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July 14, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 12, 11, 10, 9

Day 9 through 12

Day 9

Well well well. A house divided. One side led by Enzo. The other side led by... There actually is no other side. Just people who are not under Enzo's godfather spell. POV has been played. And guess who won! BRENDON! Super Fuck yeah! Brendon ain't going NOWHERE this week. It seems Andrew came in a close second and that the POV comp was a spelling game where Brendon spelled "intell-" something to win. The haters who wanted Brendon out talk about him hoarding "2 letters" to help him win. WHATEVAS!

As you can tell I'm Team Brendon. He my BOO! He is in TV love with Vegas Showgirl Redhead Rachel. They are a tight unit and seem to be equally hated by the house, I guess for being too beautiful of a couple. I expect Allison Grodner will help Brendon and Rachel along in this house. They are this year's Jeff and Jordan. Rachel is just easy going in the house. She's not trashing others too much, she's just enjoying the house, the people, the stories and Brendon.

Brendon can now breathe easy since he has won POV. He has expressed sadness of being in the house if Rachel ends up leaving. Will Alison Grodner let this happen? OH HELL NO. Expect Diary Room manipulation to rear its ugly zombie face next week when it comes down to voting.

Annie, the skinny bisexual that never stops bitching, complaining and ranting about the game, is slowly getting on the house's nerves. I bet Big Brother will play with this in the Diary room to get the right people to get backdooring Annie into play.

Enzo, who has control over Britney, Monet, Kathy, Hayden and Lane controls the voting this week. Enzo has a strong voting block of 5 people. Basically he decides who leaves. ENZO has loads of power this week. But Enzo is so power hungry that he doesn't like the idea of Annie going up even though many people want Annie up. Even Enzo is onto Annie having her hands in every alliance in the house.

Enzo wants Rachel gone for some reason. I think Enzo believes he has Annie in his back pocket. He is smart enough to use Britney and Monet into believing that they are giving him the idea of getting Hayden to put up Kathy as an assurance of sending Rachel home this week. Enzo believes that they have the votes to get out Rachel. With Annie up there Rachel could stay with people not wanting to keep Annie away.

Enzo later talks with his GANG members Hayden and Lane in the HOH room. Here he tells them about the house hating Annie and the idea of putting Kathy up as a "pawn". The problem with this is Enzo HAS NOT told Kathy that she should go up as a pawn. I mean if Enzo has so much fucking faith in his alliance he would put himself up against Rachel but you know what, Enzo thinks he has control but he doesn't. The problem with telling Monet about Kathy being a pawn is that when and if Monet tells Kathy Enzo wants her up as a pawn that Kathy SHOULD FLIP OUT! Enzo should then lose Monet & Kathy with hopes of pulling Britney away from Enzo.

Enzo's power is only temporary. He doesn't see it as short term. I do. Enzo's game won't last too much longer. Lane is under his BALD spell as is Hayden. Enzo leaves Hayden & Lane to talk. Here Hayden believes that this is a good plan, Enzo's plan, to get rid of Rachel. Lane thinks he has it in good with Brendon to get Brendon to do what he wants.

Now what's shocking is Lane is smart enough to get both Enzo and Hayden to accept the idea that he can throw a vote to save Rachel this week to throw off Brendon that he has some "friends" in the house when really Lane is just looking to keep his ass safe next week if Brendon or Andrew or anyone from Brendon's side of the house gets HOH.

If you're wondering Brendon has no real side of the house. Annie is possible friends with Brendon. Ragan is SO TEAM BRENDON. Matt & Kristin are ultimate floaters. Who knows where they stand. Enzo can't figure out Kristin and is scared to approach her with information. And he should be. He can't control Kristin so I expect him to be going after her soon. Hayden doesn't seem to be connecting with Kristin as I thought he would be.

Later in the day Enzo talks with Kathy on the hammock. He works his Jersey stank magic with her. Talking shit about Annie. Kathy agrees. Enzo is again spreading how he wants to backdoor Annie next week or soon. PLEASE don't stop talking shit about Annie dumbass. The more people you think you trust and you tell this to, ONE of them is going to let it slip that you want her backdoored. Enzo goes over with Kathy about HIS alliance but calling them as a collective voting force and here he includes Matt with a "maybe". Mutha fucker you can control Matt, he will flip the house on you when the time is right. Matt don't need your dumb BALD ass.

In other shitty news Monet has been told that she will NOT go up as a replacement by Hayden himself. DAMN IT! In another part of the house Brendon and Hayden have talked. Hayden told Brendon before POV comp that if he wins that he won't use it on Brendon. This pisses off Brendon who later goes downstairs to talk to others about him being onto Hayden's jealous vibes and wanting to be the only alpha male in the house for the ladies.

OHHHHH Annie and Hayden are talking about the replacement nominee. Hayden toys with the idea of just not using a pawn and just throwing up someone that the house wants out aka ANNIE and just letting the house decide who leaves. If he puts up a "pawn" then when Rachel leaves and Brendon stays that Brendon will be gunning more so for Hayden. If Hayden doesn't do what others want and just throws up another person the house hates that Brendon won't hate him so much because Brendon will believe that Rachel has a chance to stay.

Later Big Brother calls Andrew into the Diary room and SHIT talkers Britney and Monet are on the outside hammock making shit stain remarks about Andrew putting clothes on and staying in the Diary Room for the rest of the day. Over on the outside couches Rachel is talking and laughing, enjoy the day but her voice is so loud and carries over to SHIT talkers Britney and Monet who are quick to jump from trashing Andrew to really trashing Rachel. Both imitating Rachel's voice and just throwing out words and phrases she has used to make fun of her with. Attacking her body, her "fake" personality and something about how if someone took her home for the night would regret doing "it" with her the next morning. WHATEVAS JEALOUS BITCHES.

Inside Enzo and Matt talk about the idea of getting Annie on the block this week, getting her out. Letting Rachel and Brendon go after Hayden and they both are safe. I like that idea. They both upstairs to ENZO'S HOH "room" to discuss what should happen this week. They talk as if they are HOH talking about backdooring Annie. Matt doesn't like the idea of sending Kathy home and wasting this week. They want a sure thing. With either Rachel or Annie leaving this week they are happy. They plan to push this idea along. Matt is so down to helping Enzo to propose to Hayden the backdoor Annie plan.

Minutes later Enzo tells the SHIT TALKERS Britney and Monet about HIS plan of backdooring Annie this week and they are down for it. Soon Enzo and Matt tell Hayden about this plan and Hayden is all down for it. I'm ignoring their talk bout future weeks but in the end Matt flat out asks Hayden if he is "down with it" and Hayden is. Annie is going up on the block and going home. It's funny how much Enzo is pushing to make sure Monet is not an option for backdooring this week. Enzo BELIEVES he has Monet under his control and is fighting when there's no fight necessary for Monet to escape eviction this week.

Brendon and Rachel are SAVED THIS WEEK! And to take from the scared passage of the book of Big Brother 6's Beau.... LOVE IT!

Over in the bathroom Andrew is talking with Kristin about Britney comments about Andrew being paranoid when all Andrew wants is for people to just talk to him when he walks in the room. Andrew tells Kristin that he is down with whatever her side of the house wants. But I'm not sure Kristin is with anyone. I smell a fight coming up between Andrew and BRATNEY!

HOLY Allison Grodner sloppy shit! This is too fucking funny! Upstairs Matt, Enzo, Hayden are all talking about them being final four, with Lane included. LOL. This is day fucking NINE!! Oh shit, now Britney comes up to the boys room and runs her mouth about how they have to play "defense" to win HOH.

UH OH! Minutes later Hayden is in the backyard talking with Kathy about putting her up for eviction as a pawn!!! But didn't Hayden JUST tell his boys that he was down with putting Annie up on the block to be backdoored. LIKE WHOA DUDE, WHAT THE SURF IS HAPPENING HERE? Hayden is going to go against Enzo?!?! How dare him! How dare anyone not do what Enzo wants this week.

How funny is this. Upstairs Lane is talking with Britney and Monet and tells them that Enzo is "losing" it. WHOA! Britney and Monet like Lane and want him to be their male friend to which Lane translates that to "I'm Not Gay!". Both girls are little thrown off and neither said he was gay but Lane sees a man being friends with a girl is something "gay". I guess Lane can only be with a woman if he's sexually involved with them. Lane is just one of those southern Texas boys where he's only friends with men and fucks women because that's what women were born to do, be fucked by him with his Texas dick. No wonder Lane hardly associates with Ragan in the house. I have noticed this.

Lane now believes Hayden will stick with putting up Kathy against Rachel to get out Rachel. WTF? But remember Lane was not there earlier when Matt, Enzo and Hayden talked about how great it was to take out Annie this week. LOL! Now Kathy is the subject of trashing. Britney does NOT like Kathy ever since she found out through Andrew that Kathy was talking smack about her. Britney tries to defend Kathy but it's too late. Lane calls Kathy "old" and comments about how she doesn't know how to play.

Lane leaves and both these TWATS are quick to hate the idea of Lane knowing about Annie being backdoored. How dare Enzo tell Lane about this plan but THEY twatty bitches MUST know about the plan yet Lane should be left out. WHAT THE FUCK EVER TWATS. Don't make me back hand slap your fake boobies. Britney and Monet agree that if they got HOH next week that Andrew and Brendon go up with Brendon going home but who really cares what they think, bitches win a HOH and do something!

Later, around 8pm, Hayden is now talking with Rachel in the HOH room. He's basically telling her how he plans on doing something that will keep her in the house. He goes on to say that he really didn't want to put up either Brendon or Rachel the first week... BUT HE DID. I don't really believe Hayden is trying to get in good with Rachel or Brendon, he's just looking out for his reefer ass for next week. Plain and jane simple. Hayden wants a week two in the house where he is not viewed ever as a target to go home or even as a person to be used at a nominee.

Rachel though tells Hayden how "loyal" she'll be to Hayden if she stays. She claims not to be "that girl" who's on TV backstabbing and lying. DAMN IT. They end their hug, Rachel doesn't think there's some ill will behind Hayden's motives and she leaves. Matt, who was waiting outside on the HOH couch, enters the HOH room to find out quickly from Hayden how Rachel was begging and pleading to stay. Basically Hayden spills everything to Matt about their chat and how this plan to backdooring Annie is working brillantly. Hayden is loving that he's safe in Brendon and Rachel's eyes.

Day 10

Sometime after midnight the GANG has a meeting... minus a member. A member who thought he was very important. Enzo is missing from the GANG's meeting. Hayden, Matt & Lane seem to be the tightest of the house. All agree Enzo might fuck this up for them. Each mention 2 members of the house that they think they have in their back pocket or in their control. Lane believes he has Money and Britney in his big texas muscled arms. Matt, like an idiot, believes he has Ragan and Rachel. Ragan is the FLOATER this season and for Matt to believe he has him is just crazy. You can't control a floater. As for Rachel, Rachel is so gulliable that anyone can have her meaning Matt can lose her to anyone in a split second.

Hayden believes he has Kristin and Andrew when really he has NEITHER. Kristin is the next biggest floater in the house, only next to Ragan. Actually Kristin may be the best floater this week because she hides her emotions well and so far doesn't let anyone's shitty attitude effect her judgement or sway her position in the house. As for Andrew, Andrew has no reason to be with Hayden or trust him or even give 2 shits about him.

These three douche bags believe they have control of the game from here on out. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I expect a highly easy person to piss off, Britney, will be the downfall of their tight alliance. She would be the one to spill Lane, Hayden, Matt and Enzo's close group to the house who may not have any idea it exists.

OMG this gets hilarious! The TIGHT three all agree Enzo has to be backdoored at some point, turned against by them as they all agree he is the first to go. They even compare him to Russell from last year! HA HA! Enzo thought he had control and just like Brian from 2 seasons ago, when you start the game believing you have control in week one... YOU DON'T!

Oh what's this? Kristin and Hayden finally talk game... alone! Hayden of coures puts his bros before ho's as he does NOT tell Kristin anything about his GANG and their plans for the game. He only gets her to verbally tell him that she trusts him and that he trusts her. They both also agree they don't very much like Britney. Kristin really doesn't like Britney. At all. But she hides it very well. They also talk about the house being divided with Brendon on one side and Hayden on the other side

You see only yesterday I predicted a split with Brendon and Enzo but it seems Enzo has lost control of his alliance in a matter of one day. Hayden seems to be positioning himself as leader in his side of the house. I mean really there is no fucking sides yet. It all depends who gets HOH next week. Moving the fuck on.

HOLY BROTHER SHIT! The Saboteur gave the houseguests a message today while I was at the movies watching Despicable Me. The Saboteur basically revealed that 2 of the houseguests in the house are/were "lifelong friends" and/or know each other outside the big brother house! But who?!?! I remember someone in the house making fun of someone else because they said that "he" thought there was a pair in the house, pointing out how Kathy and Britney look so much alike, mother and daughter. The guys, who I can't remember exactly who, were making fun and mocking this assumption but NOW The Saboteur has basically confirmed that this others that this "pair" thing is TRUE!

But waittttt a minute there buddy. Is the Saboteur lying to just fuck with everyone's game? Or is this a fucking ploy to make the houseguest believe that Brendon and Rachel are a pair outside the house and that they are not creating a "showmance" but more so a couple outside the house. Allison Grodner, are you trying to save nutjob Annie and giving her a new shitty lease on Big Brother life? I don't believe this pair thing until Julie Chen herself confirms it on Thursday's live show.

In another part of the house Brendon and Rachel have made out again! Damn girl, suck his big long dick already! You know he's got a huge erection to play with after kissing him like that!

Annie has gotten wind that she may go up. The GANG believes Britney told Annie about it since last night Annie apparently erupting in tears about "family" shit but really about the fear of going up and out the first week. Hayden & Lane also pulled Britney aside to basically tell her how the fuck dare you tell Annie but Britney claims innocence saying Annie figured it out all on her own. That she doesn't know she's going up for sure but that it is an option. They don't believe Britney and figure this screams Saboteur behaviour.

Outside Brendon and Hayen are finally talking. Hayden is doing a good job at getting on Brendon's good side. Brendon REVEALS like an IDIOT to Hayden that the only person he trusts in the game is Rachel. Brendon does tell Hayden that him putting him on the block with Rachel is now "under the bridge". Hayden is slowly working the angle of getting Brendon to promise him not to go after him if he can put someone on the block to "save" Rachel. Brendon keeps downplaying he and Hayden are no longer enemies if Hayden actually does put someone up that leaves over Rachel. Brendon tells Hayden "I need you". Wow... Brendon's game is that he trusts too hard. Hayden is secretly loving this and most likely can't wait to tell his GANG banger buddies.

Brendon now gives his MUTHA FUCKING WORD to Hayden how he won't backstab him. WTF? brendon has told Kathy and Andrew that he doesn't want to go through this game being a liar and a backstabber. I give up on this conversation.

Upstairs in the HOH room Matt and Hayden are talking about the pair and something about a clue from casting might lead to the pair. Matt was getting this from Andrew and then Andrew wouldn't release the names of who they thought the pair was. But Hayden is quick to say that he & Kristin were at some hotel. So Hayden downplays that he and Kristin did not know each other outside the house. Now Hayden wants to talk to Andrew to stop this "rumor" of him and Kristin knowing each other outside the house and Matt is acting a little weird about Hayden flat out admitting that he and Kristin were in the same casting hotel or something. Who gives a fuck anymore.

OHHHH FUCK! Kristin and Hayden ARE THE PAIR! Whoa! Hayden and Kristin talk about what to do now since Andrew figured it out. Hayden wonders if they should just be out in the open about all this but Kristin doesn't like this. They both agree to talk to Andrew to create something with him to keep him quiet. Kristin wants to talk to Andrew like RIGHT THE FUCK NOW about this. But so far nothing.

Downstairs Matt is talking with Enzo in the open bedroom about Andrew and the talk of Hayden but the feeds change to Hayden being downstairs rounding up Andrew to go upstairs to have the "talk" about him and Kristin. Will they reveal all to Andrew?!?! Well Andrew immediately won't shut the fuck up saying how what's worse in the house, a Saboteur or a couple who knows each other outside the house. Then Hayden, like a dumbass, reveals that Matt ran up here and told him about what Andrew said but tries to downplay Matt spilling Andrew's information too quickly. TOO LATE. Andrew now knows NOT to trust Matt at all and will tell others in the house. Matt so stupid.

Big Brother blocks the feeds and we are unable to see Andrew's chat with the Big Brother 12 couple. DAMN IT!

The feeds are back. Kristin and Hayden are now talking together. Kristin reveals she can't trust ANY of the girls. Really bitch? You're gonna need them to get further in the game and to give you votes if you're final 2! Hayden says he doesn't trust any of them either. Hayden tells Kristin about Brendon wanting to form an alliance with him next week and Kristin thinks this could be good if this could save him/them a couple of weeks but Kristin thinks down the line Brendon can't be trusted.

Kristin likes the idea of Annie leaving with both Rachel & Brendon still in the house. They believe if Annie stays in the house that they are fucked next week. Still not sure if Andrew was told that they are a couple, Andrew is no longer in the HOH room. Minutes later Hayden reveals a dream to Kristin about him winning "half a million" dollars that happened to him before "any of this even started" meaning Big Brother.

Interesting, now Hayden brings up how Enzo doesn't really look "you in the eye" when you're talking with him. Hayden says that it bothers him when Enzo does this and how Lane looks at you directly in the eyes when you talk to him.

Soon Matt comes up to the HOH room and Hayden seems to still be downplaying that they know each other outside the house, how "stupid" it would be for Kristin to be up there talking alone with Hayden now, but SHE IS and they are THAT stupid. Matt is also told by Hayden that Andrew knows that Matt spilled his converation to him meaning Matt now knows he's in the shit house about trust with Andrew, as of today at least.

It turns out the whole reason for the feed black out was that Big Brother made some big vocal annoucement that apparently "shut everyone up" according to Matt. Lane comes in and here we find out that his talk downstairs about religion was addressed. Lane flat out asked Andrew during the black out if "Jews" were "conversative wit their money". LOL! I guess Big Brother is trying to stop a religion incident from happening again. Remember WHAMBER from season 8 and her trashing Jewish people? But what's most interesting is that this happened well after Andrew started talking with the secret couple so what did happen between Andrew and the secret couple and how did Andrew end up downstairs.

At around 7:30pm Hayden is telling Brendon in the storage room that basically Annie is going up in order to make sure Rachel stays. Brendon doesn't like hearing this and throws out Monet's name but come the fuck on, Hayden isn't going to change his mind for Brendon.

OH MY FUCKING GOD! Brendon just proposed a final 2 deal with Hayden or more so saying that he wouldn't mind him and Hayden being final 2 and with the idea of "fuck the girls" and "we can make out with them after all this is over". WHA? Brendon, try not to be a douche bag! Brendon is so keen on trusting Hayden, the guy WHO PUT YOU ON THE BLOCK WEEK ONE that he again tells Hayden that he and Rachel are the only ones he trusts in the entire house. IDIOT.
Day 11

All I have to say so far is SHUT THE FUCK UP KATHY! Morals this, struggles that, I won't change who I am CRAP! Enough already! GAWWWDDDD DAMN IT SHUT THE FUCK UP! There's no way in hell Jordan 2.0LD is going to win another good ol' southern redneck down to earth heart victory.

In same ol' same ol' Big Brother house news, Annie is going up when Brendon uses POV on himself. Here's what fun. Britney is angry at Annie, something about Annie making Britney look like a liar and Annie is aware she's going up and is angry that Rachel & Brendon are not being looked like as a bigger threat as a coupled alliance over just one of her.

Brendon and Rachel have continued to be open about their showmance kissing, making out, holding each other in their big double bed. I mean if anyone had walked in on them in the latenight early hours of the day that I don't think they would have cared being caught.

As the houseguest finally get some rest and wake up they find out that POV ceremony is today! Brendon gets to take his SEXY ass off the block while another houseguest gets thrown up on that eviction chair.

Brendon and Rachel at one point go up to talk to Hayden in the HOH, again being too trusting with Hayden. Brendon is dropping names on how if he gets HOH that Enzo and I think Matt are his targets. Hayden also gets BOTH Brendon and Rachel to BOTH AGREE NOT to put him up for eviction if they get HOH next week! And that he will return the favor if or when he gets HOH again. WHAT THE FUCK? This week, this fucking week Hayden put them up for eviction, why the FUCK does he get a free pass if Brendon or Rachel get HOH NEXT WEEK!?!

Only romantic dumbfucks in love would agree to that. WHATEVAS Brendon & Rachel.

Later Hayden talks with Annie where the hate for Britney surfaces. Annie wants to confront Britney about the lies she's spreading about her that has put her in the situation of going on the block. Annie feels both Hayden and Brendon should work together rather than fight using houseguests and basically gets it out of Hayden that she IS going on the block. She can't do much about it except work the angle that Rachel has to go over her.

Here we get Hayden finding out about Britney's lack of secret skills. How Annie found out from Britney that Hayden was talking about Annie and how people wanted her out. Hayden has learned quickly that he can't trust Britney, denying he said anything negative about Annie to Britney when in fact he did.

Let's put it this way, when Annie goes on the block there's going to be a huge epic day long fight between Annie and Britney! Expect Monet to chime in for Britney to help her out as it will most likely be 2 on 1 fighting.

As Brendon is taken into the Diary Room to discuss him using it talk is running rapid in the house about Annie going up, Britney not being trusted, Hayden making sure there are votes to take out Annie, Monet basically telling Hayden she doesn't trust Britney, Annie and Britney making snide shitty twatty cunty comments under their breaths, both ready to erupt in a yelling match after the POV ceremony.

It's getting good. FINALLY! Now we wait for the feeds to return.

FEEDS ARE BACK! A good number of people are emotional. Rachel is teary eyed. Kathy was teary eyed. Rachel HATES Annie for trying to break up her and Brendon for some reason.

Outside Hayden and Ragan talk. Ragan tries to talk some good about Rachel, being on slop, being nominated and her not attacking anyone, how good she is.

Inside ANNIE is ranting, bitching, moaning, complaining to Lane about being nominated. Annie is going on about Britney and how she "lies" and how Hayden told her a "group" of people wanted her out "upstairs". She flat out asks Lane if he was one of them upstairs talking shit about her and he says he wasn't. LIAR!

LOL! Annie is already packing her shit. She's just DUN. There's also talk of a fight or confrontation between Britney and Annie right after she went up! Annie thinks Hayden is "so scared" of Brendon and Lane tells Annie she has no idea what is really going on. She says 'apparently not".

Outside Britney and Monet talk. Both agree one of "us" has to win HOH to protect them. They even include Enzo as someone on their side. Monet is scared both Rachel and Brendon are coming after her next week. Britney also told Enzo minutes ago she is scared of Annie coming outside and screaming at her.

WOW! Annie just went outside where Britney was, got something and went back inside and didn't say ANYTHING! Britney didn't even react to her walking outside. Annie walks all the way back inside talking to herself how she can't wait to "go home" and is repeatedly asking Big Brother for "vodka".

Back outside Britney continues to say that she hasn't lied about anything. Britney continues to trash Annie's actions during the week and this "alliance" with Brendon that Brendon denies ever being and how he can't trust Annie at all. Britney is both scared and happy Annie is up. Monet has shown a "help me" signal in getting rid of Rachel to protect her but really Britney wants Annie out like yesterday.

Ohhh shit. Annie is now at the dining room table eating watching everyone in the kitchen sharing food or just talking. Britney comes inside and walks past Annie and asks Lane if he wants Chips. Now Annie leans on the kitchen counter laughing and talking with Annie spews in hatred at the table. COME THE FUCK ON, fight already! So far nothing.

Britney walks outside and Annie is quick to tell Lane how she can't wait to watch "them" keep weak players and watch them fail on TV. Lane is getting frustrated that she won't fight to stay and she is basically saying she did what she had to before the POV ceremony and continues to imply that Hayden is scared of Brendon. Annie is just BEGGING for a house fight against her.

Enzo is now in the kitchen and Annie is getting up swinging her arms talking about how the house is keeping a "major alliance" of Rachel and Brendon in the house over her. HOW PATHETIC, Annie is pushing to get Lane's vote to keep her with reassuring him about hot he is, how sexy is he. She is also bitching about how Brendon will win this game now because he will win HOH next week and- OH fuck she's a lost cause. She now bascially says if "everyone is smart" that they would keep her over them and then she flat out asks for Lane's vote and he kinda says keeping Annie is the better option but doesn't really commit to it.

Now Annie is telling Lane how "that girl" aka Britney has everyone is wrapped around her "little finger". Kathy walks by when she says this and absorbs this as she keeps on walking.

Annie suddenly gets called into the Diary Room and outside Britney is talking with Brendon about how now she is safe to go to the bathroom or go grab something from inside. Britney admits that if Annie starts yelling at her that she will cry. REALLY BITCH? You and Monet mock Rachel behind her back and mock Kristin yet when a woman gets up in your face and screams you back down? Or maybe this is a ploy to get men's sympathy by pulling "innocent ol' me". SNEAKY TWAT. Well played bitch.

Lane is now in the HOH room talking with Hayden and Matt, his core alliance, about what Annie just said and how he is pissed that Annie thinks Brendon is the only big threat in the house. I guess that comment made him not look like a MAN and even went on to make some crack about Brendon's height.

Downstairs Ragan is promising Rachel his vote for her to stay this week. So far Rachel has 3 votes to stay. Britney, Brendon and Ragan. That's it so far. Not enough. Maybe Andrew, so that makes 4. But still not enough!

WOW! Smart group. The GANG upstairs, Matt, Hayden and Lane talk about Big Brother doing whatever they can in the Diary Room to keep the Saboteur aka Annie. Matt downplays it but then says that this is "TV". Finally Big Brother blocks the feeds on this conversation.

Later Brendon and Rachel talk with their "alliance" member Hayden and basically thank him again for "saving" Rachel when really it was the GANG's game plan to make it look like Hayden saved Rachel. Both leave the HOH thinking highly of Hayden. I just need someone to expose Hayden as the rat he is with them, but who? Matt would be my only hope Brendon's side- I mean corner of the house won HOH and Matt was a target I bet he would sell out Hayden to stay.

Around 4:30pm Annie pulls Brendon into the tile room or the one with the double beds. Annie has the BALLS to try to get Brendon to keep her over Rachel. She is already assuming he won't give her a vote and will vote for Rachel no matter what but then looks at him asking him to confirm this, as if there's hope that Brendon will vote out Rachel FOR HER!

HOLY SHIT, Annie brings on the croc tears and throws in how she has no money for rent and how she sacrificed so much to be here. Andrew walks in during the middle of this and says outloud, so that Andrew can hear, that "there is no waay I can get six votes" and how she's played out every scenerio. She then cries saying "I just want to fucking go home".

Now she throws it out how she wont' even get a sympathy vote. Oh really, gonna try to lie to everyone into giving you their "one" sympathy vote so that it equals six votes. She cries saying she doesn't want to be "filmed" anymore and just wants to go home. Brendon hugs her and she cries something into his muscled shoulder. She AGAIN throws it how she needs his vote and how she doesn't have it but THEN tries to throw it in there that he's choosing a "showmance" over an alliance member. Bitch you barely know him.

Now she says she doesn't want to stay and wait to be evicted. She brings in how she will lose her job for "this". Brendon keeps trying to talk her off an imaginary ledge. WHOA! Now Annie even tries to throw it again how stupid it is to keep an "obvious alliance" meaning she wants Brendon to let Rachel go and vote her out to better his game but really to better her own game. Bitch working it! BITCH BETTER WORK!

Girl keeps saying and CRYING that he wants to stay to "compete" but Brendon gives her a pep talk about how life is going to be like for her when she leaves... hint hint girl, YOU OUT! You ain't getting Brendon's vote, time to move on and try your act on someone else!

At around 8pm Annie is working IT HARD! She's pulled Monet into the Cabana room aka the Fish room to talk. She's promising Monet that she will NEVER put her on the block. She is working the house! She has just brought up Lane's name as someone who is "helping" her or in her corner. Annie's big goal here is obvious. She wants the house to go back to its original focus, getting out Rachel or Brendon.

She flat out asks Monet "would you vote for me". Monet says she will vote however Hayden wants giving Annie hope that she can continue to work Hayden. She continues to pitch the same pitch to all the houseguests, that she probably has the boys "Lane & Enzo" and if she gets Monet's vote and if she gets this vote and that vote she'll stay. Monet isn't promising her anything. Annie's BIG problem here is she is once again trying to promise, align with too many people, work with too many people for next week to help them game when really all she's trying to do is use them all to stay at least one more week.

Everyone is giving Annie the impression that it is up to Hayden when really it's up to the GANG of Matt, Enzo, Lane and Hayden. They decide who leaves this week. Annie keeps pushing the angle of Hayden is "scared to go against Brendon" to get Hayden to stupidly think "hey, wait a minute, I'm a MAN! Brendon CAN'T DO ME NO HARM. I HARM HIM FIRST. VOTE OUT GIRLFRIEND TO ANGER HIM. ME MAN. ME JEALOUS, THANKS ANN EE FOR HELPING ME LEARN TO PLAY GAME". Annie, shut the fuck up already. Hayden ain't falling for your shit. Rachel is not a threat.

Oh snap, Annie just threw in to Monet, like she threw in to everyone else she chatting with, that "I have no money or job to go home to". You know what Annie, they sent Braden home last year early on and the mutha fucker didn't have a home or money either.

Annie has dragged her ugly self with her ugly shoes outside and finds Lane and Enzo who were a minute ago talking about still getting Brendon out. Annie is now promising them and the "house" that she will get out whoever they want next week, which includes getting out Brendon. Both Enzo and Lane are scared of Rachel getting HOH next week which basically gives Brendon safety AND HOH. Annie continues to run a mile a minute at the mouth and it seems like Lane is liking what he hears. Enzo seems to be too.

I suspect Lane and Enzo to talk with the "boys" later tonight about their options. Annie also compares Rachel and Brendon to Jeff and Jordan from last year, a couple pushing through to the end. It seems like Annie's "fakeness" talk about being genuine and being interested in the person she's talking to is kinda working. BITCH IS WORKING IT and just might stay. Oh and she AGAIN brings up Hayden being scared of Brendon and scared of going against Brendon. Don't forget that you don't have a job and/or money when you get out!

I swear if Annie leaves the house everyone is going to be throwing around "I don't have any money or a job when I go home" every week. I'll laugh my ass off if that's an inside joke. Annie also keeps playing with how "hot" and "horny" Lane is. She has learned to cater to Lane's interest in sex and women and continues to play on it.

Over in the ROMANCE cuddling wuvling room, Brendon and his wife Rachel talk and kiss. Rachel loves the idea of Annie leaving this week and laughs about "her little plan didn't work, it brought us closer together". Brendon doesn't want Rachel to start any drama tonight and she claims she isn't. Brendon is scared that someone will hear Rachel. Aww, now they're sleeping.

But wait a minute, Big Brother After Dark is on and they're sleeping. Big Brother says "Rachel, I SAID It's time to get up for the day". She laughs getting up thinking BB doesn't want her sleeping with him but really it's that BBAD is on and your ass better be up entertaining.

My only HOPE for Annie leaving is Enzo. Lane seems down to keeping a woman who caters to his PLEASE ME needs. Matt seems to not care but I think Enzo is the key to getting Annie out. He should be scared that Annie is good enough of a player to start changing the house's mind about getting her out when at first they wanted her out. This should scare ENZO to no end and get the GANG to go after Annie harder than ever. I have huge faith in Enzo's insecurities about losing control in the game.

Day 12

Once midnight has passed bringing us Day 12 the Have Nots have been granted the freedom to eat and boy did they! Cheeseburgers, tacos, ice cream soon to be the shits in the bathroom.

I forgot to mention that after Annie talked with Monet that Monet talked with Britney and Kathy in the storage room to vent about her chat with Annie. All agree that Annie needs to leave this week. Monet talks about how irritating the chat with Annie was and Britney is basically wanting confromation from her gals that Annie will be evicted this week. All three agree to vote to evict her. They count the votes, three from them, Brendon makes four.

But wait, let's think about this. If the Saboteur has a vote the next five weeks then that's basically America's vote aka ALLISON GRODNER'S vote. So Britney needs at least six solid votes to evict Annie. Her, Monet, Brendon, Ragan has "promised" his vote to Rachel, that's four. I believe Kathy is the Saboteur so I'm not counting her vote AT ALL. Andrew, Enzo, Matt, Lane and Kristin are the rest. So basically if Hayden wants Annie to stay then all they need is Allison Grodner's Saboteur's vote to make six. Rachel is evicted and Annie stays for TV drama and ratings.

So basically that's my rant about how Annie will stay this week. If Enzo and Matt's intelligence doesn't get a blow from how fast Annie saved herself from eviction with just words, babble and tears, well then God help them as Annie IS a better player than them.

So anyways, soon after midnight Annie's endless talks with the houseguests continues. Kathy is next to feel the torture that is Annie's game talk. Fucking Annie cries AGAIN to Kathy. Same ol' shit, no money, no job, can I have your vote- ughhhhh, bitch.

Soon Monet and Britney come outside, where Kathy & Annie's chat is taking place. Kathy is smart to redirect Annie onto Britney suggesting they talk it out.. but with an audience meaning Kathy and Monet sat by and watched them talk.. calmly. No fighting, no yelling, just apologzing and Britney claiming she never tried to get Annie on the block.

Annie continues her "they are an alliance, the next Jeff & Jordan" bullshit, then cries, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Annie gets a hug from Britney and goes inside leaving the 3 HAGS to talk. All three are quick to discredit Annie and all believe she is full of shit to some degree and hope the rest of the house isn't falling for her shit.

Soon Annie heads up to talk to Hayden, Lane and Matt about staying. She continues to push how she will target Brendon for them next week and then put up whoever they want next to him, the house can decide who goes up and- I CALL BULLSHIT! If she stays and gets HOH she will NOT do what anyone wants, she decides this and it is her right to do whatever the fuck she wants and if these dumbasses think they get a "free" HOH week with Annie there, well then they are stupidier than I thought.

Lane, as I predicted, is pushing for Annie to stay to the other guys. They are not jumping on the save Annie boat. Not right away at least. They flat out tell her IN FRONT OF HER that she and Brendon together is worse than Brendon and Rachel. She has admitted to be friends with Brendon but then says she will get rid of him for THEM but none of them believe her that she will in fact get rid of Brendon for them. She won't.

As morning comes and goes we finally get some talk from Enzo about Annie. He has told Matt that Annie still HAS TO GO! And then later in the HOH room Big Brother 12 "couple who know each other from outside the house" chat about Annie staying or leaving this week. It seems Lane's points have gotten into Hayden's head about Annie staying BUT Kristin thinks Annie should go this week. Kristin also plans on using Rachel in this game, never wanting to be her friend but to use her friendship with her in the game.

Kristin says if she gets HOH next week her main target is Britney, shit all the girls. Kristin seems to be last girl standing. I hate that Enzo is not a target for anyone so far. Bitches going after Bitches, same old shit year after year.

The time is 8:30pm and Andrew is in the kitchen with Britney, Enzo, Matt talking about something that happened between him and Lane that included Britney. Basically Britney thought Andrew made some stupid "face" to him and Lane said something that he claims was meant to be a joke to which Andrew took it seriously but now Lane and Andrew have "shaken hands" to make things better. Andrew is asked by Enzo if he has a "hot temper" and it seemed like Enzo was quickly annoyed when Andrew almost took his question as something of an insult that led Enzo to say "it's just a question, are you hot tempered" but Enzo said it with force. Andrew is trying to just be easy going but is highly annoyed by the GANG who's in the kitchen.

Rachel is now crying in the Have Not bedroom as Brendon comforts her. It seems like Annie and her had some words in the kitchen earlier. Rachel has been slightly pissed with Brendon lately being nice or feeling sorry for Annie who's going around the house trying to "break us up" by getting the house to vote out Rachel. She wants Brendon angry at Annie but Brendon can't be, he says it's not him to be like that.

Rachel cries telling Brendon says "I didn't do anything to her". Annie is just PISSED that Rachel has a high chance of staying this week over her. Annie is trying to bait Rachel into a fight to make her look like a bigger bitch than Annie. Awww! Brendon rubs Rachel's weeping face and gives her kisses on the forehead and cheeks talking Rachel up as Rachel feels bad about herself and what Annie said or did to her.

I know, you're asking, like where the fuck is Annie right now. I don't know, she's nowhere on the feeds. Rachel feels "attacked for no reason" by Annie. I can't believe I was watching the Real Housewives of Foreclosure New Jesery and missed THIS MOMENT ON BIG BROTHER!

Britney is upstairs telling Kathy and Monet about what happened downstairs. Something about Andrew and Britney "looking at each other" and Enzo almost losing his temper talking about if it was him that Andrew went AWF on earlier that he would have done something- SHUT THE FUCK UP shithole, you wouldn't have done shit. You want to stay in the house to win the money. Just shut up already.

Britney calls what happened downstairs as "madness". Monet says that Annie is "going to lose it" and that she probably needs a mental doctor everytime she goes into the Diary Room. Annie is in the fucking Diary Room. Britney, wow, she kinda defends Rachel and how Annie made Rachel's "eye rolling" diss more than it really was. Britney says Lane even says Annie is about to break.

Okay here we find out what Annie said or tried to start. Annie is trying to villianize or turn Rachel into an uber bitch by claiming she rolled her eyes at Annie and mouthed "bye" to her. Annie exploded about how everyone is going to see Rachel and what "really happened" and how evil Rachel is.

The girls, Monet, Kathy and Britney all believe Annie is crazy for being upset with Brendon for choosing Rachel over her, how Brendon has only known Rachel for fours days but then they point out that Brendon has only known Annie for four fucking days as well. That Annie can't handle this. They all wonder what Annie will do when she comes out of the DR.

Hayden wants to know what happened between Andrew and Lane. Britney calls it "awesome". Lane asks Andrew something about what he's eating and Lane gets this "look" from Andrew and Andrew puts it out there that Lane was trying to get a rise out of him and how Andrew is not into Lane's sense of humor. Lane is just like "what".

Lane goes to the bathroom and tells whoever is in there how Andrew said something about how Andrew is saying Lane is the reason why there is "drama" with the girls and Andrew rushes over and starts yelling about how he never said "drama" and how that never came out of his mouth and how he cooks and cleans and does everything for everyone. This is Britney's version of what happened. She's telling this to Hayden who laughs and says how he loves to stay out of the drama. She says Andrew and Lane hashed it out and are fine now.

Brendon and Rachel are having a moment where he wants her here and he's gotten her to stop crying and they kiss and smack here and there, he laughs nozzling her neck and she asks in a girly voice if he's going to cook her dinner and he says yes. Rachel is fine.

OH MY GAWWWW! Annie is back out of the Diary Room and is now upstairs with Hayden to once again save her life with her LIES about Rachel. Here we go. Let's her Annie's side. Annie says Rachel comes in to whatever room she's in. Annie says "hey" to her and Rachel doesn't say anything to her. Annie says Rachel then closed the door on her and Annie comes out of the room "concerned" what is wrong. She asks to talk and Rachel does something like she's annoyed with her and runs away. Annie follows her and tries to CALMLY confront Rachel claiming Rachel was mocking her by saying how Annie is "over sensitive" and playing off what just happened minutes ago. Then Rachel smiles big and walks out the door and waves goodbye and how Annie is "making things up" about how Rachel made fun of her and laughed walking way from Annie.

Annie is now claiming "this is on video" and how she can't wait for everyone to see how EVIL Rachel is. Annie, ANNIE OF ALL PEOPLE, calls what happened to her as Insane. Annie claims Rachel wants Annie to "blow up" when really it is the other way around. Annie's new tatic is to turn the house on Rachel and come to Annie's corner of the house protecting Annie from an insane Rachel. WHATEVAS!

OH SHIT. I'm watching the FEED REWIND of what just happened and just found footage of Annie and Brendon talking in the double bed room and she's trying to turn Brendon against Rachel and talks about the "Old Annie" coming back and how she "wants to punch the shit out of her" aka Rachel. Brendon tells Annie he doesn't want really anyhing to do with her if she's going to make him feel guilty for choosing Rachel over her.

In another part of the FEED REWIND we find Annie in the kitchen calling Rachel a "stupid bitch" to Matt and talking to "Jen", I guess her girlfriend back home, how she isn't doing this and how she doesn't want to go to "jail". Lane walks up and finds a pissed off Annie who pulls Lane to the open bedroom to tell her side of what happened. Here we get to compare her story and it matches up. Annie claims she is going to walk out and Lane tells her to calm down. Annie threatens to be taken out of the game if she keeps being treated like this and does something that basically expells her.

Annie hears someone in the kitchen, I guess Rachel but doesn't go over there. Brendon is in the DR and Annie waits for him with Lane, wanting Brendon to come out to "get his bitch under control" and how she wants to call him "a fucking idiot" for being with her. Lane suggests for Annie to do something with Hayden there to bring the pyscho out of Rachel for Hayden to see.

Back to the LIVE FEEDS for a second. Annie is right now on the live feeds upstairs still with Hayden.. doing guess what... come on... GUESS... SHEDDING TEARS! Hayden ends the long chat and gets a hug out of Annie. Annie marches downstairs passing everyone in the kitchen and is in the bathroom, you know, hoping everyone comes to her aid. She passed the Cabana room where most of the house is at. Lane is outside with Enzo playing pool with Kathy watching. Brendon and Rachel in the kitchen. The rest in the Cabana room.

Annie marches herself outside to talk with Kathy. Kathy hugs Annie and asks if she's okay, Annie again sheds some tears for show. It's funny because Kathy behind Annie's back bashes Annie and wants her to go home and I just love that. Annie is back to trashing Rachel to Kathy and how EVIL she is. This new attack Rachel's house character is pathetic but a valid move.

Back to the FEED REWINDS. I'm watching Andrew getting angry at Lane with Britney, Enzo and Matt in the bathroom. Lane laughs at the whole thing and basically everything that he says about Andrew is a "lie", you know according to Andrew. Lane can't do or say anything to make things good with Andrew because Andrew is so hardcore trying to show everyone how Lane is trying to stir the pot.

Soon everyone is laughing at Andrew who tries to defend himself by claiming he never said "drama", the word "drama". Andrew gets Lane to admit that he never said the word "drama". But what's funny is Andrew is basically implying that Lane is blatently trying to stir the pot or create drama with him by making up lies. So Andrew can blame Lane for starting drama but Lane can't do the same back at Andrew. WHATEVAS!

Andrew is talking himself into a shit stained corner as they all laugh at him and about the way he's reacting to what they feel is nothing. Oh Andrew you suck at arguing. Andrew ends with "don't make things up" and again says Lane is "trying to stir things up". Lane just keeps laughing.

I'm shocked I thought Lane would get upset. Now I know why Enzo said had Andrew talked to him like the way he did to Lane that Enzo would have blown the fuck up on Andrew. Andrew gives up and walks away and says "you guys enjoy. whatever" and mumbles off about how he just wants to go to the other room and Enzo requests a hug and doesn't want Andrew to walk away upset but Andrew does walk away upset. IDIOT. I'm proud of Lane keeping his cool but I wonder.. what will set Lane off.

Another part of the FEED REWIND shows us Annie was outside ranting bitching to Monet, Matt, Kathy, Enzo and Britney about "people are talking about me in there" and she's just secretly driving them all insane with her rants. Britney even makes a comment to Annie if she's been talking game to everybody all day and Annie admits to it because of the situation she is in and how they would be too. How she only has "four days left". The minute Annie sees Rachel in the kitchen area she leaves them heading inside and the MINUTE she walks into the house all five of them are quick as fuck to talk about Annie saying she is "losing it" and is paranoid and just crazy, laughing about Annie and the way she is acting. Kathy thinks Annie isn't going to make it to Thursday! LOL!

OMG here's the moment in the kitchen when Annie and Rachel are talking. THIS IS IT! So Annie did talk calmly at first to Rachel and did mention about them handling this like "adults". Rachel claims she doesn't "hate" Annie and does ask if she's being "sensitive because I don't hate you at all". Annie gets softly upset and ROLLS HER EYES! This pisses off Rachel.

Annie is quick to mumble "oh yeah, um okay" like she's annoyed with Rachel's comments. Annie starts walking towards the sliding glass door and the minute her back is to Rachel, well Rachel DOES give Annie this mocking face and smile behind Annie's back. Being catty about the chat they just had. You see Rachel does infact hate Annie for trying to break up her and Brendon up and trying to get the house to send her home. I mean it's a game of survival, you can be upset but that's the game.

Anyways Annie has her hand on the sliding glass door and turns around to a walking Rachel who's heading toward the Cabana room. Here they stare each other down and Rachel, as she's walking, forces a mocking smile to Annie but goes away from the camera. Here we see on both cameras Annie's quick to anger reaction to something she saw Rachel do. I believe Rachel did wave goodbye to Annie and Annie is PISSED off that Rachel is getting the joy of actually staying over Annie.

Back to the LIVE FEEDS. Annie is KILLING the fun chat outside going on and on about what Rachel did. Lane, Monet, Matt, Enzo and Britney is outside. None of them care or cater to the rant. They sit there quietly and change the conversation to house topics.

Later the GANG is outside playing pool. Everyone else is inside while the GANG talk openly and freely about their alliance doing such a good job at not being exposed. That no one suspects them four together and NO ONE DOES! Enzo makes fun of Annie and how hard she is trying to stay. Enzo wants her gone and since Enzo believes he controls his alliance then That's 3 solid votes to evict Annie.

Matt and everyone agree to not give a fuck about the Saboteur and the secret couple. Hayden keeps quiet knowing he is the secret couple. Here you go, Hayden tries to come up with his "idea" on who the secret couple is, aka life long friends. He says it could be Brendon and Rachel and wonder if they are life long friends who could marry later.

Matt says that no matter who wins next week that we have to keep each other off the block. Enzo is so proud of his alliance that even if two of them get on the block that he believes one of them will come off and that someone else will be backdoored saving their precious four. AWWW SHIT Annie comes outside and stops the game talk. GET OUTTA HERE ALREADY!

Super secret couple Hayden and Kristin talk briefly in the Cabana room about Andrew and how he needs to understand joking around if he wants to stay longer in the house. Hayden asks Kristin what she thinks about the whole Rachel Annie thing. Kristin doesn't believe Rachel did anything and that Annie is making it up. She believes Rachel would tell her what she did if anything. Andrew comes in and kills my hard on for this chat.

Andrew leaves and Kristin is happy that no one suspects a thing about them. That they have been doing a good job hiding them. Both wanted to talk to each other all day long. GAWD DAMN IT! Just when they start talking Andrew comes in again and KILLS MY HARD ON! Mutha fucker!

Oh good god! Andrew is pushing for Annie to stay and how if Annie gets HOH that she will be upset with Brendon but Hayden pushes that Annie and Brendon together is worse than Rachel. That Annie would be upset with Hayden for backdooring her. Andrew leaves and both laugh how they really like Andrew but comment how "clueless" he is. Ohh Hayden says Annie has Lane's vote unless Lane knows the house wants Annie out that then he'll jump ship.

Oh wait.. .Hayden is talking with Kristin now about how he believes the "life long friends" are Brendon and Rachel. Neither make it known that they are the life long friends and Kristin is quick to dismiss Hayden's thought about it being Rachel and Brendon. Damn, so maybe Kristin and Hayden are NOT life long friends. DAMN IT!

LOL! Britney comes into the Cabana room where they are talking and talks about the fish. Nothing more. She leaves and Kristin is SUPER QUICK to tell Hayden that if she wins HOH that Britney is "definitely going up". Hayden wonders who would go up against Britney. She says Monet to ensure that Britney goes home. She also says that if Andrew gets HOH that she will talk him into doing the same thing. HONEY, HOH don't work that way. Andrew is sooo going after Lane next week if he wins HOH. Lane and maybe Britney.

Ohhh Lane is in the Cabana room and talks about his workout schedule. He does cable workouts monday tuesday, off wednesdays, works out thursdays fridays. Has a TOTAL REDNECK GYM from the informericals and does that in the morning. Then around 3 or 4 pm he goes to the gym and does cardio, weights, etc. SO HOT! Take off your shirt already Lane!

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