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July 9, 2010

Big Brother 12 | And The Jealous Male Twats Are OFF! HOH Hayden Nominates Super Handsome Brendon & Super Breasts Rachel!

And so here weeeee goooo! Second twatty star to the right! Off to Allison Grodner land!

BAM! Surfer Hayden wins HOH. BAM! He nominates Super Gorgeous Brendon & Super Boobie Rachel. DUN!

POV has yet to be played. The people playing for POV are Super Expensive Monet, Super Bald Enzo, Super Jewish Andrew, the current HOH and the 2 nominees.

Enzo has really taken to the idea of being a Godfather to the house. He's luckily pulled in a giant alliance that includes the HOH. Somehow Brendon has almost the entire house ready to let him go. No one really wants to save him. If he pulls himself off the block then so be it. Then Rachel goes home, according to the "gang", the alliance Andrew has titled with Enzo as the head boss.

The GANG basically includes Enzo, Super Smarty Matt, Super Wet Hayden and Super Texan Lane. Britney has positioned herself comfortably onto the men's power alliance's side. Lane's intense eye popping glaring attraction to Britney has allowed Britney to be one of the "boys". It's funny watching Lane trying to test the relationship waters with Britney, asking her if after this show is over and Hollywood calls her, that if she does move to Hollywood how would her engagement to her boyfriend be handled. She was quick to make it known to the cameras and to the world that her boyfriend or soon to be husband has nothing to be worried about.

Annie, who we all thought was first nominated when the feeds first started, was ranting and bitching and moaning about Andrew peeking under her covers and "spreading my legs" and had she not covered her naughty bits that the entire WORLD would have seen her vagina! Andrew's non stop antics seems to be annoying everyone to the point that if Andrew did not have immunity this week for not participating in the HOH comp this week that he would be the number one target over Brendon.

My only assumption is that Brendon has made all the males super jealous and made them feel like nothing thus putting him on the block with the power that they had through Hayden.

Enzo never shuts the fuck up. He's non stop game talking. On and on and on and on. Always preaching that the HOH wants Brendon gone and to not fuck with the nominations if one was to win POV. Enzo's GANG is already planning week 2 and three. Amateurs!

The house collectively hates Andrew. They talk smack about everything he says and does. Boy can't do anything right. I believe he was cast to be evicted week one. But since he was given immunity, just for the fuck of it, I highly doubt if anyone had been the mascot for the first HOH that they would too have been given immunity this week. I think just because of the way he was that he was given an extra week to make the house erupt in fights.

As for other people hating each other. Super OLD Kathy is a two faced biatch. Nice and eager to agree with Annie but once Annie leaves she is quick to trash Annie to Monet! Monet has it good with her GANG alliance, Hayden for some reason loving Monet. Monet hates Annie and wants to punch Annie in the fucking face.

Kristin seems to be quiet week one. I believe Kristin isn't getting along with much of the female roomies and I'm assuming she's attached to Hayden. There was also some fight or drama about the fucking hammock outside yesterday night between Brendon and Annie. Their fight about the hammock made things awkward that night but Enzo and Lane are quick to point out how weird it was this morning how both Annie and Brendon woke up and were fine again.

Super Brainy Matt is very quick to move with the power of the house. This may be his game play this year. He's there to listen to the talk, chime in with a valid point, pull back and then let the others take his valid point and lets them run with it. Matt is there to be there for a vote, to be part of a moving alliance that is every changing and may not want power at this stage of the game. He wants to be a voting power, part of a group pushing through the house but not as the leader but as a right hand man to the leader aka Enzo and the current HOH, Hayden.

Rachel is VERY QUIET as a nominee. The GANG isn't even banking on her winning POV this week and taking herself off. They just don't see it happening. Rachel seems to be getting by knowing that Brendon is the main target. Now if Brendon wins POV and takes himself off then maybe Rachel will suddenly shit herself PINK with fear!

Annie is pissed that Monet isn't going to be backdoored this week. She was under the impression that since Andrew isn't a target due to his immunity that Monet would be the main target with Andrew being the target for next week. I guess she's figured out that Monet has it in good with Hayden who is HOH and he won't throw up Monet to be evicted this week. The GANG has even talked about throwing up Kathy, one of their own, as a pawn against Rachel if Brendon pulls himself off with POV with Rachel being the new target of the week.

As for Ragan, he seems to be pretty laid back and seems to be a major floater this week. Maybe even the entire game. He's just there, listening, laughing, having a good time, sad that his TV boyfriend Brendon is possibly leaving and he can't save him since he's not playing POV.

So to recap. The house HATES Andrew. Brendon is this week's target to be evicted due to high levels of MALE JEALOUSLY. Annie hates Monet & vice versa. Enzo thinks THINKS THINKS he's running the show when he really only has control at this current hour not understanding that his alliance can fracture at any moment and he'll loose control 2 hours from now.

So there you go. A quick-ish rundown of what's happened.

Oh yeah, the Have Not bedroom has been revealed. It looks like a trashy city alley way. Better than last year's Have Not bedroom. This time they get military beds, a night stand but the room walks look like trashy and I wonder if there's a smell to the room. I'm not sure who's on slop. I know KATHY IS! Yeah for that! I think Matt is on slop too and a have not. Rachel is on slop too. The rest I don't know.

Screencaps return tomorrow!

Now Real SHITTY PLAYER & Big Brother have decided to change things up. I, we, can no longer rewind and play back what we just saw. We can't resize the video or full screen the picture. We are forced to watch the feeds on a main screen channel online and not through our players. Thanks GOD for Big Brother After Dark and my DVR feature to rewind conversations and chats.

And as I finish writing this around 2 am Texas time the feeds fucking crashed! THEY CRASHED! Thanks Real Fucking Player. Thanks a bunch bitch.

Posted by guytvblog at July 9, 2010 1:12 AM


Thanks for your usual astue updates from the feeds as I still dont get them. Trust me, the Saboteur has got to be Kathy! Here's why.Kathy does not appear in the first few shots before and after the lights go out. Then she appeared in a shite sweater by Rachel. Careful rewatching the tape reveal this. It is NOT Matt or Andrew as people have said. That's FYI. Looks like a great season, better than the dreary 10 or the overated last season.Keep up the fun comments.

Posted by: Mike at July 9, 2010 10:19 AM

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