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March 19, 2006

Reason To Watch . College Hill 3

Well I've recently told you guys & gals to start getting your weekly fix of BET's College Hill [Thursdays] but if you missed it, check out Qox Populi . 03.07.06-03.13.06

This post mostly gives my readers a more visual peek into the cast and the show's highly enjoyable opening credits. The show even has a MySpace profile under the tag BET College Hill where we find cast member's profiles: Audrina, Ray & Will aka Da Grish [ahhh I fucking hate MySpace profiles, the damn songs and ugly graphics... *shaking fist in the air* Damnnn you MySpace!].

And as I keep stating, BET is horrible when it comes to airing mini marathons of College Hill 3. This is why MTV's The Real World is always a success. People catch the repeats and are addicted to the mini marathons on the network. Make room on your network for College Hill 3 mini marathons for new viewers to catch up on everything that has happened.

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March 2, 2006

Reason To Watch . Real Amazing Panama Apprentice

Reason To Watch: The Boardroom Antics & the kiss ass behaviour that occurs when the applicants interact with "The Donald".

Reason To Walk Away: When Donald gives his business advice, it's so simplistic and just common sense. I mean really, is Donald really going to give you actual advice or bullshit found in every damn book at your local bookstore.

Season Spoiler: Lee & Dan kiss while working alone in Task #6.

Footage That Never Aired: Donald fucking up his scripted lines. Over and over and over again.

Reason To Watch: The elimination at the end of each episode! The way they edit the last 2 teams both arriving to the elimination mat as if the other has a chance to beat the other and then watching the camera angle in suspense as any team could come around the fucking corner. It's amazing TV! And I actually shed a tear when a team talks about how much they love each other.

Reason To Walk Away: When the commercials kick in. And when every team makes an ass of themselves when they attempt to describe their "cultural experiences" because they always end up making fun of the country... indirectly.

Season Spoiler: Jeremy & Eric both get sucked off during the race.

Footage That Never Aired: Lake telling Michelle that he'd like to "swing" with Ray & Yolanda. Right, who would of thought that Lake was into black men?

Reason To Watch: Paula taking away every episode storyline arc from Svetlana's dramatic weekly antics. John attempting to talk about sex with Tyler. And Zack getting treated like shit every episode from the oh so sexy "Slutlana".

Reason To Walk Away: When Jose becomes the center of attention. When John hooks up. When Janelle talks about the struggles of being black while living in a white world.

Update: Because of these comments listed above, I'm labeled indirectly "a racist" by Noah, I defend my comments quite nicely so everyone stopping by should read the comments below for my explanation against his vicious accusation. And to mutter the holy TV words from Project Runway, "Carry On".

Season Spoiler: Tyler walking around naked in front of Zack & John as he attempts to "turn" them in Key West.

Footage That Never Aired: Tyler masturbating with John & Zack's "missing" underwear.

Reason To Watch: Aras' lovable smile. Nick's shorts almost dropping off his v-shaped torso. Cirie making it another week with dead on punch line after punch line. Zing!

Reason To Walk Away: Watching Terry pulling a Tom Westman [Survivor Palau] and surviving week after week. And because no one brought up this brilliant plan to vote out Terry last week! We all know Dan is weak because he's "old" compared to the youngsters on the isle. No one knows they can't win against either in the final 2. So here's the plan.

You know Terry went to Exile Island with a possibility of finding the immunity idol... so you get everyone to cast a vote against Terry and get Terry & Dan to vote out Ruth Marie, thus forcing Terry to use the immunity idol because they assume he has it, worse case scenerio, Terry uses it and no longer has it for next week and Ruth Marie goes home. Flawless plan. It was never executed. FUUCCKCK!

Season Spoiler: Nick begins to play with intellect... and then- shhhh! [looking around with paranoia] Nick starts talking! Also, Aras plays the nice role far too well that people aren't afraid to write his name down at various tribal counsels. Never, ever play the nice role, cause the ruthless won't give a shit when you leave the million dollar prize to them.

Footage That Never Aired: Jeff Probst talking about Julie when no one brings her up. Dan and Terry talking about life issues and today's youth. Shane rehearsing his crazy antics for the day.

Reason To Watch: Queen Brenna taking the villian role to a whole new level. Listening to Simon Cowell's ego shattering comments. Watching Ryan's attempt to deflect gay rumors onto Simon.

Reason To Walk Away: When Paula talks. Anytime when Randy brings up dog related references. When Ryan touches the girls. When Taylor Hicks sings and steals Ray Charles' likeness.

Season Spoiler: Paris wins the whole damn thing. I've time travelled to the future, I know everything that happens. God wins... through Paris.

Also, Ryan finally collapses on live television because he works too hard and is semen deprived.

Footage That Never Aired: Ryan chatting with Ace and always getting just a little too close. Simon adjusting his man boobs.

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