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August 26, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58, 57

Day 63 or Day 64

Oh my God, did I like miss a day of boredom in the house? Same ol' same ol'. Ragan and Britney trash Rachel and Brendon. Ragan just said all the "gays" will turn on Rachel when really they've turned their back to you. Get over yourself Ragan. You ain't no rare diamond, nothing to worship or adore. Rachel is the diamond. Shiny with a dash of red glow.

Lane has spilled his talk with Ragan to his boys who got ENRAGED! But of course did nothing. Both claim they were never trying to work on Ragan's jury vote. Hayden even went as far as to call Ragan a "cock sucker". Well that's nothing insulting. I'm a cock sucker. But I guess Hayden meant it with ill intent so it must be taken to a whole new level. For shame ass hole mouthed Hayden.

Ragan has no chance of ever staying. He's done for. Off the jury house! Ragan is even getting ready to battle Rachel by coming up with new insults and focusing on her being a "waitress". Can't wait to hear a Las Vegas story where Ragan gets drinks thrown in his face by Las Vegas WAITRESSES! Shit if I was a waitress and serving Ragan in the Las Vegas clubs I'd throw a sure to fuck up his clothings drink in his horrid face.


Day 57

Okay. So Double Eviction has come and gone. Let's play FAST FORWARD. Matt was evicted, FUCK YEAH, by a 4 to 0 vote. He left on a happy note and even Ragan hugged him. During his Julie interview he called Britney some horrid word but to me and Julie it sounded like "bitch" but it must of been something else.

HOH was played, a physical one. It was a tight race between Hayden and Brendon. I really think Hayden should have let Brendon win HOH to let him but Hayden wanted safety BADLY. Inside it was agreed by the boys, including Brendon that Ragan was the target, but that Brendon would be the pawn. Ragan and Brendon were nominated LIVE.

POV was played outside. It was "before or after" and Ragan killed it. He studied hard, backwards and forwards and won the damn comp. Enzo was out first, as usual. Brendon was out second and they had to take us to the Fishtank cam to edit out Brendon's LOUD BLEEP. Then Britney got out. Then Hayden and Lane both got out at the same fucking time giving Ragan the clear win, not even going to tie breaker round. WTF?

So Ragan uses POV on himself but before he does Britney got Hayden aside and told him to put her ass up knowing he had to make a split decision last minute. She did ask Enzo and Lane if she had their votes and they both said yes. Wish they had went against their "word" but they didn't. Brendon got voted out against Britney 3 to 0. Brendon left on a happy note and the house was happy inside and EVERYONE IS JUST SO FUCKING HAPPY.

Where's the fucking DRAMA?!?!

At least Ragan said in the house right after Brendon's eviction how much "respect" he had for Brendon and how badly and hard he played to stay in the game. Ragan was very happy though that "finally" they got Brendon out. They even all agreed that if Brendon had gotten to the end that he most likely would have won! WTF?

So that's it. 2 new Jury Members. Rachel will be happy and so will Kathy. HOH is happening again right now and we have to wait to see what happened.

Hopefully Hayden winning doesn't send him home this week. Him winning gives Ragan and Britney a 50/50 chance of taking control. The Brigade, without Hayden, also have a 50/50 chance of winning HOH. The HOH comp is the one with the teeter totter ball throwing contraption. Anyone can win this. If Britney wins, she's NOT targeting Ragan, unless she feels she can't win against him. If Ragan wins he's getting "revenge" for Matt, even if he says he isn't, he is.

He'll target Enzo and Hayden. Lane, bugs me saying this, but Lane will make it to the final 2. He has NO chance of winning. ZERO! ZIP! He's basically the Ryan of this season. Just there, a piece of furniture that did NOTHING to deserve the grand prize. But you never know, maybe he'll win this HOH and shock the cum out of me.

The entire house's goal must be to take out Britney. She will WIN this season if she gets anywhere near the final 2 chairs. Even Ragan has to backstab the fuck out of Britney. With Britney gone then only Hayden and Enzo can win. Lane or Ragan will NOT win the jury.

FEEDS BACK! Lane won HOH! Well look at me.. Mr. Dumbfuck who just fucking said Lane hasn't won shit to deserve the money and here he goes winning HOH. WHAT THE EPIC FUCK!

So Ragan HAS to win POV to stay. Lane doesn't want to but he has to put up someone against Ragan and it's going to be Britney. The Brigade MUST control the votes if POV is not used to change the nominations. So again.. another predictable week. Hayden and Enzo are safe, Britney and Ragan nominated. If Ragan doesn't win POV then Ragan goes home. Couples going out back to back. Rachel, Matt, Brendon and hopefully soon Ragan!

Ragan is so fucking cheerful in the house. Britney is so fucking polite. Everyone is just so fucking drama free. I HATE IT! It looks like Hayden got a HOH basket for winning during the live show. The house, minus Enzo who's in the Diary Room, are pigging out on Hayden's HOH basket.

With Britney and Ragan moving into the storage room we get Lane and Hayden silently celebrating with a douche bag fist bump. Lane says that he and Hayden are now in the final 3. Seems like Enzo is completely expendible to Hayden and his piece of furnitue. Sorry, just because Lane won a crap shoot HOH doesn't mean he deserves the money. Hayden built relationships int he house, something Lane has yet to do. He only stuck to his boys and to Britney. That's it. Hayden & Enzo have this game won. Either Ragan or Britney leaves this week, all depending on POV.

Then next HOH whoever is left out of Britney or Ragan have a 1 third chance in playing to win. I just see no chance in Britney or Ragan making it to the final 2. Someone from the Brigade is going to win this game. Either Enzo, Hayden or- no, not Lane. Lane will be in final 2, I predict, with a 2nd place finish. Whoever is against Lane in the final 2 immediately wins. AUTOMATIC BITCH.

Britney is walking around the house laughing and happy as fuck. Thinking she's completely safe with Lane as HOH. Bitch, if YOU don't win POV then you my friend are capital F.U.C.K.E.D.!

Day 58

So... Lane had 2 things happen. One, he got Pandora's Box again. He claims he got some money off a money tree while the rest of the house got 3 punishments. The first one has the silverware and the glasses taken away. I guess they have to drink out of bowls. This has been done before. It's not a punishment, it doesn't cause fights, it's just STUPID. BORING.

Big Brother waits to reveal the other 2 later in the week. Hopefully the bedrooms are closed and the beds are taken away. Floor sleeping. Now that's a punishment. But I expect another night of wake up calls every 15 minutes. Another way Big Brother can make money off the viewers.

So Lane has done nominations. Enzo and Ragan have been nominated. But before the nomination ceremony, earelier in the day, Lane talked with Hayden & Britney individually to get an idea on who to nominate. He toyed with the idea of a pawn to go up against Ragan with Britney not being the pawn. That meant either Enzo or Hayden would go up against Ragan. BUT WHY? FUCKING WHY?

Lane must be using Ragan and Britney to take out another Brigade member. Does he really want a final four with Ragan, Britney, himself and whoever survives the block? The problem here is Lane can not win against anyone in the house. I'm guessing he wants to be pulled to the end and maybe he actually believes that if either Hayden, Britney or Ragan get to the end that maybe they will all pull him to the final 2 to get them a solid win. Maybe Lane is just fucking content with being 2nd.

I think Lane has no connection to Enzo and believes has put Enzo in a spot on the block that could have him evicted giving Lane 3 solid chances of being dragged to the final 2. Quite smart if you think about it. Even Britney told Lane before nominations that if she wins POV that she WILL pull off Ragan forcing Hayden to go up on the block. Lane knew this could happen and that would give the Brigade no control over the votes. Hayden even talked with Lane to see that there could be a secret alliance with Britney and Ragan but Lane doesn't believe there is one. He doesn't see it.

I just don't think Lane is that smart to come up with such a well crafted plan on getting Enzo out this week. I think Lane just didn't want to piss of Britney and is in a secret side alliance with Hayden so that left Ragan and Enzo left to nominate. Lane is just stupid enough to look at the surface of the water without thinking there's an entire plan of brillance underneathe the surface. He has to look at the nominations as something more than just 2 people on the block.

All Lane had to do, if he was truely Brigade all the way, was to nominate Britney and Ragan. If either won POV they could only pull themselves off. That way one Brigade members goes up on the block, the other stays off the block and the one off the block could force a tie thus giving Lane the sole power vote on sending out whichever of Ragan or Britney is left on the block. Simple as that. No second thought to a true gamer who's true to their alliance.

But again I don't think Lane is true to Enzo... at all. Enzo could win this game if he got to the end. And I think Lane is scared of that. Or Lane has no idea Enzo would win and he's just there, in the corner, like a piece of furniture that got moved to the HOH room.

Day 59

So... what's to report. Ragan sleeping. The other houseguests sleeping. Ragan studying. Hayden feels so safe in the house he doesn't care to study AT ALL. He's just there enjoying his time. Unaware that if he ever sees the block that the game may shift to evicting him as no one will probably win against him. Britney has ZERO chance of getting on the block this week if POV is used because Lane is just in love with her and is smitten to ever cross her.

POV comp ended up happening during the day instead of night as thought to be. I figured it was going to me Morph. So did the rest of the house. It turns out that it was something physical, Ragan got pushed or given a good shove by Enzo who apparently was a BAT OUT OF HELL in the comp. Hayden didn't care, he felt he was safe no matter what. Britney probably thought she'd break a nail. Lane had some THINKING to do so that took him out of the comp. That left only Ragan and Enzo as possible hardcore players for the physical POV comp.

Enzo ended up wanting it more. But Ragan wanted it soooo badly. Practicing day and night. So when the feeds return we find Ragan laying down in the Cabana room UPSET and with an angry face. He's sulking, he's pissed off.

Enzo is calling Ragan a "sore loser" and to "get the fuck outta here". Of course not to his face but to Britney. Britney is being a mean spirited bitch, as usual, enjoying Ragan's demise. How funny it was and how she wished she could see it all over again. Enzo was bitching and moaning how it was his "time" to win now.

Enzo says something about how he was "too hungry" to win. Enzo is walking around the kitchen dropping hints about the comp. Enzo says "what do you think i'm going to lay down and let you take it. no i'm going for it. i'm going for it". Enzo asks Britney if he can walk around with the POV. He says to the POV necklace "I finally won you. I finally won you".

Enzo again brings up how much of a "sore loser" Ragan is. Talking about how Ragan use to call Brendon one when he's one. Minutes later Britney finds herself in the HOH room with Lane, Enzo and Hayden. Britney of course being in HER bed.

So Britney brings up how much of a TWAT Ragan was to her downstairs. She had BROKEN A NAIL in the comp and she had to go into the Cabana to get something to cut it off. Ragan had come in from getting a fresh microphone and wanted to be left alone in Cabana room. He requested to be alone and held the door for her to finish up and leave. Britney did NOT like this one bit. And the way she retold it was TWATish. But Ragan was being a sore loser and knew his time was up in the house. He did have to win every comp from here on to the end to stay and he knew if he lost once he'd be voted out.

Of course there is hope for him. It seems Lane still doesn't want to put Britney up on the block. Hayden seems to be the replacement nominee. Hayden really isn't fighting this believeing he's solid and even up on the block that he is not going anywhere. But with him on the block this week I suspect Britney and even Enzo will be tempted to take out Hayden. I suspect that even the Diary Room will help plant seeds of winning doubt to ensure that Hayden leaves this week. Hayden better not pull a Matt and let himself get in a position to be voted out.

Back to the HOH room. Here we find out that Lane was taken out first. As expected. That Ragan took out Britney next and then Hayden. WOW! Ragan was doing good then in the comp. Lane admits that he just grabbed "names" and ran to the podium. It seems the POV comp was OTEV, the one where you have to offer the POV GOD names of previous POV winners and whoever is last to the podium is out.

Hayden laughs about how when Enzo bumped into Ragan that Ragan made these "ahhh" sounds and was expressing how hurt he was physically from Enzo's harsh gameplay. Now they reveal that Enzo and Ragan were the last 2. That Enzo knew the answer to the last question and broke some fake "log" to get to the podium.

Britney admits to being scared because OTEV took sooo long to announce the results. She thought they, meaning Big Brother, was going to make them re-do the round. Even Lane admits that if they were going to re-do it that he was going to stand up and say "I'm out. I mean if you're going to do that shit I'm out" meaning he was going to quit the game. They all believe Enzo should have won it.

Ragan was in the Diary Room during this chat and Britney thinks he's in there talking about how "unfair" the comp was. Enzo don't want to hear Ragan's bitching about how unfair it was. Enzo says he wants to "rip him up and shun" Ragan on anything he has to say about Enzo's POV win.

Ragan talks to himself in the Cabana room. Saying Britney will go on the block if Ragan goes. Ragan is trying to work out a plan to scare Britney into thinking that keeping him will work in her favor. The problem with this is for some time now he's known the boys are sticking together. He's just running scenerios on how he can stay and what will happen next week. Something about how Lane won't break his word "he just won't".

Day 60

Um... Not much happened. Britney is trying not to go up as a replacement nominee. That's about all.

Day 61

Ohhh.. so PUSSY ASS LANE put up Hayden instead of Britney on the block. You know, 'cause Enzo used POV on himself. BUT WHY HAYDEN? You've only know the bitch for 60 days? But then the same could be said for Lane's relationship with Hayden. But then Lane has to know he stands no chance winning against Britney in the end, but then again with Ragan having not won POV then what's the point on who goes up. Lane just wants the homosexual out. But then again it's not what Lane wants at this point.

Enzo and Britney control the votes. Well then again Lane would ask Britney to vote out Ragan and if Enzo were to try to vote out Hayden then they would force a tie and then Lane would get his homosexual out. But then again Lane ain't that smart.

So Hayden has a good chance of leaving the game over Ragan only because in the course of a few days Enzo could realize that no one in the house stands a chance beating Hayden in the final 2. This could be the week to get him out. But then again Britney has told Hayden, her secret love of her life, that she doesn't think Lane or Enzo deserves the money. WOW! I know right, TWAT!

In other Day 61 news, Ragan has been TOLD by the Diary Room that he MUST campaign. You know, footage for the show. Ragan doesn't want to do it. He's like he's giving up. He feels he has no chance in staying but he does, he actually does stand a chance. Whatever Ragan, ROLL THE FUCK OVER AND DIE ALREADY {in the game at least}.

When Enzo, Lane and Hayden got wind of Ragan's bitchfest about the DR, well Enzo made a point to point out that "30,000" people tried to get into this house and now Ragan is just going to mope around the house and wait until he's evicted. That they all came to play the game. Of course he's saying this in front of Hayden, who's now on the block.

So will Ragan finally get that last minute push to campaign against Hayden. Let's hope so. I didn't waste 61 days watching a fellow gay man just give the fuck up. I mean I kinda want to watch him push hard to stay to then leave. I'd also would like the "boys" to give him hope that he's staying by talking about evicting Hayden but then blindside the shit out of him by taking him out. Even with a tie vote, leave BRATNEY out of it. Make her vote out Hayden while Enzo votes out Ragan. Then Lane sends Ragan out. BUT THEN AGAIN Lane could just realize he can't win against Hayden and evict his shit mouthed ass.

BUT THEN AGAIN.. i just had to say it one more time.

9:38pm. Ragan has started pushing HARDCORE to Britney in the Cabana room. He feels if he can get to Britney then he can get to Lane. She listens to him, agrees with his points that the boys are together but then SLIPS and mentions that even if she doesn't win the HOH next week that she could very well have no competition in the last POV comp because let's face, she's going up against Lane, Ezno and Hayden.

For some reason Ragan tries to backtrack but it's already slipped out. He tries to pitch "the 2 of us" and how keeping Ragan better ensures her the final 2 spots with either Ragan or Lane pulling her to the end. BUT COME THE FUCK ON. If Ragan took out Hayden this week, Enzo next week and then won final HOH and had the fucking choice on who to pull to the end.. he'll pull Lane over Britney without a second thought. Same goes for Britney if she wins FINAL HOH and all she had left to chose was between Lane and Ragan.

So I think Britney knows this and Ragan's attempt is dead in the water. At least he's trying. Ragan continues to use his non existing relationship with Lane as a reason to get Britney to talk to Lane for him but Britney keeps pushing for Ragan to talk to Lane. LOL! FUCK YOU RAGAN! I love to see Ragan try hard and then LOSE HARDER!

Day 62

So Lane finally pitched his idea to Lane about Lane keeping him. Lane seems to think it could be a good idea. I mean really it's all for the TV show when they edit it and viewers unaware on what's really going on will think Ragan actually has a chance to stay.

Even Britney talked with Lane after Ragan's talk, as she said she would, and they both seemed to toy with the idea but really... it's not happening. Britney is going to want to finish this game easily or at least thinking it will be a cake walk after Ragan is gone. She will believe she can win everything to get to the end without any other fucker fucking up her game.

Plus why would Lane ever keep a "homosexual" in the house. Ragan is not a man, he's a "girly guy". At least that's what Lane calls Nick, Britney's boyfriend. So either Ragan is a "girly guy" or something worse in Lane's eyes and well Lane just isn't rooming with a homosexual anymore that could or could not be interested in polishing off his Texas pole.

Of course Lane is so sexually frustrated from Britney's continued DON'T TOUCH ME INSERT AWKWARD LAUGH HERE AND THERE STAY AWAY FROM ME DON'T TOUCH ME INSERT POLITE NO YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME blocks of potential love making. If Ragan would just get on his knees and offer to give Lane the "best" blow job and pathetically even beg Lane to close his eyes and just picture Britney blowing him off, well then maybe Ragan will have a chance to stay in the game. I know this sounds like completely offense shit coming from a gay guy who's talking about a gay guy and how that gay guy's only chance of staying is to blow a straight guy but in this case, I believe that's the all Ragan has left to offer.

There's nothing "cerebal" about it, Ragan, your only chance is to offer your ass and mouth to Lane's sexually frustrated dick. Here's hoping Lane takes the offer but then still votes you out after using your body to get off and then sending you off to the jury house to deny deny deny it ever happened.

Posted by guytvblog at August 26, 2010 10:19 PM


Matt called Britney a succubus. From Wikipedia, a succubus is "a female demon who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men in their dreams, usually through sexual intercourse."

There was a whole South Park episode about them. That's the only reason I know the word.

Posted by: John at August 27, 2010 8:55 AM

Brendon and Brittany SHOULD have been final two. The feeds tell the truth, of course, I understand that but have heard they are the worst ever! It figures with this lame cast.
Brit and Brendon played best games since Rachel's exit. Lane is worse than Ryan from BB9--these are Bears in Waiting--that's what I call them. So Enzo finally wins SOMETHING> Too little, too late.
Ragan goes this week. It doesnt matter which two from the deadly dull Brigade are left!
Verdict: Worst season by miles. The cast from BB one and BB4 were better. Only Rachel is an All-Star. The twists were awful and too many Pandora boxes spoiled this soggy brew. Even Jessie's brief appearance with a horrified Brittany didnt help.
My final prediction: Hayden wins it all. But his awful hair has more personality than he does.

Posted by: Mike C at August 30, 2010 1:43 PM

Mr. responds:

I actually wouldn't mind Britney winning this game but then she gets away with being such a little CUNT TWAT SHIT TALKER in the house and her winning means Ragan wins. BEST FAKE FRIENDS FOREVER!

But yes, Hayden will win the damn season. But only a super stupid cast would waste this week keeping him. This is the perfect week to evict him. Not sure why greed hasn't pushed it's way into the house and said "YO, what the fuck YOUS 2 doing? EVICT HIS SHIT MOUTHED ASS ALREADY"

Posted by: Mr. GuyTVBlog at August 30, 2010 11:27 PM

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