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September 20, 2012

Holy Nerd Fuck! Ian WINS BIG BROTHER 14! Dan LOST! 6-1 Vote!

Wow, I predicted before the season would start that Ian would win the whole thing and he pulled it off! Last year I rooted for Rachel to win and she won. I can't wait for Big Brother 15 next year because it's highly rumored to be All Stars 2. Ian will return. Frank will return. And I hope Maggie from season 6 returns since I just found out she's still watching Big Brother and was rooting for Dan to win this season via Twitter.

I need All Stars 2 next summer. I DEMAND IT!

Well even though I hated how this season turned out, my favorites left in the beginning and how Dan played everyone, well I am just happy how the season ended.

Just like Dan wants to take the quote of how he HAD to play "ruthless" this year to get to the end, well the jury I guess had to be just as "ruthless" right back at him. But Ian played his own style of game and they awarded Ian. Most of the jury did afterwards give props to Dan but that's the beauty of a jury, they can chose who they want to win based on WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT. Dan played however THE FUCK HE WANTED and the jury voted HOWEVER THE FUCK THEY WANTED.

Congrats Ian! The world is right again. Sucks to be you DAN with a BUSTED EGO.

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