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August 1, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31

Day 31 through Day 36

Day 31

As midnight passes we get a highly annoyed Kathy who's venting to Hayden and Kristin about how she can't stand the couple anymore. Hayden can't stand talking to Rachel and Kathy is open about how she will "go home" for Hayden and Kristin. LOL! Just earlier Hayden and Kristin were talking about how to get Kathy up on the block to send her ass out so they can stay in the house together! FUCK YOU KATHY!

But Hayden does geniunely like Kathy. He even mentions that if he wins the show that he'll send her some money. The Rachel and Brendon hate continues and I just don't care anymore because it just like hitting the repeat button over and over again. Holy shit. Now Kristin and mostly Hayden are asking us, America, to save them. YOU STUPID FUCKS, you should have played a better game so that you wouldn't have been on the block. Hayden starting to the "Brendon and Rachel" name call in the HOH game put your 2 dumbasses on the block. Idiots!

AHHHHH! BRENDON AND RACHEL HAD FUCK ME SEX! They did it under the covers of course. It's about time. I bet Alison Grodner is hoping a baby was made in the house at this very moment! And you know this crazy bitch wants to be the Godmother of the first Big Brother baby conceived in the house!

Morning has arrived! Everyone is up for the day. Rachel has a small encounter with Kathy downstairs when no one is around and basically lets Kathy know that if she gets picked for POV and wins it and uses it that she'll consider that as a stab in the back from Kathy to her. Kathy agrees and Rachel tries to make it known she isn't telling Kathy what to do but is driving it home that Rachel has not put up Kathy at all on the block.

Minutes later Kathy tells Kristin about her SHIT CHAT with Rachel. Kathy never agreed not to use POV on Kristin and says that she hopes she gets to play POV, win it and then uses it just to get at Rachel. Kathy is all about hating Rachel... behind her back no doubt. Cause remember, BITCHES like Kathy do all the backstabbing and behind your back trash talking when the actual person isn't in the room. Kathy's morals doesn't allow her to be shitty to someone's face, just behind their back. FUCK YOU KATHY. Just own up to it that you're a CUNT.

POV DAY! POV players have been picked! Ragan, Britney, Enzo play with Rachel, Hayden and Kristin. Well I already know this. Enzo wants Kristin to be cut from Hayden so if he wins POV he ain't using it. If Britney wins it you know for sure this bitch ain't saving that bitch on the block. If Ragan wins it you know he's not going to save anyone because he doesn't want to make enemies and feels like no one else "deserves" to go. Well Ragan wants Brendon out but he knows that if he wins and uses POV that he'll kill any relationship with Rachel in the house and he also knows that Rachel will NEVER put Brendon up.

Last is Rachel, if she wins POV you know she ain't changing a damn thing. She hated to change her nominations during her first week as HOH so if she wins expect her to keep it the same. So that leaves Hayden and Kristin to win it and pull themselves off. I'm really really going to hate it if Hayden wins POV and uses it on Kristin! If that happens the so much for them trying to act like they don't have any time of HOmance!

So Britney heads up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon and Rachel. Here she's all for Kristin leaving and loves how the POV players picked worked out for them. Britney is also letting it be known that if either comes off with POV and Kathy is put up in either of their places that both of them will stay with Kathy getting evicted. So Britney is saying DON'T PUT KATHY FUCKING UP! Rachel agrees.

Later Brendon and Rachel talk game alone. Brendon is starting to really untrust Matt, how he'll only be faithful to Matt and only Matt. Again, not really Brendon but thanks for playing. I can't believe how clueless Brendon is in that house.

12:30pm. Hayden goes and sits in the Cabana room where Kathy and Kristin are laying down. It's almost like Kathy is spooning Kristin. It's coming off as "you're my 3rd child Kristin" and "I love you so hard". Kathy was stroking Kristin's back under the covers and then played with the back of Kristin's hair smiling big behind Kristin. CRAAAAAAAZZZZZZYYYYYY!

Kathy then, what I think was a joke, says that she wants Rachel to put her up so that she can leave over them. Kathy just seems to be done with the house. She knows she has no chance of staying and winning. But then again Jordan, her younger clone, stayed last year and won the damn game. Of course Hayden says "no, no" about Kathy wanting to leave this week over them. Kathy says she will be pissed if later Rachel puts her in "Jail" aka the Jury House. That she'd rather leave now. Hayden then says "something good is going to happen". HA! We'll see about that!

Hayden leaves and both are quick to whispering. That Hayden just told them that his talk with Enzo implied that Enzo was NOT going to use the POV if he won it. LOL! I did forget to mention Hayden and Enzo's chat earlier about the POV. Enzo wants Kristin OUT! He did tell Hayden that if Kristin does win POV that their alliance really has no fucking luck at all in the game! But really they do, they've survived to the Jury House and after hopefully Kristin leaves this week that they will be almost half the house. Well Enzo says they WILL be half the house because he says Kathy doesn't count! Enzo so hates Kathy! LOVES IT!

POV Competition is over. Britney won POV! Holy Fuck! Enzo won a 3D TV while Rachel won 5,000 dollars. Hayden won 24 hours of confidement in the Have Not bedroom. What's this you ask? What about the bathroom? They put one in the Have Not bedroom! He is STUCK in there for 24 hours!!! As for Kristin. She gets to have the Unitard! I heard that Hayden somehow gave the unitard to Kristin. I'm guessing maybe she had 24 hour confidement and he saved her from it... not sure. Who cares. Both Kristin and Hayden are suffering this week because of Brendon and Rachel and I LOVE IT!

Not sure what Ragan won in the POV comp. As the feeds are live we get see Hayden sleeping ON THE FLOOR. A slop bucket and bowls on a shitty table. A drawstring to pull close so we can't see him masturbating on the tiolet. Man oh man he is going to be suffering. At least he can have conversations with the people in the open bedroom through the hole in the wall where the camera is. No makeout sessions for you Hayden! Sleep with a boner!

Kristin was in the Cabana room for a bit with some other folks, Kathy laying next to her, what else are we to expect from Kathy. Rachel comes in and takes a seat and within minutes flat out asks Kristin how she's doing. She says "fine".

Minutes later she leaves with Kathy into the Taj room to talk. The minute the door closes Kristin... OH MY GOD, SHE SAYS that her and Kathy have to make an alliance with Britney! OMG, WITH BRITNEY!!! BRITNEY!!!! Britney has told Rachel that she has tried and tried to make a friendship with Kristin and now Britney must be loving that she's going to get to kick out the one BITCH who wanted to be the last BITCH standing! Sucks to be Kristin this week!

Kathy tells Kristin that Britney is on the "wrong side of the house". Sure Kathy, whatever you need to tell yourself to help you cope after Kristin leaves and you are literally by your fucking self. Even Brendon called it earlier with Rachel telling Rachel that once Kristin is evicted that "guess who's going to be your best friend again" meaning Kathy will try to leech onto them once Kristin is evicted!

Back to the K's. Kristin does not want to leave this week, not before Jury. She doesn't know what to offer Britney to get her to use POV on her, get someone else up and for her, Hayden, Britney and Kathy to be like some stupid power alliance. This is just too funny. Tears of joy here!

Kathy thinks it is "jealously" from the couple and the rest of the house that they want Hayden and Kristin broken up. Mostly attacking Rachel for wanting what she doesn't want done to her and her man. But seriously Kathy, you ALL were going to break up Brendon and Rachel regardless, Rachel just took the first stab anyways! BITCH, shut the fuck up.

Now they try the "Britney is scared of Rachel, I can protect her" crap plan. Oh my abs of steel here are laughing so hard! BUUUUAAA HAAAAA!

Upstairs Rachel and Brendon talk about the POV game. Kristin at one point had the POV. It was taken from her. Hopefully from Britney. They can't understand Hayden's motives. They figure he was really "dumb" or really "greedy". Brendon thinks really greedy first. They're talking too many what if's now so it's confusing what really happened. Rachel did say that both Ragan and Britney turned down or traded 5 grand, that Ragan was playing it safe and not trying to win POV.

WHOA! Later Kathy tells Britney or really warns Britney of Kristin's plan!!! Kathy is saving her ass from going up on the block! Kathy don't want to go home just yet. She came to fucking play. DOUBLE CROSSING BACKSTABBING Kathy wants Britney not to use it.

So Britney later tells Matt in the storage room what Kathy is up to and what Kristin is up to and so Matt tells Lane later in another part of the house but for some reason inserts a lie that brings Rachel and Brendon into the mix. Or maybe Lane misunderstood Matt and started the weird rumor about how Brendon and Rachel are trying to get Britney to use the POV to backdoor someone. I believe Matt thought this was an idea that could happen and Lane was running with it. So Lane tells Enzo and now it's almost all over the house.

Later Enzo talks with Hayden through the door about how he hates Britney now. Enzo is highly threatened by Britney's 2 POV wins and her place in the house. I believe Enzo may start targeting Britney next week over the couple.

Later Lane is now talking with Hayden at the Solitary Confinement door about those "two needle dicks" are trying to get Britney to use the POV on either Hayden or Kristin to backdoor someone. Hayden's new plan is when Kristin leaves this week he will play the "I'm alone" card with the couple to get in good with them and use their talks against them later in the game. BRILLANT! This Gang is just too good. Lane can't wait to bring the Brigade "out" and Lane is "sick of Brendon". Lane is so proud that his alliance has made the jury and then they both trash Brendon calling him a "tool bag".

Dumbass Lane is so proud of his alliance and believes like they have the game won already. IF he thinks like he should he would have known that the Nerd Herd from season 6 took the final 2 spots throwing Janelle's 4 person alliance of herself, Howie, James and Rachel as the alliance in control of the jury. They decided who won the season. Of course everyone can vote how they want but you get the idea. Maybe Lane shouldn't be counting his winnings just yet. Maybe, just maybe him and his entire alliance will be in the jury house! I hope so! Really don't want Lane in the final 2.

As for Kathy. Shit is getting around the house that Kathy is not for Kristin staying or getting the POV used on her. She's scared she will be replacement nominee and sent home. I can't wait for Kristin to find out and her and Kathy's super Best Fake Friendship is OVER!

Kristin has come out of the Diary Room with her Hippie Unitard punishment from the POV comp. She acts like she loves it. She even has to wear a wig straight out of a Halloween shop. She's got 2 unitards to switch back and forth. Rachel is LOVING how "funny" it looks. But Kristin's body is pretty damn banging in it. Hayden is dying to see it when he gets out of the 24 hour Solitary Confinement. Later Kristin thinks she looks "retarded" and ridiculous.

Now Kristin is talking with Hayden. Kristin thinks it "sucks" she has to talk to Britney to try to get her to use the POV on them. Hayden doesn't think she will at all. Kristin still says she has to try. They still both hope America will save them from being evicted but really you should have saved yourself CUNT. Kristin tells Hayden that she knows she will go if the noms stay the same. She feels like she hasn't done anything to deserve for her to go. Well I guess EVERYONE ELSE DESERVES TO GO OVER YOU BITCH!

Okay so FINALLY I found the Kathy and Britney chat in the kitchen where Kathy warns Britney. She says it has "nothing to do with me" when Britney brings up Kathy's friendship with Kristin. That she didn't want Britney to be caught "off guard" when it happens. That Kristin is wanting Britney to use the POV on her. So Kathy brings up Monet's name to make sure that Britney remembers Monet leaving. Monet left because Kristin wanted both Britney and Monet up and got her way with Monet leaving. Kathy has a plan here folks.

Now I just found Matt and Britney talking in the Storage Room. Here we only get a sample cut in mid conversation live feed moment of the talk but Matt is shocked and asks Britney if she's going to use POV and she says "HELL NO" and he says "good". She says "No chance in hell" with a winning smile! FUCK YOU KRISTIN!

11:30pm Kristin FINALLY talks with Britney. Kristin says "they" haven't had a chance to talk and get to know each other and if we remember right Britney was pissed with Kristin for never attempting to ever get to know her before in the game and how Britney tried and Kristin just didn't want anything to do with Britney.

So now Kristin is basically wanting to be BFF with Britney now ONLY because she has POV. Kristin didn't offer this BFF contract before POV but after POV which Britney will see right through this. She is wanting Britney to either use POV on her or Hayden and that she will do "anything" for her in the game. Now she's saying that if Britney wins HOH next week that Kristin can go up on the block next week as a pawn.. LIKE YOU HAVE A CHOICE IF BRITNEY WINS HOH AND YOU STAY NEXT WEEK!

Kristin tells Britney this "horror" story about how she has to make it to jury because she has "nothing" left to go back home to. WHATEVER! She then tells Britney "you are my last hope". She says that Britney would be saving Krisin's "life" and keeps going on about how Andrew saying her and Hayden were together was "complete lies" which is true. Remember her and Hayden have agreed to not touch each other or kiss at all this entire week. I hope this talk ends with a fight but it probably won't.

Whoa! Kristin just announces that her and Hayden are in an alliance but LIED saying it only started a "week ago". Kristin never expected to leave this early... but Kristin was perfectly fine with Monet leaving and Britney leaving that week had Britney not won POV that week. Thanks for trying Kristin. Thanks for playing! GET THE FUCK OUT!

Day 32

After midnight passes Britney has finished her LONG AS FUCK talk with Kristin. What's funny is Britney tried to inch her way out of the bedroom slowly wanting to end the talk. She even tried to set up a time tomorrow to talk more but Kristin wouldn't stop talking. So Britney finally suggests Kristin keep Hayden company and she gets to the kitchen where the other houseguests are eating a birthday cake for a fake birthday. Matt lied that it was his birthday. Rachel quickly jumped at the chance to pull Britney upstairs to talk.

Rachel and Britney get in the HOH bed and get to talking. Britney tells her about how they talked about Kristin's points at wanting to stay. Both laugh that the girls that Kristin hates the most, Britney and Rachel, have won HOH and POV! Now they talk about next week with Kristin gone and how Kathy would have used POV had she played and won and how she could be a target next week.

Rachel then says she wouldn't mind if either one of them left. Now they talk about Kathy being BFF's with Monet first week, Rachel 2nd week, then Kristin 3rd week and now talking shit behind Rachel's back this week. They both hate Kathy for using her "sickness" to get to far in the game and how she only wants to stay just to make it to the jury house. They say Kathy is "all over the board". Rachel keeps pushing for Britney to remember that we hate Kristin and what Kristin did to us in the past and how if Kristin had won HOH that the nominatinos would have been a combination of Rachel, Brendon and Britney and only them three.

Rachel says she can't trust Kathy and both are pissed off about how Kathy will make it to the jury house. Now Rachel tells Britney how she wants an alliance with Britney or for them to fight on the same side through the rest of the season. Britney nods her head but really doesn't agree to it. Britney says "we are thinking the same thing" and says that if she knew things she would tell her but that she doesn't know anything going on. LIE!

Downstairs Brendon and Enzo talk about the game and the POV comp. Brendon brings up how "if there are no alliances this season" crap. Enzo loves it every time someone in the house talks about how there are no alliances this season. Brendon, clueless as ever in the game of Big Brother.

Morning has come and passed. The day has been pretty much boring all day long. Nothing major. No big game changing moves.

9pm Hayden and Kristin talk in the Taj room about trying to make some deal/alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Not sure why this makes sense. What they want is for Kathy to go on the block and be taken out. The problem is getting Britney to use the POV for this to happen and this isn't happening. Kristin is also worried that Rachel and Brendon will LIE to them and have Britney use POV only to backdoor someone else and Kathy stays and she's told how they tried to get Rachel and Brendon to get her out this week. Kristin also says how "hard" it will be for her to talk to them and act as if she wants to work with them. I'm also thinking Hayden wants POV to be used on him since he knows Britney won't use it on Kristin. With Kathy up on the block against Kristin then this would scare Britney that there would be a chance for Kristin to stay with Kathy being taken out. Britney ain't falling for that shit.

Brendon walks in and Hayden asks to talk to him and Rachel with Kristin later. He agrees. Brendon does bring up how Britney is the key to the whole "talk" later about "all four" of us surviving. It's fun to watch Hayden beg for his DICK SUCKING CHICK to stay. Brendon says he and Rachel will work out for a "few hours" and later at "some point" we'll talk. So Brendon escapes out in the house and Kristin, who's in a bad mood, is left to sulk with her man.

Hayden makes sure America and us feed watchers know "I hate doing that to Kathy" BUT HE DOES WANT TO DO IT REGARDLESS. Hayden then says if it "works" that it will be "brillant" but Kristin says she had this "exact same conversation" before nominations and they both were still put up. He also makes it known that if the couple falls for the plan to get Britney to use POV on them that they will still lie to their faces and then backstab them. He talks as if he and Kristin will survive this week and make it to the end that Brendon and Rachel would be 2 votes against them. He says it takes four to win but it always takes 2 or even one vote to LOSE you DUMBASS!

Interesting. Hayden then tells Britney that if she saves them that they will go after Brendon and Rachel and how Britney will be safe for doing this. Britney won't fall for it. This, this week, this moment, is her chance to get Kristin out and she won't let that chance go! SHE WONT'! Hayden then wants to do something on "live television" and call Rachel a "bitch" or do something. But whatever, it's not happening. Britney is in the Diary Room and we are to expect the Diary Room to try to plant seeds of her saving Kristin but I just don't see Britney budging from wanting to take out Kristin. Her keeping her would be the game losing decision for Britney.

Kathy now comes into the Taj room laughing with her 2 BEST FAKE FRIENDS not knowing they are up to no good trying to save themselves and getting the house to take her out over them. I mean that's Big Brother and I do respect Kathy warning Britney about their plan to get her to use POV on them in order to save herself while at the same time acting as if she would sacrifice herself for them when really she wouldn't AT ALL but then again... Kathy leaving would be a damn good thing. But then again she is the SHIT STARTER so keeping her would be even better.

Hayden walks over by the kitchen where Britney and Lane are talking. Britney is asked to go to the Cabana room to talk. She says she will be there shortly because she believes "they are all" in the HOH talking and watching them. She then tells Lane that she will taken any deal she is offered but won't use the POV.

So Britney walks into the Cabana room and they are quick to talk. It seems like Britney is down for the plan to take off Hayden for Kathy to be backdoored this week. She wants to play dumb with the couple upstairs about what's going on but how is she going to explain pulling Hayden off. I can't believe Hayden is SO GOOD at this game that he can convince Britney into pulling him off with a POV that he didn't even WIN! If that happens this mutha fucker deserves to win Big Brother. I mean there's NO stopping this BIG DICKED PLAYER from winning the game... until Enzo gets jealous that Hayden has a sure shot of winning. And Matt gets jealous that his "sick" wife's money will be taken away from him with Hayden in the finals. BUH BYE HAYDEN! You know, eventually... BUH BYE!

Who knows what's going to happen when POV ceremony comes and if Rachel and Brendon are down for putting up Kathy. I'm scared this plan will work and Kristin will stay in the house but if this works for Kristin and Kristin ends up being the last girl standing after she takes out Rachel, Britney and Kathy.. well then Britney is really dumb as shit. I keep saying it. This is HER chance to take out Kristin. She knows next week if Brendon doesn't win that everyone will go after the couple AND if Brendon does win she is safe next week. There's no reason for her to use the POV. I, ME, DON'T WANT HER TO USE THE POV! FUCK!

9:20pm Britney is back to talking with Lane about game in the kitchen. She feels like she is "disposable". She feels like if she uses POV that Kristin and Hayden would protect her in the ame. She feels like she has no one. Lane seems to be pushing for Kristin to be taken out. She says how this is the "chance" to split up Hayden and Kristin and how if there will be a chance later in the game to do this. She pairs everyone up as she continues to think she's alone. She says Matt and Ragan are together, Lane and Enzo, Hayden and Kristin, Brendon and Rachel and she doesn't include Kathy with anyone, I'm guessing thinking she's gone.

Britney then says "I can't stand Rachel" but if she finds out that Rachel is upset about this plan that she won't use POV. She will take out Rachel later when she can. She would rather have 2 votes on the jury then lose 2 votes on the jury for pissing them off. She says if she wins HOH that she will throw up the couple on the block.

Britney says if Rachel says "to use POV so we can backdoor Kathy" should she do it. She's asking Lane for his advice. Britney says how it doesn't hurt her if she goes home. What we're forgetting about Kathy staying or going is Enzo! ENZO ENZO ENZO! He WANTS Kristin out! He knows Kathy can be taken out at any point. He WANTS WANTS WANTS Kristin out! He has to know that Kristin is another way for Hayden to get to the final 2. He has to eliminate other people's multiple chances to getting to the final 2. He has to keep all his multiple choices on getting to the final 2. Lane suggests keeping Kathy is good because she's a pawn they can use in the game.

WOW! Lane's backwoods women are inferior complex is in full throttle here. He says if both Hayden and Kristin are in the jury house and Lane is in the final 2 that he would get both of their votes. Saying HAYDEN WOULD MAKE MAKE MAKE MAKE KRISTIN VOTE THE WAY HE WANTED! You fucking hot sexy hunky muscled ASSHOLE! WOW! Lane is for sure that with both Hayden and Kristin in the jury house that Hayden can "manipulate" her into voting how he wants to vote. REALLY DOUCHE BAG?

UH OH! Britney just told Lane how Enzo would win against anyone. Now if Lane tells this to Enzo, who's already targeting Britney already, that Enzo will be hardcore gunning for Britney now after he hears this. Using whoever is HOH next week to target her more than anyone else.

Day 33

Morning is here! 10:40am we have Britney and Rachel talking about whether or not Britney should use the POV on Hayden. They way their options but it seems to be leaning not using it for fear that if Kristin won HOH that she would backstab and lie to then put up both Rachel and Britney. So it is agreed that Britney is NOT going to use the POV. Britney even threw it out there for Rachel to hear about how Britney would not use it if Rachel herself wasn't 100 percent sure if Kathy was going up in Hayden's place. Like if Lane was a possiblity that she wouldn't use it AT ALL.

So Britney heads downstairs to talk to Hayden to tell him she is NOT going to use POV. So he won't get his hopes up at the ceremony. Britney came into the Taj room to grab Hayden leaving Kristin and Kathy to talk in the Taj room about how POV most likely won't be used and Kathy says she is still after the couple upstairs. I guess ever since Brendon chose Andrew over her that she is out for Brendon's blood with a side of Rachel's skin.

Upstairs Brendon and Rachel talk. She fills him in on POV not being used. Somehow Brendon believes that Rachel can "bribe" her 5,000 grand she won in the POV comp to any houseguest in the house. Brendon believes that Hayden and Matt would take the money and do whatever they ask for the money! YOU WISH!

LOL! Brendon said he wants to get to Lane before Hayden does. Rachel shakes her head saying "no" that it is "impossible" to get Lane from Hayden. AGAIN Brendon has no fucking clue about people in the house. That Lane secretly HATES him and wants to fist fight him in the back alley. Brendon just is so trusting and so fucking clueless.

Since the feeds never switched to Hayden and Britney talking we never know what they talked about. A lockdown has been called outside and Rachel is very suspcious that the POV would still be used and she'd have to throw someone up last minute. Actually Rachel says that she hopes Britney didn't have time to talk to Hayden so he would be shocked that it wasn't used or blindsided.

POV has happened. Britney is in the HOH room talking with Hayden. She's telling him how she didn't have the chance to talk to him before the POV ceremony so Hayden and Kristin were shocked it wasn't used even though Britney really did toy with the idea. Britney also HATES how Kathy is acting like BEST FAKE FRIENDS with Kristin when she tells Hayden how Kathy was the one who tried to get her NOT to use the POV!!! I can't wait for Hayden to tell Kristin! BOO YAH BIATCH!

They break up and head back into the room. Hayden goes outside to talk to Rachel and Brendon. He says no hard feelings to them. This is Hayden starting to play for next week. Remember Hayden plans on getting in good with Brendon and Rachel. Using them to get information to use against them. And it will work. They will tell him things about people and he will tell those people what they said about them. Hayden is going to play the shit out of Rachel and Brendon!

Now Britney is in the Taj room retelling a whole new story to Kristin how she was FORCED to not use it. How Rachel threatened her that Lane would go up if it was used and how Kathy was not going up according to Rachel. ALL LIES! Britney is just throwing Rachel under the bus but Rachel expected it. She knows Hayden will be after her hardcore when Kristin gets evicted. Britney keeps saying how she kept asking the Diary Room for "More time" and that she had to talk to Hayden and how the Diary Room kepts saying "no" and then we get the feeds cut off.

UH HOLY SHIT OH! Outside Rachel is making it seem like Britney was the one who didn't want to use POV. That is was the other way around!

Back in the Taj room Britney and Kristin are having a SUPER GROSS MOMENT! They are hugging like they are suddenly best friends. UM HELLO BRITNEY, Kristin has been a bitch to you from the start of the game, even calling you out the week Monet was on the block! Don't you remember SHIT!?! Britney goes away and sends Kathy back in. Kathy is upset that she was kicked out of the backyard where Hayden was talking to the couple. GET USE TO IT BITCH, soon no one wants to deal with you.

Now Kristin tells Kathy how "at the last minute" Rachel threatened Britney not to use it. Kathy is floored, shocked by this. She asks Kathy what she should do. Kathy tells her to not stop fighting. Kristin doesn't want to see Hayden go but wants to stay to destroy Brendon and Rachel. That she wants to make their life in the house a living hell.

She says she has Kathy's vote to stay and Ragan's. That she will use Ragan to campaign for her to get votes against Hayden. She knows she doesn't have Lane's vote. Hayden comes back inside and says that at least gave it a "good try".

Kathy is trying to fish for information if Rachel told Britney what to do with POV or if Britney made the decision on her own. I guess Kathy wants some information to attack the couple with. He says they told him that Britney did this because it was "best for her own game".

Now Britney is telling Lane in the bathroom how Rachel forced her not to use POV and how she was threatening her with Lane's name. Lane thanks Britney with a hug for looking out for him. Great, more juice for Lane to hate Brendon and Rachel even more.

HA HA! Kristin says in the Taj room that she isn't going to wear this stupid unitard on the night of her eviction. Kathy says "surely they won't" make her and Hayden nods his head saying they will make her wear it. Kathy then says "what are they going to do, punish you", you know since she's going home and all.

Outside Enzo is telling Britney that he would have done the same thing, not used the POV. Lane is out there too. Britney is saying around the house how Rachel wanted to put up Lane and when Britney goes inside Enzo tells Lane "you see she wanted to put you up". But both Enzo and Lane realize that they would only be put up in Hayden's place to make sure Kristin was evicted. Now Enzo is on a rant about how Brendon and Rachel, that one of them is leaving next week.

So later Britney is asked by Rachel to be in a 3 person alliance and she agrees. Well so much for Hayden being in a 3 person alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Of course Britney will still backstab the couple with a sword long enough to backstab them both.

So with Kathy knowing she's going to lose her pathetic latch on partner Kathy has started working her MOJO MAGIC on Britney. Showering her with compliments, telling her she'll vote for her in the end, asking Britney to be "there" for her next week. Kathy already knows she'll be alone and what's funny is both Lane and Britney have 2 people in the house wanting to be their friends SO BADLY and they secretly joke to each other about how much they hate the people they are using in the game. Kathy... Oh Pathetic Kathy. But you know if Kathy wins HOH by some odd chance Britney will be Kathy's BEST FAKE FRIEND next week.

Day 34

So the BIG BIG news is Ragan and Rachel talked.. Yep, it got THAT FUCKING EXCITING! But here we find out that the Diary Room told Ragan that there MIGHT be an "alliance of boys" in the house! Big Brother knows the drama of the house versus the couple aka Brendon and Rachel is getting OLD super shitty fast. So it looks like the Diary Room is starting to push- no SHOVE the houseguests into the direction of the Brigade. They want the Brigade out in the open for the house to turn on them. I mean if the Brigade goes the entire season without ever getting outed I'll just be dumber just watching it happen. And can you fucking believe both Rachel and Ragan figured that the DR was trying to thrown them "off" of whatever might really be going on in the house! THEY THINK TOO DAMN HARD!

Later Enzo talks with Lane and Matt outside on the couches about next week if he wins HOH and how he'll handle nominating the couple. Telling them that he only wants "competitors" in the house and since Brendon didn't "compete" in the HOH comp that they are going up on the block. Enzo seems to want to start fights but I doubt he'll do that. He'll lose 2 votes on the jury if he's on the block against any of his boys. No one is going to treat the couple like shit for fear of losing 2 votes at the end.

Okay so I'm now watching the conversation. They both agree "they" push them in a certain direction when they're in the Diary Room. He brings up again how the Diary Room said in their exact words "alliance of boys" in the house. Neither believe it. Ragan believes LIKE AN IDIOT that Big Brother is just starting shit to create "drama". She believes that too. I don't understand why Rachel doesn't jump on this notion and runs with it. To better take the target off her and HER MAN's back. Big Brother is onto them and blasts over the speakers "You Are Not Allowed to Talk About Production".

Over in Kristin's world of gathering votes to keep her, it doesn't seem to be happening. Ragan, the two timing emotional backstabber, goes over to Kristin and literally gives her hope that she's staying and how she's meant or deserves to be her and THEN goes to Hayden and flat out tells him he's voting to keep him. Over in another part of the house Hayden has mumbled to himself how he's going to "win this game". And he will if he keeps playing a bunch of assholes who can't think simple whereas all they're doing is over thinking everything.

7:30pm. Lane and Enzo are talking on the outside hammock. Kathy, Britney and Hayden are talking on the outside couch. Lane is spilling his conversation about Kathy's "game" conversation. He's got my stomach hurting from his comments and digs at Kathy. Lane is making fun of Kathy acting like she hears everything and knows things. Enzo says that she probably is so good she knows about the Brigade and is like that "old wise woman" who knows everything.

Kathy is laughing and Enzo says for her to keep laughing, you're going to the jury house. That she thinks she is going to win this game by laying back and doing nothing. But then he says she's gotten this far doing just that and she won't be a target for the next couple of weeks.

I see Kathy has started her next BIG LAY ME DOWN game move of being at Britney's side forever and a day. Laughing at everything she says, talking with her. UGH I HATE KATHY!

8:40pm. Ragan is telling Kristin in the Taj room about the "alliance of boys". HE'S SO STUPID! He is RIGHT ON IT and still doesn't believe the "boys" are working together. He believes they get along, are friends, joke around but are not talking GAME with each other! WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT! Ragan.. holy fuck.. .RAGAN! If YOU talk game with everyone else in the house don't you think 4 guy MALE DICKED friends talk game? He goes on to say he doesn't think those 4 guys who are friends, Matt, Hayden, Lane and Enzo don't have a final four to the end type deal! OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Day 35

So what's going on in Big Brother BOREDOM!?!? Well the BIG news is that finally Hayden and Lane have come together for a final 2 alliance within the Brigade alliance. But let's remember that the smarter of the Brigade alliance, Matt & Enzo, made their 2 person alliance within the alliance FIRST. They both agreed to vote for each other and take each other to the end. That Hayden and Lane were expendiable.

So now Hayden & Lane have come to an agreement that if either one of them is on the block for let's say Matt next week for some reason and POV is not used to change the nominations that Lane would vote for Hayden, if he was on the block. That if Enzo tried to get the votes to save Matt that Lane would LIE to Enzo and vote to keep Hayden, you know, if Hayden was on the block against Matt.

Other than that Kristin has been CRYING, BOO FUCKING HOO! BITCH GOING HOME! The house is not even the slightest shifting towards evicting Hayden. There has been no talk, absolutely NONE of taking out Hayden. I mean how STUPID are these people. They should be able to look at Hayden from within in the game and see him as almost impossible to win against! THIS IS THE WEEK TO TAKE HIM OUT! You keep Kristin around to make more people in the jury angry if and IF she were to get to the end. You TAKE OUT HAYDEN THIS WEEK! Fucking idiots!

9:30pm Britney and Rachel are in the HOH bathroom taking a bubble bath with mud on their faces. Laughing about Kathy and the house. Britney is SUPER DUPER HARD playing up how she's aligned with Rachel and Brendon, who's also in the bathroom sitting on a chair talking with them. Britney is pushing that Kathy be kept around until "double eviction", that she will be easy to take out around that time. Of course little do the couple knows that Kathy is only being saved until later in the game because the entire house is hoping to take out Brendon or Rachel first and second in the next 2 weeks to come.

They also figure that this week's HOH comp is Endurance because they are on lock down until tomorrow. STUCK in the house! Brendon thinks he'll last the longest again in Endurance. He bitches and moans about the last endurance HOH was geared towards little bodied people like Matt. That Brendon will somehow just last the longest in this endurance comp. Listening to Brendon and Rachel talk about the houseguests and how they'll nominate each other and turn on each other while not factoring in the top secret Brigade alliance is just useless to listen to and USELESS TO WRITE! GOD.. Brendon thinks he's so smart at this game. Listening to himself talk must give himself a hard on. I mean I'd love to see his erection and low hanging nut sac as he masturbates for some jerk off reality stars website... Sorry I'm just horny tonight.

Day 36

So another day another eviction! Kristin has been evicted from the house! FINALLY! BUH BYE EPIC BITCH! You should have played Team Couple with Brendon and Rachel before Rachel won HOH. Stupid bitch thought she could watch every last girl walk out of the house so she'd be last HO standing. GET OUTTA HEREEEEEE!

Kathy yet again gave Hayden one single vote to be evicted. Kathy just loves showing people how "moral" and up standing she is by going against what the house wants.

Kristin was told about the Brigade by Hayden himself in the goodbye messages. She didn't seem to react at all. She didn't even react to Rachel's outrageous ruthless goodbye speech where Rachel was once again poked with a stick by the Diary Room to say goodbye in a certain rehearsed way that ended with "don't you come between me and MY man!" crap.

Kristin just seemed to- ah fuck her! She's GONE! But did you see her boyfriend! WHAT A HUNK! I'll need to work on getting screencaps later.

So HOH is in fact an endurance. A giant spinning bucket of paint. Everyone is to hold onto the rail around the rim of the giant paint can bucket thing and the contraption spins. Paint, similiar to ABC's Wipeout's paint guns, are thrown and blasted at the spinning houseguests. Shit we're gonna have some pukers tonight!

On top of all that shit there's a giant brush that smacks the houseguests as they spin by AND it spews paint in their face! HAYDEN got hit SUPER FUCKING HARD in the face and he was cursing up a storm, CBS had to silence him with no audio. LOL! Brendon looked pretty good up there. The big brush looks like it'll knock off the week and small easily aka Matt, Britney and Ragan. Whoever is the first to fall off is the ONLY Have Not of the week! GO KATHY! BITCH YA GOT THIS!

Also, Julie Chen revealed that the Saboteur selected by "America" was Ragan and Enzo but Ragan won by a "slim margin" of crap on the wall. So Ragan has been offered the role and I'm sure that TWAT accepted it because whoever wins HOH will see the infamous Pandora's Box room. If they open the door they will have unleashed the Saboteur again in the house. I guess it's a good thing, we need something other than the house hates Rachel and Brendon drama over and over and over again.

And the funniest thing is Julie asked Britney who in the house she I guess has problems living with and she outed Ragan for his SHITTY SMELLY RANK FARTS! Ragan looked embarrased and I LOVED IT! You know Ragan is thinking he's going to get all types of cock and dicks when he gets out but really all he's going to get is those freaks into scat! FUCK YOU RAGAN! I hated him tonight telling Kristin in his goodbye speech how Rachel was "jealous" of Kristin. FOR WHAT? JEALOUS OF WHAT YOU TWAT? Rachel isn't the most beautiful woman to ever grace the earth but she's fun, she's happy and she enjoy's life. She even laughs at herself and could give a fuck if Britney was making fun of her with the red wig. But I still love Britney and hope Brendon leaves this week leaving Rachel to secretly team up with Britney to take out the Brigade!!! Add in Ragan and create the SUPER TWAT TEAM!

SHITASTIC FUCK! FEEDS BACK! Kathy and Enzo are the first 2 off! Brendon is OFF! And he's "fucking pissed". He's on the verge of crying and angry that this endurance wasn't made for "big feet" like his. So FINALLY Brendon and Rachel will be nominated this week! THANK BIG BROTHER GOD! I really need Brendon or Rachel taken out already so the house can refocus and shift their house hate on something else.

No one else has fallen. Rachel keeps telling Brendon "good job" and trying to make him feel better for losing yet another HOH for him and his woman. She then makes the mistake of telling him to "win the POV" and he's all BABY UPSET about it. About to throw a hissy fit. I guess he thinks if he and Rachel just don't talk about going up on the block that he and Rachel will somehow escape the block. IDIOT! HANDSOME HUNKY IDIOT!

Brendon sulks against the wall and Rachel apologizes to him for saying something like "shitty". Both now disagree on who's going home first. The houseguests are now having SUPER AMOUNTS OF FUN, no pressure this week. The entire house knows Brendon and Rachel are going up as nominees and the house just hopes neither wins POV. If one wins it then the ENTIRE HOUSE knows Kathy goes up as the "pawn". I mean this week just got so damn predictable but at least this week will be over with and done. We need to move past a show where Brendon and Rachel exist as a unit in the house. This is good. I'm not mad. I'm happy. This HAD TO HAPPEN!

LOL! Britney, Lane and Hayden are all down. TWAT KATHY is on the mat near Hayden's painted side and tells Ragan "it's just you two again". Ragan is like "are you fucking kidding me". LOL! Ragan versus Matt. Ragan is YET AGAIN going to throw HOH again. WHAT THE FUCK! Rachel keeps encouraging them both and Matt makes these "I'm bored" noises with his mouth and jokes around and eggs on the brush to hit him.

Ragan says he's better at questions and wants to be able to play in the next HOH. Ragan says he still wants to play more. He did say something about Kathy. Ragan says he can't see anything out of his googles and how "weak" he is. Matt is just having a ball up there. He says he can see everything and says "dude I'm not going no where" and he says he's like Babe Ruth calling out how he's going to win "this".

Are you fucking kidding me. Kathy is hugging Hayden like he's her son. Now Ragan is telling everyone he's going to fall forward and is ready to quit. But he doesn't quit just yet. Enzo asks if they are doing good and Matt says he's like 'fucking steel" up there and thanks Lane for his workouts that apparently kept him in good shape to be up there for so long.

Matt is now "blind" from the paint, just like Ragan. They figure they've been up there for 45 minutes now. Ragan tells Matt that he's ready to jump. Matt tells him to do what he wants. The paint can spins faster and faster. Ragan let's everyone know that he's going to jump and once again asks how he should fall. WHAT THE FUCK, IS THIS DEJA VU? Didn't all this already happen?!?! Matt even at one point before Ragan is about to fall dangles one foot off while he's holding on just because he can.

So Ragan is officially off and Matt wins HOH for the 2nd week in a row. So Ragan is going to get 20,000 dollars for being the Saboteur and Matt gets HOH. Plus I bet Rachel wil lover her 5,000 dollars to not be nominated and Matt will accept it but then probably backdoor her and keep the money. This week is so going to destroy Brendon and Rachel's ego this week. IT MUST BE DONE!

All right bitches. I'm OUTTIE! Unless something amazing happens tonight like Matt wants his dick sucked by Rachel AND Brendon so that neither go up on the block then I'll be down for reporting that. The rest of the night is predictable. Brendon bitching and moaning around the house. The house enjoying a week of safety knowing that either Brendon or Rachel are going home this week. Hayden enjoying his "revenge" through his boy's nominations.

But what has got me wondering is will Matt go after Brendon and Rachel. Part of me thinks he won't. Whoever puts both Brendon and Rachel on the block will lose their votes in the jury. Matt is making sure he has more than enough votes. Him nominating both Rachel and Brendon would piss them off because they think they are good with Matt thus becoming angry with him and hopefully threaten him they won't vote for him to win in the final 2.

That would be my card. That you are going to lose both of our jury votes. The house gets our jury votes because of this week. Throw that money in Matt's face that he could lose it because of 2 votes. Scare the FUCK out of him. But Matt probably won't care because his ego is out of control and he'll believe he'll have 5 votes in the jury to win and 2 against him. Rachel and Brendon are going up. It HAS TO BE DONE! SO SHALL IT BE DONE!

7pm in the storage room. Enzo, Matt and Hayden celebrate and Matt tells them EVERYTHING that Ragan said. It's official, Matt is using Ragan like so many other men have. Ragan is pathetic. Always and forever. Enzo loves how Brendon was shaking on the paint can and how he fell off so easily. Rachel walks in with Brendon into the storage room and the talk stops. Matt leaves and Brendon is quick to start bitching about how the competition was geared towards "someone small". Enzo agrees with him and love to play Brendon's BFF in the house. Enzo is loving that Matt is going to get the couple's voting blood on his hands and Enzo gets out of this with a friendship halo on his head. Brendon says his legs were shaking the minute he got on it. So much for him telling Britney and Rachel last night that he was going to "win it". DUMBASS.

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Oh God....I have just been traumatized. I am tw***ing and searched under tvguyblog instead of guytvblog and couldn't find the BB updates. Anyway, all is OK now.

Oh, that's totally wrong that the producers have told the contestants that there's a frat boy alliance. Really wrong. After years of reading your blog during BB season and wondering why the hell you hate Ms. Grodner, I am starting to see it. Revealing the Brigade (even though they're laughable and hardly a threat) is just juvenile. Look at the Season 6 alliance in the Allstars Season and they totally imploded (although watching Booger do well in that season was bloody horrific). The Brigade will do the same. But, I want Hayden to be the crucible of it....destructive beauty that he is.

Meanwhile, I am not forsaking Rachel. That girl has a brain and she practically laughed when Brendon told her that he loved her. Dat girl got game. Sadly, Brendon is turning out to be an over-sized puppy dog. Want some Russell-level drama from the boy with the size 13 feet.

Posted by: Nick at August 4, 2010 12:58 AM

LOVE your blog have for awhile now, probably because I share the same seniments as you. :)

Anyways dead-on analysis of the happenings in this boring season.

Posted by: Leo at August 5, 2010 7:01 PM

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