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August 12, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43

Day 43 through Day 49

Day 43

Just before midnight we get a Brigade meeting in the Cabana room, why here you say, well because Britney and Ragan are HOGGING THE HOH ROOM! Matt really doesn't care as he hopes he can win them over in the jury house with being such a darn good guy for letting them have and use his HOH room all the time.

So anyways, if the Brigade has their way they want Brendon to win HOH and put up Britney and Ragan, straight up. They were hoping for Matt & Ragan up, with the rest of the Brigade controlling the vote that week to send Ragan home but now with Britney being a DUMBASS, well they are just now hoping that Brendon throws up the 2 TWATS of the house straight on the block.

But of course this all depends on who wins HOH. If Britney and/or Ragan win HOH then the plan is to get rid of Brendon. But if neither win HOH then the plan is to get Britney and Ragan on the block. No one in the Brigade believe Kathy will win anything so they always discredit her and just don't include her in any scenerio. They should though. Especially if it's a crap shot HOH.

So the BEST thing about the Britney and Ragan on the block plan is that if any member of the Brigade gets it that they tell them they are both going up as pawns. THEN THEN THEN they will LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE to them and say that Brendon is going to be backdoored when really he WON'T BE! This way they take out Ragan or Britney. Guess who's plan this was... GUESS! ENZO!

I told ya that he is planning on keeping Brendon, dragging him further in the game while he tries to take out Lane and Matt's side alliances, Britney and Ragan! But of course this all depends on who wins HOH. If Britney and Ragan win... I'll just... I'll just faint.

Morning comes and goes on the last day the couple has in the house together. Enzo, being the masterful game player that he is, tells the couple in not so many words that Rachel is leaving. The rest of the house really want Rachel to be shocked and leave with the wind knocked out of her. But that isn't happening. Rachel expected it and she is ready to leave. Brendon will of course try something at the live eviction speech but we'll see if he tops Andrew's live speech.

So again the Brigade talks about getting Britney or Ragan out next week. Again it all depends on who wins HOH tonight. The cast seems like they have another physical HOH comp. Possibly another one where they run back and forth doing something. If that's the case this is going to be an easy one that the Brigade will throw in favor for Brendon to win HOH. We'll just have to see how bad Ragan and Britney want HOH.

Enzo is already talking about keeping Brendon from going home this up coming week after Rachel's gone to "keep another target" in the house! YOU SEE! I told ya! He doesn't want Brendon, his new side alliance to go anywhere. Enzo has even gotten his DUMBASS alliance members Lane and Matt to agree that Britney or Ragan have to go next week.

I sure hope it's physical and Kathy is like "fuck this" and just gives up pissing everyone off or she falls flat on her face fucking up her teeth or something.

Ohhh... what the SHIT is this? Everyone is packing in the house. It seems Big Brother has informed the houesguests that something could happen during the live show and that anyone can leave tonight. They are all packing and believe that it has to be a live double eviction. Not the case. Big Brother knows the Diamond Power of Veto exists in the house but it in the wrong person's hands. I'm saying it right now. MATT WILL NEVER USE IT! If he uses it he will be exposed as lying to the house and to his Brigade alliance members about what really happened. Well he'll only use it if both his Brigade members are on the block and there's no chance of either coming off with regular POV. I expect the Diary Room will push to have 2 Brigade members put up just so Diamond Power of Veto will be used.

Live show is about to start. Farewell Rach! Go get that Super Bitter Jury House all set up for Ragan and Britney to join soon enough!

Day 43 Part 2

And so a new era has begun in the Big Brother house! Rachel has been evicted with a 6 to 0 vote. BUT WAIT! During Rachel's exit interview Julie Chen hinted that there this may NOT be the last time Rachel sees the Big Brother house!!! It all makes sense now! You see at the start of the game the first four evicted houseguests were being put in sequestor in case Allison Grodner wanted a reason to bring back Rachel/Brendon. Had they been evicted during the first four weeks. But since they both made it past week 3 and won HOH week 4, well Allison Grodner had no need for the first 4 evicted houseguests so she released them from sequestor.

Now starts the jury and Julie Chen is hinting that there may be a chance for Rachel to return! So now Alison Grodner has it set that Rachel WILL come back in the house. I don't give a fuck if America "voted" for soon to be evicted Ragan or Britney to come back, Alison FIXED Grodner will make sure Rachel is back in that mutha fucking house!

So as Rachel gets interviewed by Julie, in the house Brendon is quickly changing into his physical HOH outfit and warning everyone that he's going to win. Now earlier today SCARED SHITLESS Ragan and Britney wanted the other boys in the house to protect them if Brendon, you know, lost it after the loss of Rachel. Lane headed to the bathroom where Matt was and here comes SCARED SHITLESS Britney and Ragan. Britney hugs Lane needing him to protect her. Ragan stays close by. STUPID TWATTY BITCHES!

The houseguests get outside to discover this Survivor like challenge where they are tethered by a rope around their waste and they have to get through knots down a web of ropes to the end. Whoever gets out of the ropes first and hits the buzzer wins HOH and they get the "pleasure" of naming three people in the house to be on SLOP! Sounds delicious!

So the housguests start and it seems like Ragan and Britney are doing good at the start, Brendon is just a little bit behind but he's not in the lead. The live show ends and it takes a good while for the feeds to switch on. Here we find Brendon SO FAR in the lead it's crazy! A few roped squares behind him are Hayden and Lane. The 2nd set of houseguests behind them is Ragan and Britney and then the 2nd set of houseguests in the back are Enzo and Kathy.

So everyone is panting and huffing and puffing HARD. Enzo is taking his sweet fucking time. He know he safe. He know he ain't seeing the block AT ALL. So as Brendon inches his way to the end we get a LOVELY shot of Lane looking and glancing repeatedly over at Brendon about to win. Behind him we see a defeated Britney standing there as if she's just stopped trying watching Brendon near the end. She's got this face that's saying "Awwww shit". LOVE IT!

And so it happens. Lane eyes Brendon as Brendon gets through the end and slams the button hard with his strong wide palm. Fuck you Britney. Fuck you Ragan. Fuck you Kathy. Brendon has just won HOH! But this means we get at least 2 more weeks of bashing behind Brendon's back. Part of me hoped that today was a live double eviction and both the couple were taken out. But this is better.

Enzo is the first to say "good job". I mean Enzo has to kiss ass immediately to stay on Brendon's good side. Britney says pathetically in the background, "is it done". Then Brendon says "this is what happens when you evict someone-" and then Big Brother cuts the feeds. BASTARDS!

Still waiting for the feeds. Looks like Brendon is picking this Have Nots of the week. Let's just be OBVI about this, Matt, Britney and Ragan are the Have Nots of the week! FEEDS ARE BACK! Matt is telling Britney how there's a "light" at the end of the tunnel in terms of Brendon is only HOH for one week. Brit comments how long of a shower Brendon is taking. Britney walks away leaving Enzo, Hayden and Matt near the kitchen alone and Enzo is quick to say that "we push for Ragan and Britney to go on the block". That they push Brendon into doing that this week.

Kathy comes walking by and stops the talk. They move to the bedrooms leaving Kathy far behind but before they can talk Kathy catches up with them informing them how "cold" she is and how she got "hurt" from the challenge! SERVES YOU RIGHT BITCH! Enzo keeps moving his Brigade members around the house to talk and we get him and Hayden telling Lane near the memory wall what the plan is. Enzo wants them to all "throw" Ragan and Britney "under the bus".

It seems Enzo and Hayden made a deal with the couple earlier today that whoever won HOH that Britney and Ragan were going up. It seems they want to blame the "mind game" of not telling the couple that Rachel was going home on Bratney and Ragan. Enzo admits telling the couple that Rachel was going home. He doesn't care if they know it was him that told Brendon. It must have come up outside while the feeds were cut.

So right now Enzo and Hayden are in the downstairs bathroom while Lane finishes up his shower. Enzo is super paranoid that Brendon is talking to Ragan and Britney FIRST and that they are telling Brendon how he and Hayden knew about the "blindside" of lying to the couple on who was actually staying. He says that if they tell Brendon that Enzo "knew the whole time" that he's going to EXPLODE on them and make the rooftops pop off or something like that.

Enzo calls Ragan and Britney, who are emotional in the Have Not bedroom "babies" and hopes that Brendon sticks with putting them up. Over in the Have Not bedroom Britney & Ragan are venting to Matt. Oh wait, now the TEARS START A FLOWING! Both Britney and Ragan are crying, using tissues to wipe away their shity tears! HA HA! Ragan does say he does not regret "one single decision that I have made" in the game.

Ragan soon leaves and then Britney is upset venting to Matt that everyone is being "nice" to Brendon. That she takes it personally that her "Friends" are "nice to the person" who treated her like shit. She basically wants them ALL to treat Brendon like shit JUST TO PLEASE HER! This isn't YOUR HOUSE BITCH! Lane & Ragan joines them for a bit but then Lane leaves with Matt who says this "room depresses me".

The 2 shit heads start talking, about how hard the competition is and laugh about how he probably wont' make us "slop cookies" this week. Ragan says he wants to "sleep most of the week away". IDIOT. These 2 douche bags now laugh about their choice of clever words when they evicted Rachel, Ragan admitting he called her a "witch". Ragan says that whoever goes this week that that person will be sandwhiched between Rachel and who he assumes will be voted out next week, Brendon and how that will be "misery" for that person in the jury house with them.

Now they talk about living in the Have Not bedroom all week long. Ragan hates how "they" will kiss his ass all week now. Britney now informs Ragan how she and him are going up. That the "only" reason Brendon hates her is because she didn't use POV on them. UM YEAH, WHATEVER.

Over in the Taj room or the Funeral room where Brendon is mourning Rachel's "death" in the game, we just get Brendon thinking, the HOH key around his neck.

Later Britney and Ragan are in the Have Not bedroom. Doing what else. BUT CRYING! Get this, Ragan calls himself a "douche bag". WELL SAID BUDDY. Britney, asks "why", because you know this TWAT never regrets being a female douche bag. He admits that he feels bad for calling Rachel a "witch", for reacting the way he did at the "comp". Maybe he blew up at the HOH that just happened but we didn't see it.

Britney gets MEAN GIRL upset saying that no one understands what THEY went through last week. WHAT THEY WENT THROUGH. Ragan says he wishes he didn't do whatever he said he's done as it's hard to hear him under his muffled crying. He wishes that she and him did better at the HOH comp. He feels "bad" for himself and having a "pity party" for himself. They both agree to "talk through it" with each other about how "hard" they are going to have it this week. LOL!

So later Enzo is in the Taj room with Brendon and the NEW SUCK UP Kathy talking about random forced conversation with Brendon. Brendon is just loving anyone talking to him. Enzo keeps referring to the Have Not people as people having a "pity party".

Ragan is in the Cabana room now crying alone. Telling us "live feeders" that he hates himself too. That he got too "cocky" and too "mean" and how Karma is fucking him right now.

Day 44

So what's happening. We have a fracture in the Brigade. Ezno and Hayden's side alliance with Brendon is turning into something more real for some odd reason. Both agree that next week if they get HOH that they won't target Brendon... AT ALL. Enzo is starting to show some distrust or doubt against Matt. It could stem from the Pandora's Box experience, Matt not telling his alliance everything about what happened with the "box".

Enzo is also pissed thinking about the possibility of Matt or Lane playing POV and using it to take off either Britney or Ragan. That if they do that that Enzo is DONE with the Brigade or whoever uses POV to save their side alliances. Enzo is NOT HAVING THAT. But get this, over in another part of the house both Lane and Matt talk that if their friends, Britney or Ragan are on the block and they play POV and WIN IT that they WILL take them off the block!

Ohhhhh could we be getting Brigade fireworks this week!?!? Enzo is now telling Hayden how he probably could trust Brendon more now than Matt! BAM! GRAAAANADE!

As morning comes and goes we get the sub sub alliance of the Brigade, Enzo and Hayden both agreeing that Brendon has to stay at least 2 weeks longer so they can take out Ragan and Britney the next two weeks. Then they want Brendon to take out Matt after that. We'll see bitches, we'llllll see.

The house Have Nots also got to find out what America wants them to eat. Eggplants and Escargo. Whatevas! Now the house has also noticed that they got the "smaller" table for making it to this point of the game. Enzo mentions how the "backstabbing" will start.

Fast forward to 7:30pm. We find Brendon has nominated Lane and Ragan! Britney could play for POV and if she wins it, who does she take off from the block? Lane, her "big brother" or Ragan, her "BEST FAKE FRIEND"? It's a great week. If the noms stay the same then Ragan is leaving this week and will have lost 20,000 dollars on top of losing the chance of winning half a million dollars!

POV players have been picked. Britney and Matt are sitting the FUCK OUT! Perfect week for Brendon. He already told Lane minutes ago in the Cabana room that whoever is up against Lane is going home. So Ragan is D.U.N. That is of coures if he wins POV then Brendon has the perfect choice of either backdooring Matt or Britney. Of course if Matt is backdoored along side Lane then better believe it that the Diamond Power of Veto IS going to be used. Matt will come off as a "hero" in the Brigade and throw up Kathy & I guess Britney with Kathy to be evicted. You never know who would leave in a last minute decision like that. Matt may order his alliance members, who at that point are fully exposed, to vote out Kathy and they would probably do so after that SHOCK of a power was used.

No word if the POV is at night or tomorrow.

Day 45

So 2 BIG THINGS happened today. Well three if you count that fight. Brendon had Pandora's Box and opened it to reveal Rachel and she got to stay in the house for 24 hours while Brendon was taken away somewhere. Rachel may be the "havoc" that the house has unleashed on the houseguests. So Rachel has been fuming over Ragan and how Ragan dealt with her before she left. She and Ragan GET INTO IT!

But first, before Pandora's Box, Ragan won POV. Mutha fucking TWAT won POV! So before POV Kathy tells Brendon how she feels the house is going to try to put her on the block if POV is used. Brendon assures her she won't be backdoored and that his only 2 choices are Britney and Matt this week.

So well after Rachel has been in the house she's there for... not sure why. Kathy and her have made up. Kathy told her about how she caught or overheard Ragan, Britney and Matt talking smack about her, how she didn't like it. It seems almost everyone, not sure if Britney has had a talk with Rachel, has made nice with Rachel. They KNOW she's a jury vote.

But Rachel decides to take a stab at Britney and Ragan, now knowing they are Have Nots. She is making cookies and go outside where Britney is playing pool by herself and asks her if she wants a cookie. Britney informs her she's a Have Not this week. Rachel suggests that she'll go ask Ragan if he wants a cookie, he's working out near the weight bench.

So this sparks a fight. Ever since Ragan won POV he's been BIG BARKING DOG again instead of wounded crying weeping bawling puppy. Ragan calls, insults Rachel while she does the same right back at her. She takes a few steps closer every few insults showing Ragan he's not scaring her. He throws it in her face how she's gone from the house and that she is the "havoc" of Pandora's Box.

That "America" hates her as much as everyone in the house. Enzo inside, along with Matt and nearly everyone except Brendon, who I believe is away from the house, are watching the fight. Enzo is laughing his ass off. Ragan makes fun of Rachel's laugh, mocks her hair extensions, her being a "vile" woman while Rachel insults Ragan's fake friendships in the house, him not being a "great" gay and not sure what else. Loads of insults spewed back and forth.

Rachel sucks at arguments. She wants one but doesn't go in prepared at all. She stumbles, fumbles and just gets to laughing at herself to further upset the person attacking her. She's use to verbal fights, you know, living in drunken Vegas nights areas. So Ragan is on a roll, laying into her, Britney is near the pool table keeping her TRAP SHUT like she should and then Ragan ends his huge blow on her and heads inside slaming the sliding glass door. Rachel just STANDS THERE. quiet, holding her cookie mix package.

Britney just stands there too and doesn't say anything to her. After awhile Rachel finally move inside and is quick to tell the people inside how Ragan went "personal" on her and how she was all just about "game". Of coures Rachel is lying. Ragan is in the Have Not bedroom now laying in his bed just laying there with an upset face.

Rachel laughs and talks about having fun with the rest but it seems the insults have gotten to her so she heads into the Diary Room to most likely cry. Britney comes inside and the house tells her what Rachel told her and Britney gives this look "like really, that bitch lied again" face.

So the reason why I didn't detail this fight is because right now Rachel has apologized to Rachel twice now..WHY WHY WHY? Ragan is talking with Rachel in the Taj room about shit and I could give a fuck. So D.U.N. with these pathetic fights that end with apologizing. What is this, an episode of the Real World that always ends with the roommates making the fuck up? HATE THIS SEASON!

Day 46

OH GOD! Ragan calls Rachel a "nightmare" in this game.. I call him and everyone in that house except Rachel a "nightmare". Rachel is the heart of this season, the heart of the drama, the heart of the house, the heart beat that is keeping this damn season alive!

So really quick, just as midnight hits the shit hits the fan. This time between Rachel and Britney. You see it all started when Rachel and Britney had some talk yesterday, remember, Rachel is back in the house for 24 hours because Brendon opened Pandora's Box. So anyways, they talk, I didn't really see the conversation nor care to see it. But the idea of it was that Rachel was told by Britney that she did think Rachel was the Saboteur and that she had some special power that would save the couple this past Thursday. That since it wasn't Rachel that it could be someone that America liked in the house, so Britney mentioned Enzo's & Hayden's name. Somehow Lane's name was brought up to but only by Rachel because Rachel did believe Lane was the Saboteur.

So later Rachel tells Hayden that Britney named Enzo as the Saboteur. So later Hayden tells Enzo, Lane and Matt outside at the pool table what Rachel told him. Enzo starts getting pissed off because he "swore" on his wife and baby girl that he wasn't the Sab and he calls Britney a "22 year old dim wit" for not believing him.

He wants to confront Britney but goes and finds Rachel. Britney is in the DR. Up in the HOH room Rachel and Enzo talk. Here Rachel tells Enzo that Britney did in fact throw out Enzo's name as being a possible Saboteur because of 2 reasons, America likes him and Brit thinks that America got to pick the Saboteur and 2, that Enzo's "personality has changed" in the house. This is something else Britney has said to Ragan also. That Enzo is now kissing Brendon's ass and she wants Enzo to hate Brendon for how he treated her last week.

So Enzo goes downstairs and starts getting angry, talking to anyone who will listen. He finally talks to Ragan in the Cabana room who is quick to roll his eyes hearing that Rachel is the source of this new drama. He says "consider the source" and compares Rachel to the National Inquier magazine.

Enzo starts doubting Rachel thinking she's back to start drama and that she is still the Saboteur. Hayden brings up a recent Saboteur message after Rachel left how about they are still "in the house" but the Sab never mentioned that they were still in the "game". So now they are thinking Rachel is the Saboteur again.

So Britney comes out of the Diary Room just as midnight rolls around and she has no idea what's going on. She goes outside to talk with Enzo and Enzo is told by a shocked Britney that she never "said that", about Enzo being the Sab. So Enzo is calm about it and goes inside to tell Rachel who comes outside and immediately starts to confront Britney for lying.

The stupid stupid STUPID fight that is really Rachel saying "you said this" and Britney saying "you're lying" and how she didn't say it like that but said it like this and what she really said was this and how Rachel is lying. BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH.

So Rachel again fails at arguing her point and ends up leaving and gets nothing accomplished except to throw out one good argument. That she has nothing to lose, she's not in the game anymore and that she has no reason to lie, that Britney has every reason to lie to stay in the game.

SO, after Rachel goes inside and I guess probably starts to cry so she heads into the Diary Room while Britney starts to cry outside defending herself. Enzo is telling Britney not to cry and that he believes her. WHAT? Enzo is going around talking about how Rachel is here to start shit. WHATEVAS!

Ragan does not come outside during this fight at all. But I did finally see yesterday's live feed after Rachel came in. She and Ragan immediately started fighting and insulting each other, Rachel saying that Ragan isn't a "man" and Ragan continues to tear her down as a person and not as a game player, that was taken out of the game because of the type of person she is. WHATEVAS! And the reason why hypocrite Ragan is upset is because Rachel came in the front door saying "I'm Back Bitches" and how she gave them "dirty looks" but this is Ragan assuming he is always right and probably was. But these stupid playground fights are tiresome.

So back to the house. Later in the midnight hours we find Hayden and Enzo talking about Matt in the Cabana room! They are ready to turn against him this week. They feel if he's put on the block against Lane that they will vote him out. That Ragan was suppose to go this week. They figure out that Matt wants Ragan and Britney in the "final 6" with the Brigade so that Matt has multiple options to get to the end game aka the Final 2. Enzo wants that game play for himself, not for Matt!

Lane comes in and Enzo tells him to close the door. Enzo says Britney is "full of shit" and that if Lane thinks "Matty has flipped". Lane now says Matt has told him "false information" for the past 2 weeks. Britney comes in and interrupts them and she asks them if they are talking "serious gameplay". She is invited to stay in the room but she leaves rather quickly.

So they get back to talking game. Their talk is basically about getting Matt out this week if he is on the block against Lane. How Ragan is always with Matt and following him everywhere. How Matt is possibly finding a "better deal" on the other side of the house. Enzo tells Lane and Hayden how he trusts them both more than Matt. All agree that if Matt is backdoored this week that Matt is out. But little do they know Matt has the Diamond POV of Veto and could throw up Kathy in his place and Kathy will be evicted this week. DAMN IT! All agree that this is the week that "Matty has to go out".

Later out in the kitchen Enzo talks with Rachel and she says she'd be fine with either Ragan or Britney coming to the Jury House. Of course with Ragan having POV then she hopes that Britney comes to her soon.

Day 46 Part 2

So morning comes and goes. Rachel has gone away. No more fights. Brendon has returned. We find out he went to a nice hotel, had a spa day, ate some chef food, enjoyed himself. We still don't know if Brendon himself has a special power or if Rachel did something before she left the house.

Enzo, Lane and Hayden are still pushing for Matt to be backdoored. Looks like Britney is no longer the target. It could go back and forth all night but Brendon is getting the sense that his "boys" want Matt up on the block and out.

There's no point in posting about the idea of Matt going on the block. Tomorrow, after the POV ceremony, we'll know if Matt is up or not. If he is Matt WILL use the Diamond Power of Veto Thursday night and most likely will throw Kathy up in his place allowing for Ragan and Britney to drop to their knees and worship their Big Brother GOD. Matt doing this will have gotten their Jury votes.

Now the problem with Matt using his DPOV on himself Thursday is that Lane, Enzo and Hayden will NO LONGER trust him at all. He can lie by saying Big Brother told him not to say anything or he'd lose his power but we all know that's not true and so will his boys. If Matt uses the power this week the jealously from his own alliance members will SHOOT THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF.

But so many things can happen. Enzo could now look at Brendon as enemy number one because he had Pandora's Box and he could have something like "Coup d'tat". Matt's position in the house could be that of everyone loving him for saving them all for another week. Ragan will SUCK MATT'S DICK for this power move and no one will really be upset that Kathy is out. Well everyone except Enzo, who wanted an easy final four with Kathy involved. Now this just makes Enzo work harder for it.

But if Matt uses the special power I suspect his days are highly numbered and he'll be evicted soon enough, next week even if he doesn't win HOH or win POV.

What's great is all day today Enzo, Lane and Hayden are trying to figure out why Matt is not scared about going up. Either because Matt believes he has the votes against Lane to stay meaning he has too many side deals thus giving them more of a reason to get rid of him. So hopefully they figure out that Matt has some special power and to just get him on the block to flush it out of him. And if he doesn't have a special power then VOTE HIS ASS OUT! Simple as that. They are so close to figuring out this plan. So fucking close.

And you just know the Diary room is working on getting Matt on the block so that this BIG power will be used. This season is just too damn predictable.

Day 47

Day fourty fucking seven has arrived. Ragan used POV on himself and Brendon replaced him with.... MATT! Matt who has Diamond Power of Veto. So this week's live show will be EPIC! Matt will use it and WILL put up Kathy to be evicted. This is Kathy's last week in the house! FINALLY! I just can't picture Matt not using it and allowing Lane to be evicted. Matt using DPOV will end his game just like Coup detat ended Jeff's game last year. Enzo will officially turn on Matt this Thursday and I can't wait. Of course it all depends on who wins POV. Now with Britney, Ragan and Matt staying to fight next week in the HOH comp and Brendon not competing, well that only leaves Lane, Hayden and Enzo to win it. If the comp has anything to do with questions from previous house events then expect Britney, Matt or Ragan to win HOH and Brendon to be the target next week. OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS SEASON SUCKS!

I guess if Brendon doesn't win POV next week then he's defintely out. Can't wait to see Brendon's reaction to Matt getting up and using DPOV. Kathy goes up shocked as ever. Smiles her big souther smile, her spider eye lashes sparkling in the light. Her country twang saying "I'm ready Julie". Then Ragan voting out Kathy, Britney voting out Kathy, Enzo voting out Kathy, Hayden voting out Kathy and then Matt voting out Kathy. Kathy leaves on a uniamous vote.

Brendon hopefully curses and throws a fit. Enzo is shocked. Britney and Ragan are smiling from ear to ear with Ragan's tented crotch for all to see. Ragan on all fours begging Matt to fuck him now on live television. Lane laughing. Hayden speechless. Kathy's blank smile stare as she walks out telling everyone not to worry about it and how it was a great game move crap. Hopefully HOH is a crap shot and it's one of those where you throw a ball and if you're the closest target you win HOH. Even Lane can win that one.

So who cares what goes on in the house now. Matt is using DPOV. Kathy is going home. That's it. If something changes then I'll be shocked.

Oh wait, it seems Matt is hinting in the house that there's a "power" that could happen this week, using last week's "everyone has to pack because anyone could go home" tatic Big Brother used on them last week. Last week and this week the cast thinks Double Eviction is coming when really it's just Diamond Power of Veto.

So Matt is also dropping clues that Britney may be going up, he says this to his Brigade members. I'll be FLOORED if Britney is put up in his place and voted out. Matt does talk about keeping Kathy to the final four with his Brigade so keeping her past this week makes sense since he has no control over Britney. Britney would always chose Ragan or Lane over Matt.

Oh man, another week where 2 men are on the block and another woman is evicted. This season a man will win Big Brother.

Day 48

Day 48 of BOREDOM has arrived! The house keeps talking about "what if" Matt or Lane are not here next week. I DON'T CARE because we all know Matt is going to backdoor someone Thursday, most likely Kathy.

Right now, 3:30pm, Matt and Hayden are talking in the Cabana room about one of the Brigade members winning the game. Outside Enzo is ripping every houseguest that isn't in the Brigade apart with his verbal vomit while Lane does some pushes... WITH HIS SHIRT ON! I mean who the fuck works out with his shirt on? Enzo says Brendon has creme filling in his twinkie brain. That Ragan is a skinny cracked out version of Andy Dick, how his look isn't working for him. That Britney is "pale". Now he's telling Lane how he doesn't want to hear Britney saying how Matt deserves to be here. Lane says Britney is a "little snake"!!!

Then Lane takes off his shirt and jumps in the pool. Always hiding his body. Enzo is telling Lane that someone from the Brigade will win and someone from the Brigade will win the 25,000 dollars jury prize. That they will take the entire top prizes, 1st, 2nd and jury prize. That's 575,000 dollars all together. Now he bashes Britney about how she trashes everyone. Enzo says if he gets HOH next week that it would be "fucked up" for him to put up Brendon when he really wants to get out Britney.

Inside back in the Cabana room Matt just told Hayden that Britney is gunning for Enzo. Now all we need is Hayden to tell Enzo and let the shit hit the fan! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Day 49

Another day waiting for this week TO END! Thursday can't come fast enough. All I want is for Kathy or Britney to GET THE SHOCK OF THEIR LIVES when Matt sends one of them home this week! LOL! So what Ragan gets another week where his ego and get more out of control to match Matt's. So what Brendon gets egg on his face when the person he didn't want to go goes "home". So what Ragan or Matt wins HOH this week and their ego's explode all over the place. AT LEAST KATHY OR BRITNEY FINALLY GET THEIR ASSES kicked out of the house!

I do agree with Janelle, Big Brother Queen, that this year's Diamond Power of Veto should have been something in the house that everyone got to compete for and not handed to the person that Alison Grodner wanted to. And to find out Brendon and Rachel didn't get ANY power of any sort this week for Pandora's Box being open is a sure sign Alison Grodner is pushing for a Matt final 2 with anyone finale. The lie that got him the grand prize tagline FULL OF SHIT storyline. But you know Alison Grodner, the show's FIXED producer, can only do so much. Last year Jeff didn't make it to the finale with Jordan but AG did at least get one of the couple to the end.

Matt in the final 2 is something that this year's Big Brother wants. Fuck I expect there to be a Coup detat power that somehow Matt "wins" and gets him further in the game. SHITTY LITTLE UGLY FUCKER. I hate Matt!

So there's talk of Britney and Lane getting into a fight over something and Lane getting personal takng a verbal stab at Britney's soon to be husband Nick. I think everything is fine now but you know how Lane gets when a woman tries to put him in his place.. he just won't have it. Women are beneath him, always will be. It's that southern shitty charm of Lane's.

Posted by guytvblog at August 12, 2010 10:13 PM


Was a decent show tonight. Last night was too much with the Rachel histrionix.

OK. Good commentary above. Tanx. I totally think you're right about Enzo's gameplay. Nonetheless, he is simply NOT interesting as a person and it would be repugnant if he gets much further. He is the Jersey Shore robot on this show.

Now, I've only just recently become aware of a BB After Dark show on the Reality Channel. I watched for well over an hour tonight. Frankly, I found it better than the actual show. Brendon is evolved and thoughtful, and actually interesting. And, beyond smokin'. Hayden is the non-threatening frat boy with nice manners and remains a physical threat. Britney is really the "mean girl" and is entertaining, and is edited just as she is. Matt is probably nicer than he is edited (I find him edited as an over-confident a-hole....sort of like Ronny (Ronnie?) a few seasons back).

Lane, meanwhile, is superlative trash. Sexy trash, but really no redeeming qualities other than how he might look with his legs in the air. Ragan is whiney, and the great disappointment of the bunch. Not smart, not interesting, not mean in an entertaining way. Hopefully it's one of Matt, Brendon, Hayden, or Britney at the end. The Brigade will endure, so likely Hayden or Matt has the best chance, and I'm fine with that. Matt grows on you. He's the stealth missile of the bunch. Kudos to the Brigade for sitting on the secret this long.

Posted by: Nick at August 13, 2010 1:17 AM

Um did you see the same fight in the backyard between Regan and Rachel? I think Regan clearly owned her. The fact that she was using gay innuendos as a means of insult is demonstrating her true character--and I love that Regan Called her out on it.

You might want to watch this again, I and hope you see what I'm referring to when I dislike Rachel:

Mr. GuyTVBlog responds:

First off it is completely the SAME when Ragan attacks Rachel for not being this "classy" woman he seems to think Rachel isn't being. He discredits her as a woman, well he actually insults her by saying she's a type of woman that is beneath what he considers to be a "woman".

So Rachel therefore attacks him and his type of gay man. She even attacks him being a "man" in general after she had just walked back into the house.

So BOTH of them are guilty of verbally cutting each other down. I don't mind that you hate Rachel but let's be real about this.

Ragan ain't no glistening gem in this batch of shit covered jewels. They are both at fault but if you want to hold Rachel at fault on some deeper level then so be it. I'm a gay man and if I was in that house and saw this fight in person I'd point out to Ragan how he's discrediting her as a woman while she did the same about his sexuality, it's no different and he's guilty of being a "vile" person.

RAGAN IS A HYPOCRITE! Snap out of it!

And if you want to believe he PWNED her I believe he PWNED himself coming off like an epic douche bag.

And who the fuck made Ragan this high and mighty human being that feels as if he can tell people how beneath them they are to him. If I was in the house I'd tell him that "you're just as much as a douche bag as everyone else in this house so stop wasting your breath."

Posted by: ih8rachel at August 15, 2010 1:55 PM

I dont understand the whole Sabateur twist and what Ragan has done to earn the 20K. I thought the sab was supposed to pull off 3 pranks per week against the other at least theres some risk to the sab. Instead, hes done absoultely nothing except read facebook messages while PRODUCTION gives the HGs these fake sab messages. The Hgs dont even believe the messages anymore because they know for a fact that the sab has lied in the past....about annie being off the block for ex----and its highly doubtful that theres a male/female pair of lifelong friends cuz you know they would have told viewers about this by now if it were real. All the sab messages have not come true - ie there was no competition when the sab threatened one - both rach and brendon stayed on the block and rach went home so true love did not conquer all etc. This twist is just so lame. I just dont understand what makes Ragan a sabateur - he's had to do absolutely nothing - its probably the easiest 20k in reality show history. He should have had to pull physical pranks without having the HGS notice anything suspicious...instead production just gives sab messages and all ragan has to do is sit in the diary room and pretend to choose a sab suggestion from viewers. This season is lame...and most of the hgs are also very boring. ive got showtime after dark for the first time - and most of the episodes are soooo boring - i feel like im watching the pool tournament channel!

Posted by: matt at August 18, 2010 10:08 AM

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