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August 10, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37

Day 42

So... Just before midnight Brendon GOT INTO A FIGHT with Ragan and Britney. But before we get to that let's see how it started. Rachel felt she need to talk to Ragan to clear the air. To find out where he's coming from with this new found hate for her and to just settle things. She decides to do this at the hammock outside where Ragan is laying down with Britney. So Ragan, who's been dreading this exact conversation is now giving her shit for having it.

Telling her how he doesn't understand the things she does in the house, her intent behind it, how her and him can no longer relate because they come from "different worlds" or something like that. Ragan also just uses words and phrases that belittle Rachel and how she's handled things in the house. Ragan even tries to say how he doesn't have "intent" to be "mean" to her! HA! Hearing Ragan talk about anything makes my ears bleed. He does admit she's had a "hard ride" in this house.

Britney chimes in adding her 2 cents. When Rachel asks Ragan to give her examples of her being this person he can't understand Britney says that he really doesn't need to be explained what examples happened in the past. UM WHAT TWAT? She does though asks Rachel if she wants her to leave so Ragan and her talk but really doesn't leave and continues to think going backwards isn't helpful. BUT IT IS when Ragan FUCKING SAYS "past" moments have made him feel this way YOU STUPID BITCH!

Ragan says that when HE deals with friends and confrontations that he "owns" up to his actions and that he doesn't try to find reasons as to why he did certain things. That it isn't his "job" to make her see whatever it is she wants explained to her. NOW REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE. Ragan is telling Rachel he wants everyone in this house to be competitors in the comps, to laugh, have a good time, play pool and to NEVER LET IT GET PERSONAL! THIS LOAD OF SHIT coming from Ragan! FROM THIS SPINELESS TALKING BEHIND THEIR BACK SHIT HEAD.

Ragan doesn't want anyone to talk shit to each other's faces like how Brendon did at this past POV comp. Yet it's perfectly okay to have been doing it all week long behind closed doors when the couple isn't around. WHATEVER SHIT HEAD, you're pathetic, don't talk anymore. Shut your mouth and wait to get voted the fuck out by your BEST FAKE FRIEND Matt. I can't WAIT for Matt to turn on you when he's done with you.

Matt tells Rachel the he doesn't think she's a good "sport" and based on his choice of wording in this conversation Rachel gets from Ragan that everything is happening in the house because or her, meaning the fights, the anger and the problems. Rachel starts to debate with Ragan on the things he's himself interpreting based on things he's seen.

So Rachel just feels like she's hitting a brick wall with someone she use to be friends with. She says there's "nothing" she can say that he will listen to. She says she's getting upset. She says she's not the only person in this house but then cuts herself off. She gets up and starts apologizing for "ruining his game" and how she's "bowing out" of this game. She hates that Ragan faults only her for all the drama in the house. He's so blind to see that the house is in a whole vile, not just one single couple unit. I mean does this MALE TWAT really believe that this house is going to be fucking perfect FUN when the couple is in the jury house? IDIOT! There will be new enemies and new fights and new backstabbing goodness.

As she starts to walk off Ragan digs at her how SHE is making it unpleasant in the house for him, not "ruining" his game. Now Ragan started hating Brendon well before he hated Rachel. But the problem here is that Ragan felt that his other "friends" in the house were mistreated in some form or another by the couple. So Ragan made his choice. His took a step to the side of the house that hates the couple. He feels his "friends" were only "reacting" to the couple's actions. Ragan is at a point where he just can't with them or her... he just... can't. Not anymore.

So Rachel realizes her and Ragan's BEST FAKE FRIENDSHIP is over and says "I'm sorry" again and walks away ready to shed some tears. Britney takes a verbal stab at her while she walks away but of course when Rachel is too far away to hear. She says Rachel is "not from this planet". Britney, knowing Rachel is in the house now, starts mocking Rachel's attempts to get the house to feel sorry for her.

Inside Rachel starts crying on her way to the Diary Room. Kathy asks her if she's okay and she says "no I'm not okay Kathy". She then says "because... I don't need to talk to anybody". So she dismisses Kathy. Well good for her, I mean Kathy is just going to absorb her talk and then use it against Rachel later behind her back at their bashing sessions.

WHAT'S pathetic is that Briteny is still outside bashing Rachel's attempt at claiming innocence of doing all the wrong in the house but she keeps looking over her shoulder while she lays in the hammock to be aware of what's happening, you know, if Rachel comes back outside. Ragan then fishes for a compliment asking if he handled himself okay. Of course Britney is going to love Ragan for putting Rachel in her place.

Brendon knows something is up. He's gone inside looking for Rachel, searching all the rooms to find Rachel. She's no where to be found. Outside Britney just won't stop mouthing off about how Rachel doesn't do this or that. We've heard it before Britney, you're a broken record. Britney pretty much sums it up how she feels about Rachel. That Rachel lives on this "planet" without any "responsibilites". Britney is just loving how Rachel is not of this planet. Ragan laughs of course.

So Kathy comes to the hammock to ask if something just happened. Kathy says Rachel is "bawling again" and Britney says she DOESN'T CARE. Let's remember that. Brendon comes outside and Britney sees him gunning for them in the hammock. She says "oh my god, here comes the neanderthal". That's their word for how Brendon walks, like a caveman with a hump in his back, his "sabretooth" toe nail that looks yellow. Britney loves that she can insult Brendon like this.

Britney then says "oh my god, he's marching over her". Kathy says JESUS! He asks where Rachel went and Kathy says she's probably in the DR. Kathy is being as nice as apple pie here. Brendon goes straight for Ragan, asking him "what the fuck" just happened and if he's trying to bring Rachel down even more. Ragan denies trying to fuck her up even more. Enzo is watching from a lawn chair with a half smile while the rest of the Brigade plays pool. ENZO IS LOVING THIS! Drama that doesn't involve his alliance.

Brendon points out how Ragan was Rachel's friend at first and now an asshole to her. He says he doesn't get it. Ragan of course denies being an asshole to Rachel and "again" loves to point out how Brendon wasn't "privy" to the "conversation". But Brendon is FED THE FUCK UP and says that Ragan WAS being an asshole and tells Ragan with a loud yell "FUCK YOU"! LOVED IT!

Enzo is laughing and smiling bigger now. Brendon says that Ragan "stabbed" Rachel in the back and of course Ragan plays dumb to how he did this. He brings up how his "alliance" with Matt put her on the block and how he was part of her going on the block, WHICH IS TRUE! Brendon flat out calls Ragan out how "oh it was only Matt's idea to put us up on the block?". Ragan again denies he had any part of it. Brendon is just sick of it, Ragan calling his and Matt's togetherness as just a friendship. Brendon is like "whatever the fuck you want to call it, you're TOGETHER".

Yes they are. Ragan feels he's safe when Matt has power. That is how one feels in an allaince. Whether or not it was stated Ragan has told Matt he will fight for him and get angry if anyone ever targeted him. I believe Ragan has this delusion of what an alliance is in the house of Big Brother. It's just so "OBVI" that Ragan doesn't want the house to think of him and Matt as an alliance so they are never put on the block together. SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU fucker!

Britney starts laughing which cause Ragan to laugh. Ragan mocks Brendon saying "you're so dead on". Britney makes it known she's laughing out louder. Brendon points out how "upset" Ragan got being called an alliance but Ragan says how he's not been upset at THIS moment. Ragan loves playing off how calm he is right now. Brendon calls Ragan a "fucking douche bag"! I LOVE IT!

So finally Ragan has had enough of being called names and choses to sound like an "intellect" by saying Brendon is an "early man" a "neanderthal". Britney laughs again LOUD while Brendon CORRECTS Ragan's pronunciation of it that makes Britney laugh LOUDER! Oh don't worry, Brendon notices Britney's mocking laughter directed at him. Kathy gets up and walks away and Brendon now attacks them both saying they are the same, "both fucking fake". Ragan comes back with another attempt at an "intellect" comeback saying "you're real, you're authentic". OH GOOD SHOW OL' CHAP. YOU REALLY GAVE HIM A ONE TWO.

Britney has gotten up while Brendon is walking away. Brendon turns around to Britney who's almost right up behind him and she starts mocking how he walks adding in a facial quirk that she believes he has. As she walks past him laughing doing this action Brendon decides it's time to take a very personal jab at Britney. Telling him that she should take "Nick's balls", those that belong to her fiance back home, and to take them out of her purse and give them back to him.

Now remember he only says this because LANE who had an earlier MAN/WOMAN debate with Britney the other night ago gave Brendon the impression that Britney has the "balls" in her and Nick's relationship. Britney has no idea Lane talked smack about her and HER MAN. Britney says "oh you're one to talk" in regards to how his balls are in Rachel's hands.

Brendon now begs for them to keep him this week so he can win HOH so he can "watch all you fucking cockroaches scrabble". Britney comes back with "who's all" and he says loudly "YOU" while he points at her face. And then he yells HIM as he points in Ragan's direction, who's still on the hammock smiling a big one. Britney then says "oh just us two" and Brendon points to Matt who's by the pool table saying "HIM". Brendon goes inside saying "all fucking three of you".

He shuts the door looking at Britney who's softly laughing saying "yeah". She looks at him through the sliding glass door mocking him saying "yeah yeah". He opens it again and he says "really" and they are literally less than a foot away from each other's faces and she says "do it". I'm guessing she thinks Brendon is like going to hit her or something. Brendon says "three foot nothing" insulting her size and how she's nothing. She says she's not scared of him.

Now Brendon takes another BEAUTIFUL JAB at Britney personally saying that Nick, her fiance at home, is "banging chicks left and right". Britney holds up her hand at Brendon as she looks at the Brigade with a half smile as if she can't believe he said that. She looks around the yard showing everyone how low Brendon has gone. He says "yeah exactly" and shuts the door.

She then opens the door saying "yeah, exactly nothing. oh yeah you're so cool". Brendon walks further into the house as she goes back outside. Ragan mocks Brendon telling him how the word "neanderthal" is said. Lane then asks "why did he go there" meaning how low of Brendon to take a stab at Britney's fiance, Nick. PLEASE, THIS COMING FROM LANE who was venting to all the men how bad Britney is with men when it comes to talking about things only a MAN knows about!

HA HA! It takes less than a mintue for Britney to start BAWLING. Kathy is quick to hug. You know Kathy is like OH YEAH, THIS BITCH ABOUT TO START CRYING, NEED TO WORK MY MOM MAGIC. Kathy calls Brendon a "piece of shit" and a crying Britney nods. Enzo is in the background saying that "they" meaning Britney and Ragan decide who goes this week. That he doesn't care either way. Kathy tells Britney to not argue with him and then it's Hayden's turn to hug Britney, THE INJURIED PUPPY IN THE HOUSE.

Oh WHAH WHAH Britney. BITCH. She sure can't take it but loves to dish it out. Brendon is in the house trying to get into the Diary Room, pushing the button over and over again. The voice comes overhead telling him the DR is "temporarily unavailable". That's a new one for me, never heard that one before.

Kathy then says that all this is is just him trying to get them to send him home over her and how that isn't happening, that Rachel "has to go". Britney is still SHEDDING TEARS! bitch! Inside Brendon is having a Diary Room session in the living room talking to the cameras. He really is just clueless about what's really going on in the house and it's just not worth mentioning the nonesense he's spewing out.

So finally Rachel comes out and Brendon fills her in on the fight outside. She loves that he came to her aid and defended her. Blah blah blah. Okay, so enough about that. The house gets together minus the couple in the HOH room and have their talk show mocking what happened during that day involving the couple.

Morning comes and not much as happened soon after. The Saboteur left a message today about how Brendon and Rachel might not leave this week but this was only because the Diamond Power of Veto is in the house and could be played by Matt but we know it won't so it's just stupid. The Saboteur is just stupid. It's pathetic how it was executed. It is nothing worth remembering after this season. It's just DUMB.

As the day progesses we find Ragan and Britney in the HOH room. Matt doesn't hate that they're up there all the time but it is HIS room and he would like it to himself sometimes and for the Brigade. He has voiced this to this alliance, his TRUE ALLIANCE, sorry RAGAN! You AIN'T PART OF THAT! Britney says in the HOH room that she can't understand how Rachel and Brendon can "tolerate each other". LOL! Bitch I can't wait to see how you all TOLERATE each other once the couple is in the jury house. This shit head bunch think it's going to be drama free to the end game. SHIT HEADS.

Been saying all along I can't wait to see this house turn on each other when a common enemy is gone. So as I skip throughout the day all the other houseguests that aren't the couple or the Brigade, meaning Britney and Ragan, all they do is BITCH AND COMPLAIN AND MOAN about the couple and things they've said, did, done in the house. IT'S BORING!

Day 37

Just after a few midnight hours Enzo and Matt are talking about "history" of them making an alliance on "day four" and for the entire alliance to be final four. Here Ezno says he and Matt deserve the final 2 spots because they both "started it". He also says that it is okay if Ragan is strug along to the final six. Matt hates how earlier after people started to leave the HOH that the couple wanted to talk to Matt but Britney stayed up there and stopped them.

Enzo is all down with Rachel going out this week. How he wants the house to think Brendon is going home this week and then surprise them with evicting Rachel. But they believe Rachel winning POV that she will use it on Brendon. OH HELL NO, she'll keep it for herself. Enzo says the final six should be them and Ragan and Britney but then says Kathy should replace Ragan because Kathy "will not win nothing" YO. That Britney will put up Kathy at some point. Enzo says it won't be easy for them to get to final four but that it is possible. We'll see. I'd love to see one of the Brigades get tossed out before final four.

Now they talk about the order of evictions. Rachel this week, Brendon next week. Britney or Ragan the next two weeks. Then Kathy after that. Leaving them as the final four. HA HA! Show us bitch, all you mutha fuckers do something about it and win something to make it happen. Shit their egos are out of control. Winning this week they believe they are suddenly final four and final 2. IDIOTS.

Matt admits that he has to be nice to the couple this week in his speeches because they will be jury members. Matt calls this end game plan "fun". Enzo says he wants to tell everyone about it but he thinks it is smarter to keep it quiet the rest of the game until they are final four. They go to bed. I'm done. This final four shit AIN'T happening.

Morning comes and goes. Around 1pm Ragan and Rachel have a fight. A PATHETIC FIGHT. Here's how it started. Ragan and Matt are having a SUPER FUN conversation in the Cabana room. Ragan loves talking with his BEST FAKE FRIEND in the house knowing he's completely safe THIS WEEK and just loving Big Brother life. Ragan has no stress, NONE. Matt is just there listening and engaging when Rachel walks in and takes a seat on the big bed-ish thing where both Matt and Ragan are laying down.

Rachel laughs along with whatever the fuck Ragan was talking about and then she just gets right to the point. She says she knows nominations are today and that she knows that "we" need to talk. Ragan politely asks if she wants him to "go out" and she smiles saying how she doesn't care knowing that he's safe and like a "team" with Matt. MISTAKE NUMBER ONE ACCORDING TO RAGAN. But Ragan let's it slide and keeps quiet.

So Rachel gets into her "save me and Brendon from off the block" speech. She knows that Matt is going to put her and HER MAN up if they don't make a "deal". Britney comes into the Cabana room, forgot to mention the door is closed and Matt asks her to leave to give "them" a couple of minutes. So this would imply that Matt is fine with him and Ragan being called a "team". That Britney is not part of their team so therefore should not be part of the conversation. Let's remember this.

She says she's not trying to "bully" Matt but she let's him know that if he puts up both Brendon and Rachel that there is a good chance they will win POV. He agrees saying "that's what you guy do" implying that they win POV's. Remember, in this conversation there's loads of them implying things but not really saying things. Let's continue. Rachel says if both her and Brendon are up on the block and come off that Matt is going to have to put someone else up. Matt agrees he doesn't want to put anyone else up on the block.

Rachel knows that her and Brendon going up is the "obvious" and that no one in the house really "likes me" or "us". WHICH IS TRUE! Camera zooms in on Ragan picking up that he's angry about something. Matt tries to downplay the dislike of the couple in the house and she says "whatever" and how no one would have any problem if she left the house this week.

UH OH! She says in front of Ragan that she has no other friends in the house besides Brendon. Another STAB at Ragan. Also Matt to some degree. Matt starts to talk saying he appericates her coming in without Brendon. He then says she's being "over dramatic" about people not being friends with her or not liking her. UM NOT TRUE! The entire house's daily functions is to make fun of the couple every damn second of every hour of the entire day. SHIT Britney is at the point of wanting to go AWF on Rachel. She can't stand being nice to her anymore. Real Smart BRATNEY, you're going to need votes from the jury including both Brendon and Rachel's. Stupid idiot.

So back to the talk. She admits she's over dramatic. So Matt SLIPS up and says how they ARE alliances in the house but then corrects himself saying there are "friendships" in the house. He uses Ragan to illustrate how he's friends with random people in the house. Now let's remember Matt is full of shit because twice Ragan worked with him in the HOH endurance comps about who is going up and who is the replacement nominee. So they do game talk as if they are in an alliance but of course have never really said to each other, "we're in an alliance". What the fuck ever. So they're in a friendship fucking alliance. Who gives a fuck, they are working together in the game. It's an alliance of some fucking sort. Any fucking ways!

Matt calls Rachel and her man that they are a "power house" and how every week they win. Now he uses Brendon's words against them saying how Brendon wanted "strong players" to the jury house and to let everyone "play it out". So Matt implies he's going to "make a decision" that he's not here to play a game for friends or with them but to get further. She wants him to think about keeping Brendon and Rachel around for a few weeks because they will win shit to help protect Matt in the game. But Matt knows he doesn't need anything from the couple.

Matt says he is "third wheel" to people in the house hence he's 3rd wheel to the couple if he teams up with them. Matt tries to get her to agree that putting up the couple is better for his game and that he should do it now rather than later. From this talk Matt is going up. He claims he doesn't know what he's going to do when he ALL know what he's going to do.

Rachel says she is here "by myself" in the game and Matt likes hearing that. Ragan FINALLY speaks up and asks why he's still here in this conversation. Rachel again dismissing him saying how she doesn't care if he's here. Now Ragan says how Rachel said he and Matt are "obviously a pair" WHICH SHE DIDN'T SAY! Wait, she did say they were a "team".

Ragan now says he and Matt are just in a "friendship" and not in an alliance. He says no one in the house has ever approached him to make an alliance and Matt says quickly that he's never asked Ragan to be in an alliance. VERY TRUE! You didn't and Ragan should hear himself talk. No one, NO ONE, has asked you to be in an alliance. That should tell you something about your position in this game, you IDIOT! YOU FUCKING FLOATER!

Ragan is now going on about how he and Matt don't control each other or talk about who he should put up on the block, ANOTHER LIE! On the HOH comp just yesterday you TWAT you told Matt you didn't want to go up as the replacement nominee and that Kathy would be the replacement nominee if B/R came off the block. MUTHA FUCKER YOU A DIRTY SHITTY FART STINKING LIAR! Oh snap shit, don't get me started here with Ragan, Iz about to go AWF on his SHIT STAIN! Ohhhh fuck hold me back bitches, I'm gonna back hand slap the shit out of Ragan!

So Ragan says that he wanted to know "why" he was here for the conversation and Rachel gets annoyed saying "then go" and he says again how that's what he wanted to do but how she said he and Matt were a "pair". She said "team" but with Ragan, it doesn't matter. She implied it. She defends herself that she didn't mean they were a "pair" but that they were together in some way. He says again how she "said" it exactly using the word "pair". She used the word "team" buddy. I know, same thing.

She says "like OH MY GOD Ragan, like now you're being over dramatic". FINAL STRAW! Ragan is pissed. He didn't like being talked to that way. AT ALL! She says "so then go" and Ragan looks over at Matt with a like "what the fuck was that" face. He looks back at her and she continues saying she doesn't care if he's sitting there and she didn't "mean" to say they were a pair "like that". So Ragan gives her some "attitude" and says with a SUPER GAY SUPER UPSET face "okay Rachel" followed by a head nod. So Rachel gives it right back to him saying in her own snobbish tone, "okay Ragan" mocking how he said it.

She then says "if you want to play it like that". Ragan almost talks but she says "if you want to be like that then fine". Ragan now PREACHES how he has been "nothing but respectful" to her in this entire game. ANOTHER LIE! TWAT talking trash about her and HER MAN behind their backs. HE'S A LIAR! But we all know Ragan forgets that and loves to preach how above he is everyone in how this game is played.

She then raises her voice but really only because Ragan is standing up now and talking DOWN to her with a mocking tone. She says how she's been nothing but good to him. Ragan then looks over at his "FRIEND" Matt but remember, not his alliance member but his "friend". Like Ragan can't believe Rachel is starting to get upset with Ragan. Like how dare her be upset in a position knowing she's going on the block. Ragan is safe so he can't understand the frustration she's going through. FUCK HIM.

Ragan goes into superior than you mode. He says the next few lines with some attitude about how who here is "raising their voice" implying she is and how he "responded" to her thus giving him a reason to be a TWAT to her only because she acted like one first. That it is suddenly okay for him to treat her like shit yet she can't do it to him. Ragan sits down knowing he got to her by making her feel like shit with his intelligent words.

He brings up some past shit I don't care about it. Ragan is upset that he was told not to be so "over sensitive" at some point in the game when Rachel has been nothing but over sensitive. She then apologzies for doing what she just did to him and how HE has to understand how she's had to fight since week one to be here and the SHIT she's going through with a house that "hates" her. How she's put in a corner and is maybe not reacting properly because of the position she is in. ANOTHER TRUTH she sees very clearly but what does Ragan do?

He continues superior than thou attitude by injecting how she treated him TOTALLY rejecting her feelings of how she's been fighting in this game. Ragan says she's always been in Rachel's "corner" and she keeps using the "so have I" approaching saying she's doing the same thing Ragan claims he is doing in terms of being respectful to each other. She wants to know why Ragan is so upset and he brings up again how she said they were a "pair" and how it is not right for her to do that.

Rachel brings up Kristin. How her "feelings" were hurt by Ragan "crying" and being upset over Kristin being evicted. That to her he chose her over her. He says that was all in "your head". Which is true. He says he doesn't blame Rachel for putting up Kristin but how he made friends with her and was "sad" she went home. Matt chimes in here and there about how Ragan is right in how we can be friends and be upset that we leave the house. Ragan must be HARD in his shorts hearing himself talk so beautifully.

He now says that SHE is putting WORDS into people's mouths! BUT RAGAN, SO ARE YOU! You took one comment she said about "team" and TWISTED it around on her and he's accusing her of twisting his words and actions around. He says he's been "rational" about Rachel's reasons for getting rid of Kristin. He says he's "human" and will be upset his friend leaves. It is immature of Rachel to think because she hates Kristin that everyone should to.

Now Matt says how he'll be upset if he puts up Rachel and she leaves... LOL! So he's saying he is. Brendon is now in there listening, ready to FUCK SOMEONE UP with his kisses and hugs. Rachel gets emotional how she doesn't know how her and Ragan are upset within five minutes. Now Ragan is like "Rachel, Rachel, THIS is what happened" yet again talking down to her trying to get her to understand his important viewpoint on it. Now he says she has implied "repeatedly" WHICH SHE HASN'T, just once, he is the one bringing it up over and over again.

She then says though "you are a pair" so now she finally says it. Brendon says that they are and I get why Ragan is pissed off. He doesn't want to be on the block against Matt if that week comes. He wants to be off the block and be able to save Matt. He doesn't want a Pair target on his back. I get it. But I'd tell him to his face, TOO LATE BITCH, you too are paired up dogs in heat. DEAL WITH IT!

Ragan now says how he first let it slide when she mentioned them being a "pair" but how she now said it in "variations". OH FUCK I GIVE UP! Matt jokes that he isn't with Ragan and tells Brendon how he loved it that Rachel came to talk to him alone. Rachel then suggests for both Brendon and Ragan to leave and Ragan WON'T, not until he gets his STUPID POINT across. But what's the use Ragan. You can go around the house all night long and preach how you're not in a "pair" with him when others see you as just that. IDIOT. Thinks he can take the target off his back. IDIOT.

Ragan just keeps saying how he's been in her corner and NOW he says he understands how this position of hers has "gotten to her". Ragan finally leaves with Brendon and Matt and Rachel talk. That was the pathetic fight. This season all they have is pathetic fights. Brendon then says in the kitchen how it was "two versus one" and Ragan gets upset how that wasn't the case and he shouldn't speak about it because he wasn't there. Brendon, who's so sure about himself says that if he heard her yelling that he was yelling. He wasn't yelling but he was definitely talking DOWN to her with a very mocking tone complete with facial quirks that were not so nice. But they both were doing just that.

Rachel comes out of the Cabana room to get HER MAN. She tells him to come with her to the the Cabana room and she apologizes to Ragan as she walks off but she does it beautifully! "I'm sorry I'm such a bitch". LOL!

So Ragan is sitting at the dining room table with the rest of the house and starts to talk about what happened in there. BUT WHO CARES what Ragan says or thinks. This Brigade alliance wants him out! Shit Enzo wants him out NEXT WEEK! FUCK YOU RAGAN. You're going to be dealt with soon enough. Can't wait for you to find out Matt used you like a cum rag. SHIT HEAD!

So now Ragan is telling everyone in the kitchen his side and Brendon hears it and comes back out to defend his actions and Ragan loves to defend himself and it's back and forth. Brendon wants everyone here to talk if Ragan is going to tell his side of what happened and Rachel doesn't want anyone to know what happened because it was just between her and him but really this is Big Brother, it's not going to stay that way at all.

So after Rachel beautifully states how this is a game, her and Ragan are friends and how she's made mistakes in the game, RAGAN starts in how he only did this round table talk because Brendon said it was "two on one" when it wasn't but kinda was with Matt siding with Ragan the entire "conversation" that Ragan now calls it. Brendon just says that he heard both of them "yelling" and he came in to defend his girlfriend and Ragan suggests with a mocking tone that Brendon "ask" what's going on instead of assuming.

Matt is smiling BIG in the Cabana room as the entire house listens to Ragan PREACH how Brendon handled things in the house. Like who the fuck gave Ragan this GOD LIKE ability to tell everyone how they should or shouldn't act to any situation. FUCK HIM. LOVE IT! As Ragan keeps nit picking at what happened Brendon raises his voice asking "we cleared the air, we cleared the air, can we just let it go now?" Ragan does another let me look at everyone shockingly that those words were just uttered in my direction. Ragan says "yeah" and Brendon says "okay, we're done". Rachel apologizes to everyone and Ragan that she is an "emotional bitch". Brendon now apologizes for saying "2 on 1" to Ragan. Ragan then says with NO heart to it, "well then I apologize too Rachel" but NOTHING to Brendon.

Both of them now go back into the Cabana room to talk to Matt leaving the house to talk in the kitchen. Enzo makes a comment about for how they are so upset that they can't "talk to Mattie". Britney and Hayden now stroke Matt's ego about how he saw this coming. Hayden says "they get bitchier". Now STUPID Britney says how Brendon and Rachel are making other alliances up in the house to take the target off them. LOL! The Brigade members at the table love playing down that there are no alliances. Ragan loves this "no alliance" talk as if he KNOWS what's really going on. DOUCHE BAG!

And all this happened right before Pandora's Box & nominations. The house was just called for an outdoors lockdown. The house comes back after the feeds are cut. It seems Matt opened Pandora's Box and Ragan, who plays Pandora's Box as something "bad" and how he's "scared" of it, is actually the Saboteur now and he is doing a good job playing it off that he's just scared of this new box thing.

Kathy is there talking with Ragan and Hayden about this and calls being in a house with the couple a "nightmare" and Ragan throws Rachel under the bus telling them how her quote of "floaters get your life vest" was a staged quote and not spur of the moment. Looks like Ragan is D.U.N. with Rachel. Britney comes in and joins the talk. Now they know Pandora's box is "back" but no one knows what will happen.

Later Ragan is now in the HOH with Matt. Talking, no LOVING trashing Rachel. Talking about all the fights had Rachel involved with them. Ragan is just done with Rachel. ASSHOLE. Ragan is now saying that if America voted to give the houseguests something that it just HAS to be Hayden. Britney joins the chat and agrees saying especially the week Hayden had last week. LIKE GOOD GOD, Hayden just suffered so much last week losing a bitch. Now they mock how Brendon said he was going to win HOH last week and he didn't and how Brendon is now saying he will win POV and they are getting that Brendon will save Rachel in the game if he wins it! AWESOME!

I hate the house hating one common enemy. It's NO FUN! I want Brendon or Rachel out so the house can learn to hate other people. THEY MUST ALL HATE EACH OTHER EQUALLY. Ragan now hates to hear that Brendon and Rachel says how the house will go after Matt and Ragan because they are a "pair" and will go after Matt because he wins stuff. Matt says he said to "bring it on" and he loves to say he is not making deals with them. Ragan and Britney says "everything is out on the table". Matt says outloud to them how they said he was going home no matter what next week and both are sitting there stroking Matt's "I'm safe this entire game" ego. Well if Matt and Ragan don't go up next week then who's going up with the surviving member of the couple.. oh yeah! KATHY!

This house sucks. I hope after the couple is out that Kathy is still viewed as a pathetic person to evict and I HOPE Enzo keeps pushing for Ragan to be evicted next week.

So Matt has told his story or version of Pandora's Box. That he was told he would obtain "great wealth" if he opened the box or door. He did open it says there was a brief case in a glass box. He opened it and the briefcase and found one single dollar bill in it. Another note mentioned about something unleashed in the house. If that's true then that sucked. If he's lying then I can't wait to see his wife there and their reunion. And him telling he's won the game already. Hopefully he'll be in the jury house soon after.

Day 38

Oh yeah, so Brendon and Rachel were nominated. Apparently Brendon made some comments at the nomination ceremony about going after Matt. LOL! And remember Brendon trashing Rachel for telling them last week to "bring it on". Oh Brendon.. such a bitch and a hypocrite.

During the midnight hours the houseguests got some bowling POV contraption to practice with. Rachel and Brendon practice until almost 4 hours off and on. Matt and his Brigade alliance believe they will be in final four. They even plan for 2 members of the Brigade who don't make it to the final four to tell the other jury members about the Brigade to "smooth" things over giving no anger to the final 2 who would have turned on their sub allainces aka Matt with Ragan, Lane with Britney. They should just tell them in their goodbye messages, I think.

These assholes of the Brigade are already counting the money. They feel the end game is so EASY to reach. Hayden makes a comment about how he can't believe one of them is going to win the grand prize. They all agree that whoever wins must take the other 3 Brigade members and their families off on some vacation. I really hope this final 2/final 4 plan of theirs blows up in their faces. At one point Hayden is so happy about his final four/final 2 chances that he walks down the HOH stairs and yells out his alliance name and no one hears it. He's that happy about this working for him and his GANG of douches bags.

I forgot to mention that the house now knows the Saboteur has been released onto the house and that someone in their house has accepted the offer to be the Saboteur. The Saboteur even spoke to them on the TV and we Showtime watchers got to watch it live. Pretty cool I guess. The Sab said "Hello Houseguests. Guess who's back! Annie may be long gone but my reign of terror is about to begin. I want to thank Matt for opening Pandora's Box & unleashing a new Saboteur into the house. My mission is to destroy all of you & cruise towards the half a million dollars. Watch your back before I stab you in it!!!"

Rachel cried most of the night, here and there, outside, inside. Brendon had to give her a big pep talk and kept getting her to believe they will win POV. She doesn't believe it. Of course Lane hated Brendon for giving Rachel a pep talk. I mean how dare he. Lane and his insecurities with intelligent tall good looking men who has a better life than him.

The entire house just hates on Rachel and Brendon... you know, when they're NOT in the same room. I mean the house isn't like season 9 when the house hated Amanda. They made it known they hated her. This time around they do it behind their backs, all aware that Brendon and Rachel are 2 votes in the jury house, 2 votes that could help them lose or win the game.

So a new day has arrived. POV players have been picked. Brendon, Rachel, Matt, Enzo, Kathy and Britney! I'm guessing since Kathy was playing Ragan was asked by the HOH if they wanted to cash in their Veto Ticket which allows a player to make the game of 6 to a game of 7. He cashed it in. I guess to make sure that Brendon and Rachel don't win POV. We'll see SHIT STAIN, we'll see. But why cash it in so early? His BEST FAKE FRIEND Matt is HOH. He knows he's not going up. Oh wait. He is this week's Saboteur. If he's found out then he's toast. So if he plays this week and wins he can't be sent home and he has a chance to play for HOH next week where he'll be safe again. I get it.

So what's happened in the house. Well we have to recap as I've been busy with a... NEW PUPPY! She kinda needed a home from someone who no longer needed her so I took her in! She's playing on my bed behind while I update.

Okay so onto business. Lane grows more and more angry with Brendon. Everything this man does, says or shits pisses Lane off. Lane doesn't think Brendon is a "man" at all. Lane defines a "man" as someone who plays "sports", who doesn't "cry" or "whines". So basically Lane is saying that any sensitive man, an intelligent man who skipped football practice and a large amount of gay men are NOT MEN. Yet somehow Ragan dismisses or overlooks Lane's shitty attitude towards men. I wish Ragan would confront Lane about what makes a real man a man but Ragan really is just a doormat meant to be walked over with muddy boots. A fight between Lane and Ragan about "men" would just be brillant TV. Of course I could get this well after Brendon leaves and Ragan suddenly becomes like "he was my friend" crap and I will defend him and all men that aren't you Lane. Like you know Lane hates Ragan, he even mentioned near the beginning of the show how he wanted to target Lane and didn't trust him. First because someone told him Ragan named Lane as a possible target and 2, well because Ragan isn't a "man".

Britney has also gone a ripped Rachel a new asshole but of course behind her back. I mean Britney just can't fight with anyone to their face. It just can't happen because Britney will just crumble. It started with Lane of course. He told her Brendon talked some smack about Britney's boyfriend not being able to do something in some stupid game and she took that as an attempt to verbally trash Rachel from top to bottom from tit to cunt. I guess it made Britney feel better.

OH FUCK! Neither Brendon or Rachel won POV! Who won you ask? Britney won! Third time's a BITCH! Enzo HAS to now be targeting Britney like no other next week. I mean why the fuck keep her if she's dominating at POV's! This week it seems Rachel will be this week's target. Unless Allison Grodner FORCES Ragan, aka the Saboteur to do something that somehow gives Rachel the extra vote to stay or vote how America wants him to vote. But fuck, if America gets a vote this week who the fuck will they vote out... most likely Rachel cause she's a woman and a woman who speaks her mind is a "bitch" in America's eyes.

Rachel seems fine with the POV and Britney winning but did ask Brendon if she would use it because Rachel still believes she's BEST FAKE FRIENDS with Britney, who secretly hates her behind her back. Now if Britney doesn't use POV then will she lose 2 votes in the jury? They could very well tell her they won't vote for her to win the game if she doesn't use it. She has to use it so Kathy can go up as a pawn to get jury votes from both the couple all while knowing that Kathy, the "pawn" has no chance of going home. She would have to save Brendon and put Rachel up against Kathy.

Either way this week is predictable. Either Britney uses POV to save her possible jury votes in her favor with the couple and Kathy is used as pawn because of it or she doesn't use POV and they hate her for it. Either way Rachel goes home this week. ANOTHER BORING WEEK.

WHOA! There was a fight when I wasn't watching! Rachel and Kathy GOT INTO IT! It seems Kathy "won" something in the POV and possibly knocked Rachel out. Rachel then told Kathy she was "hurt" by Kathy doing what she did and wanted an apology. Kathy is now going on about how Rachel is "gone home" this week. LOL! She says she won't apologize and is happy she is no longer a "floater"

Ragan now calls Rachel "bi polar" and how there's something "significally wrong" with Rachel. WHAT? Ragan is trying to defend Rachel by calling her mental in some form or another! Kathy says "yeah" and agrees and says she walked away because of it. SURE YOU DID BITCH. Ragan has made a decision

Now Lane is finally starting to go AWF on Brendon. Lane is getting upset. He says "he doesn't care" when Rachel says he and her man are going through a tough time now. Rachel says "one of us is going home and you guys are getting your way". Lane seems to start pulling back with Rachel there getting involved and Lane pulls back completely. Rachel just makes it known that Kathy has "no class" for saying "yeah" for winning in the POV and how it knocked off Rachel. Rachel took it personally because Kathy NEVER made it known she wanted the couple out to their faces. TWO FACED KATHY even gave Rachel a positive speech before the POV comp and then let it be known she was happy Rachel was out of POV.

Rachel is going on and on about how she loves Brendon and she's going home. She calls herself a "bitch" for doing certain things and wishes she never won HOH and she starts crying which causes Enzo to tell her "it's okay". Rachel keeps apologzing and announces she knows she's going home and she doesn't know why everyone they want to make it worse for her and them. Lane then brings up how people talk shit about everyone's back but Rachel brings up how the Saboteur is doing that, causing backstabbing.

Lane then again defends himself but who cares, it's something about Brendon making a comment about Lane jumping off early in the surfboard endurance and WHO GIVES A FUCK! Lane then jokes about Kathy being "wound up" and "amped". Ragan and Kathy continue to talk upstairs. Lane now tells Rachel "wouldn't you be amped if you took out one of the toughest competitors" and she agrees but she just wanted an apology for Kathy's reaction and Kathy wouldn't give her one. People are now all taking Kathy's side in how she reacted in the POV comp yet Rachel won't let it go that she just wanted an apology from someone who she thought was her FRIEND!

Britney is now in the HOH room spilling what just happened downstairs with Lane. She's all saying how this is what I would have said. Britney claims no one in the house talks bad about people in the house! Kathy again says she was picked to play POV by Rachel and Rachel is just "mad" she won. Kathy is just loving this. Britney is loving hating Rachel. Ragan doesn't want to go downstairs because the couple is there. Britney wants the couple to go into the Cabana room so they all can not have to deal with them. We also find out Brendon threw a ball from the POV comp because he was so angry at losing. Britney also says she kept her mouth shut when Brendon LIED to Lane in the kitchen about never saying Lane purposely jumped off the HOH surfboard comp when she says he told her and Kathy agrees she was told that to.

Britney said she wanted to call Brendon out but she didn't. She's a coward. Back downstairs the house is telling the couple that no one wants to make them feel any worse in the house. The fights are over. For now. I so can't wait for Rachel to leave this week and Enzo targets Britney next week. POV QUEEN MUST BE TAKEN OUT!

Rachel retreats to the Taj room sits in her bed. Brendon follows and laughs with her about how they both need to stop trying to out doing each other and getting the house to evict the worse out of the two. Now Rachel starts in on Kathy's southern accent and mocks her BEAUTIFULLY! They call out her game of being friends with everyone and listening to everything and then turning on them. Rachel calls Kathy a "fucking bitch" and so hates her. Rachel says when she saw Britney go up into the HOH room with Ragan and Kathy that she has no interest in using the POV or being in an alliance with them. That it is over with Britney.

In the Kitchen the Brigade talks about how the couple is guilty of everything they say they're not. Enzo loves that they played all night and lost and how Enzo played with the POV contraption last night for "five minutes" and beat them both. Ragan comes downstairs and I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. Matt says that the couple is obviously trying to get the house to turn on Kathy to get her put up but says it won't work.

UPDATED! Just FINALLY got the time to see the fight between Rachel and Kathy that happened earlier right after POV was over. Remember Britney won POV. Kathy took out Rachel in the POV competition with some move of hers. This pissed off Rachel how it was handled by Kathy, who was supposely their BEST FAKE FRIEND the 2nd week Rachel won HOH. Remember when I reported how fucking SICK it was when Kathy told Rachel "I'm so proud of you" over and over again and how she helped Rachel unpack and slept in Rachel's HOH bed. DIRTY GAME BITCH. All I want is Kathy to own up to it that she's playing a dirty as fuck game, that's it. Enough of this high and mighty "I play with morals" bullshit. She's just as dirty as them all! JUST ADMIT TO IT in the Diary Room!

But before we get to the fight I did see Ragan up in the HOH room also after POV comp telling Matt and Britney how he didn't want nothing more to do with "them" aka the couple. Britney then stated how she didn't want to talk with AT ALL about her using the POV but really she did end up talking with them. Britney playing both sides of the house like everyone else. This cast is smart enough, well almost all of them, are smart enough to play now for jury votes. Britney continues to be super fake to the couple's faces but CUNTY behind their backs. I will mention too that Matt is annoyed that Ragan and Britney are hanging out in the HOH room all the time.

So Rachel and Brendon are in the Taj bedroom. Talking about how the house hating them and Brendon doesn't want anything more to do with Ragan. He doesn't want to talk to him anymore this entire game and even calls Ragan a "girl". Well this is funny. Lane believes Brendon is not a "man" and Brendon believes Ragan is a "girl". So Rachel leaves the bedroom and moves past the kitchen where Brendon is with the boys of the house eating lunch. She asks Kathy to talk and Kathy agrees both going into the Cabana room. Rachel shuts the door HARD.

Rachel starts in on Kathy. Saying how it was really "fucked up" for that she "yelled" and "cheered" when Kathy "beat" Rachel in the POV comp. She says it was not "classy", how it wasn't playing with "intergrity" and "character". She says that all these things Kathy preaches about, that she wasn't doing in that competition. Rachel then says Kathy's name in a demeaning way as if she's annoyed angry with her. Kathy just sits there.

Rachel then throws it in Kathy's face how she let her stay in her HOH room for a week when she won 2nd week after bonding over being a have not with her. Right then Kathy gets up and starts heading for the Cabana door. Kathy doesn't want to hear it. She says this is "ridiculous" while Rachel pretty much DEMANDS for an apology from Kathy. Remember, this IS the season of apologizing. THANK BRENDON FOR THAT!

Rachel is PISSED Kathy didn't stick around to be dealt with and says "Are you kidding me". Rachel rushes out into the kitchen where Kathy has retreated and Rachel says "you can't talk like a woman". LOL! Sorry Rachel, my dearest kick ass love of the season, none of you are being "woman" or "classy". Big Brother takes that from you when you all enter through the doorway.

Kathy thinks she's SHIT by saying "I am a woman, that's why I walked away". SURE TWAT, whatever you need to hear from yourself to make you sleep at night. Both now say they've both been nothing but nice to each other. This fight is pretty much mirroring the fight Ragan had with Rachel yesterday.

Now Rachel brings up how when Kathy was on the block she was nice to her and immediately told her she was going to vote to keep her in the house. YEAH KATHY! Rachel again drives it home how Kathy was playing like a non moral playing person. Now Kathy says "we did you pick me to go against you, CAUSE YOU THOUGHT I'D LOSE". Kathy is now driving it back at her about her being looked at as a weak player.

Kathy says with almost tears that "you thought you could beat me and you lose. End of story". She says this with hand movements as if they are done fighting. At this point Britney has opened the HOH door and listening to them fight from the doorway. So now Rachel has it in her head that Kathy "cheered" when she won because Kathy had "beat her" and Kathy comes back saying she "cheered" for everyone but Rachel says she didn't "cheer" for her. YES THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE FIGHTING ABOUT, who cheered for who! PATHETIC SEASON!

Kathy again says she will NOT apologize because she was happy she won. Matt is sitting next to them at the kitchen stools keeping quiet. Lane is washing dishes and Hayden is eating on the other side of the stools. Enzo is sitting at the kitchen table while Brendon is by the microwave, everyone watching this. Rachel THROWS it in Kathy's face how she's been nothing but nice to her and yet she still talks bad about her behind her back. WHICH IS TRUE! I mean Rachel has talked shit about Kathy too but for Kathy to smile and mock Rachel for implying that Kathy actually talked shit about her and Brendon is just bullshit.

So in the end Kathy actually raised her voice to get her point across about being chosen to go against Rachel only because she was thought to be weak to which Rachel did admit to. She didn't lie about that. Rachel drives her point into the ground and Kathy tries to walk away again but fleeing to the Cabana room. In there Rachel again tries to get an apology and this time is the one that leaves the room. Britney comes in there and shares her hate for Rachel and suggests for Kathy to go up to the HOH room where Ragan is. She goes and Britney lingers around down in the kitchen where you already know what happened, what I typed earlier today.

Later after everything Kathy can be heard boasting how great she was at the "fight" as her housemates egg her on how great she was. Little does Kathy know everyone talks shit about her behind her back. She at one point talks about how Rachel shouldn't have talked smack about HER friends and shouldn't have turned on HER friends. Suddenly Kathy has loads of FRIENDS when last week she was telling Britney that once Kristin left that she would be all alone and would love for Britney to be at her side if she needed it.

Later Britney and Ragan become the new Mean Girls of the season trashing Rachel around the house to everyone who will listen. BUT WAIT! The Best FUCK UP of the day is Kathy telling Hayden not once but TWICE that she BELIEVES Enzo is the Saboteur because... OH MY GOD, because he went into the Diary Room "all day". Hayden takes it in and tells her okay. Can't wait for Hayden to tell Enzo. Kathy is just as stupid and clueless as the rest about there not being an alliance in the house. I hate that this alliance is so successful. It's better for them to be challenged by another alliance in the house. This cast SUCKS!

Day 39

Just before midnight Rachel has started a WAR with Ragan. She is going around the house telling people how much of a "bitch" he is. I'm all for someone in the house to go after Ragan like this. He is a little shit head who has come to a stupid conclusion that Rachel is a mental case. His theory sparks all new types of insults from other houseguests like Britney making a comment about Rachel's "10" personalities leaving with her.

Rachel though, along with Brendon, have fallen for Hayden and Enzo's BEST FAKE FRIEND alliance. Rachel vows to fill them all in on all the HOH comps, information and knowledge she has. Oh Rach! She and Brendon have also made Matt their main target for next week, you know, meaning whichever stays they will go after Matt IF they win HOH. This is was the Brigade wants anyways. They want Matt up against Ragan to take out Ragan! I WANT THAT soooo badly! Rachel first member of the jury and Ragan following right after. BITCH! What started Rachel's hate rant about Ragan is he DISMISSED her. He doesn't want any more "drama" and he just didn't want to talk to her when she wanted to. DAMMMMN!

In the midnight hours Brendon and Rachel have some sexy time in the Taj bedroom. Over in the rest house everyone just can't stop bashing Rachel over and over and over again. I hope Rachel's master plan is to get the house to hate her so much that they'd want to drag her by her red hair to the final 2 to win against her.

As everyone is off to bed the Brigade meets in the HOH for a meeting. The subject. Next week's target with Rachel already gone. They want a combination of Ragan, Britney and Brendon on the block, recycled with POV. It seems as if Brendon won't be a target next week as thought. Enzo is now gunning for Britney, as I PREDICTED! He makes a joke about her taking his POV wins away from him. Enzo also wants to get rid of Ragan because he knows that's Matt's "ace up his sleeve" or his "life line" in the game. Enzo wants Brendon to be his new "life line". I'm just assuming here with Enzo's intentions. He only mentioned Britney being a big target for next week. But with Monet gone I expect Enzo to use Brendon as his own "ace up his sleeve". Enzo wants a partner outside of the alliance and it's obvious Enzo wants to take out Lane's partner, Britney, Matt's partner, Ragan out before his partner goes, which is now Brendn. Remember last week Enzo took out Kristin, Hayden's partner. Enzo is playing for ONLY himself but is using the Brigade to further his own game. As expected.

As a new day begins we get a very bitter Brendon and Rachel now bashing Ragan. Insulting his manhood, labeling a "woman", a "bitch"- Rachel even goes as far as to stay Ragan is not a "cool" gay guy, not like the ones she knows. Ragan is DEAD to Rachel. There's no FRIENDSHIP outside of the house with them. Brendon hates Matt as much as Rachel hates Ragan.

WHAT'S THIS? Brendon is now campaigning to stay in the house over Rachel! He talked to Kathy in the bathroom in a calm manner how he apperciates her and Kathy again states how she wasn't happy that Rachel lost, WHEN SHE WAS. Brendon is being super nice to Kathy. FUCK HER! Spit in her face! So what does Brendon do right after. He goes and tells Rachel that he got a vote from Kathy! Rachel is upset that he did that! HOW DARE YOU PLAY FOR VOTES!

I just don't care about today. Brendon and Rachel have only each other. Brendon is working on getting in good with the boys even though they're lying to him. Ragan and Britney are the new mean girls trashing Rachel and Brendon every breath they can muster up. Kathy is weak from the slop and admits all she can do now is lay down. The Brigade all love how they've won the game already. Same shit, old news.

I'll update if a HUGE fight breaks out with Ragan and Britney versus Rachel and Brendon. That's what I'm expecting to happen. Lane might explode if Brendon attacks Britney but you know Enzo is going to be like, shut the hell up and pull on Lane's chain neck collar to HEEL!

Day 40

So POV ceremony happened. Britney didn't use it. The couple planned a Brendon verbally attack Britney at the POV ceremony to get the house to vote out Brendon and keep Rachel but it didn't work. Britney almost didn't take what Brendon did personally as she believes it was all just an act.

From the episode that aired this past Sunday we find out that Matt has the Diamond Power Of Veto. Remember that once used power? It's the veto where you can pull anyone off the block and basically replace the saved nominee with anyone you want. So Matt is safe this week and safe next week. I see Allison Grodner pushing for a Matt final 2 finale. The "lie" that got him to the end and won the game storyline. SO TRANSPARENT ALLISON GRODNER!

The damn Diamond Power of Veto should have gone to the Saboteur. I hate Ragan too but he should have gotten the top secret power and used the power next week. All the Saboteur had to do was come on the TV and had different scenerios of what and who would have come off had the POV been used or not used that week. Ragan could have gotten away with the Saboteur doing something VERY MEMORABLE in the game next week saving someone off the block that maybe was just backdoored and then forcing a person up that America wanted up on the block. TALK ABOUT HOUSE DRAMA AND FIGHTS! Ragan would have played dumb and would have had himself saved if he was on the block.

BUT NOOOO. Alison Grodner, the show's FIXED producer, had to give Matt 2 weeks of safety. Just like last year when she gave Jeff Coup detat last year saving him and Jordan from eviction. BITCH WANTS Matt in the final 2.

And can you fucking believe Lane has told Matt that if Matt is in the final 2 against either Hayden or Enzo that he'll give Matt his vote for his "sick" wife WHO ISN'T EVEN SICK! I don't get it though. Hayden and Lane already talked about Matt making it to the end would give them no chance of winning the game. That they couldn't let that happen. So maybe Lane is just playing up for a vote from Matt in the jury house knowing that Matt will at some point be taken out due to his hard to beat status in the final 2.

Ragan is now almost beating Britney as the MEAN CUNT TWAT SHIT STAIN of the house. Always attacking Rachel behind her back and insulting her and just ripping into her... OF COURSE all behind her back. Ever since she was "rude" to him in the Cabana room the day of nominations he's like a "woman scorned".

Goes to show you in real life Ragan is one mean back stabbing TWAT if you don't treat him with the respect he feels like he deserves. Can't wait for him to go next week.

That reminds me. Enzo was again stating just after midnight that he wants Brendon to win HOH and if possible let Brendon win so that Brendon can target Matt and Ragan for Rachel's eviction. Let him believe they are wanting to vote out Matt when Ragan is the target. Enzo wants Ragan out so badly and it's funny because week one is gut instinct was to get out Annie who ended up being the Saboteur and now next week, if he has his way, he'll gun after Ragan, who is the new Saboteur!

At 3:25pm outside on the couches, Brendon continues his "vote me out" plan by trashing Britney and Ragan to Kathy outside. Rachel joins in and again lets Kathy know that when her and Brendon are gone that Kathy will be taken out during the "double eviction". Kathy seems not to be phased by it but is aware it could happen. Kathy is now being told by Rachel how many friends she has "around the world" and talks up herself how everyone loves her. Kathy agrees with Rachel how the house changes them.

Rachel wants to know why she's been a target since day one. Not sure why but someone started it and the infection went through the house and the house just felt let's all focus on her until we have to focus on each other. Now Brendon hopes, I'm sure of it, that Kathy will tell Ragan and Britney all the trash talking so that they can hate Brendon more than Rachel. I doubt it will work. Brendon just isn't a threat in the HOH comps. And if he stays and wins next week, whether on his own or help from the Brigade then they'll regret keeping him over Rachel!

Brendon now calls Ragan "two faced" and Matt "so fake". Rachel now tells Brendon to not talk bad about people in the house. Rachel now says that the other side of the house is upstairs in the HOH room and "we're not invited" and she says that's fine. Rachel is aware of the smack talk happening upstairs. Rachel says she doesn't care if she has any friends in the house anymore. Brendon then says when he leaves he'll get to talk to his "real" friends. Rachel threw out the "I have no friends" comment in hopes that Kathy would say that she was still her friend but Kathy never did.

Brendon is called to the Diary Room leaving the BEST FAKE FRIENDS to chat. Rachel now says she's done with "gossiping" and trashing people behind their backs. Rachel just keeps going on and on about how she's not going to get emotional about things and just "laugh from now on". Kathy pathetically tries to relate and forces a conversation with Rachel. Rachel then calls it that the house is a "mob" and enjoying going after one target. How upset they get when the couple wins anything in the house.

Rachel then says why would people "turn on us" and not use us in the game to help further their game. She's basically saying that why would Matt keep LOSERS like Ragan & Kathy around over a "power house" like them. Well Rach... if you see Matt has no interest in using or needing you that must led you to believe that Matt has some form of power that he is relying therefor he has not use for you and YOUR MAN! THINK GIRL!

Day 41

So just after midnight the FAKE BRIGADE alliance of Brendon, Rachel, Hayden and Enzo have met and started talking outside. About next week. How of whoever stays between the couple that Enzo himself will throw HOH to let the remaining of the couple win HOH. You know, to seek revenge for Rachel's/Brendon's eviction by targeting Matt & Ragan. Of course the couple doesn't know that Ragan is the true target and Matt has nothing to fear on the block.

Brendon and Rachel are so blind to Hayden and Enzo's true intentions that they will grasp onto any type of allainces slash friendship in the house. Brendon and Rachel bash Matt super hard to the guys. About how he'll throw Ragan out of the house because they feel Matt doesn't stand a chance against Ragan in the final 2. This is true.

Enzo and Hayden soon escape up to the HOH room where Ragan, Matt, Lane and Britney are. They all are making fun of Brendon and Rachel. Enzo even brings up how he just talked to Rachel and how she believes she's staying. I guess the house's plan to trick Rachel into thinking she's staying is working. Cruel.

Enzo ventures downstairs and continues to play both sides of the house to Brendon. Saying they are up there watching the couple, acting like he's reporting back information to Brendon. Brendon seems to now be trusting Enzo with this "first born". Brendon, so blind to the beast of the house.

Oh man the house is getting ugly. The group in the HOH room is propping the door open to easedrop on the couple, hoping to hear something "bad" being talked about them. It's just stupid. The HOH crew bash the couple all day long and they hope and pray to hear something to I guess then break out into a fight. I mean how dare the couple bash the other side of the house.

Rachel has Brendon looking at the "rule" book for some stupid reason and the HOH crew thinks the couple is up to no good so Ragan goes into the Diary Room to warn Big Brother that the couple might be doing something against the rules towards the houseguests. IMMATURE hour in the Big Brother house!

So apparently Britney and Lane playfully got into it over college "red shirts". Fuck if I know what that is but Britney was debating Lane on the subject. What she knew versus what he knew. Also something about Lane not being able to talk or speak his mind because Britney wouldn't stop "interrupting" him. So as morning comes on Day 41 we find Brendon chatting outside with Lane about the "red shirts" debate. CAVEMAN Lane thinks women shouldn't speak about sports. I mean I'm almost really at my wits end with Lane and his view on women. How they are inferior to men, how women can be controlled by men and how the women in the house can't speak of things that only TRUCK DRIVING BEER CHUGGING COUNTRY BACKWOOD MEN have knowledge of.


So Lane continues his "I hate how Britney think she can know something a man knows" tirade to Matt in the HOH room. Downstairs Hayden talks to Ragan and Britney about how to take out Brendon next week. They all agree Kathy up with Brendon is the best bet. That if Brendon wins POV that a pawn goes up with Kathy to be evicted. Kathy comes outside and the talk stops.

Sooo somebody went through Matt's stuff, his suitcase. We all know why Matt is scared shitless because he hid the Diamond POV in his suitcase and now that it appears someone has gone through it leds Mat to believe the house could be talking about him having the Diamond Power of Veto. Matt is pissed that someone did this and has asked the Diary Room if people are allowed to go through people's stuff like that. I believe the Saboteur went through Matt's back, a task set up by Big Brother to cause Matt to become super paranoid, possibly a push to use it next week for fear he may be on the block.

Posted by guytvblog at August 10, 2010 2:54 PM


As I said, the cast is pretty bad. Only Britney seems funny and playing the best game. She's the best of this sad bunch. Everyone hates Rachel, but she is an interesting character, I think, She doesnt grate on my neves like last season's Natalie. Yes, she loud, bitchy, etc...but she's facinatinly awful. She spices up, what's quickly become the WORST season ever. The brigade are all smug, and Matt shines as the Head Turd of this lacklacter bunch.
Cluelessly foolish, these guys are dull as leftover soup.
I think BrittanySHOULD win but she wont. One of the mini-brigage will win. And it will be the worst winner since Boogie from All-stars and Maggie from BB6.
What a wasted season!!

Posted by: Mike C at August 8, 2010 10:20 PM

So Brendon is doing this amazing monologue to the cameras right now on after dark since no one wants to talk to him. He's cracking!

Posted by: riccool at August 11, 2010 12:46 AM

OMG...we have a reality channel in Canada that plays reality tv 24/7 and I just plugged into some BB 12 that I haven't seen before. Ragan has apparently been using the meth pipe again and is ranting on and on about Rachel. Honestly, I had to stop watching and just come here to vent. Vote that cretin off already. Size 10 to his forehead. Immediately. I want to gay bash him myself (and I'm a Moby-loving, veggie-eating, occasionally pink triangle-wearing, over-educated quasi-friend of Dorothy myself).

Posted by: Nick at August 11, 2010 1:29 AM

OK, am reading Mike C again and am agreeing about the Britney comments. She's the resident "mean girl" and I love her for it. Matt is great except that he thinks he's clever, which is unforgivable. Especially when it's so obvious that he's anything but. But, he and Ragan (cretin!) have to be in cahoots together. Otherwise, all their TV time together makes no sense. Or, maybe I've just been f**ked in the head myself once too many times and would fit right in with this vicodin-driven crowd. Well, excepting Hayden and Brendon, of course. Am loving Hayden's hair. Somebody should write something about Hayden's hair.

Posted by: Nick at August 11, 2010 1:44 AM

Nick===here it is!! I hate Hayden's hair and his silly Diary Room smugness. Someone SHOULD cut his The saboteur-Rag-an should do it.
Great to have Rachel back. She's the star this season, so everybody should jump on her Bandwagon. She's NO Janelle but she's such a fierce competitor, that she puts all to shame, except Britney, who's mean, funny, and Cute, to boot.
The Brigade sucks and Enzo is such a disappointment. A poor man's HOWIE!!!

Its anyone's quess who will win this season. It's total pacthwork by Allison and her crew. Matt is awful, the worst cast member by miles this season.
He is NOT a good player. He's short and annoying.
The season has improved but it's NO All-Stars, BB6,BB8, or the MUCH underated wild BB9.

Posted by: Mike C at August 14, 2010 10:00 PM

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