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September 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 | Backyard Interviews!

Just tuned in. Missy, the Super Fan, is interviewing Matt right now. The gest of the interviews is he regrets throwing Ragan under the bus, how he's comfortable with putting his hands down his pants EVERYWHERE, how he still discredits Enzo for being this "mastermind", he finds out his wife has been doing interviews, been on camera even though she said at the beginning she didn't want anything to do with the show. He also calls Enzo, Lane and Hayden "doofuses" and he still continues to call himself the "best brigade member" that there ever was.

Ragan is now talking. He says he was shocked how thin he was, he was "depressed" by how he looked on the DVD he saw of himself at the Jury House. He said he lost 15 pounds and didn't like to see his lean muscular body. Missy tells Ragan that people were sick of him "bad mouthing" all the other houseguests. He said Rachel and Brendon did "horrible things" to him in the game so he doesn't feel bad at him saying things about them and would say it to their face. Sure you would SHIT STAIN.

PISS ON ME Ragan says Matt and him will be friends "for the rest of our lives". WALK ALL OVER HIM Ragan gets Matt to come to his interview to tell him how much he loves him and how much he thinks of him as a "brother". He says his friendship with Matt overpowers any lie Matt used in the game. Ragan "adores" him.

Ragan says he goes back to school Monday. Teaching. He professes his love for Janelle but does Janelle love him back? Doubt it. Well I thought I heard she didn't like how Ragan acted in the house but I'm sure she'll love him outside the house. Ragan just called Lane a "nice guy" not knowing Lane used the "faggot" slur on the feeds. You know, since he loves to use Rachel's gay slurs against her. He's such a horrible judge of men and I LOVE IT that he'll be treated like shit by men the rest of his life.

Rachel is up next. Missy tells her that her mom misses her. Missy says Rachel's laugh is "infectous". She continues to say she didn't fall in a "showmance" but that she fell in love with Brendon. Rachel calls Ragan "petty and a baby" and has no interest in being friends with him... EVER! GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! She says she tried to write him letters and get through to him but he won't budge.

She then hints that her and Brendon talked about who they would vote for in the finale. There you have it. Brendon or Rachel talked about both voting for Lane in the end.

Wow, Entertainment Tonight is there, interviewing Lane. The final 3 boys are the last to interview. I missed everyone else. Oh Well. I see Lane is now getting interviewed by Entertainment

Enzo is up next. She tells him she's been Team Enzo the entire season. Enzo says Matt is lying about everything, including taking the credit for the Brigade. Enzo says his gameplay was to make his own "mafia" to get him to the end and it did happen but he says he screwed up in the end to get him to the final 2. Enzo says he's proud because he only won 1 POV and Hayden was scared to take him to the final 2 because he had such a good game without winning anything.

Missy tells Enzo his baby has a penquin at home now because of him wearing a penquin suit. Enzo admits getting away with eating stuff while he was a Have Not. He said he was "warned" by Big Brother but his method was to stick his face in the fridge and eat. He said he had "everything" and was grateful CBS didn't give him a penalty vote for eating everything. He just said he's a penquin for Halloween this year. HA!

Hayden is almost there. Behind Missy, hugging some fine ass female interviewer. Lane is next. Lane says his true feelings for Britney is... he just beats around the bush. He's a pathetic interview. He at least says Britney is his type of girl.

In the background Hayden is hugging everyone. He hugged the SUPER CUTE guy in the background and even hugged the camera guy! HUGS ALL AROUND!

Awww shit. It's almost 1 am. I've got to get to bed. I'll catch up on the other interviews tomorrow.

Posted by guytvblog at September 16, 2010 12:24 AM


Dunbar from MTV Real World :Australia is doing porn! TMZ broke the story! Also Heat from I Love New York, which honestly isn't that much of a surprise! As off putting as his severe mood swings are, I'd still pay to see him bang, he's built like a brick shit house!

Posted by: Rocco at September 16, 2010 7:46 AM

You need to watch this season of Survivor. Abs and bulges everywhere.

Posted by: EmoryMain at September 16, 2010 5:32 PM

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