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August 20, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50

Day 56

Not much going on. No house change for Enzo to be evicted. Matt still getting his ass handed to him Thursday. Ragan and Matt are still BEST FAKE FRIENDS even though Matt admitted throwing Ragan under the bus to us, the viewers, during the most recent episode.

I guess Matt grows more secretly angry towards Enzo, Lane and Hayden as he's told Brendon that if he makes it to the end that he has Matt's jury vote! SAY WHA???

7:21pm We have the houseguests playing with a "chance" HOH comp game. It's the same contraption that was used last season and even on Big Brother Brasil last year. You stand at one end, hold a teeter totter type contraption and let the ball roll and before the ball rolls off the end you thrust it up into the air to fall in a box/circle.

So after Matt is evicted they will most likely play this for HOH. POV will most likely be something physical. The hopefully RAGAN is evicted! If Ragan wins POV then BUH BYE BRITNEY! But then again if Ragan wins HOH and then Britney wins POV... then BUH BYE BRENDON!

UH OH! Lane has headed up to the HOH room to talk with Enzo. It seems Brendon has figured out he can't do much in the game to get further if Enzo, Lane and Hayden are all together in the house. So Brendon has gotten with Ragan and Britney to create a new 3 person alliance. The problem is BRITNEY! She told Lane Brendon's plan and now Lane has told Enzo.

Enzo is PISSED! He doesn't know why Brendon would do that but really Brendon is just trying to not go out fourth if he is the final HG against the remaining Brigade members. Enzo is back to not caring about Brendon AT ALL. Lane is back to hating Brendon as usual. Enzo is NOW, he's NOW telling Lane that Hayden has to know this and how they HAVE to win HOH tomorrow! LOL! So much for not trying Hayden, Lane and Enzo. They all three thought Brendon, Ragan and Britney would all be targeting each other leaving them three untouched.

I still want Ragan out first but if those 3 team up to start taking out the remaining Brigade, well then so be it. It'll make for great TV.

Britney is now in the HOH room and Lane makes a comment how if it's "better" to take out Brendon next. I guess the target from Ragan has shifted to Brendon. DAMN IT! Sucks to Brendon! Britney has done her job keeping Ragan for another week or so while sicking her boys on Brendon, the person she's most scared of in the house. She's happy as fuck knowing her boys are after Brendon now.

Day 55

Not much to report. Matt is trying and saying every trick in the book to stay. He's almost like channeling Annie from week one, when she tried every trick and tatic and antic to stay. Matt is just like a dog digging holes in a backyard, looking for a bone that isn't there. His end result is just not going to happen. He is NOT going to stay.

The rest of the house is just dealing with Matt's antics, especially Hayden and Lane. Hearing Matt trash Ragan then use Ragan as a tool that if Matt stays they can "use" Ragan but if Matt eleaves Ragan is not with "them".

Ragan is very much onto Enzo, Lane and Hayden. Watching them more closely now. EVER SINCE BRENDON helped Ragan focus his game on the boys Ragan has been figuring out what they are up to without even talking to them. He tells Matt that they must have a final four deal with Britney, that she is in on evicting Matt this week.

But there's not much Ragan can do about it all. He even says that all he can do is "win" the entire way through to the end or he's out. TRUE DAT BITCH!

Day 50

What a predictable and HORRIBLE week. Matt used his Diamond Power of Veto and took some digs at Brendon calling him a "dummy" and implying he can't make decisions for himself, meaning Matt was only nominated because Rachel told him to do it in a "pretzel" message she left for him on the HOH glass table the time she was in the house for 24 hours.

Kathy was thrown up in a long winded speech that Julie told Matt to hurry the fuck up. Kathy was thrown up and she was all nice about getting uniamously voted out. What's funny is Ragan loved to throw it in Rachel's face how she was the ONLY person this season who got uniamously voted out but now Kathy got the same treatment. Lane not getting a single vote should scare the fuck out of everyone in terms of who wants Lane out.

Kathy leaves, is predictable in telling everyone to be "good" as she leaves. Kathy didn't even pack, no suitcase for her! SO FUCKING GLAD she's gone. I've been hating her since day one. Playing all sides of the house but never admitting to that type of gameplay, standing behind her "morals" bullshit.

So HOH comes and goes. The last 2 are Enzo and Britney. Britney seems fairly sure of her HOH answers in the True/False Big Brother Says game whereas Enzo was barely getting them right with Julie always asking for Enzo to make a decision. The final question before the tie breaker round had them question different answers with Britney winning. Enzo should have studied harder. Britney threw her hands up in the air and I'm actually happy for her. She gets to experience HOH. The problem here is Ragan gets to have a AWESOME week. HATE THAT.

Matt threw HOH and made it quite obvious with a thumbs up that he threw it. Matt thinks he's so fucking GOOD at this game that he got to use a power and then threw the HOH on purpose knowing that he's safe no matter what this week. AND HE IS. I hate that his game is sooo fucking good that no one wants to get rid of him after his power move and escaping the block now twice.

What's funny is Enzo wanted either Ragan or Britney out this week. He's made it known to his Brigade members repeatedly. So Matt, knowing that Enzo wanted these people out, decided to take out Kathy and in his replacement nominee speech he even took a stab at Kathy calling her some form of cleaning house and it as to be done at some point. Fucking Rachel warned Kathy that they were after her and they were. BITCH SHOULD HAVE PLAYED HARDER IN POV! BITCH had a chance to win it!

Now yes Matt had every right to do what he wanted, put up who he wanted to better his own game. But if Enzo survives this week I already expect Enzo to start targeting Matt over anyone else. Enzo WILL be jealous of Matt's position in the house, friendships in the house and how easy it will be for Matt to win in the end game, final 2. Enzo will scare Lane and Hayden out of having a chance of winning against Matt in the final 2 and should have no problem turning the Brigade against Matt next week.

Now here's the kicker. Next Thursday is a double eviction. IT'S FINALLY HERE. The houseguests have been expecting it. With Britney as the HOH she is going to put up Brendon as expected. She's already told people in the house that she's putting up Brendon for "Nick" yet Lane has taken jabs at Nick and he's never going to see the block this week.

So now Enzo and Hayden's top secret side alliance slash friendship with Brendon is about to fuck them as one of them will go up against Brendon. The question is who. Matt has already told Britney that Enzo has yet to see the block so he may be the obvious choice. I already see Enzo and Brendon nominated this week. I see Britney telling Hayden how he's already seen the block and how he lost "Kristin".

Enzo has been obviously down tonight walking around with a "fuck me" face. Bitch knows he's going on the block. Ragan is safe as fuck. Matt is safe as fuck. Lane is safe as fuck. That only leaves Hayden, Brendon and Enzo. If either Brendon or Enzo wins POV then Hayden goes up. It's simple as that. If POV isn't use to change nominations then Brendon goes. If Brendon comes off with POV then Hayden goes up and Enzo leaves. He doesn't have a friendship with Ragan and Lane already promised his vote to Hayden if they were ever on the block. So again we get a predictable fucking week. THIS SEASON SUCKS!

I shouldn't be able to call the game before it happens. THIS SEASON SUCKS!

Now what's fun is next Thursday's double eviction. If the house gets their way then Brendon leaves this week and then double eviction starts. With Brendon gone, Britney not able to play in HOH that leaves only Ragan versus the ENTIRE BRIGADE! There are good odds that the Brigade will win and at this moment the Brigade will make themselves know by nominating both Ragan versus Britney.

Now if either Ragan or Britney wins POV then Britney will most likely leave due to her POV and HOH collective wins. Now if either wins POV and takes themselves off then the Brigade will thrown up anyone from their alliance and it won't matter because they control the votes. Whichever of Britney/Ragan is left on the block will be evicted. The Brigade will make themselves known.

Now whichever is left from Britney and Ragan, again this is assuming Ragan doesn't win HOH during Double Eviction, then if they seriously don't win the next HOH after the double eviction show is over.. well their ass is done. Of course only the POV would save their ass but it looks like the Brigade could get their final four alliance that started on day 3 and pushed through to the final... well, their plan will actually have come true. Again I'm playing the "what if" game. Shit Brendon could win POV this week and then the Brigade is really fucked this week losing a member and their final four plans will no longer be.

10pm. Interesting! Lane and Matt are talking in the Jungle bedroom and Matt is NOT selling out Hayden and Enzo. He's not throwing his boys under the bus to Matt how they wanted to get rid of Matt. FUCK YEAH! Matt is getting played by Lane. Lane made it seem like him, Hayden and Enzo were "emotional", almost crying on "national TV" in the Cabana room, how they were so upset that Matt would be leaving that they wanted to burst out of the Cabana room and tell everyone that Matt was "one of them".

So Lane also discussed how Kathy was voting to evict Matt and how Matt agreed with Enzo and Hayden that they didn't want to split the votes so that everyone was in agreement that Matt was leaving. Lane is keeping shit from Matt and that's beautiful. Matt WILL be dealt with soon enough. He better be. If he's in the final four then he WILL be in the final 2. Matt buys this hook line and sinker. HA HA! Fuck you Matt!

Lane did bring up how Enzo said that he will go AWF on Britney if he's put up. Matt doesn't think that would be a good idea. Matt then brings up how Ragan was "almost crying" when he used the Diamond Power of Veto. Lane even said that he would volunteer to go up on the block so that Enzo wouldn't go AWF on Britney! WOW! STUPID MUCH?

Outside on the hammock the QUEEN CUNTS Ragan and Britney are trashing Brendon but then Ragan says it isn't like him to "kick someone when they're done". THIS come from Ragan... THIS BULLSHIT! Ragan says he doesn't want to focus on Brendon so much this week and enjoy his upcoming "weeks" as if he plans on staying to the end or something.

Now they think the DPOV was "original" and Ragan, the QUEEN OF BB KNOWLEDGE, doesn't seem to remember it ever being used on Big Brother before. Ragan says he doesn't like 'him" meaning Brendon and how he needs to "get over it" and how hating Brendon isn't "productive". REALLY TWAT? But there's nothing else you can relate to anyone in the house about except to trash the couple. As I type this he brings up Rachel's "priceless" expression on her face when she sees what happened this week.

Here Britney says she thought Enzo and Hayden would throw HOH. Of course she never brings up Matt getting taken out. So fucking irritating how Matt is under the radar with them.

Day 51

So the Have Not twist continues. They did the SO OLD drinking mixed food milkshakes competition. Brendon, Hayden and Enzo were not able to keep them down or drink them fast enough. They are the Have Not's of the week. Was SOOO hoping Ragan was going to be a Have Not again. DAMN IT! Maybe him getting voted out this Thursday would be even better.

Britney is bringing everyone up to the HOH room to discuss her nominations. As if they'll be a fucking surprise. I already said who the fuck they were going to be. Enzo versus Brendon. NO SURPRISE THERE. Ragan, who thinks he's HOH, tells Hayden, NO he PROMISES Hayden that Hayden has "nothing to worry about" in terms of going up on the block.

Enzo has been telling people he will go AWF on Britney if she nominates him. That he already hates Britney and Ragan in the game and will let them HAVE IT if he's nominated. GOOD! About time a shit storm hit those 2 TWATS from behind. Those two CUNTS will never see it coming and they'll be taken back by it so dramatically! I CAN'T WAIT! Oh Enzo, don't disappoint us. PLEASE RIP BRATNEY AND RAGAN a new asshole with your insults.

Matt, Ragan and Britney have been doing almost nothing but trashing on Brendon. All day long. All the fucking time. Britney tried to get Brendon to throw people under the bus to save himself to then use it against him but really the only people Brendon told Britney not to trust and to be afraid of was the last house couple Matt and Ragan. To NOT play the game for them this week, to do what she wanted. To get out who she wanted, not what they wanted. But really Britney wants Brendon out.

What else... Matt butt fucked Ragan in the Have Not bedroom. Ragan told Matt to love only him when his wife dies. Matt licked Ragan's back and bit his ear screaming how he would love only him now. Yeah... it happened. Believe it.... lol.

5pm Britney is talking with Enzo, Lane and Hayden. She just talked with Brendon who filled her head with the fear that if he leaves this week that she will be the target for next week, targeted by Ragan and Matt. She talks with her boys about how she wants to put up a pawn against Brendon and in so many few words the "pawn" is going to be either Hayden or Enzo. We all know Lane aint going up.

So they are told that Brendon just said they are all after Matt and they tell her that Brendon was doing all the talking and they just sat there. BUT they did want Matt to be the pawn against Brendon. They all four are using Matt's word against him about how he wants to win POV and make sure that Brendon goes home this week. There's only one person sitting out of the POV comp this week and they all agree that if Matt wants to play and win POV he has to be nominated to make sure he plays.

Britney then brings up how she already told Matt she wasn't going to nominate him but now she is hoping that when she offers Matt the "pawn" spot to make sure he plays POV that he will somehow volunteer again to go up. Britney makes it known that if Matt puts up a fight or disagrees with the idea the she WONT' put him up. FUCK!

She is getting the hint from the boys that it is them four as the "Final four" with Brendon leaving this week and Ragan and Matt targeted for next week. It seems though that the Brigade is targeting one of their own this week by getting Matt on the block. What better way to get rid of Matt than this week and shock both Britney and Ragan by keeping Brendon.

Shit they all just said that no one is going to win against Matt in the final 2. That Matt has to be dealt with at some point. You see what really scared Britney is the statement that Brendon made, that she is doing Matt and Ragan's dirty work FOR THEM and if Brendon is the actual person she wants out this week. She really needs to think that if she's in the final 2 against Brendon that she would most definitely win against him, Matt not so much.

If Brendon was SMART he would have told her this to really scare the shit out of her. Up against me in the final 2 you'll win, up against Matt, you'll lose. Go back to Nick with NOTHING.

So Britney and her boys break up their talk but Hayden stays behind to have a quick exchange of words. Something about how Brendon has to go but something about Matt and how she should be doing good by putting Matt up against Brendon. She's all down for this but keeps talking about how worried she will be about Matt staying and coming after her next week.

Britney is now called to the Diary Room and she rushes to the Jungle bedroom to grab Matt. She wants to go into the storage room to talk with him real quick about the nominations. But just as they walk in Big Brother is DEMANDING Britney to come to the Diary Room. They didn't want her to talk to Matt before nominations. But she did get to talk to him.

The trivia is on the feeds now meaning that the nominations are starting. Britney will talk in the Diary Room for awhile, the house will be on outdoors lockdown, blah blah blah, Brendon and Enzo will be nominated. So boring and D.U.N.

7:30pm. What a NON SURPRISE! Enzo and Brendon are both nominated. Well shit I didn't see that coming a mile away in this unbelievably amazing heart pounding great season!!!!

It seems when the DR was trying to pull Britney from talking to Matt that they didn't succeed from stopping their talk. Britney flat out asked Matt if he would be down with going up on the block and he said no. So she didn't put him up.

After the nomination ceremony Brendon retreated to the Have Not bedroom to bitch and moan about Britney going back on her word. Brendon didn't nominate her last week so he just expected her to not do the same to him.

Britney quickly brings Enzo up to the HOH room to talk. He is not upset with her... to her face at least. He brings up Monet's name and how he knows she did what she had to do crap. BORING! This season still sucks.

BUT the gem of this conversation is that Britney did say that if Brendon does win POV or if anyone is taken off the block that Matt will be thrown up. DING DING DING! So if Hayden wins it, he pulls off Enzo. Matt goes up. If Brendon wins it Matt goes up and is "backdoored". If Enzo wins it then Matt goes up. Sounds easy enough. But I expect Matt will talk himself out of even being backdoored with Britney thanks to Ragan! FUCKING RAGAN!

Day 52

Let's see. Enzo, Hayden and Lane are trying to get Matt backdoored this week. All want to keep Brendon around if possible. They are attempting to scare Britney into thinking Matt is the Saboteur so even if she wins POV that she'll backdoor him herself. All they want is him on the block.

Lane is even all about replacing Matt with Britney in the Brigade. The house is playing POV right now. Hayden has mentioned that if he wins POV that Enzo is going to be pulled off with it so that Matt can be thrown up there. This way Hayden, Enzo and Lane control the votes this week and can send out Matt, lying to him the entire week.

I can't get my hopes up. It all depends on who's playing. Everyone but Ragan is playing. Well that's good. Ragan is hosting so if can't win and keep the nominations the same. Only Matt can win and keep it the same. Hopefully if Britney wins it she'll be tricked into using it by her boys and send Matt packing.

It all depends on who wins POV. If Matt wins he'll only be safe for one week. What I would love to happen is Matt doesn't try so hard to win it, thinks Brendon is going home, gets thrown up on the block and gets sent home. So much for giving us a thumbs up while he mouthed the word "perfect" showing us all how GREAT he is at throwing the HOH comps.

Day 52 Part 2

SUCKS TO BE YOU RAGAN! This week's POV was a punishment one. When the feeds return we see Brendon with his head shaved... AND THE FUCKING POV NECKLACE AROUND HIS NECK! There were also prizes in the comp. Lane won a phone call. Or so he says. Someone won 5,000 dollars. Brendon is going to be handcuffed to Britney for 24 hours. LOL! Enzo lost his clothes and is in a "penguin" costume all week long!

But no one knows who won all the big prizes. A trip, the money. It was one of those POV comps where everyone played on their own, not everyone all outside at once. Lane, Hayden and Enzo are super quick to start working on getting Matt backdoored this week. They, along with Brendon, want to get into Britney's head and get her to backdoor him.

Enzo and Hayden go upstairs while Lane distracts Matt downstairs with Ragan. It starts. All agree Matt is too cocky in the game, most likely didn't play to win, felt he was safe no matter what, took all the prizes in the POV comp and probably bragged about it in the Diary Room... Enzo says "he's got to go".

Enzo is even ready for Matt to try to spill about the Brigade. Enzo says if Matt wants to start with him that they will "throw down" and go AT IT! Enzo is fired up. Britney did cry saying she really wanted Brendon to leave and how she feels she has no jury votes in the jury house. Sending Matt out she feels she won't get his vote, she doesn't have Rachel's or Kathy's. They make her feel better by tryign to get her to stop crying and to just PUT UP MATT.

She's all down for it. Talking about Matt following her everywhere now and how he immediately asked her after she won if she was going to put him up and not to do it. She's scared of Ragan being upset with her but the boys got her back. That if Brendon wins HOH next week that he'll put up Ragan and Britney and Ragan will leave. Britney is scared though that Ragan could win the POV and she would go home. It's just too many what if's and Enzo says that they all have to go at some point. The goal is to not think about it and to just get to the final four. Britney, Lane, Enzo and Hayden.

Enzo is pushing hard how for the last 2 weeks Matt has been the Saboteur. How the Saboteur was only for 2 weeks and how Matt had the DPOV. Britney gets called to the Diary Room leaving Hayden and Enzo to talk. Both are ready for Matt to out the Brigade and to throw them under the bus. Enzo is FUCKING READY for Matt to play that game. Hayden wants to go up to Ragan and tell him how Matt has been lying and playing him the entire game. Hayden and Enzo are ready to turn on Matt if Matt throws the first blow. IT'S AWN BITCHES!

To make a long story short The entire house is after Matt this week. Now if Matt can somehow talk his way out of going up and twist everything on Britney to turn on her boys then that'd be some genius gameplay. Ragan will of course try to "logically" talk some "sense" into Britney about not going after Matt. Will Britney listen to her? Hope not. I think Britney would rather have 3 guys fighting for her versus one SHIT TURD, Ragan!

As Enzo trashes Matt to Lane we see Matt laying down on his bed in the jungle room. Lane is getting filled in by Enzo about how Matt is the Sab, has 5 grand and won a trip to Hawaii. He's gone. Lane agrees. Enzo says Britney is ready to throw Matt up and Enzo says he's ready for Matt to throw him under the bus.

Now here's the problem I'm already seeing. Ragan and Matt get into Britney's head, pull Lane over and now there's a new final four. Leaving Hayden, Enzo and Brendon the outs. Enzo gets evicted and Brendon and Hayden are left to fight the new foursome. I hate this scenerio but it could very well happen. It all depends on Lane and what he decides. Britney won't side with Matt or Ragan unless Lane is there. It all depends on him. FUCK!

6:34pm. Feeds are back again, They were out for an hour. We find out that Pandora's Box was back for another week. This time Britney got the "bad" by being locked in Pandora's Box with... JESSIE GODDREZ from Big Brother 10,11! He was working out SHIRTLESS and sweating and insulting Britney who was insulting him right back. Lots of ZINGS back and forth.

Downstairs the rest of the house got a Hawaiian party outside. So when the feeds came back we find Britney telling everyone about her Jessie encounter. The rest of the house is just "stuffed" by the free food. I guess the Have Nots, Brendon, Enzo and Hayden got to eat eat and eat. Matt then brings up how he went up to the HOH room and heard "Rich" talking to Britney which meant she was getting Pandora's Box. Big Brother tries to block the feeds but it's too late, we hard what happened.

Matt walks over to the Jungle room and speaks to Ragan who's sulking in his bed, aware that Matt might be put up in Brendon's place. He tells him that he's going to talk to Britney later to find out what's going on. He pats Ragan's butt area and tells him it will be "okay". SHUT THE FUCK UP. You're going on the block! AGAIN!

Now Britney and Matt are sitting at the table. Matt, nervous as fuck, tries to make small talk with her about the handcuffs she and Brendon will be in soon. She mentions how there will be a "ding" heard in the house that signals the start of the handcuffs. Lane takes a seat at the table and you know Matt is just hating this. Matt is just dying to talk to Britney to find out who the replacement nominee is going to be.

Now we find out that Britney was offered "advice for one hour" but she didn't know who. I guess she thought Nick would be there. So there was this box in the corner and "they" told her to walk up to it and she waited for a few seconds before Jessie bursted out. Confetti flew out and she got it on her. Jessie at one point asked her if she wanted to either lick or touch it off his bicep as he was flexing. Matt says he doesn't think Jessie is "that bright" when Britney said he was messing up his lines.

8:27pm. Matt is laying down in Britney's HOH bed. Waiting to talk to her. Hayden is hanging out there talking with him. Matt figures either he or Hayden goes up. Matt knows Lane isn't an option and somehow he believes Ragan isn't an option. I can't believe he isn't talking about throwing up Ragan against Enzo. Ragan ain't gonna be final 2 with you Matt.

Lane was in there earlier but he left with Britney. Matt asks Hayden "how does this happen" meaning another week with 2 Brigade members on the block again. Matt also keeps talking about how this POV comp was "bullshit" and rigged, so much that Big Brother keeps turning the feeds off to block him trashing the show. JUST GO TO JURY HOUSE MATT and SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT! Your stupid epic sick wife lie backfired on you. Everyone in the house feels sorry for you but no one wants to just hand you the money mutha fucker. Even Britney mentioned earlier how Matt had the chance to win it and stayed if he "really" wanted to stay in the game. HINT HINT, Britney's mind is at ease. You played mutha fucker.

9pm. Matt is talking with Ragan in the Cabana room. How "weird" it was that Brendon walked into the HOH room with no fear that Matt was up there. Britney was on her way out to the DR and Matt knows something is up. He mentions how can Britney just "turn" on them like that.

Ragan then says "Why am I playing this game?" He says this twice. Matt says that they are not playing it, that they are "puppets". Big Brother of coures cuts the feeds. LOL! Ragan feels like Big Brother rigged it against them. EAT SHIT! I've been bitching about Big Brother for years about them rigging this game left and right and up and down. I'm still here, still a favorite show of mine and if you walked into that house unaware that Big Brother rigs shit then you're just stupid as fuck for playing a game you didn't research!

Feeds come back to Ragan who's saying how he's "so fucking over it". WHATEVER SHIT HEAD. You got Rachel out. You thought the rest of the game was going to be super easy and fun and "competitive" from here on out. Matt keeps saying he played so hard for POV and how he "pushed" the button so hard and fast that he should have gotten all of those punishments. He says he has no "proof" of this rigging and he doesn't care if anyone believes him. Ragan is quick to say "I believe you". Matt just laughs it off. Big Brother calls Britney and Brendon to the HOH room.

Ragan keeps saying "I'm done. I'm done. I'm seriously not doing this anymore". LOL! I'M SO FUCKING LOVING THIS! Matt goes out into the house as Britney goes to the Have Not bedroom where Brendon is. She warns him to change his clothes now before they get handcuffed. Matt comes in and Matt asks Britney if he can go up to her HOH room and "grab my water". SERIOUSLY?!?!

Britney then asks who rang her doorbell earlier when she was changing. Matt says it was him trying to get his "water cup" earlier. She says she didn't know who it was. Hayden and Enzo both are there when this is said and I'm sure are quickly thinking Matt is trying to get into the HOH room to talk to Britney. BUSTED!

Day 53

Morning has come and gone. The usual plan of getting Matt out is still in effect. Problem is for almost 24 hours, about 15 hours or so to be exact, Britney and Brendon have been handcuffed together. So Matt has been unable to talk to Britney to find out where her head is at.

So Big Brother ends the "punishment" early so that Matt and Britney can talk. Matt goes up to the HOH room sometime around 4pm and it seems Lane and Hayden are up there unwilling to leave him alone with her. But soon the Diary Room calls Hayden and somehow Lane is gone already. Matt sits in one of the HOH chairs and looks at Britney who's in bed.

He wants to "pick" her brain and here he finds out what he's been assuming. She's toying with the idea of putting him on the block. She brings up points how he and Ragan are the new "Brendon and Rachel", that they will take each other to the final 2, that Britney will be expendable to them, that the house wants Matt out or will be upset with her if she doesn't put him up, that she'll make more enemies if she doesn't Matt on the block.

He hears her out but with his typical nervous laughter tries to downplay her fears and pushes how hard he wants Brendon out. That he will "Fight" for her not knowing the other side of the house has already promises that to her. Matt never gets the words "I'm not putting you up" out of her mouth. She keeps repeating herself about how she wanted Brendon to go home and how everyone is their friend.

Matt also hints that putting up Hayden is a way to get out Enzo. Matt finds out she doesn't want to put up Lane for the obvious reasons. She says she won't put up Ragan because he didn't fight for the POV. Remember, earlier she told her boys that Matt did get the chance to play for POV and they all feel, including her, that Matt didn't really try to win it. Or so they assume.

So Britney also tells Matt that that only leaves him and Hayden as the only choices to go on the block against Enzo. She also brings up how Enzo really did fight for POV. Matt brings up his wife... CAREFULLY and soon extracts tears from Britney about his situation of going home but he STILL doesn't get her to say what he wants.. that he is safe and that Hayden is going up.

He finally leaves and he gets Ragan as per her request. Ragan comes in and I'm sorry, I can't stand him and bare to listen to him. She hears him out and he does get some points across but she keeps pushing the same points to Ragan, how they would pick each other in the end, how no one will win against Matt in the final 2, that Matt not leaving will make the house upset. She even tells Ragan that the entire house wants Matt out! She also gets Ragan to "promise" not to tell Matt. He says he won't.

She also spills to Ragan how the entire house thinks Matt took all the prizes. She even tells Ragan how Brendon told her that after Matt leaves that he thinks the house will be in 3 fractions. Lane, Hayden, Enzo on one side. Brendon on his own and then Britney/Ragan on their own side. Ragan laughs it off calling Brendon an "idiot" for thinking this when really this is what is EXACTLY GOING TO HAPPEN! Ragan makes himself look SO STUPID downplaying this when really this is the truth that Brendon sees happening.

So Ragan gets in Britney's head and she even tells Ragan how he's gotten in her head now. They end their chat. Downstairs Brendon is talking with Hayden and Enzo about Ragan and Britney. How if Britney is changing her mind. Hayden wants to go upstairs and break up the HOH chat but Brendon tells him to wait until tomorrow before the POV ceremony to talk to her. But NO, you talk to her NOW, tonight, so that the shit Ragan and Matt talk to her about don't linger into her head and infect her decisions! Enzo, I"m sure of it, will go up to talk to Britney as will Hayden.

Fast forward 7:40pm and we find Britney pushing to keep Matt to Lane. Now she did go to the Diary Room all dolled up and her and Ragan even talked earlier about how the Dairy Room is pushing for Matt to stay and I'm sure they pushed Britney into keeping Matt. She's liking the idea of getting out Enzo by putting up Hayden against Enzo. Not sure if Lane will agree to this. He is the key to all this. If Britney feels she has no support from Lane about this then she won't do it. If Lane supports her keeping Matt then she'll do it. Simple as that. She would "die" in the game if Lane turned on her after doing what he didn't want her to do.

Britney and Lane talk in the HOH room. Britney says she keeping Matt benefits her. Lane doens't like it and says "I don't know". Enzo walks in wanting to listen to "music" when really he wants to talk to Britney. Hayden is up there now seconds after Enzo talks. Now we wait for Britney to start talking. How is she going to tell them what she wants now. She says she's "tired" hinting she doesn't want to talk but they all stay.

Britney says she wants to take a 30 minute nap thus kicking out Lane and Hayden. This is GOOD because now Lane can spill to Hayden what Britney is up to. Enzo tries to leave with his boys but stays to listen to music by Britney's request. Lane waits outside by the pool table while Hayden takes a piss or something. Both Ragan and Matt are sleeping in the Jungle room.

Hayden is outside. Lane tells Hayden that he doesn't think "BB" likes us and Hayden asks "why" and we get BUBBLES. Feeds cut off. This is good. Lane tells Hayden, Hayden gets Enzo, tells him, they all three tag team her and change her mind again. Make her feel safe. Lane even offered once to go up against Ragan as a "pawn" to put Britney's mind at ease.

So now we wait for the feeds to return. FUCK. I'm thinking Britney told Lane about Big Brother changing her mind in the Diary Room, as expected and predicted, and now Lane is telling Hayden outside about Britney's DR session that changed her mind. FUCK! I knew this shit would happen.

So Feeds have been away from some time. THEY'RE BACK! Lane is upstairs talking with Britney in the HOH while Enzo is already fuming downstairs with Brendon. Enzo is pissed that Ragan threw him under the bus upstairs and Brendon and Hayden tell Enzo to calm the fuck down while Lane talks to her. Brendon wants Enzo to stay downstairs and let Lane talk to her, how he has "sway" with her.

Upstairs Lane is telling Britney he trusts Enzo and Hayden "100 percent". Britney wants Lane to start fighting more for "them" because she's doing all the "work". Lane fucks up saying he is the "spokesman" for the people downstairs but she catches on asking if they all talked downstairs and he LIES saying he was in the Diary Room just now.

Britney is starting to come back over to the DARK SIDE of getting Matt out. Britney does bring up how Ragan said he will still have her back if Matt goes up and out and how Ragan might come to me and your side after Matt is gone. UH OH! Lane just said he hasn't played "these game" to the fulliest. Britney laughs a bit as Lane plays it off as he's not playing his hardest. He says he will now. She again brings up how if Brendon wins HOH that she will go up and she's just scared that Ragan will win POV. Lane will say anything at this point. He says he'll go up against Ragan to make sure she is safe.

Lane also brings up how easy it will win comps against Enzo rather than both Ragan and Matt in the house. Back downstairs Enzo is kicking himself about how he should have won that HOH and how the curse of wearing a costume is true and that he'll be evicted. Enzo asks Brendon if he should let Lane talk to him. They both agree to wait on Lane to bring them back information. All Enzo wants to know is who is throwing him under the bus but Brendon is SMART enough to tell Enzo to not act like you know because then you'll throw Lane under the bus and the whole plan will "fall apart". GOOD THINKING BRENDON!

Feeds keep getting cut off due to Enzo talking about Big Brother being fixed. Everyone is aware that the Dairy Room has an agenda. Now some could think that Britney is lying to protect Matt and Ragan and blame the DR for changing her mind but since we all know the DR loves to push their agenda, well I just believe the DR pushed Britney and she told people about it.

FEEDS BACK again. Matt is outside with his boys and then leaves go to inside. Brendon soon follows inside and Lane is quick to telling Hayden and Enzo how everything is good again. He tells Enzo "you're staying" and how she feels bad for telling him he would never go home as the "pawn". Enzo wants to talk to her but Lane says not to because she made him promise that he wouldn't go down and tell everyone. Enzo wants to talk all "nice" to Britney.

Lane says to Enzo how Britney is scared that Enzo is aligned with Brendon. Enzo wants to tell her he isn't and how bad he wanted to win POV to send Brendon home but Lane again tells Enzo to not tell her because then she'll know they talked. Inside Matt goes and tells Ragan, who's still laying in bed, that everyone is outside cooking. Ragan probably was wondering if they were talking upstairs but they weren't... at least not now.

Outside Lane tells Enzo that Britney won't go against what he wants, that he is the ONLY person in the house that she trusts. That she won't go against Lane at all. Now Lane expects that once Matt goes up on the block that he'll "blab" everything, throwing everyone under the bus. Brendon is nearby and hears this and says "then we'll fight" and laughs how Enzo wants to punch someone. They tell Lane that he has to be the last person that talks to Matt before the POV ceremony.

Day 54

MATT'S ON THE BLOCK! So last night and this morning Matt has been pushing for Ragan to be thrown on the block. Matt was going to do ANYTHING to stay! So Matt was pushing Hayden and Lane to tell Britney to get Ragan on the block. Matt was reverting back to "The Brigade has to stay" this week. This mutha fucker was trying every angle possible to stay. Even taking out his BEST FAKE FRIEND Ragan.

Well Lane ends up telling Britney that Matt is pushing them to push her into putting up Ragan. Britney doesn't want to do this at all. She can't believe it. Matt also starts drilling his "wife" into the house again, talking about her, her being sick and shit. SHE ISN'T SICK! He's such an asshole! HATE HIM SO MUCH! I love how the show on TV is showing Matt talking about how much of a super genius he is and how he has control over the house and FUCK YOU MATT! You're D.U.N.!

Britney gets Matt in the HOH room once more and this is Matt's final last minute plea to not go up. He flat out asks her if he's going up and she's not denying it. Saying again how no one will win against him. Here Matt starts to push for Ragan to Britney himself. How Ragan is more into Matt than Matt is into him! SLAM!

So later, before POV ceremony, Britney tells Ragan outside about how Matt was pushing for you to go on the block. POV ceremony comes and goes and Matt is on the block!!!

Ragan is DEEEEEPRESSED around the house. He finally talks to Britney and tells her he wants to out Matt about him throwing him under the bus. Saying how Ragan wouldn't have done that to Matt but Matt did to him. Ragan isn't even sure he'll vote for Matt to stay now. LOL! SUCKS TO BE MATT!

6pm. Lane and Hayden are talking outside about how they are in the final 5. That everyone else is a target and how they aren't. That they dont' even have to win comps, that they will be in the final 5 no matter what! Matt comes outside and assumes Ragan is mad at him and has found out he was trying to throw him up on the block over himself.

Ragan has been in the Diary Room for some time now. The houseguests are questioning whether or not Ragan is DOR'ing aka quitting the game. Matt doesn't think so but you know he's just secretly hoping Ragan does and that he'll stay somehow because of it. Even if Ragan did quit the game Matt would STILL go the fuck home and the double eviction would be cancelled this week.

Fast forward to Ragan and Matt talking. More so confronting Matt about how Ragan heard Matt was naming him as someone to go up over Matt. Matt LIES to Ragan about it and how Britney misread him and how what he meant wasn't what he really meant and how Britney "led" the conversation about him and Ragan being a pair and how he's sorry that THEY took it wrong and that's not what he meant CRAP.

Ragan THEN starts making excuses for Matt about why Matt did or said the things he did this week. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Basically Matt just can't do wrong in Ragan's eyes. That there's always a reason that Ragan tells himself to make himself feel better on why Matt wronged him.

Ragan then tells Matt he has NO chance in staying this week. Matt is surprised to hear this. They end on a "we're still BEST FAKE FRIENDS" in this house shit.

So with this news Matt goes around to Lane first and then Hayden second and tells them each great things about them and how Enzo has to leave this week and how they should pull Brendon in to replace Enzo... YET leaves out how Ragan and Matt are still in the game together as a "pair". He FAILS to mention that. Lane lies to him about everything and how Lane plays stupid for Matt leaving and having anything to do with it.

It's just OVER for Matt. And I can't be any more happier than fuck for that.

What's interesting is just after Hayden's talk with Matt he tells us watching or Big Brother that he still wants Matt and Ragan out back to back. He also talks about taking out Britney, Brendon and Enzo too leaving him and Lane final 2. So it looks like even though Hayden and Enzo have created a BEST FAKE FRIENDSHIP with Brendon, well that Lane is still his number one guy in his BB life. Hayden and Lane final 2. I think Alison Grodner would be proud.

I did forget to mention that Ragan supposely figured out the Brigade but really he only spit out what Brendon told Britney who told Ragan who said Brendon was full of shit and an "idiot" for grouping the guys all together as one unit. Yet suddenly when Ragan tells Matt, to his FACE, that he knows the guys are together in the game, well he FAILS to mention that Brendon actually figured this out.

So Ragan took Brendon's one spark of wisdom this entire game and OWNED it as if he thought about it. I FUCKING HATE RAGAN! I HATE HIM! Give credit to Brendon!

10pm. Matt is gushing to Ragan in the big double bedroom about his talks with Lane and Hayden how they both told him how they aren't sure what they are going to do this week but Ragan is quick to not believe Hayden and Lane. This CRUSHES Matt and leads Matt to ask Ragan if he knows for certain or if it's just based on assumption and Ragan admits he doesn't know for sure but thinks it is "instinct". LOL! SUCKS TO BE MATT!

Enzo, Hayden and Britney head up to the HOH room. Britney says immediately after they walk in "why are Ragan and Matt talking so much". She's annoyed. She says "they broke up and now they're back together". LOL! They figure that a "before/after" HOH comp is coming. Britney warns her boys to start learning because Ragan knows his shit. That he's been studying and quizzing her and repeating it to himself.

Back in the big double bedroom Ragan is just LOVING telling Matt that he doesn't have a shot to stay in the house. That he still doesn't know but that he's always "right" at "predicting" this kind of stuff. SURE YOU ARE. You didn't see DPOV coming a mile away and you for sure didn't see Brendon winning POV this week and you for sure didn't see your game ending sooner than later as you realize you have NO ONE left in the house to rely on!

Matt is pushing how he can't win in the end against Enzo. That's his new tatic. That no one can win against Enzo. REALLY? I MEAN FUCKING REALLY? LOL! Holy fuck! Ragan is so UPSET at Enzo, Hayden and Lane that if anyone one of them are up against let's say Brendon, Britney, that he'll automatically vote for the other to win. That any surviving "Brigade" member left in the final 2 will NOT get Ragan's vote. PLAY PERSONAL MUCH BITCH?

Ragan then says if he's in the final 2 with any of the guys that he'll just AUTOMATICALLY WIN. SURE YOU MALE TWAT! You don't have Rachel or Brendon's vote. You Sure as hell don't have Hayden, Enzo or Lane's vote, no matter who's up against you and if all three of them are in the jury or 2 of them. You don't have any of their votes. Brendon's got respect of some sorts of his punishment POV that he won. Britney will win with Lane pushing for her. Ragan.. you don't stand a fucking chance. Rachel fucking told you this is ABOUT JURY and you fucked up your game with the jury. SIMPLE AS THAT.

Posted by guytvblog at August 20, 2010 12:40 AM


I would love for that to happen-- Enzo and Hayden on the block and Enzo leaves the game. That guy hasn't done jack shit to be in this house. And all Enzo has is the Brigade to keep him there. I guess maybe they view Enzo as the vote to keep the momentum going in the Brigades favor, and nothing to do with competitions. Matt has won comps and in their eyes is a bigger threat then Enzo. You hate Regan, but, shifting through out the house making them do your dirty work and managing to diminish his target is a good tactic. Even though you hate the guy--he has been a good player in this regard. Kathy is gone, and she attempted this poorly. Floating works if you do it correctly, although the high and mighty act needs to go!

Posted by: hi at August 21, 2010 7:41 PM

@ hi. I presume that Guytvblogger hates Ragan because Ragan is a whiney, boring, dull-witted bitch. He is the worst television since Donald Trump. To quote Britney, "I want to throw up all over myself" when he is on-screen. On After Dark, he tells Britney that "America likes us." Yeah, like fuck me with a chainsaw right now....they knew you would be a cantankerous bitch and that's why they selected you as sabateur. If there is any other explanation than that then I will just have to stop watching. Matt, bless his manipulative soul, is playing Ragan for the stupid chump that he is.

Now, onto things that really matter: Brendon and his new haircut....pure unadulterated bliss. That guy's got game and he will win just to prove his love for what's-her-name. Guys like that are for real....I've known more than a few of them. The other lunkheads in the Brigade don't stand a chance if Brendon is given a fair shot at getting ahead.

Posted by: Nick at August 22, 2010 1:27 AM

@ Matt did what he had to do....distance himself from the Ragan moron. Can't blame him for trying to do that with Britney. Honestly, Matt is annoying only because he thinks he's so clever. Unfortunately, he's a couple of octaves short of a keyboard. But, otherwise, he's a pretty solid dude and I would do backflips if Ragan would go home instead of him. The most annoying thing about reality television is that cretins like Ragan and Enzo get to stick around while perfectly nice players like Matt are thrown under the bus. Ragan's tenure in the house is predicated on Matt's attention to him, so he should just fucking shut up. Ragan is the most unbearable BB contestant in at least 3-4 seasons. I just want to eat razor blades when he's on screen. Thank God the reality channel is near HBO and I can just flip off of it when he comes on.

Posted by: Nick at August 24, 2010 2:33 AM

@Nick--I agree up to a point; But remember the game isn't about if you like someone personality wise. I think in terms of game play Regan has done a lot more then Enzo. Enzo and Kathy are exactly alike. They just play up to people and don't do anything. They go with the house-- Kathy was the extreme and Enzo to a lesser degree. I'd rather see someone like Regan or Matt go further in the house then those two.

Again, to a certain degree the majority of the cast are self absorbed...remember they ARE just reality show contestants preoccupied with being on TV and becoming famous. If you don't recall Matt was the only one of the cast who openly says he doesn't care about trivial shit like that. He wanted to win money and at least promote his band.

I've been complaining to the cbs gods to give Enzo a penalty vote because he cheated on the have-not diet; This has been recorded on the live feeds and people have seen it.

Posted by: hi again at August 25, 2010 4:56 PM

@ Hi. OK, I agree completely about Enzo....he is completely underwhelming. After Dark is playing in the background and Ragan is on so I have it on mute. Which begs my point....viewing pleasure is about more than game play. At the same time, Ragan has no game. He is benefiting from the lucky circumstance of being Britney's ally. If it had been anybody but Britney as HoH this week, he would be going home. He is intolerable. But, so is Enzo.

At least Matt had some game play. He was good in competitions, and he pulled the idiots in the Brigade forward. And, he toyed with Ragan which was amusing. Lane, I am starting to think, is the real player in the Brigade. He is working Britney and everybody else. And, importantly, is not compromising himself. Hayden, meanwhile, although very attractive, is a total douchebag.

Posted by: Nick at August 26, 2010 12:07 AM

I liked Hayden until the past 48 hours. The comments about cheating in high school, and taking all the prizes in the PoV competition really demonstrate how self-centered he is. Matt is paying for Hayden's actions.

Posted by: Nick at August 26, 2010 12:09 AM

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