NOW Kristin says she's MUTHA FUCKING praying to GOD himself that she win HOH.

Matt loves how next week Brendon and Rachel will be so "desperate" and how they will do anything to survive in the game. Kristin loves how "it's all working out this way" with Andrew leaving, this is somehow a stab at the couple getting Andrew. Kristin can't wait for Brendon and Rachel to see their plan on keeping Andrew, more so Brendon's plan, "FAIL".

That's funny TWAT because this week's plan to get out either Brendon and Rachel FAILED! Kristin says she wants to not say anything this week to "them" until "it's time" meaning if someone other than the couple wins HOH. Kristin then tells Matt that she will LIE to Andrew to tell him that he vote still is for keeping him when really Matt knows what she's really going to vote. TWAT!

Matt says that "five people" have come to him to tell him how it's bullshit that Andrew is against Brendon and Rachel and that those five people are voting out Andrew. Kristin wants to be told to "work harder" if she needs to to make sure Andrew leaves.

Matt finds out from Kristin that even Kathy now wants Brendon and Rachel on the block. He's surprised by this and says "whoa, good for Kathy" and how she's got "balls" now. But then Kristin says how Kathy has little to no shot of actually winning HOH but then says that her, Hayden or Kathy has to win HOH. WHATEVER BITCH.

I'm so at the point already for a double eviction, let the fuckign house have their way, take out Brendon and Rachel back to back and then just let them finally GO AFTER EACH OTHER without always bringing up the couple!

9pm Kathy is talking with Kristin and Hayden in the double bed room. About what else? Brendon and Rachel! Kathy, in her own delusional world, is thinking how Brendon and Rachel are after her hardcore and how they want her out so badly becuase she knows so much about what they want in the house and who they're after crap. Kathy is pointing to the ceiling about how she was up there all week during Rachel's HOH and knows "everything". Kristin thinks Kathy should tell people Wednesday about how she knows "everything" about the couple but really, who gives a fuck. Everyone except Ragan wants Brendon and Rachel up on the block next week. Hayden leaves up to the HOH room to talk with Ragan.

HA! In the HOH room Ragan and Hayden are talking. Ragan is ONTO Kathy's BULLSHIT comments about how Brendon told her to her face how he's not voting for her. Ragan is pushing how he likes the couple and how they helped him and he's basically pushing for Kathy's eviction maybe? Hayden now says that he thinks Andrew and Brendon are "life long friends" or in an "alliance" keeping it under the wraps. Ragan now says he's voting for Kathy to stay in the house. Then he goes on about how he would like to be treated in the house and BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Day 27

Well the day has been super boring! Nothing much going on. Big Brother After Dark was the MOST BORING episode that there ever was. Same ol' shit. Brendon and Rachel make out everywhere. The house wants the couple to be on the block together next week. Kathy continues to be a big BITCH the more power she feels she has in the house. Enzo continues to be nice to Kathy to her face but trashes- no rips her a new asshole with words behind her back. Talking about how she'll be the first member of the jury.

If Brendon and Rachel do indeed go back to back and Andrew is already out of the house it seems Kathy will be the next big target. But little do they know that someone is coming back into the house. NOT EVEN MATT IS AWARE THAT THIS MIGHT HAPPEN! He never really talks about it.

6:45pm Matt and Lane talk while they play pool... doing what else... talk about Brendon and Rachel! Matt is sooo jealous of them and hates them so much that his evil black heart wishes that next week Brendon gets evicted and right after he leaves that Rachel is so "distraught" that she leaves or DOR's. Voluntary exit. "kill two birds with one stone". Lane is confident that Brendon and Rachel won't win HOH this Thursday.

9:30pm Lane is outside with a rope and using it to rangle up some items with his cowboy hoop thing. He's so hot doing cowboy stuff. The entire house is boring as usual. Kristin is in the kitchen getting some wine with Matt. Matt is laughing about his talk with Andrew and how Andrew just makes up weird shit like how Andrew says if Matt keeps him in the house that Andrew will "release" information. Matt says he told Andrew to just tell him but Andrew says he can't. It's stupid of Andrew.

Upstairs in the HOH tub Rachel and her newest BFF Britney are enjoying a bubble bath. Kristin is downstairs with her boys loving her walking around a house with just men. Oh yeah, Kathy is outside too but she's laying down annoying the fuck out of me. FUCK HER. Kathy has told the couple hating side of the house that she is annoyed with Brendon and Rachel, always comparing them along with the house to Jeff and Jordan from last season. To be fair Brendon and Rachel compare themselves to Jeff/Jordan. FUCK even Hayden and Kristin compare themselves to Jeff and Jordan. NO ONE IS JEFF AND JORDAN. Enough with dragging their names through this shitty season!

Another big BIG development in the house is Hayden TRUSTED telling Lane about how if Lane was up on the block against Kristin and Hayden had won POV that Hayden would pull off Kristin!!!!!!!!! WHAT? I'm sure it was to "hide" the Brigade's alliance but still... Lane didn't like hearing that. So what does he do! HE TELLS MATT! Matt doesn't like hearing that either. Looks like Kristin aka Yoko Ono is going to destroy the Brigade!!!! A bomb from within!

Back upstairs Rachel and Britney are trashing Kristin, mocking what she wore earlier and how she talks! LOVE the new mean girls, even though Rachel claims she isn't a mean girl. Now they talk about a pathetic debate with the boys downstairs about how a man asking a woman for a pre-nup is just so BAD. Britney and Rachel bond over their view that asking a woman to sign up

Now Rachel points out how "what the fuck is up" with Kathy and Kristin being new BFF's in the house. Britney points out how Kathy is treating Kristin like she treated Rachel last week. Britney points out how Kathy "helped you unpack your suitcase". FUCK YEAH! Britney is throwing Kathy under the fucking bus by telling Rachel that Kathy told her some shit about how when Rachel rolled her eyes to Monet at the first POV ceremony that that was a preview on how Rachel really is. Rachel then says Kathy talked "shit" about Britney but doesn't say exactly what she said.

Britney sees through Kathy's bullshit. So does Rachel. Now Britney says that if Kristin gets HOH that we're "fucked". Now Britney is spilling to Rachel how the house is voting to keep Britney over Andrew! BIG NEWS to Rachel who will tell Brendon. Enzo and Matt wanted Andrew leaving to be like this big shocking news event thing to fuck their HOH chances. But not anymore.

LOL! Rachel refers to her and Kristin friendship last week as "fake friends"! Neither can understand why Kristin likes Hayden so much. Now Rachel throws Kristin under the bus with Britney how Kristin was using Rachel to get out Monet and how Kristin says she controlled Hayden's vote. Rachel says now "fuck her" about Kristin!!! HA! Britney now brings up how Kristin said "Thanks Rach" at the POV ceremony during Rachel's HOH week.

Now Rachel points out how Kristin is now suddenly cutting all the guy's hair and how she's just "too cool" for the girls in the house. They both trash her skin now and her clothes and her boobs. Rachel is LOVING having a female friend in the house... again. Now she points out how Kristin "scratches" Ragan's arm and Kristin's fake "giggling". Both are LOVING trashing Kristin. It's like they've been holding onto this for a week and both have been waiting to vent to someone without fear of it getting back to Kristin.

Both agree Kristin wants to be last girl standing this week. They are just going AWF on attackig every single aspect of Kristin. Her beliefs, her interests, her style of talking, their conversations with her from week one, LOL! Britney feels like she "tried" to get to know Kristin, how Kristin just hated Britney from the start. Rachel calls Kristin "just too cool for school".

Rachel is LIVID that when Brendon won POV that Kristin didn't really thank them properly and how Kristin is upset that "one of her best friens are leaving the house". About how obvious Kristin is upset with Kathy or Brendon leaving. Rachel is pushing for Kathy to leave now and points out how after she told Kathy she was voting to keep her that she ended all talks with Rachel but was also upset how Brendon wouldn't vote for her to stay.

Downstairs Matt has pulled Kristin into the double bed room to talk about what he hopes will happen with Rachel and Brendon next week. How if they get Brendon out that Rachel will leave with him giving the house a double eviction and how Matt would just love this. Really Matt? You're saying this as you hoping Big Brother will just let this happen. You know they'll talk to Rachel all week if Brendon and her are on the block and talk her into staying, giving her hope that he may come back with America's Vote. Sorry Matt, she ain't walking!

Matt is outside now with Hayden and Lane spilling his odd weird chat with Andrew in the HOH room. Lane smiles big as he can't believe what he's hearing about Andrew. Andrew is outside now with Brendon and the talk stops. Andrew suggests they play pool where the winner gets to punch the loser in the face. Lane smiles laughing loving this idea because he secretly wants to kick Brendon's ass. Matt says something smart ass knowing he'd get his face punched the fuck in. Of course they're not actually going to do this.

Day 28

Well I've been gone at work for so fucking long that I've missed 12 plus hours of Big Brother live feeds. But I did catch the, what I like to call, pathetic FIGHT between Andrew and Kristin.

When Andrew was first put on the block he was told by people, including Kristin and Ragan, how safe he was and that he "deserved" to be there over Kathy. But something went wrong. Andrew started playing it up too hard how he hated Brendon and Rachel. Kathy was doing the same thing but for some reason she got to hate the couple that she so loved last week. But Andrew, everyone expects he is in a secret alliance with Brendon and Rachel, so he's just fucked. He sort of secretly hates Rachel but really there's not much he can do about it.

So anyway. Andrew confronted Kristin in the double bed room. Here he voices his opinion about how he feels things have changed and how he feels like no one is talking to him, including his other secret alliance with the other couple in the house, Hayden and Kristin. He brings up how they have not gone up to him to talk to him, to reassure him that everything's okay. Kristin for some reason takes offense to this...

Oh wait, earlier, just before this chat/fight, Andrew was in the bathroom and made some comment about how no one was talking to him and Kristin was there and she took it personally and felt he was taking a jab at her without really directly saying her name. Soon after they meet up in double bed room to meet/chat/fight.

Back to the pathetic fight. So Kristin starts getting frustrated with Andrew coming at her the way he is and how she told him upstairs how she is going to be talking with Kathy. How Kathy is her "Friend" and is in "need" of her. REALLY BITCH? No TWAT! You are only attaching yourself to her because you feel like complete shit for telling Andrew one thing in the week and then changing your mind later in the week and then trying to avoid the "problem" that YOU fucking help create YOU BITCH!

So now Andrew is basically pointing out how she spends ALL her time with Kathy and Kristin tries to put it back on Andrew how he has to also talk to her and that it's not her fault if he feels a certain way because somehow it's not her responsiblity to talk to him and make him feel better. It goes back and forth and Kristin is the one that starts raising her voice repeating for the 1,000th time how she told Andrew she was going to be "there" for FRIEND Kathy.

Then the fight ends because Rachel comes into the room wearing only a towel. She interrupts it and Andrew leaves. Kristin says to Rachel how she's "pisssseeedd" and how her and Andrew just "went at it" when they really didn't.

So afterwards to make a long boring day short, Andrew cries here and there in the house, Brendon suggests that Andrew apologize to the house, he does and Kathy and Kristin, the new TWATS of the house, believe Andrew was faking tears to gain sympathy votes over Kathy. How dare anyone try to go against Kathy! FUCK YOU KATHY!

Later we find Kathy outside pathetically defending herself to Enzo about Andrew being upset how Kathy has been campaigning against her when they both said they wouldn't against each other. You see Kathy has made it seem like she hasn't campaigned AGAINST Andrew meaning she hasn't trashed him WHICH SHE HAS and she goes on to tell Enzo that she campaigned to keep herself in the house... which is BASICALLY CAMPAIGNING AGAINST ANDREW YOU DUMB TWAT! You then tells Enzo that if people want to look at it different they can and she can't control that. BITCH. I just want her to be fucking honest in what she's doing. She's such a bitch!

7:30pm Britney hugs Andrew in the bathroom and tells him in the last day and a half of his time here that he can talk to her. That she knows how he feels being on the block. Really? She was only the block for about a day and a half before she won POV. But fine, she was on the block. But it's funny because Britney pretty much hinted he only has a day and a half left.

Kathy is in the kitchen with Kristin. Making small talk with her. She walks away leaving Kathy looking outside. Andrew comes into the kitchen and she asks him if he's okay. He says no but that he'll be fine. She asks twice if she can give him a hug and he accepts one from her. She basicaly says something like "I'm right there with ya" meaning like she knows what he's going through, well not anymore at least. At the beginning of the nomination week Kathy did feel like she was going even once telling Andrew she might as well tell everyone to vote her out because she knew how he was staying.. at first anyways.

Also Rachel and Kristin were measuring their bitch dick's in the kitchen while the houseguests listened. They were comparing their "Rich man" dates and how these men splurged on them. Brendon of course doesn't want to hear this and leaves. Later about 7:30'ish pm Kristin is telling Rachel in the double bed room that some guys don't want to hear their mates ex-dates. But Rachel says Brendon always talks about his ex girlfriend all the "fucking" time.

Hayden comes in and Rachel talks about how Hayden has like 3 drawers in the double bed room. He offers her one and she says no and how she doesn't know what will happen "next week" meaning she could win HOH. I'm sure Hayden didn't like hearing that and will most likely spread it around soon enough.

Now Hayden finds out through Rachel's mouth how they, meaning her and Brendon, will vote tomorrow. She basically says Brendon is voting for Andrew, meaning to keep him. Hayden quicky tries to find out why and she says something about how Brendon wants to keep a "good competitor" in the house to help him. Hayden says "he figured that". But Rachel tries to say how Brendon is pissed off for being a Have Not for 2 weeks in a row.

Now she talks about how Brendon has trashed Kathy and how she just lays around everywhere, eats everything, does nothing in the house and how he doesn't know why she's even here, what the fuck, she's in "camp" or something. She then says she will probably vote how he wants to vote. Both agree they "like" Kathy and Hayden acts as if he doesn't know how he's voting. He's just using Rachel to extract information to spread around the house.

Day 29

So Day 29, the day Andrew gets evicted. The day Brendon and Rachel DO NOT win HOH! The day the Brigade think they have control. The week will end with either Rachel or Brendon getting evicted and then... AND THEN Alison Grodner brings either Rachel or Brendon BACK into the house with their magical bullshit "America's Vote" on which houseguest comes back into the house. This couldn't have worked out any better for Alison Grodner. They house who's main storyline is to go after Brendon and Rachel will continue well after this week with both of them possibly getting into the Jury House.

I fucking can't wait to see Lane's face when either Brendon or Rachel are brought back into the house. I just don't see any chance of Annie, Monet or Andrew getting a 2nd chance, NONE AT ALL! Matt won't give a fuck if one of them returns because he believes he's already in the final 2 at the end and he believes that Brendon and Rachel will both vote for him to win because of his "sick" wife.

Now from what I watched last night around midnight was Brendon in the HOH room trying his hardest to turn Ragan, Britney and Rachel against Kathy and trying to get them to see Kathy is a waste to keep in the house. But they pointed out how Andrew will tell Brendon one thing and then tell everyone in the house something completely different and how Andrew can't be trusted. Ragan gets a little bit upset when Brendon keeps trying to push how "hard" it is for them in the game and Ragan like a DRAMA QUEEN tries to put it out there how bad or how hard it is for all of them. REALLY RAGAN, REALLLY BITCH?

Ragan you got it soooo fucking easy. No one is even thinking of targeting you now. No one! Lane did for a bit but he is no longer targeting you right away, I mean he may soon just because you're gay. Lane claims to have gay friends back home but I doubt it.

So Rachel tried to make Brendon realize that it is a lost cause. So Brendon gave up. Britney and Rachel basically really are friends in the house now. It seems from this 4 person pow wow that Ragan, Britney, Rachel or Brendon will not put either one of them up.

Now what's fucked up is Matt comes up to the HOH room and takes a "shower" but really ease drops on the conversation. Rachel feels like Matt can be trusted as does Ragan. They have no idea Matt is a lying douche bag and has a solid alliance that doesn't include either one of them. Basically Ragan and Rachel are votes for him in the jury. that's it. I'm even scared to think Matt has this game won. But the only person he would most likely not win against, even with a "sick" wife is Hayden. If Hayden keeps playing the "I'm good friends with everyone" card he could make it to the end and win against anyone.

I want Matt to turn on Hayden, feel threatened by Hayden and create a plan to take him out! I want Matt to be the one that picks apart his own alliance. Sending his own alliance members into the jury house without them knowing he was behind their evictions would ensure his jury votes building up in the jury house. Then and only then if he does that I'll think he truely is a viral to the one and only Doctor Will.

The Live Show has come and gone. Andrew has been evicted with an 8 to 0 vote. Andrew's last ditch "30 second" speech was AMAZING! He used this time to EXPOSE Hayden and Kristin as a couple, goes after Kristin mostly about how she hates the Britney talks, how she believes she has Ragan and/or Hayden are in her "back pocket". He said a whole other bunch of crap but the best thing was after Kristin, Rachel and Britney had voted to evict Andrew, Julie Chen said that they were going for a commerical break and Andrew was already fighting against with a highly angry Kristin and a somewhat bothered Hayden.

When they came back the argument had stop. OH I loved when right after Andrew said his speech Kristin started in with "lies, all lies" crap and Julie Chen PWNED Kristin by telling her this was NOT her time to talk. JULIE IN CONTROL BITCHES!

So right after Julie Chen announces Andrew is evicted Andrew starts saying goodbyes to everyone and he skips Kristin who gets up and GLOATS that he's leaving with an 8 to 0 vote. Andrew leaves and goes and sits with Julie. Kristin is inside laughing, having the biggest damn smile on her face, thinking Andrew gone and now Brendon and Rachel are next back to back. She is loving BB life!

Really quick, in the exit interview with Julie Chen she tells Andrew that Matt's wife's sickness was a LIE! WTF? Well I guess no one is coming back. The show also announced that another Saboteur offer would be given this week with Pandora's Box. If they person takes it they have to do the job for 2 weeks and will get 20,000 bucks. Not sure what happens if they deny the offer.

So back to the show. HOH comes and by random draw earlier today Hayden is up against Britney. It's the eliminator HOH comp. They hear a question and then have to buzz in on which the answer is, HOH, POV or Have Not. So the first question Hayden beats Britney. He then puts up Brendon and Rachel together! Rachel beats Brendon and she is THIRSTY FOR REVENGE!

Rachel happily throws up Hayden and Kristin. Kristin takes out Hayden. Kristin calls up Kathy for some fucked up reason, her new BFF, and then calls Rachel! Kathy answers incorrectly thus letting Rachel win the round. Rachel puts up Kristin and Enzo up. Well you know Enzo is just going to throw the HOH out the fucking window so he lets Kristin win. Kristin is mean girl and calls up Rachel with... RAGAN! Ragan loses against Rachel which means Lane goes up against Krisin again! Kristin just flat out showed who her real friends were by letting Lane get to the almost last round making sure Ragan went up against Rachel. BITCH.

Rachel then beats Ragan and Lane goes up against Kristin. After Julie Chen asks the next HOH question Kristin takes SO long to answer that I believe Lane was trying to let Kristin win but Julie said that if both take too long to answer that both will be eliminated giving Rachel the HOH. So Lane answers the question correctly preventing that. He ELIMINATES Kristin! I jump for joy and now DUMBASS LANE has to go up against quick buzzer in Rachel!

Rachel answers the last question correctly while Lane takes a lifetime to go over the question again and again in his head and Rachel is HOH for the 2nd time this season! Lane is left on the podium while Rachel rushes over to Brendon and throws herself in his muscled gorgeous arms. She's now almost crying at winning. Kristin watches as others group around them to congratulate her. FUCK YOU KRISTIN!

So in the last moments of the live show Julie Chen lets us see what's happening in the house outside and here we find Rachel and Kristin going at it. Hayden a little bit involved. But the fight is mostly between the girls. Everyone else is staying out of it... for now at least. Rachel makes it seem like she didn't know who she was going to put up but after Kristin raises her voice defending how her and Hayden weren't making out last night that she knows she and Hayden are going up on the block. Kristin says "I"m not stupid" and Rachel thanks her for making her make a decision on who is going up.

So after a short amount of time the feeds are back up! I got a load of shit to cover. Here we go.

We find out a bigger fight was had outside between Kristin, Hayden versus Brendon and Rachel. Everyone else stayed out of it. Apparently Hayden and Kristin are denying being a couple and said Andrew lied about them making out the other night. They know they're lying and trying to hide their FUCKmance and are loving that no one believes Andrew. Hayden apparently said something "mean" and apparently Brendon got in Kristin's face about being "fake".

The houseuguests go inside the house and move about. Rachel mentions outloud how this win was for Andrew... the guy she didn't like in the house but WHATEVAS! So Brendon is the first to fucking apologize to Hayden about the fight outside. Hayden accepts it and apologizes right back. PUSSIES!

Kristin escapes into the Cabana room. Her TWAT friend Kathy and Hayden go in to console her. Hayden does mention about how Brendon made him so mad that he wanted to punch him or fight him right then and there. The fight must have been awesome. Too bad we'll get a dumb down version of it on TV aka Family Hour! Kathy is also back to trashing Brendon and Rachel. Kathy has apparently sided with the new "hot" couple of the house.

Minutes later Hayden talks with Rachel in the double bed room, or what I should be calling the Taj room. So from now on the double bed room is the Taj room. Here Hayden tries to apologize for the fight outside and talks how good Kristin is. Rachel AIN'T BUYING IT! She's all about how Kristin went after her over and over again in the HOH comp. She also brings up how Hayden had the choice to not go after her and Brendon but he did.

Here he tries to pull shit out of the air to make it all better. First he says he did it because of what Andrew said. She is quick to point out that this has NOTHING to do with Andrew. That what Andrew said gave Hayden no reason to put her and Brendon up in the HOH comp. So that didn't work so he goes to his next grab out of the air thing. He says was told that Brendon and Rachel were coming after her, which is true but she lies and denies it. She asks who told him and for them to confront these people and he won't give names.

He then tries to deflect the hate off of him and Kristin by saying that everyone, including the people she thinks she's friend in aka Britney and Ragan, are lying to her about not wanting her up on the block this week had they won. That she basically has no friends, to hate other people more than Kristin.

She keeps pushing that Kristin is going up. Hayden brings up how much he "likes" Kristin. That she is a "good person" to which Rachel says "no, she isn't". I don't understand Hayden. He's trying his hardest to save Kristin but Rachel won't budge. She doesn't understand why the 2 couples are going after each other but they are. Hayden says he's trying not to talk her from not putting him on the block... BUT HE IS.

Britney comes in and the talk ends. Britney tells them the ouside is now open but that nearly all the furniture is gone. Over near the Cabana room where Kristin is talking with Kathy, Andrew comes in and tries to apologize and then leaves. Kristin tells Kathy she doesn't think it is "genuine" and doesn't accept it. That people shouldn't apologize and mean what they say. SURE BITCH, WHATEVAS!

Ragan comes into the Cabana room and is rubbing Kristin's leg while Kathy rubs her arm. WHAT THE FUCK YOU STUPID FLOATERS? Leave this sinking bitch to die on her own. Well I guess they're tending to her shitty emotional wounds in case she wins POV and stays. Ragan calls Kristin a "good person". SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY RAGAN. Idiot.

Ragan then takes Matt upstairs to talk at the chess couches. Here Ragan is pathetically still fighting for Matt in the game. I can't believe Matt has gotten Ragan to FIGHT hard for him. Ragan makes some shitty threat that if Rachel tries to go after Matt that he won't have any of it and put a stop to it. SHUT THE FUCK UP RAGAN! I hate him so much! He sucks at this game!

Minutes later Rachel is telling Brendon outside how Hayden's talk with her went really nowhere. How he is trying to get himself off the block. Inside Hayden joins Kristin in the Cabana room. Kathy has left them alone to talk. Seconds later Rachel comes in right before Hayden says he apologized to Rachel for what he said in the fight earlier. Rachel tells Kristin she's sorry for what she said and didn't mean it but Kristin interrupts her by telling her how she's not sorry and she doesn't accept Rachel's apology and how- OH WAIT. Rachel rolls her eyes and turns around and WALKS out on Kristin as Kristin is in mid sentence!

Hayden watches as his bitch of a ho is basically begging to be evicted this week. Kristin says she will never accept her apology and things will never be fine between them. Kristin feels she was "attacked" for doing nothing... um.. bitch you DO have a secret alliance slash FUCKmance with Hayden. Just another lying bitch in the house.

Kristin is left alone now in the Cabana room while Brendon and Rachel talk outside near the pool about what happened at the HOH comp and Hayden's possible lies that he's using to save himself from off the block. Brendon is basically "fuck you Kristin" and is still mad that Hayden put him and Rachel up against each other in the HOH comp. It's official. Hayden and Kristin are on the block.

Inside Hayden is in the kitchen with his GANG and Enzo is pushing it how Kristin can't win POV because if she does Lane is probably the replacement nominee. That Kristin has to go. Matt looks at Kristin and says "sorry dude, she's gotta go". LOL! Bitch is only a few feet away and Hayden's boys are telling him your HO has to go! You know Enzo, Lane and Matt are loving that Kristin is being taken care of this week so they won't have to deal with her later in the game.

I forgot to mention Matt is once again going around the house acting like he isn't safe from the block and that he's afraid he's going up. No one knows he made a deal with the couple other than him and the couple. Same ol' tricks Matt.

Hayden goes back into the Cabana room where Kathy is again talking to Kristin. Kristin goes on and on about never apologizing and then she gets up on her knees punching air and then her fist showing them how she wanted to punch Rachel in the face. So now Kristin is staying TRAPPED in the Cabana room. Hey TWAT, just go out into the house and enjoy your time in the house being this big bad bitch you claim to be! What you scared of HO!

Britney comes in and here Britney hopes that the rest of the week will go "fine" but Kristin says she won't let that happen. How Rachel picked the "wrong bitch to fuck with". Hey Kristin, win a POV and do something about it BITCH! Later Kathy gives Kristin a fucking hug! OH I JUST CAN'T, I FUCKING JUST CAN'T WITH THESE TWATS!

Later inside Britney talks with Lane, Matt and Hayden. Hayden downplays the secret alliance he had with Kristin and Andrew as being a lie created by Andrew when it really was true. He jokes about how it was called some stupid name and then Lane, who doesn't believe it, calls the secret alliance "tripod". Britney doesn't seem to believe it either. Hayden is LOVING that no one believes Andrew.

8pm outside Enzo talks with Brendon and Rachel. He's doing a damn good job getting in on Brendon's good side. Something Brendon has been hoping for. He's all about throwing Kristin under the bus. He WANTS Rachel to HATE Kristin and to keep gunning for her. He's all about Kristin leaving. He's now asking if it's true about Hayden and Kristin. They say yes! Enzo also says during the HOH comp fight that Rachel was so happy and emotional and angry that she waas getting him riled up. That Kristin was asking for someone to come to her "defense" and no one but Hayden was fighting with Rachel and Brendon. YOU ALL ALONE BITCH.

Britney comes out and is happy as fuck! She's happy because Rachel is going to get Kristin out for her! They are all about drinking tonight, playing Flip Cup game, both her and Rachel taking another bubble bath upstairs. TIME TO CELEBRATE!

9pm Kathy is talking with Rachel in the storage room. Here Rachel apologizes to Kathy again for whatever she said to her in the fight outside right after HOH. Kathy accepts her apology and continues to play both couples, going back and forth.

Day 30

So as midnight comes and goes we get another mini fight between Rachel and Kristin. You see Kristin, who has been in the Cabana room most of the night is sitting with Britney and someone else. Rachel comes in and takes a seat, a bit tipsy with liquid courage. She stares at Kristin as she stares back. Rachel gives off a few smirks and Kristin calls her out on it. Rachel calls her immature and gets up and walks off as Kristin apologizes for Rachel's childish behaviour. BORING BRENDON then makes sure Rachel doesn't do or say anything stupid and tries to calm her down.

So later in the night a tipsy Rachel gets her HOH room! Everyone goes upstairs. Lane even seems happy walking around barefoot without a care in the world. He's just simply happy. As everyone goes upstairs to see Rachel's school photos and to hear Rachel's sister's letter... well Kristin stays downstairs while everyone has fun upstairs. Kristin goes to the Taj bedroom and puts her things down on the dresser letting out a long sigh. Soon she's in bed and thinks her sleeping will make it all goooooooo away.

Later as the house leaves the HOH room Ragan is seen talking downstairs with Kristin. Still thinking Kristin is fucking nice and all, well Shitty Ragan tells Shitty Matt that he's going to put a STOP to the TWATNESS of the girls. Really? GAWD GO IN THE JURY HOUSE ALREADY! You make this show suck Ragan! All I want is a non stop bitch house fight, a chair thrown, people separated, drinks thrown all over someone in bed! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK!

Still during the midnight hours Enzo is pushing that Kristin has to go. Shit, nominations hasn't happen already and Enzo is happy that this week Rachel is hopefully going to take out Kristin so he doesn't have to later in the game.

Morning comes and goes and a luxury com happens. Rachel, Brendon, Enzo and Hayden have won a movie, the new one with Will Ferrell and that ex boy band singer. Them being cops.

After some worthless conversations the nominations arrive! Feeds are cut off!

The feeds are back! Nominations have just happen! Most of the house is in the Cabana room talking about a possible night time POV comp. Kristin is in the Taj room with Kathy laying down with her saying "it's all right" and saying "don't get upset". They stare at each other. HOLY OH MY GOD SHIT! Kathy then says "why do bad things always happen to good people". SERIOUSLY SOUTHERN TWAT?

Upstairs Rachel and Brendon are talking. More so Rachel is getting talked DOWN TO by Brendon. He can't believe how awful and mean her nomination speech was. He believes Rachel was precieved as something awful. Rachel apparnetly said "bring it on"! LOL! Rachel is showing signs that she wants to be a crazy as fuck fun player. Brendon is trying to bottle her up. Rachel just stares at her and listens to him talk. She's not responding or saying anything. Just listening.

Brendon tells her that "we are not unstoppable and not unbeatable". How what she's doing is putting them back in the corner of being enemy number one. He says Hayden wasn't "happy" how she talked to them when she nominated BOTH HAYDEN AND KRISTIN! Brendon believes the house is going to hate Rachel forever and a day for her speech. WHATEVAS, done with Brendon's mouth but NOT HIS BODY!!

Hayden is now in the Taj room talking to the two head Kristin monster. Kathy lays there thinking she's third wheel in their relationship. She begs America for help with the Coup d'etat thing. Hayden is then like "well ya, whatever we are" in terms of the reason why they are on the block is because they ARE going Rachel and Brendon. It's just this week Rachel got to take the first shot. Kristin tells Kathy "at least you didn't get put up". Kathy assumes yet again that she's the CENTER OF THE HOUSE as she feels she'll be put up on the block if either Hayden or Kristin come off the block. Now they sit in silence.. .HA HA FUCK YOU THREE HA!

Hayden then says "well if you want to win the game you have to see the block some time". Very true. Hayden is already saying he can't wait to win HOH next week to put "both of their asses up there" and Kristin hopes for Double Eviction. Hayden then laughs about how the other couple won't care because they both will be in jury. Hayden wishes Brendon was sent out before the jury house started leaving Rachel to go this week and stuck in the jury house with her man. How it would have been "great". No Hayden, this RIGHT NOW, you 3 suffering is great!

Now they go over the order of the keys pulled. Brendon, Britney, Ragan, Lane, Enzo, Matt and then 2 FACED BITCH Kathy! LOOOOOSSSERRR! Back upstairs Brendon is STILL TALKING DOWN TO HER about how she acts in the house. He keeps pushing that they are seeing them as the "villian" in the house. Seriously, Will was the SUPER VILLIAN and he won his season. Mike BOOGER won his season being a douche bag. Just shut the fuck up already Brendon. Just undress and jerk off in the HOH bed.

So finally the talk of Brendon ends. She doesn't really respond to him but says twice she wants to get up to get something from the Diary Room. He almost won't let her and he then asks her to tell her to at least consider apologizing to the people downstairs. She says she'll think about it. He knows already that that means no and asks her again. She gets up and says like a little brat "ALL RIGHT I'LL APOLOGIZE". She leaves the HOH and shuts the door. Brendon gets up and says "wow".

She goes downstairs and heads to the Diary Room and then walks in and we hear her saying "Hey!" happily. She has no regrets for what she said at the nomination ceremony. She comes out of the Diary Room and goes straight into the Taj room. She tells Hayden and Kristin that she didn't mean what she said earlier and that was really just "game". She calls what she did was "game" and that it's okay if they don't believe her. Hayden says "okay" but surprisingly Kristin doesn't say a word. Rachel leaves and Kathy wonders why she did it. No one is talking for a while.

Big Brother then calls Kathy to exchange her microphone basically saying GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE ROOM. Kathy doesn't understand why she has to change her mic. She leaves and immediately they start talking. Kristin seems fine with being up on the block. That this was "bound to happen" at some point. Kristin says that earlier Rachel told her that "you are going to have to fight to stay in the house" meaning Kristin was going to be put on the block against likeable people meaning she almost has NO chance of staying if she doesn't win POV.

Minutes later Rachel is in the Cabana room with Brendon and SUPER KISS ASS Kathy comes in and tells Rachel how "good" it was for Rachel to come in there and says that. Now Brendon thinks it's like okay to go into the Taj room and talk like he's also the HOH room. He apologizes for Rachel and I can't stomach writing this. SHUT UP BRENDON! Brendon needs to be out of the damn house already!

Brendon leaves and they are left to talk. They realize that Kathy has to be the one up on the block if one of them comes off to make sure they both stay. HA HA! So much for being BFF's with them Kathy! USED AND TOSSED OUT LIKE A USED BB TAMPON!

Hayden seems upset that Rachel says she doesn't mean anything about taking personal jabs at them and doesn't believe her. He's almost trying to hold back his anger. He says that if he gets HOH next week, you know he's talking already like he's staying, that he will put her and Brendon up and take jabs that she shouldn't take it personally. She says she won't. He still doesn't believe her and she leaves to go upstairs.

Hayden then goes upstairs to follow her seconds later and then APOLOGIZES for what he was saying downstairs. Rachel then says she didn't take a personal stab. WHATEVAS! Rachel is simply saying that she wants them to "fight for it". Just like her and Brendon have been "fighting" to stay in this house. Hayden then says how other people haven't done a "single thing" in the house. Hope Rachel spreads this comment around! RAGAN!

Later Brendon and Rachel are having it out as a couple in the HOH bathroom about the way they communicate with each other and the house but mostly each other. Rachel brings up how pissed off she is with him for going around apologizing on her behalf. He admits he shouldn't have done it. Rachel wants Brendon to respect and understand what she's doing is part of HER game, not his. That he has to trust her in her bold moves and fights and decisions. This is boring. Rachel keeps harping on when she told them to "bring it on" was meant to be just directed at Hayden and Kristin and was "hilarious". Brendon keeps thinking it was directed at the entire house and he's afriad their target on their back is going to get bigger but she says their target is big enough already, that it can't get any bigger.

This conversation, debate really doesn't matter because Brendon doesn't understand how BIG of a target him and his big beautiful dick is. Oh, and Rachel too. Ohhh Rachel is getting frustrated and FINALLY SAYS IT. "You can't control me". Brendon then says he doesn't want Rachel to be protrayed as "something you're not" and she doesn't care if she's protrayed as a "bitch". She says she doesn't want people to push her around. She wants Brendon to STOP treating her like the way he is and to stop trying to box her into what he expects of her. She almost gives up throwing her head down.

Rachel finally ends it with "I really don't have anything else to say" and he says "I'm not here to argue with you" and wants to play this game with her. Rachel wants him to stop making her feel like shit for the things she does and to stop apologizing for her actions that he believes are wrong. So this talk is good because Brendon will have to be the bitch in the relationship, she will have the final word in EVERYTHING.

OH SHIT! Downstairs in the Taj room Hayden has come up with his "brillant" plan of him and Kristin going up to Rachel and Brendon and faking a "couple alliance". That KATHY HAS TO BE PUT UP IF VETO IS USED and that Kathy has to be the one taken out of the game!!! HA HA TO YOU KATHY, YOU STUPID 2 FACED BITCH! They are ready to throw Kathy and whatever the fuck she's laying on under the bus!

Kristin rolls her eyes and hates having to fake an alliance with them but she will do it if she has to. Hayden then says next week they'll win HOH next week and then put both of them on the block. Kinda hope it happens so that Brendon can be miserable and learn NOT to trust people who he thinks he can trust.

Enzo comes in and laughs and jokes with them about other stuff. What's funny as they laugh their asses off is Enzo is laughing at Kristin and saying in his mind.. "yo bitch, you gotta go, you gonna fuck my game up yo so if I have my way you're fucking out you yo!"

8pm, the houseguests are released outside after a lockdown and they find a giant wooden ball pinball-ish contraption. They are getting to practice the POV comp. This new "toy" as Enzo calls it is so large that it's like 2 Big Brother pools next to each other. It's gigantic. Enzo calls this POV about it being only about "luck". The houseguests have formed a line against the base of the contraption and are taking turns. Kathy is laying down on the contraption... JUST KIDDING!

Posted by guytvblog at July 27, 2010 12:02 AM


Thanks for the updates on the feeds. Have really been enjoying this season. Jeff was great last year, but superlative trash like Matt from Boston (BB 9, I think) comes along only every so often. Was hoping for some of that on BB 12, but this season is like revenge of the middle class frat boys. That doesn't make them any less entertaining...just different. I find both Ragan and Enzo unwatchable, and put the volume on mute whenever they appear on screen. Lane is hot, and flying below the radar for now. The women are all pretty decent now that Monet is gone (although, I was sad to see Annie go first). Both Britney and Kathy are fantastic....that drawl and the trailer park persona on Kathy have to be cultivated. That can't be real, can it? Mainly, I just want to see Brendon stay on long enough to start picking the Brigade off one by one. As soon as Brendon and his size 13 feet go, I will stop watching the show. Seeing people like Matt or Enzo get ahead is beyond annoying, and represent the basic flaw of reality television: the genetically gifted are often ganged up on rather than rewarded. Rachel, I thought, was a moron originally. But, she saw through Matt's tranparency quite quickly. Krista is the dark horse....below the radar, and protected. It's really like she's in the Brigade without knowing it. Brendon is smarter than all of them, and I hope he wins. Sometimes, a cast does appreciate a Dr. Will. Fortunately, no Boogies on this show. Season 2 was awful until Booger was voted off.

Posted by: Nick at July 27, 2010 11:29 PM

Some of the upbove comments I agree with. But here's the truth. Worst season EVER!!! Yes, BB4 was bad but June and Allison at least, made things pop. This season LOOKED great. Best looking cast ever. Although no TRASH like Matt to gaze at or last season's great, funny, underated Russell. If I were younger, wow!!1
There's no lapdog, lying snot like BB11 Natalie to spark this group. Ive heard the feeds are so boring.
It's all retreads, nothing new. No real gameplay.
Its not that the cast is UNLIKEABLE, there just BLAH!!!
Matt's SUPER annoying and full of ticks. He's like a crazed ERIC from BB8. Cant stnad him. He's this year's Natalie. Its not that the showmance of Brandon & Rachel is annoying. But weve seen it all before. Kathy wand Kristen have done next to nothing and the Brigade is super-boring. Hayden, I dont get. He's like some smirking kid along for the ride. Enzo trys hard to be funny but there's NO joy in him.
A laxative season.
Early prediction: Ragan, Rachel, and scumbag Matt make the final three and the ok Ragan becomes the first gay to winn BB. He's no Will from BB5 but he;ss do.

Posted by: Mike C at July 28, 2010 10:34 AM

OMG....Mike, you're saying that this is the worst season ever? No way. Way too early to call. I am a bit underwhelmed as well, but there is a lot of potential. As soon as dufus frat boy Hayden (who is a great to watch despite being a self-centered dufus, btw) figures out who he's playing with, the Brigade should self-destruct. That is, unless Brendon figures them out first.

BB 5....that's the Allstars one when Booger won, right? OK, I didn't watch that season as soon as I realized that Booger wasn't going to be voted off. I nearly stopped watching BB 2 because of him. So glad I didn't as Dr. Will turned out to be nearly my favorite reality supernova in the history of reality TV. Oh, June and Allison were great. I love unstable women like Allison. They drive reality television. Meanwhile, the Junes of the world are running the world.

Unless Ragan is part of the hidden duo (with, possibly, Matt), I don't see him getting that far. Like you say Hayden said on the feeds, I would also put some $$ on Brendon and Andrew being the secret lifelong friends. Why else would Andrew have been so happy about Rachel and Brendon winning? That was just an odd moment. And, I can see the producers wanting babe-magnet Brendon to have some back-up in the house because they know fickle viewers like me will stop watching if the man-candy gets obliterated too soon. I never claimed I wasn't in the shallow end of the pool. Agree with you totally aside from the points I specified.

Posted by: Nick at July 29, 2010 5:05 AM

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