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September 30, 2010

The Walking Dead | Premieres October 31st, Halloween Night!!!

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September 29, 2010

Super Gorgeous | More Of Hayden Panettiere's Hunky Beefy Handsome Boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko!

Good Holy God, every inch of him makes my heart beat that much faster.

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September 28, 2010

Super Gorgeous | Hayden Panettiere's Hunky Beefy Handsome Boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko! So Jealous Of Her!

I must be the last gay man on earth who had any idea she landed this man. I knew she was part of the new CAN'T WAIT FOR IT Scream 4 but I had no idea she was his play thing. I mean he's serious about her. Helping walk her dog, picking her up from the airport, going on Vacation together, I mean shit... is he in love with her? Why does he have to be straight!!!

Good God he's gorgeous. His arms, his body! I can only wish and pray there's a sex tape coming from them in the future. More of Wladimir tomorrow.

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September 27, 2010

Shirtless! | SyFy's Sharktopus' Shirtless Bad Acting Hunk Kerem Bursin!

And yes you did see a baby Sharktopus at the very end escaping back into the ocean. There will be a sequel. I mean come the fuck on, it's SyFy, there's always offspring and sequels. Maybe someone will take the idea of Sharktopus and give a big budget sequel for theatres. The right actors, the right resort setting and the high dollar special effects, Sharktopus 2 could really be a great summer flick.

But seriously, this bad actor Kerem Bursin drew me and my erection in during a late night repeat of Sharktopus. I mean as I'm watching I'm just like.. is he going to be shirtless and half shirtless the entire film?!?! HE WAS! Plus he's got a Pale Muscle thing going for him. I love me some strong fit Pale Muscle.

If you check out Kerem's imdb profile you'll some bad ass photo shoots featuring his hot body. Clothed no doubt but arms and biceps exposed. Other than this movie he's only done some short films and one film no one's heard of.

Here's a clip of him and his AMAZING acting skills in action.

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September 25, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua | Move Your Insanely Handsome Body Over Shannon, There's A New Hunk Behind You! Benry!

Also known as Ben, Benry comes off as likable and just plain harmless. Will the stress of the game turn him into the next Shannon? Only time will tell.

Ahhh shit, he says in his interview that he does let his emotions get the best of him. Let's check his gorgeous self out in the interview. Oh damn, just lost my hard on. He says he use to be a camera man for Girls Gone Wild. Super gross.

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September 24, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua | Shannon's Handsome Bigoted Gorgeous Shitty Game Play Is Over. His Exit Video Reveals More Homophobia Rants From His Luscious Lips

I was so hoping for a redeeming quality somewhere in his video but he just comes off as the most immature brat that ever played the game. He once again slammed Chase believeing Chase was the mastermind of turning nearly everyone against him when really he did it to himself. Even his own "alliance" members voted against him except Alina who obviously full of Brenda hatred with a touch of jealousy towards Brenda added in. Dumbass "Fabio" also tried to vote out Brenda even after Shannon's horrific self implosion.

Shannon even goes as far to wish Chase vocal cord damage so he won't be able to sing his "gay country music". Wow. WHOA! Then he hopes Sash comes out of the closet and goes "down that path" and basically stay on the "other side of the fence".

But I'll so go down on Shannon. I hate his mouth, his mind but his body& face is just too damn beautiful for me to not be attracted to him. His body and lips are just something I can't say no to. Someone educate him and expose him to life outside his bigoted bubble that he lives in.

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September 23, 2010

Game Wood 2 | Almost Shirtless Guy Demos The Playstation 3's Move!

Usually I post hot guys playing with the Wii controllers and the Wii console and I hoped to find a whole bunch of hot guys playing PS3's Move games but seriously this is all I could find so far. Where are the college guys, the shirtless guys, the hunks, the boyfriends playing PS3's Move on YouTube?

And OH MY GOD, the paintbrush at the 2:34 mark is totally a PENIS!

I guess we'll have to wait until EA's Active comes out for PS3 and we'll get some hot shirtless sweaty guys showing us the game and their muscles flexing and pumping to the game.

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Survivor Nicaragua | WHOA! Shannon Flipped The Fuck Out Last Night!

Did you see it? Hopefully CBS will post some video of his low blow moments. I mean attacking New York and treating Gay men as something demeaning to the world?

But you know, his body is still out of control hot and his face is still out of control handsome, he can still trash talk me all he wants, just as long as he lets me go down on him. I'll post more hunky screencaps of his amazing body later tomorrow. If you want to turn on him the so be it but I just can't turn on his BODY!

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September 22, 2010

Big Brother 12 | How HOT Is Brendon In This Photo?!?! GORGEOUS!

Rachel is looking pretty damn hot in this photo too but seriously, LOVE ME SOME BRENDON.

I think this is seriously the last post about Big Brother 12. I've gotten it out of my system. Time to move on.

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September 21, 2010

Big Brother 8's Nick & Big Brother 6's Howie | A Shirtless Taste Of The Houseguest's Bash In Vegas

I've been casually following the Vegas get together or reunion, whatever you call it. I'm still shocked to see Nick part of all this. I figured he'd be above it all. I also see Ex Nerd Herd alumni April is hanging out with Howie and the rest. She even showed up with Danielle, Dick's daughter. So loving the new April. Glad to see she her having loads of Vegas fun.

Not sure why there isn't any video of Nick's hot bar moment but seriously, if it exists, show us and our erections the way to that video!!!

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September 20, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua's Shannon | His Douche Bag Handsome-ness & His Wide Giant Super Sized Nipples Make Season 21 Worth It

There's this new guy at my job who just started and he's got the same eyes. It's those eyes and those large pecs with those super sized nipples that drive me nuts.

Check out his douche bag handsome-ness in action!

Holy Fuck! Shannon did admit if he was to have been the first person voted out that he would have taken off all his clothes, burned them in the tribal council pit and left the show NAKED! Here's hoping he's naked later in the season just for the hell of it!

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September 19, 2010

Big Brother 8's Nick Enjoys Big Brother's Vegas Bash!

Wow... please bring him back for All Stars 2. He seems to be well involved in the afterworld that is Big Brother alumni. He's still got an amazing body, damn good looks and no longer with Jen or Dani from his season. HOLY FUCK he's hot.

Pics are from people posting over at Jokers Updates.

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September 17, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Finale Night!

So this is my final post of Big Brother 12. Good riddence I say!

Real quick, Brendon and Rachel voting for Lane? WHAT THE EPIC FUCK? I hear that Brendon was told by either Ragan or Bratney that Hayden and Enzo called Brendon "needle dick" behind his back in the house and both took it personally. So since Lane was never caught saying shitty shit about Brendon, which he's said worse by the way on the live feeds, he gets away with almost winning thanks to these 2!

I can't believe Lane almost won this season. I didn't think Jordan deserved last year's prize money and I almost got a 2nd year of a DUMBASS winning Big Brother. At least Ragan did ONE right thing this year, he voted for Hayden to win Big Brother.

Monet still being a bitter bitch, but you know what, so am I. POWER TO BITTER BITCHES!

Rachel is still the ONLY reason why Big Brother All Stars 2 NEEDS TO HAPPEN! Can't get enough of her. And I too don't see Brendon and Rachel lasting after this. Vegas will be the slut bag ho trap that will come between Rachel and "MY MAN". I just can't see Rachel letting Vegas go for Brendon. Shit she's cheating on the men of Vegas with Brendon. Brendon is the male ho in this situation.

That's it. I can't take Big Brother 12 no more. I'm done. I don't even care to update or check anymore interviews or follow up of the cast. Remember Rachel isn't part of my disgust with this cast and overall season. Rachel did her part in winning the comps, bringing the drama and starting shit in the house. She though really really really needs to get with an acting coach or someone who's in need of anger management classes and learn how to properly insult people and argue with them to get the better of them in the house for All Stars 2.

Rachel, grow some Vegas balls and learn how to engage in a verbal Big Brother fight! Bring bitches and men down with your words! LOVE YA RACH!

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September 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Backyard Interviews!

Just tuned in. Missy, the Super Fan, is interviewing Matt right now. The gest of the interviews is he regrets throwing Ragan under the bus, how he's comfortable with putting his hands down his pants EVERYWHERE, how he still discredits Enzo for being this "mastermind", he finds out his wife has been doing interviews, been on camera even though she said at the beginning she didn't want anything to do with the show. He also calls Enzo, Lane and Hayden "doofuses" and he still continues to call himself the "best brigade member" that there ever was.

Ragan is now talking. He says he was shocked how thin he was, he was "depressed" by how he looked on the DVD he saw of himself at the Jury House. He said he lost 15 pounds and didn't like to see his lean muscular body. Missy tells Ragan that people were sick of him "bad mouthing" all the other houseguests. He said Rachel and Brendon did "horrible things" to him in the game so he doesn't feel bad at him saying things about them and would say it to their face. Sure you would SHIT STAIN.

PISS ON ME Ragan says Matt and him will be friends "for the rest of our lives". WALK ALL OVER HIM Ragan gets Matt to come to his interview to tell him how much he loves him and how much he thinks of him as a "brother". He says his friendship with Matt overpowers any lie Matt used in the game. Ragan "adores" him.

Ragan says he goes back to school Monday. Teaching. He professes his love for Janelle but does Janelle love him back? Doubt it. Well I thought I heard she didn't like how Ragan acted in the house but I'm sure she'll love him outside the house. Ragan just called Lane a "nice guy" not knowing Lane used the "faggot" slur on the feeds. You know, since he loves to use Rachel's gay slurs against her. He's such a horrible judge of men and I LOVE IT that he'll be treated like shit by men the rest of his life.

Rachel is up next. Missy tells her that her mom misses her. Missy says Rachel's laugh is "infectous". She continues to say she didn't fall in a "showmance" but that she fell in love with Brendon. Rachel calls Ragan "petty and a baby" and has no interest in being friends with him... EVER! GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! She says she tried to write him letters and get through to him but he won't budge.

She then hints that her and Brendon talked about who they would vote for in the finale. There you have it. Brendon or Rachel talked about both voting for Lane in the end.

Wow, Entertainment Tonight is there, interviewing Lane. The final 3 boys are the last to interview. I missed everyone else. Oh Well. I see Lane is now getting interviewed by Entertainment

Enzo is up next. She tells him she's been Team Enzo the entire season. Enzo says Matt is lying about everything, including taking the credit for the Brigade. Enzo says his gameplay was to make his own "mafia" to get him to the end and it did happen but he says he screwed up in the end to get him to the final 2. Enzo says he's proud because he only won 1 POV and Hayden was scared to take him to the final 2 because he had such a good game without winning anything.

Missy tells Enzo his baby has a penquin at home now because of him wearing a penquin suit. Enzo admits getting away with eating stuff while he was a Have Not. He said he was "warned" by Big Brother but his method was to stick his face in the fridge and eat. He said he had "everything" and was grateful CBS didn't give him a penalty vote for eating everything. He just said he's a penquin for Halloween this year. HA!

Hayden is almost there. Behind Missy, hugging some fine ass female interviewer. Lane is next. Lane says his true feelings for Britney is... he just beats around the bush. He's a pathetic interview. He at least says Britney is his type of girl.

In the background Hayden is hugging everyone. He hugged the SUPER CUTE guy in the background and even hugged the camera guy! HUGS ALL AROUND!

Awww shit. It's almost 1 am. I've got to get to bed. I'll catch up on the other interviews tomorrow.

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September 14, 2010

Big Brother 12 | One Last Extra Sexual Taste Of Big Brother 12's Brendon!

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September 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Brendon's Tongue Makes A Big Game Move! And The Boys Are Watching It's Every MOVE!

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September 12, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Thy Name Is... Beauty! Britney & Kathy Gives Us FACE!

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September 10, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Hayden's Body Of Game Winning Work! Plus Hayden's Nipple Play The Game HARD!

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September 9, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Enzo's Body Of NO Work... Plus Enzo Plays Italian!

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September 8, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Lane's Up For Debate "Hawt" Moments In The Game

I love Lane's chunky muscle hidden under football fat body but I can't stand his mouth, his humor and his views on women and what it takes to be a "man".

So completely happy he has zero chance on winning this season. Zero! NONE!

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September 7, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Lane's Body Of Work... Or Better Yet.. Lane's Shirtless Moments That Got Him To The End

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September 6, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Brendon's Body Of Big Brother 12 Work

Just needed to see more of Brendon. You know, I'm not a real big fan of Brendon as a player... but more so of him just doing things around the house, like working out, showering, lounging around. He could be one hell of a porn star if he really wanted to be. But we all know Steven from Big Brother 10 already went down that road so...

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September 4, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Day 68, 67, 66, 65

Day 68

Well, Britney seems down for being 4th out. Not much she can do about it. She's accepted it, laughs about it and is just enjoying the day away by trashing EVERYONE that isn't in the house anymore. EVEN RAGAN! I love what she said about him, how "vulgar" he was, how they all can't believe he's a professor at some college, how he made an ASS out of himself on the show with Rachel and with Matt, his reaction to Jeff & Jordan when they hosted the love POV comp. It was just beautiful watching Ragan get his ass verbally handed to him by Britney.

But seriously, this is Britney. Who the fuck cares. Who the fuck is she to talk about anyone. Who's HAPPY AS FUCK she's fourth out? I AM! WE ARE! Get the fuck outta there already! Let the boys fuck this one out on their own. GANG BANG TO THE END!

Day 67

Just after midnight Britney is in her Taj room getting her bed ready. Lane comes in asking her if she wants to come outside and she says no. She wants to go to bed. He asks her if she's mad and she says yeah and that she's mad at him. She keeps saying how it doesn't matter when Lane brings up how he never wanted this or played her. He says he has alot of "feelings" for her and how he wants nothing to change after this. He leaves shutting the door while she sits in her bed crying while she reads her letter.

Watching her whimper, sniffle and cry is both disheartening and pleasureable at the same time. To know she can be as dirty as a TWAT can be behind people's backs, trash and HATE Rachel and Brendon and enjoy in their misery yet expect us to feel bad for her at this moment. SORRY BITCH. Karma is apparently TEAM RACHEL! Britney shuts off the light and cries herself to sleep.

UH OH! Britney is back up. She can't go to sleep. She's too pissed to sleep. She's on the move. Heading up to the HOH room. She's in there. Grabbing her stuff. The boys outside see her coming down with something "guarded". Hayden then goes upstairs to check around and sees nothing really missing. He comes back down and tells them that she must have taken her shampoo.

OH SNAP, BITCH ALREADY PACKING in the bedrooms. Britney is rounding up her stuff. She feels she has ZERO chance in staying.

Day 66 Part 2

Hayden won POV! We come to find out Lane had no chance of winning. Enzo said he was all fucked up in the challange, getting the names right and in order. One of those POV comps where you had to line up each week and who won what and left when and over who. Britney felt she had a chance with her pieces coming together when she heard someone buzz in that they won. Everyone finds out Hayden kicked some ass in the comp, even shocking ME!

Hayden has this game won hands down! He's won the comps that mattered and he's won when he needed to. Mutha fucker has even been on the block and not taken out when people fucking knew they wouldn't win against him in the end.

So fast forward to 10:07pm we find Britney on the HOH bed, Lane sitting by the HOH table while Enzo is sitting in the HOH chair playing with a wine bottle opener. Hayden is in the Diary Room while this is happening. Talk turns to the best players in the game of Big Brother. And then it turns to the best alliances. Enzo asks Britney if there were alliances in this house, this cast. She says "yeah" and names ONLY Brendon and Rachel and Ragan and Matt.

Enzo admits he was part of an alliance... with Matt. Then he mentions he was with "2 other people". She can't figure the other 2 out. Enzo laughs asking Lane who the other 2 are and Lane continues to play dumb so Enzo names Lane and Hayden as the other 2. Britney seems quiet, bitching her nails, nodding, inserting a word here and there. She does point out that you all turned on Matt but they tell her Matt turned on them first. She even says Matt told her about him being with the guys in the house but never used the word "Brigade".

Britney tells them that they made a bad choice with Matt but Lane laughs saying they didn't because Matt won HOH twice helping their allaince get further. As they spill parts during the game where their allaince worked, how they controlled the votes, how much Ragan didn't know what was really going on with Matt crap we finally get Hayden in the room.

He takes a seat and has no idea what he's walking into. His boys tell him they told her, that she knows everything. He is shocked mostly because they told him without him being there. That he was left out of the big reveal. He said the DR kept him in there.

Talk soon turns with Hayden leading how he was glad that Britney won the 10,000 dollars in yesterday's Pandora's Box comp. They ask her if she's "pissed" off about all that has happened and their alliance and she just smiles. They answer for her saying "a little bit". She then says "so yes I'm definitely going home, is that what you're saying". Her "boys" are laughing because Enzo said something funny in the bathroom.

Hayden then tells Britney that she's not definitely going home but that he's not going to use the veto on her. Everyone is quiet... except Enzo who is the bathroom repeating how their allaince was the best "ever made" in Big Brother history. Hayden and Lane laugh at this while Britney continues to stay silent. Enzo comes out of the bathroom again talking about how he might not win and how he was part of the best alliance in history and takes a seat to find everyone quiet and sober.

He then says "what's going on, what did i miss". He has no idea Hayden just told her he's not going to use POV and that she is going home. Enzo then brings up how Hayden is going to win this season. That neither him or Lane stand a chance against Hayden. um... REAL SMART to tell this to Hayden now but really Hayden has no choice but to get rid of Britney because she is really his only big threat left in the game to get to the final 2.

Lane says if Hayden does get to the final 2 that Hayden deserves to win the game. Enzo asks Britney that if Hayden makes it the final 2 do you think he'll win the game. She says that she guess she'll find out when she goes to jury. Enzo says "well yeah, when it comes down to that.". Britney yawns saying "I'll find out".

Hayden then tells Britney how he always wants to be up front and honest with her. She says "you have". Hayden starts in how she's "awesome". WHAT SHIT HEAD still calls girls he has no interest in "awesome". That's like telling an ugly girl she's "awesome" when you have no interest in her physically or in terms of friendship in your life. Fucking telling Britney she's "awesome" is pathetic.

Enzo brings up how Britney is the only person besides Matt that knows. Britney then points out how the jury knows now with Matt in there. She's already got teary eyes going and voice cracking. Her hand/fingers soflty covering up her mouth. Hayden asks her if she would have rather them not have told her and she says she would have rather have known.

She then starts to cry talk saying that it "sucks" knowing. Lane can't even look at her. He tries to but looks down or at Enzo or at other parts of the room. SOME MAN HE IS. Lane keeps playing with a necklace on the glass HOH table while Enzo talks about how Britney is "funny as shit" and deserved to know. Hayden sees Britney trying to keep the crying in and gets up to go hug her saying "I'm sorry Brit. I feel awful". Enzo tells her not to cry.

BUT SHE'S NOT HAVING IT! She immediately gets up a second before Hayden can wrap his arms around her. She says she wants to be left alone to deal with this, to go downstairs. Enzo asks her "why" and she stands by the HOH room in tears but able to talk about how she's realizing she has no chance of winning. How she left her fiancee and her family back at home for 3 months to not have a chance of winning. She wants them to ask themselves how does it feel to be in her position of having no chance of winning.

NOW Lane is looking at her while she says she gets it, that she could have won POV and she didn't. Enzo inserts how "awesome" she is at the game. OH WAIT, Lane is looking at Brit, anymore, he's starting at the dressers now while Enzo and Hayden keep eye contact on her. Enzo brings up how she's won 10 g's and she's this great game player who played a good game. She keeps saying she's fine and she gets it but that she needs to be by herself.

She leaves the HOH room and heads downstairs. The second the door shuts Enzo makes a comment saying he didn't think that would be how it would go when they told her. All three laugh, giggle at how the situation. Lane now makes a comment how he just lost Britney's jury vote. Enzo now tells Lane "you are NOT winning".

Enzo laughs saying how they shouldn't have told her. Lane doesn't want to "smash" or take a shit downstairs in fear of running into her. Hayden tells him to smash in his HOH bathroom. All three guys are talking a mile a minute about what just happened. Enzo is pissed that Britney is saying she left things behind to play this game when he says he left a 6 month old baby behind and a wife, that Britney is only 23 years old and barely knows her fiancee for 9 months.

Hayden feels sorry for Britney. Britney is downstairs walking to her bed to grab something but then heads to the Diary Room. She wants to be alone in a room she knows they can't find her.

Later Lane is scared again to go downstairs by himself and wants his boys to go down with him but Enzo tells him to go down on his own. They are talking to Hayden now about how neither of them will take Hayden to the end knowing they will lose against him. Does this give Britney a chance of staying now? All Britney has to do is promise she'll take Hayden to the end and he'll use POV on her to eliminate one of the guys who are flat out saying they won't take Hayden to the end.

Enzo feels like Brigade are definitely final 3 but I suspect the Diary Room will encourage Hayden into turning on his boys. I mean what would you rather watch, the last 3 boring Brigade members battle it out over a HOH week long competiton or to insert Britney in the mix of fighting it out against Hayden and whoever survives between Lane and Enzo. Britney fighting for a final 2 spot would be more entertaining but I still don't want her anywhere near it knowing her bad mouthing and verbal back stabbing will never get rewarded.

Day 65-ish through 66

I've been a little bit out... under the weather. So let's play catch up. Hayden won HOH after Ragan was evicted by a UNIAMOUS VOTE! Hayden won some Christmas themed HOH comp. He got Pandora's box again and this time Britney won 10,000 dollars. Something about hiding coins and Britney found the last one. I think Hayden was locked upstairs.

So Hayden went ahead and nominated both Lane and Britney leaving Enzo with the final say on who goes home this week. Of course POV has yet to be played.

I LOVE that Hayden threw up Lane and Britney. Fucking Lane last week, didn't want to put up Britney AT ALL and instead threw up his "boys" leaving Britney off the block. But if you really think about it this may be good for Lane. Lane did mention how with Britney on the block that his boys would be tempted to vote her out thus leaving Ragan, which would have PISSED me off. Plus him not putting up Britney at all assures him a jury vote from her, that is if Lane is dragged to the final 2 by anyone left in the game and Britney ended up in the jury.

So now the houseguests wait inside after an indoor lockdown. The POV comp is being set up outside. If this has anything to do with previous comps and who won what and who was nominated and who won POV and who went up after POV was used.. well this comp is going to involve some heavy thinking. Lane just isn't winning. So either Enzo or Britney wins. I just don't see Hayden winning it either. If Britney wants to stay she MUST win this POV. Same goes for Enzo. Fucking pisses me off how good Lane has it this year in the house. He doesn't have to win anything this week, he ain't going nowhere. He's just not a threat to win shit on a stick this year.

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September 1, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Ragan Gets Ripped, Beefed Up For His Jury House Fight With Rachel & His Eviction This Thursday

You just know this adult "twink" is going to get some ass, or should I say some dick, because of these photos. Ragan has really started hitting the weights in the house or as some call it "Jail". It really is physically showing. Of course he still has chicken legs and possibly a boney ass so WATCH OUT toppers.

Now as for Ragan's self righteous game play this season. A brillant poster over at Jokers Updates gave us a perfect PWNED written piece about our season gay. Do enjoy the read.

"supercn" writes:

"It's both funny and sad that Ragan has thought he understood all scenarios, was one of the smartest players, and was so much more dignified and respectful than most HGs. And all the while, he was missing the Brigade blatantly, being completely used by Matt, and embarassing himself talking about the "Boys Club" and "Friendship Alliance" stuff at the end-game.

I honestly can't remember a bigger disconnect in BB history with a player that made it this far. He acts above everyone, lecturing them and waxing philosophic for hours on end, yet he may go down as one of the most clueless, pathetic floater leeches in show history."

Well said my friend. Well fucking said. I'm sure Ragan will waste his time in some form of a video rebuttal but who really cares.

My final words on Ragan is that he may have played a better game than Rachel, his arch enemy this season, but seriously his game was no better. Ragan talked about friends and "counting" them when Rachel returned to the house yet Ragan has ZERO friends in the house to count to help him get a week further. Shit he'd been out during Double Eviction had he not won POV.

Ragan may have "friends" outside the game with these players but really Ragan your only friend was your backstabbing husband in the game, Matt. And boy what a friend he was, in the game that is. Ragan, we all love forward to your "shunning" this Thursday when you're evicted by a UNIAMOUS vote. And shit head, when you threw it in Rachel's face how she got a uniamous vote, I would have been "bitch, I take that as a compliment because the house had to come together to take out competiton". And Ragan, she WAS competition. That was the real and only reason you took her out.

You didn't take her out because she wasn't to your standards, she was a threat to you and the last thing you wanted was for her to be responsible for taking you out. Ragan, here's to never hearing from you again in the season that will be All Stars 2. I am for sure we'll see you on Logo TV network doing something amazing. Hosting your little half muscled body heart out.

You better make up with Rachel after this show is over because seriously, Big Brother alum are not having your douche bag back in terms of how you played this season. Who the fuck wants to be told how to be a better person... IN THE GAME OF BIG BROTHER? Get over yourself already Ragan!

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